Season 4 Episode 13

Upon This Rock

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

Still working at the Sullivan Bros. carnival, Claire spots Samuel rifling through Noah's old Primatech files, and Samuel doesn't explain why. However, he reminds Claire that she is supposed to help him look for a homeland for them, a place for them to finally belong. He tells her that she has the choice of staying or leaving, but later tells Eli to make sure Claire stays at the carnival.

Hiro teleports onto a Tokyo street, manages to scare off a purse snatcher, and mistakes the police who arrive as C-3PO and Lancelot. His brain is addled with science fiction and comic book references, and he says he needs to find his sidekick, his Sancho Panza.

With Eli watching from a distance, Claire eats lunch with Lydia. Claire wonders whether she'd have been better off growing up if she had such a place as the carnival as her family. She asks Lydia why Samuel thinks she's so important to the future of the carnival folk. Lydia says that Samuel just wants to bring in new people to the fold. Elsewhere, Samuel finds a boulder which brings back memories of him and his brother Joseph as boys. Joseph scoffed at Samuel's earth-moving powers, and teased Samuel about Vanessa, whom Samuel was sweet on, even though she left and wouldn't be coming back.

The police take Hiro to Yamagato Industries where Ando is glad to see him, explaining that he's been missing for six weeks. Ando explains to the police that Hiro is harmless and is suffering from a brain tumor, which causes him to talk strangely. Hiro is released and he tells Ando about a rescue mission they have to embark upon.

Emma is crushed when she receives a letter of denial from medical school. Samuel pays her a visit, speaking to her in sign language and explaining that he's like her. Emma tries to close the door on him, but Samuel explains that he was the person who sent her cello to her. He shows her the tattoo of a compass on his arm, which matches the image of a compass at the cello's back. Samuel tells her that her abilities could be so much more, and that he needs her to find another special person, a man who lives in Central Park.

Kimiko is worried about Hiro and suggests that they take him to a neurosurgeon, but Ando doesn't think Hiro's condition is fatal. He seems to be speaking in a kind of code, where science fiction stand in for real-life analogues. When Hiro mentions the Danger Room, Ando remembers that as an X-Men reference, as well as the nickname Hiro gave to the vault where he stored his huge collection of comics. Ando finally cracks the code that Hiro's speaking, figuring out that they have to go to the Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital on Arkham Road in Florida. Ando also comes to the realization that he might very well be Hiro's sidekick.

Claire tries to elude Eli in the carnival and leads him into the Hall of Mirrors, where she manages to trick Eli into attacking one of her reflections before knocking him out. When his duplicates disappear with his consciousness, she goes to Samuel's trailer for the files from Primatech, She also notices a map of the nearby valley before Doyle forces her out of the trailer using his puppet power. Doyle is afraid that Claire wants to destroy Samuel and the carnival, but Claire insists that there's something else going on with Samuel and she just wants to know what that is.

Samuel explains that Emma's powers involve more than just seeing music. She can use her music to influence other people's thoughts and call them to her. He takes her to Central Park and she plays her cello beneath a tree, which catches the attention of Ian Michaels, whose touch can make trees sprout new leaves. Samuel and Emma take Ian to the hospital to help him get cleaned up, but he is shocked to discover a news report on the television about Senator Nathan Petrelli's plane crashing. He offers Emma a compass, saying that she is welcome at the carnival if she so desires. Ian, who had always believed himself the only person with special powers, gladly goes with Samuel.

Doyle still has complete control of Claire, but she knows his powers are weakening. Doyle insists that Samuel must be a good man because Samuel vouched for Doyle to join the carnival, against Joseph's protests. Claire explains that she knows Samuel is trying to bring more people to the carnival, and she wants to find out why because too many new people might put the current group in danger. Convinced, Doyle lets her go to talk to Lydia and get to the bottom of Samuel's plans.

Lydia gives Claire information about Joseph, who was their leader before he died and Samuel took over. Claire fully believes that Samuel killed Joseph, and Lydia admits that Samuel may have lost his vision for the carnival. Claire is captured by Eli, who is chided by Samuel later for trying to keep Claire against her will since he's always said to her that she was free to go. Claire says that she just wants to find out what happened to Joseph, and she accuses Samuel of murdering his brother. Samuel admits to the act, but only because Joseph called in Danko to track Samuel down. He was only protecting himself and wasn't going to allow himself to be captured or to put the carnival in danger. Claire asks about the map of the valley she saw in those files. Samuel takes her to the spot, near the boulder, and Ian is there. Samuel splits the ground apart and reveals water, allowing Ian to start his work. Ian brings forth grass into the valley, and Samuel says that this will be their new home. Claire checks her phone to discover a message from Peter.

The Petrellis are gathered for Nathan's funeral. Claire arrives and Noah tells her that he's glad she's safe, but Claire wants him to clarify whether he means that she's safe from the carnival or from the situation which resulted in Nathan's true death. Peter eulogizes his brother, saying that Nathan acted as a father to him, preparing him for the future even if he was sometimes too hard on his little brother. Nathan is given a proper soldier's burial: a 21-gun salute, a fighter jet flyover, and Angela is presented with the flag which was placed upon Nathan's casket.
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