Season 3 Episode 14

(Volume Four: Fugitives) A Clear and Present Danger

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Nathan goes over to the dark side

    Nathan goes over to the dark side.

    Heroes is a good series. That's rather amazing, considering how many things are wrong with it.

    One of those things is characters flip-flopping back and forth from good guys to bad guys and back at the drop of a hat.

    Often these flip flops are plot driven rather than character driven. It was not that the character decided that loyalty to his values required a change in positions. It was merely that the writers wanted to shock viewers with yet another surprise betrayal. So it gets written in even though it's totally out of character.

    Plot trumps character. The cart gets put before the horse.
  • HEROES Rev.

    After the destructions of Primatech and Pinehearst, the Heroes attempt to start new lives. Claire uncovers the plot by Nathan to hunt down and capture all people with abilities. Sylar begins searching for his biological parents. I thought Heroes Volume 3 ended well but it did have a load of poor episodes in there the last five episodes where decent so I hoped for a decent Volume four.

    I have to say this was a good start. I like the fact that Nathan has become evil its refreshing to see anoher main character be evil apart from Sylar. It was good to see The Heroes start there lives over but this didn't last long when most of them are captured.

    I like the ending with the plane it was ok but it wasnt a very satisfying ending.
  • The Heroes face a new threat, and a new big bad, Nathan.

    As soon as I saw Ali Larter in the opening, I knew Heroes was dong something right as it's been a while since Niki/Tracy whoever she plays has had some screentime. This episode felt completely different from the rest of the series, which I felt was a good thing following Heroes downfall during Seasons 2 and 3. Seeing all the Heroes try to start fresh was great, and it was really nice to see them all interacting with each other instead of chasing after a 'catalyst' or going on 'dream quests' or into the future which really had no relevance in the past. The highlight of the episode was, without a doubt, seeing all the Heroes reunited in the final scenes as they were all invovled in a plane crash. It has been ages since that many main cast members have been in the same scene! A surprisingly good start to a hopefully much better volume of this show. Hopefully this new threat, the overlooming danger of the squad hired by Nathan, will make this show exciting and every episode something to look forward to again. Please Tim Kring, don't mess this up... again.
  • Three weeks after the events of Dual, Claire finds out that Nathan, Angela and Noah are plotting to round up all the special ones and she warns Peter and Matt. Hiro tries to make Ando a superhero and Sylar searches for his real parents.

    Volume 4 is entitled Fugitives and so this volume focuses on our Heroes running from government agents that try to catch them and put them away.
    Claire finds out that Noah is hiding what he is really doing these days. She realizes that Angela is also involved and so is Nathan who is in charge of an operation to catch all the special people and imprison them thinking that this may be the only way of feeling safe again. She warns Peter and visits Matt to warn him.
    Peter meanwhile, is a paramedic who is trying to save lives. When he gets a call from Claire he visits his parental house and there he finds Nathan who asks him to come with him and help his purpose but Peter refuses. Then Nathan asks him to meet up with dinner so they can talk. When Peter finally gets home, Nathan waits for him and together with Noah they tazer him and take him away. Mohinder is working as a camp driver and after he takes Peter to his appartment, he picks up a mysterious man who threatens him with a gun unless he drives. Leading him to an abandoned building, the mysterious man and some men try to make him come with them but Mohinder runs away. He finds Noah who picks him up. Thinking that Noah is on his side, Mohinder tells him everything he needs to know (if Claire has talked with him) and then Noah gives him to the same people Mohinder has just run from. Tracy is at home when she receives a call from the Governor. He tells her to turn on the TV and listen to Senator Nathan talk about this program he has put in motion (to capture dangerous people; he doesn't reveal that those people have superpowers). When she hangs up she notices the window is open and then men get inside and capture her.
    Hiro tries to make Ando a superhero and even finds their lair. After Hiro tags Ando so he can track him anywhere he goes, Ando takes off and goes to a strip club with his newly given (by Hiro) motorcycle (named in this episode Ando-cycle). When Ando receives a phone call from Hiro he hears that men got into their lair and have captured Hiro. Ando sees his location and it is at an airfield.
    Matt is with Daphne now and the two of them have an argument on how and when they should use their abilities. When Daphne leaves, Matt gets a visit by Usutu who tells him that he is there to guide him and help him become a pre-cog. Matt hesitates at first but later discovers he not only can draw but he can draw the future. He draws a future with him and Claire looking over some papers and at that moment Claire appears to warns him. Then, a tazer knocks Matt unconscious and the armed men take Claire.
    Finally, Sylar finds his father Martin Gray who is a watch-maker and asks him if he is in fact his real father (just as Angela said in Dual). He admits Sylar was given to him and his wife (Virginia Gray) in exchange for money. His real father is Samson Gray and it is Martin's brother. Getting the address from Martin Sylar heads to Samson's residence and there men attack him. Thinking he was set up in some kind of trap, Sylar manages to escape from the armed men.
    In the end, Claire, Tracy, Mohinder, Matt, Peter and Hiro along with other special people are confined to negate their powers and put into a plane. All except Claire who Nathan takes and puts into a car. When Claire wakes up she attacks the driver and heads into the plane to save the others. In there, she finds Peter (who touches Mohinder and gets his superstrength) and together they nutrilize the armed guards on the plane. Claire heads to the cockpit and there she sees her father, Noah. Peter is knocked off his feet and accidentilly touches Tracy and gets her freezing power. With that he freezes and shatters accidentally the back of the plane and the plane goes down.
    Overall, an OK episode. I expected more for a volume premiere but it was still the middle of the season and so they couldn't have done much. It does get better as much as I can remember. I have to admit I do like Peter's new power; it makes it more exciting. Powerless Hiro is also good to watch. What I didn't like is Matt's new skill; to draw the future. I know the writers explained how Matt did it (if Matt can control all the functions of the brain he is presumably able to do that as well). Regardless, it doesn't fit with the whole telepathy Matt has. Finally, you have to like the new addition to the cast that of the Hunter (the person that brings all our Heroes into the plane) played by Zeljko Ivanec. Enjoy!
  • I've loved this episode!!!!

    OMG. This episode was so perfect. I can't even start talking about it.

    I am pretty sure Nathan threaten HRG if he doesnt help him, he would take Claire too. I can't believe he would do something bad like that.

    And if Claire was so trivial last part of the season, this part she is being so good. At least in the first episode!!!! She is getting so good. Before she was the baby who needed to be rescued all the time and now she is taking her own steps. LOVELY.

    And Sylar... I have so much faith on him. First of all, he didn't kill his adopted father and second of all. Gosh, he is so strong!!! He was the only not taken. He will get united with the others and he will the big one this season!

    I just didn't like that Parkmen will see the future, but that's ok.
  • Well hopefully this is the start to heroes finally getting back on track.

    Ok, like most I have been disapointed with the direction heroes had been going. Characters change there minds every 5 seconds and there was really no real plot. But with this episode heroes seems to be taking the right steps in correcting itself. The episode was well written and I like the fugitive aspect, it gave the show a darker tone. All I can say is that I hope this episode is a steping stone for heroes to finally unlock its full potiential. And I also liked what they did with Peter having touch people to get there powers. It just will keep him from getting to many and only getting the powers he wants.
  • News Flash: Heroes doesn't suck anymore.

    Wow, I must say I am quite impressed with this episode. No annoying twists, no huge plot holes, and no real "cringe" worthy moments.

    Yes I still miss Elle, but now that she's obviously not coming back, Sylar is back at the top. He was golden the entire episode, especially when he was ambushed...

    Claire didn't suck as much as she usually does, and probably the only cringe moments involved her. But she has always been cringe worthy, even in Volume 1, so it's not that big of deal.

    Heroes is about on par with Volume one again. A lot of focus on the characters we care about, not as much focus on the ones we don't. Very balanced, the pacing was right on, and the ending was actually very good.

    This is definitely the best Heroes episode in a long time. If it included Elle and Claude, I think I'd be having so many fangasms that I wouldn't be able to type.

    Also, none of the characters did anything really out of character. Noah is back to being a tool, Sylar is still searching for answers, Ando is going to strip clubs, Hiro isn't an idiot and is actually likable again, ect.

    I really like how all the characters are back in there own shoes, and I really like Nathan as a villain.

    I'm not getting my hopes too high, but so far Volume 4 is really delightful, and I actually care about the storyline.

    So far, this volume of Heroes is better then the new season of LOST.

  • Welcome Back?

    After the battle between Pinehearst and Primatech, Pete, Claire, Matt, and Daphne try to live normal lives, while a powerless Hiro tries to teach Ando how to use his new special ability and become a superhero. However, Claire discovers Nathan's plan to track down those with abilities.

    After a very dissapointed beginning to the third season, the fourth volume picks up the ball and begins to run with it. I liked the reutrn to roots. Everyone is trying to live a normal life, which could mean that the return of character devolopment could define the fourth volume of the show - something that it has lacked for quite a while. The best scenes in this episode didn't have power superhero moves blowing me away. The scene with Peter and Mohinder in the Taxi? Great scene, one of the best scenes as far as characters go since season one. The scene with Daffeney and Parkman in the apartment was really good too. I do like that the season got off to a fast start, that was unexpected. Heroes were getting captured left and right. It's good and bad because it made things exciting but you knew THAT many Heroes couldn't get captured by the end of the episode.

    Sylar had his own little personal storyline with three scenes. The first couple were decent, but nothing really mind-blowing. I did like the failed attempt at capturing him. Just kind of goes to show why everyone loves him. He does have the strongest ability with that desire that he has. Overall - very solid start to the season and I hope things continue to look up for the rest of our guys.
  • awesome episode dudes

    was an awesome episode espically the end where mostly all of the main heroes almost die
    and it ended in a cliffhanger
    oh ya Sylar was awesome in this episode killing all those agents hahahahhaha

    oh comes on it tells me that I have to write anout 100 words review so this is gonna be boring this sucks so much I hate doing this I can't take it I don't feel like writing 100 words but I might as well

    so here are some random things pokemon I like pie and pizza and ice cream and avatar and dbz and Naruto and more stuff
  • Heroes Flash - Heroes is back , back on track!!!!!!!

    After I watched this episode I literally clapped my hands !!! They did an amazing job with this episode.

    I want to know why HRG is working for the Hunter and Nathan , why Claire is with Angela instead of HRG , and if Peter knew if he could take abilities again before being on the plane ?

    For a moment I thought that baby sylar was sold !!!

    I loved everyones parts , and the ending was fantastic!!! I wanted to cry , ut I didn't but I almost did.

    Looks like a great Volume and Can't wait to see what will come of it !!!!
  • wow what a stellar episode to start the new volume

    WOW! where do i start? First off, Sylar is alive and as amazing as ever by being the only hero able to take on the entire Hunters team by himself. Second, Mohinders no longer a lame side plot and now has his power under control and is totally cool again! Also, Nathan is as dark as ever and needs to be dealt with and with Peters last breaths, he will take down his brother. Fourth, Peter has powers and they're neato! Fifth, Mr. Bennett is back to being the awful person that he is and i love it! This volume looks like it could be extremely good and hopefully boost the ratings!
  • Back to What Works!! Yeah!

    Finally, a script that reminds us of season one and why I fell in love with the show in the beginning. Thank goodness. We are establishing a more definitive line and who's on what side as we see the beginning of the collection of heroes. Nathan truely believes he knows what's best for the heroes and the world. Unfortunately, Peter's found himself on the wrong side of Nathan's fight, right along with Claire. Sylar is looking to move forward by looking into his past. Ando is learning that "being special" has it's benefits and responsibilities. Our heroes are left to save themselves but that's why they are special.
  • Was one of the best heroes episodes ever. Kept me on my seat the whole hour.

    If you are new to the show I highly recommend this episode to you. It did not put characters in situations that did not make sense. It finally seems to have a normal story, I can not wait for the next episode. Finally made Sylar look like the bad ass that all of us have come to know him as. And I think making Nathan as the main antagonist is going to make the show more interesting. And Noah Bennet working for the government hunting down people having powers is brilliant, cause when he first came on the show, thats the first thing I thought of. So in conclusion I am excited to see whats going to happen to the next episodes. :)
  • wow

    Volume 4 officially begins. Some things to keep in mind with this episode: keep an open and positive mind on Heroes and at the same time, don't expect too much or else you will wind up disappointed. Now that that is said, on to my review. Despite the hype NBC has contributed to this episode, it deliberately is not an epic episode, nor does anything relatively earth-shattering happen within the episode. It's basically simple, Heroes back to its roots. And after the epic misfire of Villains, simplicity is the best thing for Heroes at the moment. A few months have passed since Dual. The writers address what happened before in Villains, but keep it vague enough to try and forget the unpleasantness involved with that volume. The heroes are done fighting in "their" world and have moved back into the real world. They want everything simple, uncomplicated. Too bad the American government will not let them lead their deserved lives. In the first minutes, Tracey is taken captive while listening to Nathan's vague interview about rounding up threats to society. Apparently in a few months, Nathan has climbed the government ladder. Bet it was due to a lot butt-kissing and his delusional plan. Not to mention, President "Obama" has full support behind this plan. Peter is back to being a paramedic, his hero past put behind to save people the old way. Too bad that way doesn't yield a lot of results. Peter is soon frustrated over his inability to save people like he used to. It still hurts him that he can't save everyone and after all he's been through, that's a great thing that he still has a heart. Claire's living with grandma Angela. Where the Bennett's are, I have no idea. Noah is off during who-knows-what. Apparently, Claire's frequent trips to save the world made her unable to graduate. However, she has gotten her GED and has brochures for different colleges. Angela wants her granddaughter to live a normal life but Claire feels its too easy. She believes Sylar is still alive and as long as he's out there, no one will be safe. Sylar isn't the problem anymore. But Claire is right that Sylar is alive. How that is is anyone's speculation. Fire melting the glass, cover-up, take your pick. The Heroes writers aren't talking yet. He finally catches up to "father" Gray, still living out as a watchmen. It's a sad moment for Sylar to see the man that walked out of his life because he couldn't handle living with Sylar or his "mother", since "mother" was delusional and slightly crazy, Sylar was always left alone, no one to help him when he needed it the most, no one to shoulder him during his worst moments. Who knows, maybe Sylar might have turned out a little different if he had caring parents. Since he doesn't, always in the end, he's to blame for his actions. A lot a pain involved for poor Gabriel. Sylar wants to know who his real father is. Answer: Gray's brother. Gray adopted Sylar from his brother. A little too easy but okay. The only answer given is that Sylar's father wanted money, "mother" wanted a child, and Gray saw it as a futile attempt to save his marriage. Gray gives Sylar his father's address and dismisses his "son" as quickly as he came in. I felt tense the whole time wandering if Sylar would kill him and for a minute it looked like he was going to, but at the last second, Sylar changed his mind. Sylar is showing better control, restraint, and kindness. Maybe there is some small hope for him after all. Maybe some part of him still wants to change. In Japan, Hiro is beyond thrilled that Ando is a hero. Hiro won't be bored again anytime soon. Hiro can teach him all there is to know about being a hero. Hiro even made him a costume and gave his friend a sweet bike. Hilarious and sweet. Ando doesn't want to be a hero, he feels his power is stupid (and some people might feel inclined to agree :}). Hiro even has a "lair". Hilarious and a great comic book nod. Hiro even goes as far to tag Ando and him with GPS and have a password to unlock the location. Hiro, got to love him, he's sweet, but he can be annoying. Matt and Daphne are living together, Daphne a mail-carrier and Matt suffering through bodyguard work. Daphne has been loose with her powers, which Matt admonishes her over. He just wants to live a normal life, away from powers. He's done being the hero. Daphne feels it's good to use her powers. Not much lovey-dovey moments with this couple so far. Come on, where are the "I-love-yous", a peck on the cheek, make-out sessions? Their kiss before she leaves still gives hope. A work-friend of Peter's informs him of his brother and the news of Nathan's "work". It sounds like terrorism-control, which scares the guy since he's Iranian. Got to love current event nods. Peter knows something is up. Claire finds out what's going on while packing to locate Sylar. Angela is somehow involved with Nathan's plan, can the woman ever do a good/moral/kind thing in her life?, and Claire overhears them planning to capture Peter and Matt. Of course, Claire's an idiot with snooping and Angela sees her spying. Claire flees. She quickly phones Peter and tells him what she heard and runs off to find Matt. Peter decides to question Mom and hires a taxi, where he bumps into Mohinder. Back to his old life too. There is some awkward tension since the last time the two interacted, Mohinder was either trying to inject Peter with the formula or aligning himself with Pinehearst. However, the two have a friendly chat. Mohinder's heard something about Nathan's plan and he's for it. He feels that he got a little out of control (and a bit annoying) and if people abuse powers like he did, they deserve to be locked up. Peter sees home and the two depart. No word yet if those two still have their old powers. Mohinder's next cabee is the Hunter, out for Mohinder. Turns out Mohinder still has his superstrength and uses it to flee from the captors. He's saved by Noah but it turns out Noah is working for these people. What?!? Mohinder's tagged. Peter walks to see Nathan there. Awkward. There is more than stiff tension between the two. When Nathan disowned him, Peter disowned him too. There is no love between them for Peter. "Luckily", Nathan's willing to reach out to family and not turn them in as long as Peter will submit to him. Peter tells him to go to hell. You tell him, Peter. Nathan invites Peter to join him for dinner to discuss Nathan's plan. Matt sees Utusu up close in his apartment. Utusu is pretty talkative for a dead guy. Clueless for now as to what's going on with him. Matt tells him to go away and leave him alone but Utusu doesn't hear it. He informs Matt that he's the next "chosen", the next prophet. I guess prophets go in line. First Issac, then Utusu, now Matt. How Matt is, no idea. Matt now has the ability to see the future, complete with glowing white eyes. Claire barges in and snaps Matt out of the trance. She warns him that the government/Hunter is coming after him and they need to leave. Not without Matt showing her his drawings, which show him getting tagged. Matt goes down and Claire surrenders without a fight. Wimp. Nathan appears in Peter's loft early, hoping Peter will change his mind. Just tell Nathan that he isn't normal and Nathan will protect him. Peter refuses to bow down to Nathan. Nathan asks if Peter's full powers returned. Just flight, according to Peter. No!!!! Peter prepares to leave but Nathan asks for one final hug between brothers. Peter completely fell for it, despite that last time a family member hugged him, his powers were sapped. Peter's idioticy costs him, as he's tagged by Noah. Nathan asks that Noah not hurt him. The government locates Sylar but Sylar proves to be too strong for them to capture. One of the few times I've actually rooted for Sylar personally. He plays a little game of psychic-hold with a captor and demands to know where Father is. The guy "doesn't" know. Sylar thinks he's lying. Another step back as Sylar reverts to his old ways and spleens the brain open to find out. Hiro is captured in Japan and Ando tries to search for him. He tries to figure out the password, from what Hiro told him about the password being someone he deeply cared about. Ando tries Kaito, reasonably, and then Kensei. Then Ando realizes it's Ando. Sweet but simple. But, just why would Ando believe that Hiro personally cared for Kensei more than him? Kensei and Hiro were only friends for a minute before it soured. An airplane is comissioned to transport the captured heroes. All of them are bagged and chained like terrorists. Disturbing. Nathan sees Claire captured and drugged and orders Hunter to let her go. Family first. Hunter lets him, despite how hypocritical that was. Claire verbally spits at Daddy but Daddy drags her to a car. The heroes are put on the plane. Claire shows some initative and breaks free. Maybe there is some hope for her as a fighter. She sneaks her way on to the plane. She frees the heroes from their head-bags, everyone from Tracey to Mohinder to Peter. Claire asks that Peter help her help everyone. Peter says he doesn't have superstrength anymore. But Mohinder does. Too bad Mohinder is too drugged to fight. Peter tried a theory and it turns out, Peter has his old power back. Now it shows when he's absorbing powers but, he has his old power!!! Yes!!! Sylar, beware. Peter breaks a few bones while Claire demands that the pilot turn around, only to discover Noah as co-pilot. Gasp!!! While he's fighting, Peter accidently absorbs Tracey's powers, freezes a door, door breaks, and air is let in. The airplane is crashing down. The heroes brace for their lives, one nameless hero already lost, and the airplane is crashing down on hard land. About this episode, all I can say is Wow. Just, wow. Finally, Heroes has returned to what it's best at: the characters. And not just for a convient moment like the middle half of Villains but the characters are back to being important. It's their story. No more half-baked ideas about Catalysts, "Light", or Future Peter, no more meandering, dragging storylines. Everyone is being back to who they are. I started to like Tracey a little bit. I enjoyed seeing Mohinder again. Sure, they acted like idiots at times, but all of it is within the context of how they were being idiots before. And Heroes is starting to be about a controversial issue. Even though the Bush administration is over, we will feel its effects for a long time. Especially with how they dealt with terrorists. By showing normal people being captured and tortured, humiliated, dehumanized, it addresses the torture of the terrorists in a very true way. And Heroes subtly asks throughout the episode, "Is it right to take away people's liberties in order to preserve the greater good?" "How far is too far in order to preserve peace?" "And by resorting to obscene, "villainous" tactics, aren't we becoming the same thing we are trying to fight?" Heroes isn't the first show or media to address it, but coming just right out of the Bush regime and by looking back to see where we went wrong, Heroes has cornered an edge of relevancy. This episode blew me away. I was tense, excited, held to my seat the whole time. Finally, the heroes have great/personal life-or-death consequences. Finally, Heroes is back to its roots. I got to say, this is THE most solid episode of Heroes since the end of season one. There are a few minor fumbles and there are so many questions left unanswered int this episode alone, I hope the writers won't leave us out to dry again. Otherwise, it is a great start back in the right direction. There is no guarentee Heroes won't fumble again, but this episode promises greater things to come to an honest great show that seems to have finally found its sweet spot again. I only hope it's not too late for this show or for people to start returning to this excellent show that seems to be for now, at last, finally back.
  • Wow...I liked volume 3 a bit....but this volume is out control.....

    I would really like to congratulate the writers at last....because this should have happened the last volume, because this is what heroes is and deserves.Everything was very well plotted, written in a very good way. Especially peter petrelli, that was a very very nice idea, giving him this kind of power. And also i really liked the scene of sylar, it was amazing. I still want to know many things that happened such as how he got this power, and who is the hero that flew out of the plane...??? That is really gona be shocking...Anyway heroes is back, and thats the most important, im getting entertained, or lets say super entertained!!!
  • After the battle between Pinehearst and Primatech, Pete, Claire, Matt, and Daphne try to live normal lives, while a powerless Hiro tries to teach Ando how to use his new special ability and become a superhero.

    Seems like the show is finaly coming back on track.
    this looked more like a first season episode than a 3 season episode. Peter is finaly getting some powers and kicking some asses, I've been waiting for this a long time.

    Sylar, as always is the best of all characters, kicking commandos asses like they were defenless maggots. Looking for is origins and someone to blame for being who he is.

    I couldn't figure why Noah would work wuth Nathan against is old friends...

    I miss Elle to, she was a great character.

    hope they're gonna keep the good work, and that the ratings will follow!
  • Shocking !

    Volume 3 was a great volume and I expected the storyline to go smoothley in volume 4 but I did not see this coming. I did not know that the premiere of volume 4 would be so kick a$$. It's clear that I loved it. I think for the first time since season one, Heroes is getting it's edge back. Not too many characters and not alot of complication with just the right amount of superb action. The episode starts off with a very hot Ali Larter scene. She gets naked. Now, that alone is good enough to keep me excited about what happens next and then she notices her window is open. Then out of nowhere, she gets attacked by a dozen men with tranquelizers wearing protector suits. Then these men go after Mohinder in an short but thrilling chase ending with a surprise. Then they go after Parkman catching Claire on the way, and after that they capture Peter just a after a family hug. Yes, we all saw this coming. Nathan is trying to catch everyone with abilities. It seems that his plan was very suxcessful throughout the episode unitl Claire saves the day...well almost. The episode was exciting, well written and truely fresh. I loved the fact that the Heroes are trying to get back to the normal life they ounce had. Brining back Sylar was a lame idea in one way since I have seen enoguh of him but he added some excitement to the episode given the fact that these men couldn't beat him in that terrificly done scene. Hiro and Ando were hilarious as always in this episode. Hiro tries to make Ando a hero while Ando uses his powers for other things....getting women. This is just a small example of humanity. Maybe this volume is going to be about showing the humanity of our Heroes. Fantastic beggining ! Can't wait for the next episode :)
  • I trully hope Heroes is back. This episode takes us to the beginning of the show. Nathan is where he is supposed to be, and Claire does something that matters, for the first time in the show.

    I really enjoyed watching the chapter premiere. I didn't hate Villains, but everything was messed up, and the writing was waful. Now, we have some good characters (we had them before, but they sort of chaged frequently). I am glad there was no time travelling, because they can't do it properly...

    I can see they are trying to reset everything, I just hope they don't forget all those silly things they included in Villains. As silly as they are, they happened. We cannot erase the previous chapters.

    Angela... oh, Angela... why don't you drop dead. Then we could trully know where your allegiances lie. This way, I love your character, but it drives me nuts. Nathan is really Nathan , Peter doesn't whine, Claire isn't that incompetent anymore, Matt whines again, but we love him that way, Tracy... Ali Larter isn't that of a douche bag now, but I hope they'll cut her from the show. Hiro and Ando... funny as always. Superhero... I was waiting for that moment from the start. :)

    So, that is that, I hope Heroes is back on its feet. An just one more thing... I think the fans expect something to happen, but they don't really know what. So, give Heroes a chance, don't write stupid things and don't trouble your mind with stupid questions.
  • i love heroes and i hate anyone who rates this as a bad episode.

    Heroes came back in a different way last night but still very much the show we all love. It was interesting to see hiro without powers and trying to help ando be THE superhero. I like the whole secret lair he set up and the ando-cycle lmaoo. I also enjoyed how easily the heroes were to capture (except sylar haha) though i suspect now that they know what they are up against the heroes will learn to fight. Usually this show has the potential to create amazing fight scenes between heroes but they always tend to cut it short.. both times peter and sylar fought they lasted moments. Tonight we got a nice taste of mohinders badass-ness as he rips the door off of a cab.. smacks the hunter in the face and uses it as a shield. This was well written, choreographed, etc.. I hope the continue to show more with the actual powers on that note. It was also pretty cool seeing peter back to his confident mr badass self.. even though were not sure what powers he has and he did fall for the hug trick a 2nd time :/. I liked seeing him absorb powers by force when he needed them. And im sure next episode will answer any questions brought from this one. The one thing that seems a little cheezy but could be explained is how Matt is suddenly painting the future. The only thing that i could see being an acceptable answer is that African-Isaac's homemade stuff that makes people paint the future actually gives them the ability permanent.. or enhances the ability they have. Either way i LOVE the new track heroes is on. And notice how they didnt change the 1 thing that is already perfect. Sylar. Hes just that 3rd party/neutral badass who is always out there and ends up crossing paths with you when its not a good time for you lol.
  • Bottom line ... Hammy. Monday's premiere of Volume 4 started off with some promise but it quickly spiraled downward from there.

    Lets face it Heroes fans, unless Brian Fuller can pull off a Hail Mary pass four or five episodes from now this show is in serious trouble. Its become the show I watch just to hate on, as opposed to the show I used to tune in every Monday just to see what happens next. When Fuller departed the series after Season 1 the direction and quality took a nose dive, by now its become painfully obvious. The allusions to heroes seen as terrorists has become so overplayed I just roll my eyes when the writers include 'oh so subtle' references to interrogation techniques and things like that, and now with the heroes being shipped off to "Guantanomo Bay".
    I'm glad those two writers got the axe, but their taint on the show is STILL there and its still driving me crazy. Last season, we had characters making morality shifts every other episodes, and some decisions were utterly forgotten or ignored entirely as the show pertually seemed to be retconning itself. Anyone remember the "Sylar Making Waffles" future, the Eclipse episodes... all pointless. This season it seems like the writers forgot how to write dialogue, the cliche line of 'Its been a long time' was used TWICE in the episode... its been two months. The exchange between Nathan and Peter was pretty much hammy, and the reason for that being is that all of Nathan's actions seem so FORCED. Here he is, rounding up people that he KNOWS are good, that he's worked with in the past and even formed quasi-friendships with, but yet he wants to have them exiled. After last season he wanted to give everyone powers, and now he doesn't want anyone to? Is anyone else a little leery that they're starting this season off on the premise of Nathan's wishy washy logic and motivations? Did anyone else laugh when Ma Petrelli insisted Sylar was dead? Its not like she can... you know... DREAM THE FUTURE. Mohinder, I really wish would just leave the show, his character used to be one of the best on the show but after Season 3, he was pretty much destroyed. How can this man live with himself after he betrayed pretty much every thing he ever believed in? Sylar... I got no complaints, I don't know what direction they're going to take with his character, I thought the fix was in for Volume 3 about reforming his character, but I didn't forsee the logic leaps they'd have him make back then. Hiro and Ando, nuff said, they're always entertaining but it was a tad bit over the top. Claire, beautiful to look at but boring as hell and I think she realizes this. Also... can everyone see it coming? Can you? Claire's Dad is working with Nathan against the Heroes... Claire is working to help the Heroes, and now they realize it. Can anyone see it coming? Can anyone see Round 7, 8, or is it 9 of Claire's I hate you daddy but I love you daddy, story arc? Are they REALLY going to revive this one AGAIN? I hope not. And finally what really made this episode so hammy was the ending. The writers have changed Peter's powers, because fans complained that he was too powerful. Lets face it he was, but so is Superman, and I always saw Peter as the 'Superman' of the group. Now he requires touch, that's okay they can spin that off of the formula storyline, but come on. He freezes the wall of a plane and people and things are getting sucked out of it like its a freaking airlock into SPACE. That DOESN'T happen, anyone that thinks it does (ie the WRITERS) must be retarded or think they're audience is retarded. And further more... Peter getting sucked out of the plane? Its not like he can FLY, and not only fly, he can fly faster then a PLANE can. I was almost half expecting someone to shout at him. "Peter. You can fly." And then Peter would slap his forehead and shout in Keanu Reeves fashion, "Oh whoa, yeah, duh." But anyways that's my review of last night's episode, and of Heroes at this point in general. I'll be counting the weeks till Fuller is back writing this flaming train wreck of a series. Otherwise I'll look forward to reading another long series of apoligies by Tim Kring for the utter suckage that is soon to be Volume 4.
  • Informative

    It was nice seeing Heroes come back after a short hiatus. I like the way Nathan's characters is evolving. As he pointed out, he is not like his father. This is true. He is much worse. Hiro is trying to teach Ando how to use his superpowers. Hiro is one generous guy to buy him his own motorcycle. I wonder what sort of power Ando will have and if it will turn him against his friend.

    Our heroes are trying to live normal lives, but unfortunately for them Nathan has other plans. Now they will have to ban together and fight for their lives.

    I will admit in the beginning it got a tad confusing. I have not seen the shows for quite sometime, but over all, the production of the show was well done. I am glad to see how this show is shaping up. Unlike other shows that rely on a particular formula and the characters are 2 dimensional and the each script is similar to last. Heroes has many exciting twists and turns. A person who is good can become evil and vise versa.

    Bottom line, I am very impressed in the direction this show is going. It has a large fan base and a friend of mine (who never saw the show before) was interested in seeing how they have trivia games you can play with your cell phone. Heroes to us loyal fans was a hit from day one.
  • It's a stretch to say that Heroes is "back", but it's definitely heading in the right direction.

    I really, really liked this episode. It looks like the writers have finally found a middle ground between the too-slow build up of volume 2, and the quickfire, hit-and-miss build up of volume 3. It was good to see the Heroes getting back to the real world, and I hope we see more of that as the series progresses.

    Hiro and Ando were making me laugh this episode. Hiro definitely has some issues that he needs to sort through. But I'm glad he's trying to be helpful and supportive rather than bitter. I like what the writers are doing with these two characters.

    Nathan is really the only character that I have problems with, and I think those problems are shared by a lot of people. I don't really understand his motivation. I'm not entirely sure, but I thought Nathan only wanted those marines to be given the formula, I don't think he wanted it for the general public. I was under the impression that his tussle with Samedi changed his opinion on people with powers. They were doing horrible things and Nathan didn't want another Samedi to pop up along the line. I suppose it does make sense, but it happened very fast. But then again, I'm also wondering how Nathan survived being shot if Linderman was just an illusion.

    I don't really know why, but I liked Tracy this episode. I never had a problem with her before, but this time she seemed different.

    Claire whinged about Sylar, her father/s, and generally was annoying. She needs to go evil already.

    I love what they've done with Peter--especially if his power-absorbing is only one at a time. I think it is one at a time, because when he accidentally absorbed Tracy's power, he didn't send the soldier flying when he hit him. Peter's quickly coming back into my top-three heroes characters.

    I don't have much to say about Matt, other than what the hell? I hope the writers have a better excuse for his precognition than, "it just happened." If they wanted a precog, they shouldn't have killed Usutu. I thought they were removing all future-telling elements entirely this volume.

    And Mohinder is a lot better this volume. Right now he's one of my favourites.

    Sylar's story is really interesting to me. And I thought it was funny when he took down the team send to capture him with barely any effort. I hated it when Sylar was good. They really screwed around with his character. I'm still angry about what he did to Elle though.


    Okay, onto the plot now. They've got an interesting start. A saw a lot of people compare the plane-crash to LOST and that is grossly unjustified in my book. LOST wasn't the first to think of a plane crash, and in Heroes it was actually shown how it happened. (If it's been revealed in LOST, I'm sorry, I quit watching after the second season) The plot with the government hunting down the villains is good. There have been X-men comparisons left and right, the idea is the same, but the portrayal is different. The only way to be original these days is to take an old idea and give it a new twist and I think Heroes is doing that.

    I can't wait to see what happens next in the series. I'd actually left Heroes in the later eps of volume 3. The eclipse part 1 and 2 sucked majorly and ruined the entire show for me. I did watch Dual, however.
    But I've been offically recaptured with this episode.


    I have a lot of favourite moments in this episode: Tracy's capture, Mohinder's chase + capture. Sylar's failed capture. But my favourite moment was when Peter absorbed Mohinder's power and fought against the agents. The entire plane scenes were great.
  • Volume 4 opener is chock full of good stuff.

    Redemption may be a word that has recently been associated with Jack Bauer of 24, but I am going to use the word in relation to the Volume 4 opener, Clear and Present Danger. Although Heroes has a loyal fan base (myself included), it has steadily been losing viewers since its sophomore season. The reasons are many and varied. I have found myself frustrated many times. But, what's a girl to do- Heroes has all of the elements of good story telling. If I were to name a theme for Clear and Present Danger, I have to say its, division. Of course, we've seen that several times throughout the series. Heroes always seems to come down to where a character draws a line. The case can be made for a theme of brother against brother. And it would be a good case, but this episode was larger in scope. The question is, should these power wielders be allowed to roam the Earth, or are they a danger to us all? Nathan and Peter clearly have opposing points of view. The episode quickly heats up with intensity. We see early on where things are going. Nathan has an agenda and he is moving a fast pace to see it through. He is committed to his cause. Unfortunately for him, others are equally as committed to their own cause.

    Our heroes are trying their hand at being normal in this episode. It makes sense that they would try to find a way to lead somewhat ordinary lives. To blend in. To be happy. Claire looks at colleges. Peter tries to return to work, and Matt attempts to do things the old-fashioned way.

    On the other hand, Hiro is embracing Ando's newfound abilities. He sees the potential for a great superhero in Ando. Hiro displays the enthusiasm for life that we have come to loved him for. My favorite part of the episode is that we see a new side of Ando. The intensity continued throughout the episode. There was a clear plot line that left me cheering for our heroes. Peter was not whiny. Claire was not annoying. And Sylar, well, I am still not sure how I feel about Sylar. The writers have done a great job giving Sylar depth. There is emotion in that boy. In his quest for answers, he leaves a heck of a wake. The warning: "Do not get in my way."

    So, back to where I began. With this step Heroes has begun to redeem itself. The question is, will it be enough? I know that I will be sticking around to find out.
  • Back on Track!

    We certainly seem to be back on track with heroes. At least we do int my opinion. We are back to trying to survive and do some good if we can. I think we have a good group together to fight Big Brother from coming and rounding up our heroes. I'm very interested to see what they decide to do. I hope HRG has a good explanation for working with Nathan, who has always been on the wrong side as far as I can figure. Peter also needed to touch Mohinder to gain his power. Is this a new manifestation of his power or was it just cause he was waking from his drug coma? Also, I wonder if Sylar is offended that they sent so few men to capture him?
  • The Horror, the Holocaust and the hot zone.

    The first strike Nathan Petrelli lauches against his own people takes the form of his former lover Tracy Strauss, no better luck has Mohinder Suresh who was helped by Noah Bennet only long enough to confirm he hasn't contacted his daughter Claire nor Matt Parkman since the fall of Primatech.

    However, Claire herself takes it after he dad - well, both of them - and launches a counter strike of her own that while it may not have saved Parkman in time can prevent them from reaching the ultimate destination "the hunter" had in mind for it resemblances a holocaust that only Sylar manages to escape from. And so, our Heroes are intercepted by the cheerleader set on saving them for a change only to crash in the middle of a hot zone from which we don't know yet who will survive.
  • Heroes make a comeback worthy of a second chance to the series.

    Volume 4 feels like a whole new season. It feels like they're taking it simple again, like good ol' season 1. And hell, I actually enjoyed this episode.

    The problem is, if you've seen the earlier volumes (And I suppose everyone here has), some things still feel stupid, and don't fit in character. HRG helping Nathan? Nathan's changing sides since The Eclipse and hunting down Peter?

    Those kind of things are simply out of character, as if they were suddenly brainwashed for no apparent reason. It ruins the experience for me.

    Regarding Peter's ability, I believe the injection back at Primatech gave him back his ability, since each person can get that single ability depends on his DNA or whatever. It seems like the use of his ability is different now, though, which is kinda weird.

    Overall a great start for the new volume. After a horrible volume 3 and lack of faith in the series, I think it deserves a second chance now.
  • Let the manhunt begin !

    OK great I say GREAT start for this volume. I was at the edge of the seat the whole episode , It was very interesting and seems everything happened in 40 minutes. I thought the Heroes would be hunted down through out the whole season and when they captured them all I was kind of dissapointed but then I undestood it was only the beginning. Peter's power seemed to change , he can't use every power now , he needs to be in contact with another hero in order to mimic the ability. I like Zeljko Ivanek's character , he is a great actor , I think he was great on 24 and " The Hunter " role is just perfect for him.
  • Heroes has a reform to original form, marking a high for the series this season. Lots of action, good character development, and best of all... A SOLID STORY!

    This episode of Heroes was really a return to form for the series. I have been increasingly upset with plot holes throughout the series up to this point, and while this episode had a few, it was not over-ridden with them. Let's take a look at each primary story:

    Claire was very annoying in this episode. Angela was also pretty much useless. Claire was a tool of Nathan trying to get her out of the way, but had no character development beyond what we saw in her last season, wanting to save the day.

    Nathan and Peter were both interesting, and it's nice to see that the heroes have real lives and are not totally removed from the world. The homeland security plot is particularly interesting, and is a very valid concern for the series. It was handled well.

    Tracy is pretty much useless, save for that beginning scene.

    I still have a problem with the Matt Parkman character. Pretty much, he's having conflicts over the same things he's been nervous about the whole series. He wants to be normal... okay? Daphne was good in this episode, and nice to see her and Matt together.

    Sylar's plot was more searching for his parents, which seems pretty standard, and a seriously awesome action scene. Good to see him use multiple powers in the same scene (besides his telekinesis)! Also nice to see some remorse in not killing his adopted father.

    Hiro and Ando are always my favorite characters. It's cool to see that it will probably be up to Ando and Daphne to save the rest of the heroes. Hiro was what we have come to expect from him, and the plot was very funny.

    Noah stumped me. Hopefully some of the holes about where his allegiance lies (mostly WHY his allegiance lies there) will be explained through the rest of the volume.

    Finally, Mohinder was his predictable self, and good to see a more stable power for this character.

    Hopefully Noah isn't dead. It'll be great to see the aftermath of the plane crash!
  • TWISTED!!! what the hell happened???

    FINALLY heroes is back :D so happy

    a weird twisted episode .. i really love the producers and the writers of heroes .. when u start to think it can't any more twisted they just blow your mine!!!

    then Scyller still alive oh my god and he seams more evil.. can't wait to see what is going to happen with him :))

    and what the hell happened with Peter and the guys .. what is the thing his brother is planning to do, where he wanted to take them and what he wanted to do with them ..

    in the last chapter Nathen as we saw was talking to someone, that wasn't explained yet!!

    i want to watch the next episode to see wat happened after the plain crash !!!
  • Long awaited disappointment

    First of all it was nice to see our heroes again. I've missed them and looked forward to this episode with anticipation.

    Unfortunately, I found that the storyline had way too many weak points and logic flaws. The closer to the end of the episode, the harder it became to ignore these. Examples: Claire manages to escape from a car with an agent with a kick that not only breaks the glass (lets even assume it wasn't armored for some reason) but also knocks the agent unconscious. I don't recall her having super-human strength and it seems quite excessive for what a "normal" 17(?) year old girl can do. This triggers no alarm. Instead she manages to sneak into an army plane unnoticed and manages to free prisoners, that are extremely poorly guarded. The way people and cargo is sucked out of the plane when it is de-pressurized by a large hole, seems completely unrealistic, especially for the ones that can either fly or have super-human strength. I'm pretty sure that's not what the airlines are warning against when they advise about using oxygen masks if a plane is de-pressurized. These are but a few of the flaws in the internal logic of the episode, but maybe the ones hardest to ignore. There has of course been numerous logic flaws in prior episodes, but they seemed more obvious and more crucial to me than I'm used to in the Heroes saga.

    That said, it does lay a groundwork for an exciting chapter in the saga, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they are taking the show. I love the way that you get the impression that minor events in the lives of our heroes can trigger major changes in who ends up on which side of the conflict. It is refreshing compared to the often very black-white/good-evil nature of the characters of most similar stories/series.

    A well written continuation could easily save the weak start and bring chapter 4 up to par with the previous chapters, and I sincerely hope the writers are able to meet this challenge.
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