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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Nice Home Alone Impression.

    To prepare for an eventual showdown with his foes, Hiro investigates defining moments in the pasts of Arthur Petrelli, Sylar, and Flint.

    Ok what the hell is going on with Heroes, it started off promising but the last months episodes have been so confusing and whats a good word for sloppy writing, I'll just say sloppy writing.

    To many Heroes to many Heroes its like brain overload of heroes. Kill some of them thats what I say. Kill Elle, Kill Flint, Kill Meredith, Kill all the useless Heroes that no one cares about and kill all the Heroes that hav past there prime in storytelling.

    This episode was just another go back into the past episode. serously what the hell is all this about. every couple of episodes we go back and forth in time its getting confusing and repeatative. I dont like Arthur he is just lame wha t was the need of bringing him into the series. The Villians chapter is so far my leat favorite of the show. I expected so much but it hasnt delivered and the villians themselves are erm...not villians they still havent made it clear who is evil and who isnt and where half way through the chapter.

    Good things about the episode was Hiro's impression of Home Alone it was so stupid it was funny. Also seeing Tompson again was good but his hair was a joke. Poor epiosode I give it 6.0 out of 10.
  • In this episode, we finally get to see what Hiro is seeing in his vision, only this time, it's not the future he is peering into.

    In this episode, we finally get to see what Hiro is seeing in his vision, only this time, it's not the future he is peering into. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    It was interesting to see that Meredith's brother is Flint, the dude with blue flames who escaped from level 5. What is more interesting is when we see Sylar trying to kill himself after his first murder and Elle comes in at the right time and saves him. What really surprised me was that Angela was the one who tried to kill her husband, because she was defending her son. So all along, even though Angela seems pretty twisted, maybe she was just trying to do some good. To me it seems all the Petrelli's are pretty much the same, they all try and take things into their own hands, and take drastic measures to do what they think is right. This episode only confirms this, showing how Angela handles what she found out about Arthur. What was exciting and shocking to see at the end of this episode, was Usutu having his head cut off (which I kind of support his death, because they never should have brought back a copy of Issac) but what's more shocking was that Arthur was the one who killed him. And right at the end Arthur grabs Hiro and is taking his power. I just hope Hiro gets away, because if Arthur can time travel as well, who knows if there is any stopping him. This was a great episode, despite it being mostly a flashback. Great way to tell the past without having Hiro actually go there and mess it up.
  • Great episode and worth the watch for the Villains past :):)

    Once again went back in time. Not very far back in time; just about a year or so. In fact, the stories in Monday's episode paralleled events we've already witnessed, and even crossed over at times. That was an interesting and fun little twist. Through Hiro's vision, three storylines played themselves out, and they were all impressive. Sylar's back-story (and Elle's and Mr. Bennett's) was tinkered with yet again, and we were given more information on Claire's birthmother Meredith. We also learned more about Arthur Petrelli, his relationship with his family and how he ended up confined to a hospital bed. In "Villains," we learned that Bennett was trying to catch Sylar in the act of killing someone to steal their power. He pushed Elle into making this happen, even after she argued that Sylar might be saved. And then, when Sylar turned to the dark side, killed and went on the run, Bennett was completely nonchalant about it. Now fast-forward to what we know has happened since. The Sylar that this episode wants us to believe Bennett virtually created goes on a killing spree, making Claire his primary target. Did we ever see Bennett's guilt for creating this monster? Has he ever taken responsibility for putting his own daughter's life on the line? Our new knowledge of their history completely changes how we're supposed to see their present and it just doesn't work. Add to this Elle's involvement, and I'm completely at a loss. Sylar and Elle, in this flashback, appeared to have a fairly strong relationship. Yet, when the duo did battle earlier this year, there was no hint that they had a past which was a little dissapointing :( But otherwise it was nice to see them together, I think Kristin and Zak are good together. The episode also gave us a glimpse of Meredith's life before she reunited with Claire. She was a thief with her brother Flint and she was recruited by the Company to become an agent. But then Eric Roberts' Thompson let her go. Of all the stories, I thought learning more about Arthur Petrelli would be the most interesting. Instead, we really didn't get a lot of new information.The fact that Arthur ordered his son Nathan to be killed was a bit shocking! The rest of the story became fairly repetitive until Angela poisoned the old man's soup. This set up Arthur's apparent death and showed us how the rest of the family had no idea he was still alive.
  • I completely agree with the reviewer who hates pre-episode ratings.

    People who hate the show after S1 (or just hate it!) continue to give the episodes really poor scores before they even start. Yes once an episode airs, the ratings then usually speak for themselves BUT with 22 votes so far on this episode, and a score of 7, how the fark has anyone seen it? NO ONE HAS! The episode score should be locked until the episode airs (not an hour before). Thus is the episode is really good, the score can be more accurate.

    I ask for TV.COM to hear us. We really enjoy Heroes. Whilst Volulme 2 and 3 haven't been up to Volume 1's I hold out hope that the new episodes will kick in.
  • i am so sick of entertainment weekly bashing this show

    This episode is one of the best of the series. Its not as good as Company Man or Homecoming of course but its still extremely good. In villains you see an amazing amout of character development for Linderman, Angela Petrelli, Claires mom and for Mr. Petrelli. This has helped set the stage for an epic battle of good vs. evil in which it seems almost impossible to stop Mr. Petrelli as he has now stolen one of the strongest powers of all that being Hiros. Although i do strongly dislike the idea of both peter and hiro being powerless, it has set Sylar up to show the world that he truely is a good person that is willing to take on evil to save everyone else from a terrible fate. Heroes keeps getting bashed by the media especially Entertainment Weekly and it really does irritate me because i honestly think that heroes this season is back on track and almost as good as it was in season one but the first season is one the most the best and most well written seasons of any show ever so its kind of hard to beat it.
  • I had forgotten how good Heroes was at weaving together the past and present not just through the story but through small details that suddenly add so much to the story, made the episode feel really connected to the series.

    So Hiro takes his own vision quest, which we first saw through Matt a couple episodes ago, and shows us a lot of important things.

    As is turns out Meredith is way more connected then she may have intially seemed. Flynt, the other fire ball in the merry bunch, is her brother! I don't know why on earth I didn't guess that, I mean a lot of characters that aren't related have similar if not indentical powers (anyone remember West!) but still that should have been an easy one. Anyway turns out Meredith was recruited by the company once upon a time. For some reason though that guy...his name escapes me right now but we all recognize him from season one let her go, I didn't really get why but I loved the scene that followed after. The train wreck that Meredith caused was in fact the same train wreck that season one Claire ran into once upon a time. As I said I loved the connections they put in for us this episode, goota respect the commitment.

    Linderman, Arthur and Nathan are having a show down when Nathan begins to target Linderman. As we knew it was Linderman who ran he and Heidi off the road but what we didn't originally know is that it was Arthur's plan along with mind warping Angela to go along with it. But mommy fought back, don't get me wrong it doesn't make me like Angela and Linderman anymore because let's face it they did a lot of terrible things post-Arthur but when she slipped her hubby some poison I've got to admit I was like hell yeah. I knew she was the one who put him in the coma but I didn't think she was naive enough to believe he was really toast, she knew his power how on earth did she think it would be that simple.

    However the big part of the episode, at least for me was the HRG/Sylar/Elle story line. I forgot how devoted to the company HRG used to be. Through season 1, even after he stopped following them blindly, he still kind of went with them on a lot of things. But I can't believe what he did to Gabriel and to think he has the nerve to call him the monster. Shame on Noah, big time. Like Elle said, he had a soul and he could have been saved but HRG saw him as nothing but a potential danger and that doomed Gabriel. He might have snapped out of it or even ended his own life had Noah and the company not stepped it and sealed his fate. It's Noah's own fault that Gabriel became Sylar, hurt Claire and killed so many people. I mean it's not as though Sylar doesn't share plenty of the blame but he wanted to end things after his first kill and you could see afterwards that he didn't want to be a murderer, there was hope in him just like there was hope in Elle. In some ways she's almost as much to blame as HRG though. She met Gabriel, she connected with him and saw the good in him, she liked him and still she put him right on the path to kill that poor man. She knew what would happen and I know she felt guilty afterwards but she did it anyway. Shame on her too. I don't totally blame her in some ways because of her own history, growing up with the father she did the way she did, but she helped put him on the path to becoming Sylar and that's going to be really hard to forgive.

    I loved seeing Gabriel again, the way he once was. He was so sweet, which sounds weird I know but if you watched the episode and you know his character you know what I mean. I felt so terrible for him in this episode, watching him go down the road from Gabriel to Sylar. Something that surprised me though was the actual connection between Gabriel and Elle. She liked him, she liked him for real though it was fleeting and really mixed up in the situation they were all in she did really seem to like him. And he liked her, in more ways then one. I think it's safe to say that something is coming for them one way or another. They will end up crossing paths again, can't wait to see how they explain Sylar not seeming to know/remember Elle through the season 2 finale and on.

    The end was nuts though! Usutu (I don't think I got that sp right) is dead courtesy of Aruthur and now he's got Hiro. Yikes!!!
  • One Eensy Teensy Problem with this episode

    Heroes should start to be really careful with the weaving of the stories together in the past. One problem Heroes tends to have problems with is continuity and characters not acting the way they should, or in irrational ways. Am I the only one that remembers that prior to this season, Elle Bishop was an evil sociopath? In this episode she somehow has a conscience and feels sorry for Sylar, and pleads for him to be saved. Buuut.... this is probably more consistent with the Elle in the present, not the Elle in the past. Elle brutally charred an innocent man to death when he wouldn't tell her where Peter was very early in season 2 around her premiere, and then she laughed about it, and was scolded for killing people by her father while she complained about her father restricting her from doing so. That said, the rest of the episode is pretty good, but Too many of the characters are related.... Flint is Claire's Bio Uncle now? Ok. If they're not careful they might forget some of these relationships and accidentally start an incest angle. The Petrelli storyline was good too. ... Angela could have at least... PRETENDED to have some sort of sadness when her husband died, she looked really suspicious, even though he had it coming. Poor African Guy :(
  • An entire show about the past . . .

    An entire show about the past, is informative, but also lacks suspense. Were just watching what cannot be changed along with Hiro. You know who dies or fails to die etc for the punch kind of goes out of the episode. While the episode lacked punch it did have plot points in spades. We got to see how the Petrelli family got so messed up. I actually feel kind of bad for Angela and she is probably my least favorite character. We learned Linderman may have had some redeeming qualities. Claire's biological mom's connection to the company is revealed. And of course we learn more about how poor Gabriel became the menacing Sylar. First, Zack looks really cute in the think glasses, now back to the review. It was interesting to see Gabriel/Sylar has a relationship with Elle since he did not seem to recognize her in the future. We already knew that Gabriel/Sylar had a sad path that kind of helped him along the serial killer path so that wasn't too mind blowing, but we did not know that HRG was involved. I like the new HRG and hope we are not suppose to start disliking him again. The ending is quite provoking, but I'm sure Hiro or Ando will manage to overpower and flee Papa Petrellie, who is shaping up to be one very scary bad guy. Repeatedly erasing parts of your wife's mind is pretty bad . . .
  • What's this? What's this? This show's going somewhere? What's this? An episode so rare! What's this? I can't believe my eyes I must be dreaming, wake up people, we might care! What's this?!

    Okay, I'd like to say this right now: I thought when David Berman guest-starred back in season one and died I'd never have to see that horrible sight again (big fan of CSI, and watching adorable David the Assistant Coroner die made me morbidly depressed for a few minutes). Even though I enjoyed that little cameo (and the line "can you get rid of it" just kills me. So cute.) I thought it was done. So now they decide to show his death again like, five times?? I don't like watching him getting his head smashed in by quartz. It pains me.


    Hiro's eyes were freaking me out to the point where I jumped every time they showed them, and the ending was, uh, creepy. I was on the phone with my friends and I screamed "OHGOD MR. AFRICAN-ISSAC! NO!" and there was this silence. So now Hiro's being seriously mind-raped or something (I'd like to point out that Masi Oka is actually fairly good at screaming.) Um, I'd really like Ando to jump in right about now and save the day with those awesome red-lightning powers he apparently has. That would be lovely. Elle and Sylar's story actually caught my attention, which was shocking (no pun intended there…) Even with the constant David-being-concussed-and-killed-by-a-paperweight flashbacks, I enjoyed it. And I laughed when the emo kid died. Dude, he had an awesome power. Seriously, if I had to choose one of the powers on this show that would be on the top ten. Hiro's is on the top. He may be a naïve dumbass, but his powers rock. Ando's are second (even though we haven't god damned seen them yet…) and Adam's are third.

    I digress.

    Mohinder's cameo, even if his current story bores me, still made me giggle. And my friends seriously think I'm nuts now because this time I shouted "Quiet! English-accented Indian man on the screen!" I also shouted at my TV that Papa-Petrelli can't be in that weird open-eyed coma because that will eventually result in Adam's death, which still makes me depressed when I think about it. I miss David Anders deeply and I said so into the phone. "Who's David Anders?" "Ever heard of Alias?" "Yes." "He played Sark." "…Gina, 'I've heard of it' doesn't mean 'I've seen it.'" "It does in my world. He's this sexy British samurai." "…I like the sound of him." 'Yeah, well, he dies." "…oh." I neglected to say how. No need to ruin her perception of Adam, whom I continue to talk about despite the fact that he's dead. Meredith's story, sadly, bored me. She just reminds me too much of Claire and, as I'm sure people may have known by now if they've read my other reviews, I loathe her. I did like her brother… he's actually interested me since he first showed up. After all, blue fire is cool. Surprisingly, Peter isn't angering me anymore. Who would've thought? Maybe it's because he barely showed up. And yay-No Matt this week!

    I swear to God, if this eclipse thing in the next episode results in Ando actually getting his powers I will be in utter rapture (yes, I am obsessed with those powers. Ando needs to stop being epically useless and instead be epically helpful. Either way I love him, though.) Til next week, ta.
  • Great episode!!!

    Finally, after two weeks...! This episode is so great! I love it! :)
    We finally got to know what happened to Arthur. Angela tried to kill him but she failed. Meredith is Flint's sister! "You remember what daddy used to say: God gave you a big sister instead of a brain!" Lol! I laughed so hard on this one! :)
    The end was so shocking! Arthur killed Usutu (he ripped his head off) and he grabbed Hiro so he could steal his ability! I hope he doesn't do that! Poor Hiro.. :)
    The story about Sylar is so sad.. I think Elle and Gabriel would make a great couple! :)
    Can't wait for another episode! :)
  • In Season 1 fashion, this episode stirred emotions, answered questions and revealed the big bad. This episode proved that Heroes still has the ability entertain and keep fans guessing.

    I thought it was interesting that Merdith started the train fire that set into motion the "Homecoming" events. The Sylar/Elle connection makes me wonder if there's a future for them. Who knew how invested Elle was in Slyar's well being. In a matter of one year she went from a naive company agent to a guiltless killing machine. So HRG and his company are responsible Sylar's attach on Claire-shocker. So much for the Company protecting the "public" from the dangerous abilities. Does anyone else get the hibbie gibbies form Arthur Petrilli. He makes evil Sylar look like a day at the spa.

    I guess this episode proved that you can be successful with a few story lines as opposed to ten different ones. Notice how there was no Jessica/Niki, Mohinder, Myra, Matt, or Speedster girl. Don't get me wrong I like these characters, but maybe sprinkled here and there rather principal characters. Keep up the good work writers. Ignore those dim critics.
  • Heroes tries to get into my good graces with pie! And it works! When Hiro takes a little of the dung-laced magic porridge we're taken back, back to the past to see how it all began! Plus! We have the return of Peter's emo-bangs!

    The Good: - Mama Petrelli rocked my socks off

    - I hope Hiro doesn't kick it.

    - The Hatian!! Always like seeing him.

    - Nathan and Peter were getting all kindsa close in the flashbacks, so much so it would make Sam and Dean from Supernatural blush!

    - 'Cute Meet' - HRG

    The Bad: AfricanIsaac's death by beheading was brutal, but so very bad ass by Sylar's daddy.

    - So Pyro Flint is Meredith's brother, which would mean Claire has yet another long lost uncle to deal with.

    Not Such a Bad Thing? No Matt, Tracy, Claire, Daphne, and I didn't really miss them…although I do still like Matt.

    Bottom line: A solid episode, unlike any other this season, too bad it was filled with ret-cons.

    On the next episode… The eclipse is coming!?

    More at www.theplurp.com
  • Everything leading up to the pilot is delved into and some very interesting and surprising connections are made.

    I agree, Heroes has sort of gone down the tube recently. Even I, who loves this show to death and probably will never let go of it unless (knock on wood) it gets cancelled, thought the whole Syler-being-a-Petrelli thing was a little bogus. I know that many people think that the show is getting away from what it used to be, but this episode had a little of the old show thrown into it.
    Through this flashback episode, it explained that Arthur Petrelli was responsible for practically everything that happened in Volume 1, Meredith and Flint were related (thus explaining the similarity in their powers), and the reason Sylar is a villain is because of Bennett and Elle (thus helping to explain his sudden transition to being a good guy...and then back to being a bad guy).
    The best part about this episode were all of the connections that they made and they explained things that really didn't need to be explained but it was still cool anyway. Where did that burning train that Claire saved the man from in the first episode come from? Meredith blew it up on accident. How did Meredith know about the puppet-man? She used to work for The Company. How did everyone think that Arthur was dead? Because he used his powers to MAKE people think he was dead.
    This, like the above caption says, is exactly why I watch this series. Everything in this episode fell into place and though there is definitely some continuity issues in this episode, I don't think these issues damaged this episode in the slightest.
  • So it turns out that villainy's origin is betrayal. Just look what happened to Sylar, Flint, and Arthur!

    It seems that Arthur Petrelli is cold to begin with, as he wouldn't hesitate saying that he will kill his son Nathan if he gets in the way. Such words shock even the nearly heartless Linderman. Angela discovers this treachery, so she betrays him first by poisoning him with the help of the Haitian (who can negate powers and erase memories). Arthur barely survived, so he fake his death in order to exact revenge on Angela (she's in a coma now). Flint, one of the Level 5 escapees, is confirmed to be Meredith Gordon's little brother (which also makes him Claire's uncle). At first, he trusted the Company's recruiter despite his elder sister's warnings about him. But after witnessing Meredith being tasered by the same guy he trusted, he ran away in shock. Finally, we get to see why Sylar has been bent on taking away people's powers and brains. He was about to commit suicide after killing his telekinetic benefactor (Brian Davis if you will). Luckily, Elle was there to save the day, convincing Sylar that he deserves a second chance in life. Things were better off without Noah ordering Elle for the Company to "expose" Sylar's true nature. One mission backfired, and Elle completely shattered the trust Sylar has harbored for her.
  • Very clever flashback.

    I was really thrilled to see this episode. The way Tim Kring showed us what the Heroes and Villains were like a year ago was very well crafted. The way Linderman and Arthur plotted to kill Nathan and Angela tries to stop him with a special soup. Little does she know that the Doctor was working for him. All the pieces for season one fit so perfectly into place. Example, we see the train wreck and a person calls for help. Clair of course comes to the person rescue. Then we meet Sylar in his early days before he becomes evil demonstrating to Elle (after she saved him from hanging himself) his powers. Little does she know she is working for Noah. All the elements are very well crafted and the show was totally enjoyable. To find out Flint is related to Clair. This took me by a surprise. Show by show Tim Kring reveals more about these characters and their greater purpose. It is not wonder why so many tune in and love this show. It has every thing a person could want in an television show. I can see this show lasting a few more seasons. There is nothing dull or boring about it.
  • OMG, the best episode of the season so far!

    Ok, I guess I've said there before, but it is true. OMG!

    We see that Gabriel could be good from the start and hmm, I guess now we know who is the mother of little Noah, dont we?

    I guess Meredith will have a big paper this time. We saw that if they burn them, they will die, so Meredith will burn him alive. AWESOME!

    And what happened to make Angela against him. She couldnt let him to kill Nathan.

    And Hiro!!! Noooooooo! He cant die, please not him! He is too special. He also cant lose his power. Come on, we need his power.

    All the good guys cant lose their power. I am crazy for the next episode.
  • Retconning a series to death

    It would appear that the fans are not the only ones concerned with the lack of originality and character development on "Heroes". Following the previous episode, two prominent members of the writing staff were fired and Tim Kring resumed control of show-running responsibilities. To be honest, I think this is a case of scapegoating. The problems come right from the top, and Kring's inability to make good on his promises (both to the fans and within the story).

    This is yet another episode that takes us back to a time just before or concurrent with the first season, retroactively changing the context of certain scenes and choices. When this was first done, it was impressive and clever. Now that it's been done several times, and almost always to adjust the continuity to explain away contradictions caused by more recent plot twists.

    Take, for example, the decision to recast Sylar as a man driven less by psychological need for power, acceptance, and recognition than a "hunger" that drives him to accumulate those things. This was already in flat contradiction to the first season. Instead of trying to find a way to reconcile the discrepancies in the "present", the writers chose to use this episode to shoehorn the new "reality" into past events.

    The problem is that it doesn't fit. Elle wasn't working for Noah during that time; the first season clearly shows him working constantly with the Haitian. Also, it ignores the established aspect of Sylar's ability that allows him to recognize when someone has a power. He does not recognize that Elle has an ability, and he trusts her far too quickly to be believable. It's just an attempt to reform Sylar from total villain to misunderstood hero. Far better to have killed him off in the first season finale.

    The Arthur/Angela story was better, if only because it actually clarified a few things, even if it was just as much a retcon as the Sylar plot thread. I don't like the idea of Angela being mind-warped for so long, and I don't buy Linderman's decision to open her eyes to the truth. But it does remind us that Angela is just as capable of real evil as Arthur ever was, but she draws the line at harming her own children. (Which continues to suggest, in my book, that the "solution" to this conflict will be Peter, Nathan, and Gabriel charting their own independent course.)

    At least the first two plot threads seemed to connect to the rest of the ongoing arc. Meredith's plot thread seemed to suggest a lot more importance than the character currently deserves. I'm not sure there's anything about Meredith that inspires enough interest to justify the time spent on her. It's entirely possible that she'll factor into the end of the current arc, thus explaining her prominence here, but I think it's equally likely that the writers just needed a way to fill out the episode. Where the other plot threads had an obvious relevance to the arc, this one felt unusually isolated.

    And then, there's the end of the episode. It seems ludicrous that the precognitive Magical African Man would be killed so easily, even by someone with Arthur's power. It's possible, however, that precognition in the "Heroes" universe sometimes follows the same rules as seen in the "Dune" mythos: those with prescience of equal power tend to cancel each other out. Even so, it felt contrived, and with so many other plot elements looking equally questionable of late, that's exactly how it will be taken by disaffected fans.

    The bottom line is that this episode wanted to be special, and instead, it came across as desperate for attention. So do the changes to the writing staff and the promises for a tighter plot and deeper character development. The fans have heard it all before, and they're no longer giving Kring credit before the deed is done.
  • I seriously don't know why people are complaining. This is the best season of heroes yet and just keeps getting better and better with each episode. New revelations about the characters and a shocking ending has made me screaming for more.

    This weeks episode though a bit slow gave us more information about Elle, Hrg, Meredith and the Petrelli family. The way the episode was interlinked to the pilot episode of the show was good. Come on you definitely cant kill Hiro but how he will escape from Arthur's clutches will be interesting to watch. I didn't quite figure out though how Nathan survived the crash coz it was a bit confusing. I feel the Haitian has a bigger role to play in the coming episodes coz it seems he will be the only one to stop Arthur Petrelli. A great episode never the less. Tim Kring and his team rule.
  • We go back in time

    We learn that Bennett was trying to catch Sylar in the act of killing someone to steal their power. He pushes Elle into making this happen, even after she argued that Sylar might be saved. And then, when Sylar turned to the dark side, killed and went on the run. The episode also gave us a glimpse of Meredith's life before she reunited with Claire. She was a thief with her brother Flint and she was recruited by the Company to become an agent. We also learn more about Arthur, he orders his son Nathan be killed. Angela poisoned the old man's soup. This set up Arthur's apparent death and showed us how the rest of the family had no idea he was still alive.
  • Smooth but predictable

    I felt this was a step backwards for "Heroes". We've already covered episodes regarding flashbacks and previous stories but this one doesn't do anything special to shake us up. It lacks the punch of "Six Months Ago" where we discovered how Gabriel Gray became Sylar and where Nathan's obsession with justice began.

    It sounds like it should be a new storyline but we've already witnessed the dividing line between Angela and Arthur Petrelli as people join the Company or Pinehearst. The jumpstart of one spouse betraying the other was hardly unexpected. Daniel Linderman's strengths seem to be in working the Petrellis into suspicion with his sincere (yet twisted) advice. Nathan was an uncooperative son who was considered worthy only of elimination but having Arthur attempt to kill his son doesn't seem as alarming as knowing he's already alive and building a ring of dangerous contact. Why on earth do the Heroes insist on cremation all the time? There's an unspoken rule in comic-lore that says, "Never assume anyone is dead UNLESS you see the body with your own eyes". Though even then it's hard to know for sure…

    The side story with Meredith and Flint is mediocre. It seems to fill in some random excuses for Meredith's past but I don't think we missed out on anything. The only theory I have is that soon Flint and Meredith will face off as brother vs. sister to join the "choose a side" battle that so many Heroes are fighting over.

    The relationship between Elle and Sylar also felt a bit frustrating. We already know that Gabriel Gray wavers between an ongoing hunger for power and yet regret for Sylar's misdeeds. This was just another excuse to give him the slip. It's almost ridiculous to think how many times Sylar has been captured and escapes execution. We know Zachary Quinto is an amazing actor at playing the show's best adversary but the excuses are getting lame. Elle isn't in the wrong this time; I blame Noah Bennett for his observation theory and lack of action. Elle comes across as a more sympathetic than psychotic person when she begs them to leave Gabriel alone. But no, they have to test his patience and let the demon out. We saw that coming from a mile away. If there's anything out of this, it does confirm a relationship between Elle and Sylar that can only intensify the next time they meet. (Kiss or kill?)

    As a fan, I was hoping the writers wouldn't fall into the trap of repetition e.g. characters being related, people painting the future, etc. The magic of season one was in the shocking stories that as viewers, we never expected. We were held enthralled in the stories and the strong motivations of these characters who are overwhelmed with their new abilities. But now we're well-adapted to the characters and their back stories so repetitious themes can be a letdown. Although, this being "Heroes", the last 2 minutes like to throw us off course. And this time, it's Hiro who's gotten into Arthur Petrelli's clutches.
  • Now this is a great episode...

    So far this season had left me with mixed feelings. I love certain parts, I hate some other. There is no doubt that this season is by far better than the previous one.But with storylines flying all over the place, something drastic was necessary to be done.And here we are...Answers,answers,answers.Events tied up together at last.And in a way that is perfectly executed.I can't remember when was the last time that I enjoyed so much an episode of Heroes and be actually unhappy because it ended,because I wanted to watch more...I think this season is going in the right way and after this episode many things were cleared, at least for me.I have nothing to complain about.The last thing I have to add is this: the writers don't have to progress EVERY storyline in EVERY episode.Keep the episodes simpler (like you did in this one) and the lost magic will eventually return...
  • Intriguing, I wonder where it will go, but we might not be able to find out if people keep up their lynching

    As some have already mentionned, why is everybody always on Heroes' case? Let me tell you what happens when you cry wolf one too many times, especially in this industry. When fans don't like one or two shows, the producers brush it off, ignore it and sweep everything under the carpet, that's level 1 of 4 on a panic scale. When several shows or worse, when an entire season is dissapointing like season 2 was to many fans (not me) and the ratings start to drop, the producers then sit down, read the comments, re-write everything and try to make us happy again to bring the ratings back up. That's level 2 of 4 on a panic scale. When that's still insufficient and fans keep complaining, the rich and powerful TV broadcasting executives start firing people to shake everybody up: us the fans,probably to weed out and frighten those who just complain because they need to complain about something and especially to, like NBC did with those two assistant-producers, to convince the writing team to get their act together pronto. That's level 3 of 4. And finally, if all fails, they cancel the show period. That's level 4 of 4 and the last one. Okay the ratings dropped by 50% since season 1 which was very hard to beat, Kring wants to produce at least 5 seasons of heroes, not 2.5 (cuz season 2 doesn't really count because of the axing it got courtasy of fan complaining and the writer's strike). So you can't have everything you want right now, unless you want the series to end in May. I'm still waiting for Clark to fly and h*ll, I've been only following the series since April 2007, imagine those who followed it since the very beginning, one show at a time, week after week. Yet, that being said, 8 seasons later, the show's still averaging 4 million viewers a week,despite the growing impatience towards Clark's inability to fly... so my point here is, if you don't like the show, then you don't have to watch it, period. It's a show about super heroes, not a debate on global warming or recession, there are no pressing, urgent issues that need to be dealt with ASAP. Yes the ratings have dropped, and it will take more than one good show to bring those lost sheeps back to the flock. Some will remain lost forever even if the show does (will) get better, but then again, some people, who are still strangers to the series like my kid sister for example, will find out about it and start watching it, just like I did with Smallville. So again, to all the pessimists: lay off.

    Now that I got this off my chest, about yesterday's show; I think it was pretty good. I like flashback shows, and they ae useful once in a while in order to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Moreover, they add more meat around the bone and scratch out few question marks.I must admit I still don't know why Arthur Petrelli goes Magneto on everybody, but at least we got saw some more character development regarding our favourites: we found out that Sylar is actually a victim, not a murderer, who had (still does) a soul, we also found out that Elle and Linderman did have moral principles and values, that Angela wasn't always the cold-hearted woman we all came to know, but that she actually was once a loving mother and wife (despite having slept with Kaito, maybe before meeting Arthur??) that she was also, like Sylar and Nathan, a victim of a huge plot, constantly being lied to and manipulated, we found out also how brainwashed and merciless Noah once was while still being a company man and how Meredith and her hillbilly idiot brother Flint, despite having lived similar lives, have chosen different sides. In the end, I think this show's got still plenty to offer, only one question remains though: are you, the fans like me, willing to wait a little and give them a chance? or do you want to pull the plug right now?

    P.S. bringing Eric Roberts back was also a good move, I'm glad his character wasn't all bad
  • Unlike most people I love revealing flashback episodes.

    I don't get why most people say, "oh it was just a flashback episode". Flashback episodes reveal so much of the back story we didn't know. Easily the best episode this season (second only to "Dying of the Light"). I don't want to spoil anything, but I really was surprised with the ending. Like, "Holy crap did that just happen? What the heck? I gotta see the next episode!"

    I'm really sad that people are jumping ship on my favorite show, if the viewership continues to decline, this will be Heroes last season. Keep watching people! Everything's falling into place.
  • Flashback shows more heroes connecting .

    Revealing episode that shows more connections between heroes.I think it eas very interesting when we find out that Claire actually saved his uncle in the train fire I think that was brilliant ! . Also we find out how Angela "killed" Arthur and that Meredith and Flint are brother and sister. It seems that Elle and Sylar have a past. I am surprised that Thompson didn't know about Meredith being Claire's mother it's kind of odd considering that he was one of the companies top agents and knew Noah very well. It didn't feel like a filler episode because of all the action and surprises that every episode of Heroes include. Mr. African Isaac is already dead ? Maybe Heroes is trying to remove some characters and concentrate more in the storylines which is why people have been complaining more about the show.
  • A flashback episode in which we learn all about the interconnections that occurred before the entire series began, all through Hiro's acid trip

    Seriously? I think I'm removing heroes from my tivo list...yeah, i'm being completely honest. What the heck happened to the show? They have WAY too many trivial characters and the plot twists at this point are just insulting. Viewers aren't that stupid! They realize you have NO CLUE how to get people sucked back in to a once really promising show. The first season was great, but this show just went downhill FAST. This episode could have been good, it really could have. But there are too many little story lines and it is painfully obvious what this season will conclude with...it is too predictable. I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there who still love the show or feel a sense of loyalty to the show. I tried! I may watch the next supposedly pivotal episode, but this show is getting tired fast. Having 2 or 3 really good episodes and 18 or 19 really bad or average episodes doesn't make a good tv show. And frankly, the ratings reflect this. It won't get cancelled, they'll milk it until no one watches the show...It just is such a waste of talent and time, and it is sad to think what could have been for this show...
  • I really enjoyed this episode despite SOME bad acting but I failed to see what the point was in showing Hiro let alone us this flashback

    When Hiro wakes up from his Dung induced spirit walk vision he comes to the conclusion that he has to warn people. What is he going to warn them about exactly, that Arthur is alive? I know Hiro didn't know this but doesn't everyone else know already, making it completely pointless.

    Anyhoos, despite half the episode being gave to Sylar and Elle this is truly held together by a great performance by Robert Forster as Arthur Petrelli. The guy at the moment may not have much purpose other than as the head of a Supervillain Mafia but the performance is one of the strongest in the show equal with Zachary Quinto as Sylar. On the other end of the coin i'm increasingly finding Angela Petrelli to be badly acted and annoying which isn't good considering I liked the character up till a few episodes ago. Linderman also seems slightly off as does HRG who's been stuck in one dimension land since the start of this Season (I don't know what drives him anymore, it's certainly not to protect Claire even in this flashback).

    The other side of the story involves 2 strands, one with Meredith and one with Sylar and Elle. What this involves is recruitment by The Company of those with powers, a sort of rehabilitation thing I suppose. We have already seen this with Sylar earlier this season however its now revealed to be an initiative and not a one off. We also find out that Flint is Meredith's brother as well (I don't think it had been mentioned before) and some of the episodes most memorable lines come from this sister/brother Duo. Meredith to Flint 'You remember what daddy used to say, instead of brains God gave you a big sister' and a nice reference to Claude from Season 1 when Flint says on his capture that an invisible man cornered him in the Alley.

    Elle is a little out of character here which is a shame but I love the character so its easy to let it slip. She doesn't seem as anguished being much calmer than usual. Sylar however for the time period is perfectly in character. His pain at knowing he is a monster seriously rings true. I like this side of Sylar as the shy watchmaker and its good that it occasionally pops up now and again.

    Shame Uutsu's dead but in the end this is a good episode that I enjoyed quite a bit but doesn't give anything of importance away. I didn't care much how Arthur became a vegetable (although nice working Nathan's car crash into the equation) and Sylar's plot was almost redundant. However this episode for me was about the character's and it succeeded in particular with Arthur in giving us something to enjoy.
  • Review

    As a general rule I do like flashback episodes of Heroes. I liked this one too, just not as much as some of the other ones that I have gotten used to seeing. I thought the beginning of this episode with Linderman and Arthur was actually really slow an unneeded. The entire purpose was to basically tell the audiance that Arthur had a hand in trying to kill Nathan on that night back in season one that we all remember. I did think once Angela got her mind back from Linderman that the epsiode did save itself, granted it was only for the last fifteen minutes. Sylars portion of the episode was decent in terms of the acting, but a little curious to what it has to do with the big picture. It showed that there was a time when he wasn't going to become this killer, but effectivly Noah made him into one because the Company told him what to do. I do like the dynamic, but I'm not sure you needed 33% of an episode in order to tell me that point. Pretty sure that could have been summed up a lot better. The end with Arthur and Hiro? I don't know what to think about this shows present anymore. All of our Heroes are losing powers and I'm not sure what the big overarching game plan is. We know Arthur is public enemey number 1, so we will see what happens.
  • This is how flashbacks should be done, things we've never seen but that's critical to the story.

    I love flashbacks in Heroes, so interesting and always informative and important (unlike Lost's endless retelling of the pointless minutiae of people's lives we don't even care about!). And my favourite of all: lots and lots of juicy Nathan and Peter scenes and fascinating background on characters we know too little about, like Meredith and Gabriel.

    18 Months ago – What a great scene! Peter making snide comments during his father's speech, Nathan insulting Linderman to his face. I love the Petrelli Brothers and we've seen too little scenes between them in season 3 so this entire sequence is delightful. 6 months later, when their father died, Nathan commented it was a good thing Arthur didn't know his sons were about to betray him – newsflash, Nate, he did know. Realizing Nathan was going to come after him too, Arthur decided to try one last time to convince Nathan to back off and if that didn't work, to kill his own son.

    One year ago – Meredith is Flint's sister!! Both siblings have pyrokinesis! We're seeing more and more of this, members of a family with the same powers. Look at the Petrelli men: Arthur, Peter and Gabriel all have the same power: they can take other people's powers: Arthur can take powers permanently, Gabriel can absorb powers by touching the brain and Peter is the refinement on their powers, he just has to be in proximity.

    After killing for the first time, Gabriel tried to hang himself. He's saved by Elle! Certainly explains how they know each other! Bennet knew about Sylar before he became a serial killer!! They were watching Sylar because his power of transferring power is so rare (little did they know it runs in the family!). Elle continues to cultivate a friendship with Gabriel, even as he is fighting his compulsion. Astonishingly, this is a whole new side to Elle, not the psycho we've known until now. Bennet pushes Elle to introduce another Special person to Gabriel, so that they can see him kill. It was Bennet that turned Gabriel into a serial killer!

    Elle justifies 'introducing' Gabriel to another Special person by comparing it to the AA. Trevor has a very cool power, can blow things up. By showing off Trevor's power and going on and on about how special he is, Gabriel snapped. They got what they wanted, to see how he takes another's power.

    The mystery of how Bennet found Meredith so easily to protect Claire is explained: Meredith was captured by Thompson and recruited! She does brilliantly her first time out but discovers her brother has been caught. "God gave you a big sister instead of a brain." The fight between Flint, Meredith and Thompson is what caused the train crash from the pilot! The fire that separated Meredith and Claire was started when the Company came for Meredith. Knowing that Claire survived, Thompson decides to let Meredith go.

    On the night of Peter's graduation, Arthur refused to go. Nathan shows up to see if his father will got to Peter's party but Arthur's more interested in Nathan prosecuting Linderman. The request barely gets out of his mouth and Nathan immediately refuses. As an ADA, Nathan was incorruptible. It wasn't Linderman who tried to kill Nathan, it was Arthur!! But Nathan assumed it was Linderman. Peter tries to calm Nathan but Nathan threatens his father straight to his face. I love Peter and Nathan together and this is just one of those perfect scenes, where you see how close they are and what a calming influence Peter is on Nathan. It's one of those casting miracles, when you just get it right. Milo and Adrian are just so perfect together. What a delicious scene, just wonderful.

    Nathan was out for blood and Linderman got squeamish. Arthur actually mentioned the 'plan for New York'. Angela overhears them plotting to kill her son and freaks. Arthur is very powerful, you actually see her eyes go bloodshot as he controls her. He can even erase her memory! Of all people, it's Linderman who intervenes. Angela poisons Arthur, with the Haitian in the room to keep him in check. Then Nathan shows up and sees him, assuming a heart attack. Angela blatantly lied to Peter, saying it was suicide.

    It's beautifully done, seamlessly following on from events we've seen in flashbacks and even scenes from the pilot. Like Peter arriving at Nathan's office after talking to Mohinder in the cab, then Bennet climbing in. Arthur is taken to the hospital and the doctor lies to Angela and Nathan, saying he's dead. At the funeral, we see the scary, cold woman we know as Angela Petrelli. Very sweet when Peter and Nathan talk about the dog. "He hated that dog."

    In the present, Hiro wakes up and finds Usutu dead, and comes face to face with Arthur Petrelli.

    What a great episode, definitely the best of season 3. Like the previous episode, this is the old Heroes, done completely in the same style and spirit. Excellent.
  • An interesting, if slightly flawed, episode that takes one of the show's most endearing staples – messing about with chronology – and plays continuity keepy-up with it.

    An interesting, if slightly flawed, episode that takes one of the show's most endearing staples – messing about with chronology – and plays continuity keepy-up with it. Rob Fresco is clearly having a wail of time, sewing together minor plot points from episodes, nay seasons, back with our contemporary cast of characters and their situations; so we get deft nods to the pilot with HRG first stepping into Mohinder's cab and Meredith causing the fire that Claire ran through, as well as an opportunity to explain some of the more niggling questions that have hung high over the heads of certain players in the cast for quite some time. Angela's distrusting malice is at least on its way to being afforded some context; Arthur's death is given an enlighteningly sinister backdrop (how eerie is that scene?); and, of course, Flint and Meredith are revealed to be, shucks, faaaamily which, well, is kinda obvious now we all think about it. Plus we get to see Eric Roberts again which can only be a good thing… where 'Villains' stumbles slightly, however, is in the execution of Sylar's story which, despite admirable attempts by all involved, comes across as rather cack-handed. The key to the problem lies in the inclusion of Elle: while there is a nice foreshadowing line in 'The Butterfly Effect' when the two meet in Level 5 (go on… look it up!), I just don't buy that the two were involved. Perhaps it's that they have zero chemistry. Maybe it's the way it smacks of revisionism: all too often in Heroes, the production staff seem determined to connect the current state of play to what has come before, regardless of whether it makes logical sense. It's as if they feel the need to erase 'the new' by making it 'the old'… but of course, progression is the natural course of an on-running narrative and characters can weave in and out without having to have been there all along. Still, a good effort and kudos for the fan-pleasing attention to detail: changing the show title to the episode title, what scamps!
  • Hiro goes on a spirit walk with the help of Usutu and looks at the lives of Arthur Petrelli, Flint and his sister Meredith and Sylar before the events of volume 1. In the end, a hero dies while another is in danger.

    The flashback episode of this volume, Villains is a chapter many fans have misinterpreted. I was confused the first time I saw it thinking that it wasn't consisted with both chapters 1:Genesis and chapter 10: six months ago of volume 1 but when I watched it again it all makes perfect sense and they are according to the Heroes timeline. Now, you may ask why would anyone want to watch the same episode twice to understand and one may answer: things don't come so easy in life now do they?
    Firstly, the chapter begins with Hiro going on his spirit walk following the previous chapter and Hiro goes deeper into the lives of villains to discover what made them villains in the first place.
    Beginning with Sylar, time takes us a year from present (that is April 2006) around the same time Chapter 10: Six months ago of volume 1 took place. Sylar (or better Gabriel) has just killed Brian Davis (the guy who gave him telekinesis) and is ready to kill himself. At that moment, Elle appears and saves Gabriel's life. Feeling warm and confortable with Elle, Gabriel begins coming closer to Elle at the point where he reveals to her he has an ability (he doesn't know Elle has one). We also learn that Elle was on an assignment with Noah Bennet to bring Gabriel to the Company. What the Company needed though was for Gabriel's killer insticts to kick off again to see Gabriel's ability up close. And that is Elle's assignment. With Noah's convincing, Elle introduces Trevor to Gabriel, someone who has an ability of his own (to shutter objects using his index finger). When Elle calls Trevor special, Gabriel ticks and attacks Trevor to prove Elle he is special as well (back then the word special caused Gabriel's mind to tick; remember chapter 10: six months ago). Elle attempts to stop Gabriel from killing Trevor and she uses her ability. Gabriel is furious with her but he lets her go and kills Trevor. Noah's pushing orders has created Sylar (and not Chandra Suresh's testing as we thought until now). Six months later we see Elle still regretting what he did to Gabriel who has been killing people and Noah getting into a cab driven by Mohinder (as seen in chapter 1: genesis of volume 1).
    Secondly, we look at Flint Gordon's life with his sister Meredith, Claire's biological mom. They live, eighteen months from present day (that is October 2005) a life of crime and thievery. During a mugging, Thompson appears and tazers Meredith while her brother runs away (Thompson is the guy who appeared in chapter 17: Company Man and was Noah's former boss whom Noah killed himself in chapter 22: Landslide of volume 1; he's played by Eric Roberts). 6 months later (April 2006) Meredith is a soon-to-be agent of the Company going on assignments with Thompson to capture special people. During one of them, she realizes her brother is kept by the Company in Level 5 of the Company Headquarters. He has been told that the Company would make him an agent (just like they did with Meredith) but Meredith soon realizes he has been fooled just like she was. Six months later (October 2006) Meredith manages to free her brother from the cell and take a train. On that train Thompson appears and tries to stop them. The result is the trainwreck we all saw in chapter 1: Genesis of volume 1, a trainwreck from which Claire saved a fireman and later Jackie received a medal by lying. Regardless, Flint is put back to Level 5 cell (we never see this scene) and Meredith is let go back Thompson after she tells him the reason she hates the Company so; for killing her little girl Claire who we all know was given to Noah.
    Finally, we go deeper into the Petrelli family as we see that Arthur and Linderman were responsible for Heidi's accident (the one we saw in chapter 10: six months ago where Nathan flew while Heidi stayed paralyzed) and Arthur's feelings towards his two sons, Peter and Nathan, a year before present day (April 2006). Nathan is investigating everything that has to do with Linderman (and that is why the accident happen in the first place). Furthermore, Arthur shows no sympathy for his youngest son Peter who thinks is a disappointment. When Angela accidentilly hears a conversation between Linderman and Arthur where they plan to kill Nathan, Arthur uses his telepathy and puts thoughts into Angela's head. Linderman, on the other hand not being able to stand Angela's manipulation by Arthur, heals Angela's scars and helps her save Nathan. Angela poisons Arthur and orders the Haitian to take Arthur to Level 3 of the Company. Nathan however appears at that moment and Angela agrees with him when Nathan says his father had a heart attack. Nathan goes to Peter and tells him about their father's death and a small ceremony is being held at the Petrelli house. A doctor announces Arthur dead but as it turns out he's working with Arthur who seems to have faked his death for the last year (until April 2007 when Arthur got Adam's ability). Six months later (October 2006) Peter leaves the same cab, Noah enters (just like in volume 1, Chapter 1: genesis).
    Overall a great episode. I really love these flashbacks episodes especially when they connect with stuff we have already seen. The confusion and the frustration with this episode is inexcusable, I think. Look at the dates in the episode. They all make sense. Key facts: We now know what made Sylar a killer (Noah not Chandra), what made Arthur create the rival company Pinehearst and his hatred towards Angela and what made Flint pick the villain side. What was not included in this great chapter was Knox's background and his connection with Matt which seemed about right to be inserted in this one. These deleted scenes came later on as a webisode but hopefully it will be included in Heroes season 3 DVD within the Villains chapter. For now, enjoy this magnificent episode.
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