Season 4 Episode 13

Upon This Rock

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

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  • Sylar, Claire, and Peter struggle for connection.

    Sylar as we've seen before is not the clear cut black as night murderious villain he likes to think he is. There's evil there no doubt but as Samuel might say there is good in there too. Fears, insecurities, needs, at the very least the want for connection. It explains a lot of his actions and motivations. The search for his father, Luke, wanting to believe he was a Petrelli and allying himself with both Arthur and Angela & his subsequent yet brief reaching out to Peter, Elle. Hiro told him he'd die alone and it eats at him, does that sound like pure evil to you? He thought he was a Petrelli once and it embraced it without thinking, including being a brother to Peter. Now he's felt that close up. He's felt that at a close range, everything Peter felt from Nathan Sylar experienced. It's a memory that's in him now. Nathan may be gone but what he felt during the brief time when got to see through is eyes may not be so easy to forget. May leave frozen, unable to kill. Bring his yearnings for connection to the surface. Maybe even make him willing to use Samuel to get a bigger answer. With Lydia's power and Samuel's voo doo ink (I still don't understand what that is) he may be heading down a new path. A new connection. Can't say I'm surprised but I am so pleased. I've always felt that when it comes to Sylar there's some answer in Peter and over the last two seasons in Claire. Apparently I was right.

    Of course that's probably not a head space she'd be willing to explore even if she hadn't just learned that Sylar killed one of her dad's (and yet another one of her parents) but has been posed as him for some time. She's bound to react badly but I think the fact that Sylar went right to her the minute he saw the tattoo speaks volumes. Hovering outside her window like that, watching her yet still calling her by the old stand by 'cheerleader' I'm not totally sure what's happening but I do know that he ran right to her. He has her power, true he could use her as revenge against Angela and HRG but he's never been great at follow through and there are much simpler ways which Sylar tends to fond of so..why run to her? With Lydia's power I certainly want to see and I'm an hopeful he does to.

    Amoung her carnival adventures Claire continues with the same issues she always has (thank goodness for continuity of character, the show is doing well with that when it comes to a lot of the main cast). Whether it was her thirst to be normal or have normal things, fighting back against evil, balance, or her new yearning for honesty and being out in the world Claire's never been one to just sit by and play doe eyed. She causes trouble for Samuel, stands by her emotions when it comes to what HRG and Angela did, and more importantly supports her uncle who needs her deeply. She does very well in this episodes, I think I may have found a respect for Claire that she was probably always worthy of but really lived up to in this episode.

    Sidebar, I also really appreciated the throw back to West. It was a nice way to finally hear from him again even though we didn't actually get to see him.

    Peter (again that goodness for continuity of character, I'm loving it big time) also continues with the same issues he always had. There was a time when he wanted to be special, destined for more. And he was, he was one of the most special. Then like it was never there it was snatched away but her never lost that empathetic spirit or that heroic lion heart. He may have been down graded power wise but he continued to reach for that heroism harder then when he had every power in the world at his disposable. He wants to be more not so much to be special but to help, not only to satisfy that part of him that wants to save the world (whether it be one person at a time or in one epic moment) but to be more then a 'bandaid', more then just do something to ease the pain. He wants to wipe it out completely, it's just his nature. But when it comes to saving himself he may needed a little support. Couldn't be Angela, he'll never trust her again. Had to be Claire after all he's the last real part of Nathan he has left but more importantly she's one of the few real friends he has. Most of his connections are fleeting and unsubstantial, whether because of loss or because circumstances just don't present him the oppurtunity to get close. Claire's the exception. Over the years he's wanted to be close but he's become closed off over the last few volumes and distant not only from himself but from what connecting to other people used to mean to him. It's natural, he's been beaten over by life and destiny and there's bound to be bitterness but he can't stand alone. Not really. He needs the lion heart to survive but he needs his good empathetic heart to live.

    I'm also looking forward to more Sylar/Peter. We got a taste in the first half of this volume but what with Peter's serious anger I think we may finally be in for more. But Heroes, like always, isn't fond of going the way you'd think with things so we'll see.

    Sometimes I worry that I give the show to much credit but then episodes like this come around and I remember that is great, does it mis-step of course but I think a lot of people under estimate it. Unlike a lot of shows they work at character continuity, the don't spoon feed us everything and leave some stuff to pure insight and interpretation which is risky, and they aren't afraid to leave both unanswered questions and pace out things to be explained further down the road. They aren't afraid to go the opposite way with things which leads to interesting roads. Say what you will about it but I'm always interested to see what happens next even when I'm not fond of what happens.
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