Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Characters continue on their proper tracks

    This episode was another "well done" check mark for "Heroes". It had a good "feel" to it that I got from watching "Cold Snap". Character is the key and everyone continues on a positive path. Danko is skeptic al about his alliance with Sylar but the serial killer is having tons of fun impersonating various people, including Sandra Bennett. Sylar's in the driver's seat which means he's at his most deadly and ruthless when he knows people by their weakness. And his plan to "destroy" Noah Bennett by tearing his marriage in two is certainly working. Like other fans, I hope the separation is only temporary. Ashley Crow and Jack Coleman play their characters so well on this show that it would be a shame to see the Bennetts break apart for good.

    Speaking of alliances, Hiro and Ando reunite just in time to help Matt. The ex-cop is wounded over Daphne's inhuman death and seeks revenge by going after Danko. Eventually it leads to Matt nearly putting the trigger on Danko's girlfriend and compromising his judgment. Just as Matt is about to destroy his last hope, Hiro gives him a reason to keep living: Matt Parkman Jr. I went "awww" when Matt picks up his baby boy high above his head and beams with delight to know he's a father. It's such a simple but beautiful gesture that keeps "Heroes" on the right path by reminding us that these are ordinary people seeking to find understanding and connection amidst the chaos that occurs in their unusual lives.

    It was just great to see everyone in character: Sylar being sadistic and cruel, Noah Bennett acting swift and tense, Hiro & Ando being charming, and Matt trying to play logic into his own terms. Since next week appears to bring us into a full Petrelli circle, it's refreshing to see where the other characters are heading. Meanwhile the Petrellis appear to be digging up more than just a few skeletons…