Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Peter continues his training while he is found Mr Bennet, Claire faces her father concerning her mother's condition, Hiro rescues Ando but makes a hard decision and Mohinder with Sylar find another one from the list.

    The sixteenth chapter is all about excitement. Peter continues his training with Claude and manages to become a mean, deadly machine as he is able to call out powers he didn't even knew he had (like Sylar's telekinesis). He is found however by Mr Bennet and the Haitian. Peter rescues Claude and when Claude wakes up he refuses to keep training Peter claiming that that would put at risk his own life (we are revealed that the reason Claude went into hiding was because of Mr Bennet, something that we will be more expanded in depth in chapter 17: company man). Realizing that the reason they have found them was Isaac and his paintings, Peter pays a visit to the artist (who was given a gun by Mr Bennet in case he had to protect himself). While the two of them are fighting, someone else is caught in the fire (literally).
    Sandra Bennet's condition worsens after she faints and she is rushed to the hospital. Claire confronts her father and reveals that she has not lost her memory and that she is aware that what is happening to her mother is because of her father's unorthodox ways of protecting his family. Claire's story is the one that leads to the next chapter which is based entirely on the Bennet family. Matt returns home with Malsky's diamonds and gives to his wife one of the rings. His wife, excited at first, finds out that the diamond is worth much more than she is told. Matt reveals that the diamonds are stolen. Meanwhile, an old friend Ted finds him along with a woman named Hana Gitelman (I believe this is her only appearance on the show but she has many graphic novel stories). Both of them convince Matt that something was done to them when they were abducted and Ted and Matt go to the one man who can give them some answers; Mr Bennet. We also find out that the marks both Matt and Ted had on their shoulders (and we find out that Hana and Isaac Mendez as well as Claude have that mark) was a tracking device that sees them wherever they go. Hiro is with the policeman and is trying to save Ando from the evil lady. The pink bag that Ando took from the policeman's room was full with chips. In the ensuing fight, Hiro manages to use his powers to save himself and Ando. Hiro however realizes that he's putting Ando's life at risk and tells him to go home where he will be safe, as he goes on with their mission.
    Finally, Mohinder, still travelling with Sylar thinking he is Zane Taylor, finds another special from the list, Dale Smither. Dale's ability is awesome and is even more awesome when we witness it. Sylar manages to convince Dale to go through some tests after showing her that he is special as well (using Zane's ability only). However, Sylar's plans are bigger than that as he visits Dale by himself extracting one more power (how Sylar acquires powers is revealed in volume 3). Key facts: Notice Sylar and Mohinder's conversation when they are going back to the motel and Mohinder reveals to Sylar that his father was killed by Sylar. Sylar's reaction is amazing. Also notice Nathan's conversation with Simone. Nathan mentions that if anyone found out what they could do there would be serious consequences (something that actually happens in volume 4 by non-other than Nathan himself). Furthermore, Nathan mentions that if he could he would put all the special ones into an island far away (this could be foreshadowing volume 4 or a reference to the hit show Lost). Enjoy.
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