Season 4 Episode 13

Upon This Rock

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

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  • Nancy Drew has never looked hotter

    Picking up after the break, Claire has decided to stay with Samuel at the carnival. But some suspicious behavior throws Claire into Jr. Sleuth mode and she wants some answers. I've been enjoying what they've been doing with Multiple Man, and the Claire gaining the upper hand in the House of Mirrors was a fun touch. Her scene with Puppet Man was also enjoyable, like a trip down memory lane. The poor dude doesn't want to break up the family. And so it seems this "family" isn't the problem, only their leader, Samuel. It's so hard to know what to feel with this character because despite negative evidence to the contrary, he's been mostly redeeming and dare I say, likable.

    Just look at the the way he was with Emma, our hospital clerk with the sonic boom. She and Sam share the best scenes of the episode as he teaches her the harness the true nature of her powers. It seems she is a 'siren' and her 'call' can bring others to her. I dig that. Sullivan was searching for a dude with plant powers. I immediately thought of Bush Root from the "Darkwing Duck" cartoon.

    The weakest element of the show was enough to damn this episode with a 7.5 from me. More crap from Hiro. If you thought "10-year old boy" was bad, just wait to get a load of this gibberish "comic-book geek speak" they've got him stuck with now! Yes, I get all the Sherlock Holmes/Spiderman/Star Wars/X-Men/Batman references. But none of this is done in any way that is clever or cool. It makes sense to Ando only, and I feel sorry for everyone involved. It's embarrassing. Claire finally confronts Samuel and he shows her what was up with that empty valley. Turns out he needed Poison Ivy over there to turn the land into a lush a fertile place for his people to live and grow. Seems innocent enough...The ep concludes with the funeral of Nathan Petrelli. Nicely done. But where were his ex-wife and kids? I hate when the show can't remember something as fundamental as a dead man's CHILDREN.