Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins after Claire has discovered her Mother doesn't remember her. She runs upstairs looking for her father (HRG), then drags her brother Lyle downstairs to their mother. They go to the kitchen and Claire asks her mother if she remembers them. She says of course, and everything seems to be fine.
Ted Sprague is in his cabin in the Nevada dessert. He is alarmed when his laptop starts to instant message him. His computer was not connected to the internet. He meets Hana, a girl who has the power to wirelessly interface with computers and the Internet. She can hack satellites, email, and all electronic information with her power. She says that she can find the people who have tagged them with the isotope. Ted agrees.
Mohinder and Sylar (Zach) go to find a new person with abilities. Dale is a female mechanic who has super acute hearing. She gets suspicious when they arrive but Sylar is able to convince her by showing her his new melting ability. She agrees to let them try some tests the next day.
Hiro is let out of the supply closet by the man in the hotel room. He has a gun and a tries to make Hiro tell him where Hope, the woman with the pink rhinestone bag, is. Hiro refuses unless the man takes him along, as he feels Ando needs to be saved. The man agrees and they go off to find them.
Claude is attacking Peter with a large stick. He is trying provoke Peter into using a power. After he gets beaten up, Peter uses telekinesis to break the stick Claude has been hitting him with. He realizes that he absorbed Sylar's telekinesis when he was helping Claire escape in Texas.
HRG gives Issac a gun and tell him that by taking out Peter, they can stop him from exploding. Isaac also wants peter gone so he can be with Simone.
Isaac says he can't find out where Peter is. Simone doesn't believe him as she says he's lying like he used to lie about using heroin. She tries to give back the apartment key but he begs her to keep it.
Hiro and the man from the casino are following Ando and Hope. The man talks about partners and that he feels they are more trouble than they are worth, and endanger their lives. Hiro begins to question his decision to include Ando on his mission. Meanwhile, Hope and Ando reach their destination. Ando quickly discovers that he has been made a fool of when the pink bag turns out to be full of casino chips. Hope pulls a gun on Ando.
Sylar and Mohinder arrive back at their hotel. Sylar asks Mohinder more about what he means by helping the heroes. Mohinder explains that he has been working on a way to inhibit the Heroes abilities, sort of like a vaccine. Sylar is disturbed by Mohinder's comparison between the abilities and a virus. Mohinder also mentions that his father was killed by a man named Sylar and, pretending ignorance of the events, Sylar comforts Mohinder. Sylar talks about all the Heroes he can feel, out in the world. He says they are calling to him. Mohinder retires for the night, but Sylar stays outside, grinning to himself.
Claire is trying to explain to her mother why she is losing her memory. She is concerned by her Father's control over her mother's medical situation, but Mrs. Bennet brushes her off saying everything is okay. Claire tells her mother she shouldn't trust her father so much. While Claire is explaining why, Mrs. Bennet collapses.
Back on the Devaux building's rooftop, Peter asks Claude why he hates the world so much but cares for the Pigeons. Claude mentions that Charles Darwin bred pigeons when he was working out his theory of evolution, then implies that Peter may be the pinnacle of a new phase in evolution. Peter is still baffled by his behavior. Suddenly, Peter and Claude are being watched through a heat sensing scanner. HRG shoots Claude in the neck with a stun gun. He falls to the ground. The Haitian attempts to shoot Peter, but using his newly discovered telekinesis power Peter stops the pins before they hit him. Before HRG and the Haitian can reach Claude, Peter throws him over the edge of the building and jumps off after him. The next thing that HRG and the Haitian see is Peter carrying Claude on his back while he flies away. Peter flies over the city and disappears into the darkness.
While he is watching Peter, HRG's phone rings. It's Claire and he tries to tell her it's not a good time but she tells him that Mrs. Bennet has passed out and she has called an ambulance. He tells her that he will be back home as soon as he can. He tells the Haitian that Claude will have to wait.
Matt's wife asks him about the ring he gave her. It appears that the jeweler accused her of stealing it after valuing it at about $40,000. Matt comes clean about how he got the ring and shows her the other diamonds. She tells him to give them back or hand them in to the police. She demands he call them straight away, but he is reluctant. Then the phone rings. Matt tells the person on the other end that he will be there soon and leaves his wife, the conversation about the diamonds unresolved and without telling his wife where he's going.
Peter wakes Claude up. They are in Peter's apartment. Claude hits Peters and accuses him of leading "them" to him. Peter protests that he doesn't know who "they" are. Claude explains that the reason why he has become a hermit is because he was being chased by the same people who tried to take him on the roof top. Peter is angry because Claude blames him for the situation. Claude realizes that it must have been Issac who betrayed Peter and asks him if Issac has the mark from the Isotope needle on the back of him neck. Claude shows Peter a scar where his mark used to be, tells Peter that they have to split up so he can disappear again (to hide from HRG) and then frantically vanishes from the apartment, leaving Peter fuming at Isaac for the perceived betrayal.
Simone goes to Nathan to ask about Peter. Nathan doesn't think it's likely that Peter will come to him for help, but he has people looking for him. Simone tells Nathan that she thinks it's necessary to alert the world about the Heroes ability. Nathan is very reluctant and tries to dissuade her from going public. Simone is disgusted with his perspective and leaves as Nathan threatens her not to uncover the Heroes.
Hope tells Ando to move by the car, just as the man and Hiro arrive in his car. A big gunfight breaks out between Hope and the man from the casino. Ando is shot and Hiro goes to pull him out of the line of fire. They both hide in a bus luggage compartment and talk about the situation. Hiro tells Ando he should never have brought him along on the mission, but Ando says that Hiro has shown him what it means to be a Hero. Hope finds them hiding and pulls her gun on Hiro. The gun fires, but Hiro tries to use his power. The bullet disappears back into the barrel and knocks the gun out of Hope's hand. Both Hiro and Ando have their eyes closed and don't know what happened. They assume the gun misfired. The police arrive and capture the man from the casino and Hope. Hiro is happy to find their rental car has not a scratch on it.
Meanwhile, Dale is working late on a car. She sits up because she has heard something. Sylar appears. She says she didn't hear his footsteps, and he explains that there weren't any. She asks what the sound in his heart is. Sylar replies, "murder."
The Doctor talks to Claire about her Mother's condition. Claire tries to explain to the Doctor what happened to her mother and how the Haitain can take memories by touch. The Doctor doesn't believe her.
Matt arrives at the meeting point. Ted is there with Hana. Ted explains what he has learned about the marks on his neck comes from a specific needle and radio isotope. Hana reveals that Primatech paper has been ordering the needles. Matt is skeptical after what happened when the FBI raided the place. Ted and Hana convince Matt to come with them to Texas to search for HRG and answers to the mysteries which surround their kidnapping.
Mr Bennet arrives at the hospital. He tells Claire and Lyle that their mother can go home in the morning. He speaks to Claire about what she said to the Doctor. She continues to attack him about what he's done to her mother. He tells her about Sylar's visit to their house and why he felt she needed to forget that. Mr Bennet promises that it will never happen again. Claire rejects his apology.
Mohinder and Sylar (Zane) drive up to Dale's garage. Mohinder asks Sylar if he is OK as he's been acting oddly. Mohinder goes to see Dale and Sylar stays in the car, obviously in pain from the new hearing ability. Mohinder runs out of the garage and throws up. He has seen Dale with a section of her head removed. He knows this is Sylar's work. Sylar appears surprised by Mohinder's knowledge of his methods, but persuades him not to call the police until they are back on the road because it would look bad if they were caught at the scene. Mohinder agrees and they leave.
Hiro tells Ando that they must go their separate ways before he gets hurt, but Ando wants to stay with Hiro. Hiro tells him to go home and gets onto a bus alone.
Claire's Mother comes home from the hospital. Mr. Bennet tells Claire that everything will be okay but she doesn't agree. She tells him that all she wants to do is run away, but she doesn't want to leave her family alone with him. Ted appears, and Mr. Bennet tells Lyle to get Mrs. Bennet and himself out of the house –- fast. Matt appears at the bottom of the stairs preventing that from happening. He tells them they have a lot of questions as he points a gun toward the Bennets.
Isaac is in his studio painting the future. When he opens his eyes, he sees a picture of Peter staring darkly at him. He turns around and Peter is staring at him, just as in the picture he's just painted. Peter asks him why he betrayed him and Issac responds telling him he's dangerous and will destroy New York if he's not stopped. Peter checks his neck for the isotope marks and Issac has them. He asks him what they mean and Isaac tells him they mean nothing. Peter screams at Isaac not to lie to him and telekinetically throws him across the room. After Peter presses him further, Isaac admits that he resents Peter for stealing Simone away. As he reaches for the gun the HRG gave him, Isaac tells Peter that he did it for New York to stop the bomb. He pulls the gun on Peter and tells him he will stop the bomb right now by shooting Peter. Peter goes invisible, Isaac is thrown off by this and searches desperately around the room for Peter, jumping at every noise until he eventually fires the gun twice. Simone is standing in the doorway with two bullets in her chest. She starts to fall, and Peter becomes visible to catch her. Simone gasps for breath a few times, before her head falls backwards. Her open hand holds the key to Issac's apartment. Peter stares at Isaac.