Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Great episode and worth the watch for the Villains past :):)

    Once again went back in time. Not very far back in time; just about a year or so. In fact, the stories in Monday's episode paralleled events we've already witnessed, and even crossed over at times. That was an interesting and fun little twist. Through Hiro's vision, three storylines played themselves out, and they were all impressive. Sylar's back-story (and Elle's and Mr. Bennett's) was tinkered with yet again, and we were given more information on Claire's birthmother Meredith. We also learned more about Arthur Petrelli, his relationship with his family and how he ended up confined to a hospital bed. In "Villains," we learned that Bennett was trying to catch Sylar in the act of killing someone to steal their power. He pushed Elle into making this happen, even after she argued that Sylar might be saved. And then, when Sylar turned to the dark side, killed and went on the run, Bennett was completely nonchalant about it. Now fast-forward to what we know has happened since. The Sylar that this episode wants us to believe Bennett virtually created goes on a killing spree, making Claire his primary target. Did we ever see Bennett's guilt for creating this monster? Has he ever taken responsibility for putting his own daughter's life on the line? Our new knowledge of their history completely changes how we're supposed to see their present and it just doesn't work. Add to this Elle's involvement, and I'm completely at a loss. Sylar and Elle, in this flashback, appeared to have a fairly strong relationship. Yet, when the duo did battle earlier this year, there was no hint that they had a past which was a little dissapointing :( But otherwise it was nice to see them together, I think Kristin and Zak are good together. The episode also gave us a glimpse of Meredith's life before she reunited with Claire. She was a thief with her brother Flint and she was recruited by the Company to become an agent. But then Eric Roberts' Thompson let her go. Of all the stories, I thought learning more about Arthur Petrelli would be the most interesting. Instead, we really didn't get a lot of new information.The fact that Arthur ordered his son Nathan to be killed was a bit shocking! The rest of the story became fairly repetitive until Angela poisoned the old man's soup. This set up Arthur's apparent death and showed us how the rest of the family had no idea he was still alive.