Season 1 Episode 1

(Volume One: Genesis) In His Own Image

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on NBC
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In this episode, we are introduced to Peter Petrelli, a young man who dreams of flying, and his brother Nathan, a ruthless politician who thinks that Peter is dreaming his life away. Meanwhile, ordinary people from all around the world are starting to suspect that they have abilities beyond those of normal humans. Artist Isaac Mendez believes that he is painting the future, high school cheerleader Claire Bennet is suddenly able to recover from any wound almost instantly, Japanese businessman Hiro Nakamura tries to convince a friend that he can bend space and time, and single mother Niki Sanders starts seeing strange things in mirrors. Upon learning of his father's death, genetics Professor Mohinder Suresh begins to look into his research for a clue to why he was killed. When he follows his father's trail to New York City, however, Mohinder learns that someone else is on the trail of the same research. Someone who may kill to protect the secrets of the next step in human evolution.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Since Claire Bennet can regenerate from any injury, it seems that the holes for her pierced earrings should close up when she does not have any earrings in. This does not, however, seem to be the case.

    • The cheerleading uniform Claire wears in the pilot episode differs from the one she will wear for the rest of the first season: the pilot episode's uniform has a shallow V-neck in the front and back of the top, while the uniform she wears for the rest of the season has a deep V-neck in the front and a high "crew" neck in the back. It also depicts the "Union Wells High School Trojans" with a Trojan soldier emblem, whereas in the remainder of the season, it depicts the "Union Wells H.S. Wildcats" with a wildcat emblem.

    • If you look closely when the camera pulls back to reveal the painting of New York City being destroyed, you will notice that Isaacs left arm had a red scarf wrapped around the stump where his hand should be. This scene was originally intended that Isaac be in the near death state that Peter found him in because of that self inflicted injury. The version that aired explained Isaac as having overdosed.

    • Several characters are shown looking directly at the sun during a partial eclipse. Looking directly at the sun at any time, especially during an eclipse, can cause eye damage -- though usually that requires a long look rather than a glimpse. Niki, at least, uses a safe mode as she views the eclipse through a pinhole camera.

    • When Mohinder Suresh goes to his father's office after learning of his death, he comes across a picture of himself at his college graduation with a man (by implication, his father). The man in the picture is not Erick Avari, the actor who will play his father in several later episodes.

    • According to Heroes creator, Tim Kring, Mr. Bennet has a distinct pair of glasses due to the fact he had very few lines in the pilot and needed to be recognizable by the audience. Also, he said the horn-rimmed glasses were chosen because they had a distinct early days of the CIA look.

    • While Claire is talking to her mother after just putting her hand down the garbage disposal, her hair is over her shoulder then behind her back in each shot.

    • In the credits for this episode, Randall Bentley's credit is spelled "Lyle Bennett." Either this was an error in the production of the credits, or else the producers later changed the spelling of Claire and Lyle's last name to "Bennet."

    • Mohinder claims that "humans only use 10% of their brain power," but this is simply an urban myth, and no scientist with knowledge of how the brain works would actually believe it or repeat it to students.

    • The paintings Isaac made were created for the show by comic book artist Tim Sale. Tim Sale is best known for his collaborations with Jeph Loeb, a writer and executive producer for the show. Loeb and Sale have collaborated on many comic books and graphic novels including: "Batman: The Long Halloween," "Spider-Man: Blue," and "Superman For All Seasons."

    • After the fireman puts out the flames on Claire's arm he rips open the fabric to see if she is burned. As the fireman should know, this is the last thing you should do for any potential burn victim. Burned clothing often fuses with burned skin, and ripping the clothing off will often remove the skin as well.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Ando: What now?
      Hiro: I've broken the space/time continuum!
      Ando: Good for you.
      Hiro: My clock. I made it go back one second using only my mind, my thoughts.
      Ando: Too bad you're not paid by the hour.
      Hiro: I'm serious. This explains the subway this morning.
      Ando: It was fourteen seconds late. Big deal.
      Hiro: The train is never late.
      Ando: Until you made it late...using only your mind.
      Hiro: Yes. I have discovered powers beyond any mere mortal.
      Ando: Right. You and Spock. Exactly.
      (Hiro's supervisor grabs him by the collar and drags him away speaking in Japanese)
      Ando: Use your 'death grip', Spock! The 'death grip'!

    • Simone: You know, I don't know what he'd do without you. You've got a real gift.
      Peter: Just doing my job.
      Simone: No. You're like a son to him.
      Peter: Well, then, that would make us like brother and sister. Might be a little awkward if I ever wanted to ask you out. (chuckling) I'm sorry. That was, uh, that was inappropriate.
      Simone: No, it's--it's sweet. It's... I'm dating somebody.

    • (Peter's falling through the air and Nathan flies up to catch him)
      Nathan: Peter!
      Peter: You're flying, Nathan. You're flying. How did you...
      Nathan: I don't know. (Peter slips from his grasp and falls) No! No!

    • Simone: These are fantastic!
      Issac: No! They're evil.
      Simone: What are you talking about?
      Issac: What am I talking about? You know what I'm talking about? (Picks up painting of a burning bus) You see this? Suicide bombing in Israel. I painted it three weeks ago.
      Simone: Yeah, so?
      Issac: So? That's this morning's paper. Look at the number on the bus. This happened yesterday. Yesterday. Something's wrong with me.

    • Mohinder (to Nirad on his father): I need to know why he died, I need to know that it wasn't all for nothing. And then I need to finish what he started.

    • Isaac (Pointing to the painting on the floor of New York burning): We have to stop it.

    • Hiro: Did you see me? I did it! I was in the women's bathroom.
      Ando: Great. Now you're a pervert.
      Hiro: I tele-ported myself.
      Ando: Enough! You can't break the space/time continuum!
      Hiro: Fine, don't believe me.
      Ando: Hiro, there are twelve and a half million people in this city. Not one of them can bend space and time. Why do you want to be different?!
      Hiro: Why do you want to be the same?!
      Ando: Because that's what I am. The same.
      Hiro: It's what we all are. Homogenous. Yogurt.
      Ando: Heh? Yogurt?
      Hiro: You don't understand, I want to be special.
      Ando: We are not special! We are Japanese!
      Hiro: Fine. Stay here. Be just like everyone else. I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before.
      Ando: Hiro. Oy! That's right, you're special! You're "Super Hiro"!

    • Hiro (After he is caught in the Women's Bathroom): Yahoo! I did it!

    • Hiro: People think of time as a straight line... But time is actually more like this... (draws a circle)
      Ando: Where did you learn all this?
      Hiro: X-men no. 143, when Kitty Pryde time travels...
      Ando: A comic book?
      Hiro: Every ten year old wishes he had super powers. And I got them. Me of all people. Last in my class. Last on the sports field. I'm not a loser anymore.
      Ando: Tell me one useful thing you could do with this power. Can you make money?
      Hiro: A super hero doesn't use his power for personal gain.
      Ando: Then what good is it? Can you teleport into the women's bathroom? Now, there's something useful. You won't learn your "purpose" in there but you might learn something about life.
      Hiro: Fine. If I had to, yes I could teleport myself into the women's bathroom.
      Ando: Great, then do it. I'll grab two more beers.

    • Simone: What? Are you crazy?
      Issac: Clearly!

    • Mohinder: We're all quite small really, aren't we?

    • Nathan (To Peter): It's not cute anymore man. The dreamy kid sitting in the back of the class staring out the window. It's time for you to grow up.

    • Peter: We're connected. I never told you this, but when Nathan had his accident I knew it
      Angela: We all got the same call.
      Peter: No I'm saying before the call. Like he was telling me three hundred miles away. I woke up and I knew that he had been hurt.
      (Angela slaps Peter on the cheek)

    • Peter (On his relationship wih Nathan): We've always been close.
      Angela: Rose-colored glasses!

    • Angela: You with all your selflessness. Sitting with dying people? Are you going to retire on what you make?
      Peter: Maybe I'll shoplift my socks.

    • Peter: You didn't hear anything I said earlier today, did you?
      Nathan: What that bit about how you can fly? Yeah I did. I'm gonna pretend for both our sakes that you didn't say anything like that.

    • Peter: I've been up here all night. Thinking about this. Thinking about my destiny.
      Nathan: What are you doing, Pete?
      Peter: It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!

    • Mrs. Bennet: You should know who you are, and know that it's enough. Because who you are is special.
      Claire: About that... There's something I need to say. Something I never talked about because I thought it would upset you and Dad.
      Mrs. Bennet: Sweetheart, you can say anything to us. You know that.
      Claire: I think I'm old enough for you to tell me who my real parents are.

    • Hiro: The Yogis in India and the Aborigines in Australia, both can bend time and space.
      Ando: Fine, I'll humor you. Let's say you really do have this power. What do you do with it? Join the circus? No one ever got laid by stopping the second hand of a clock.
      Hiro: As I develop my powers, I'll learn to bend space, too. Then I can tele-port myself anywhere on the planet.
      Ando: Like Star Trek.
      Hiro: Yeah like Star Trek. Every hero must learn his purpose. Then he'll be tested and called to greatness.
      Ando: I think I need a stiff drink! "Beam us up, Scotty".

    • (Opening Scroll Text): In recent days, a seemingly random group of individuals has emerged with what can only be described as "special" abilities.
      Although unaware of it now, these individuals will not only save the world, but change it forever. This transformation from ordinary to extraordinary will not occur overnight. Every story has a beginning.
      Volume One of their epic tale begins here...

    • Mohinder: This quest. This need to solve life's mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet?

    • Zach: It's not like you're not gonna be popular anymore.
      Claire: Popular? Who said anything about being popular? My life as I know it is over, okay? I've got the Bishop game next week, SAT's in October, homecoming's three weeks from today and I'm a freak show!
      Zach: You're being a little dramatic, don't you think?
      Claire: No, I don't think! I have busted, like, every bone in my body, stabbed myself in the chest, I've shoved a two-foot steel rod through my neck and I don't have a scratch on me!

    • (After jumping off an oil tower and getting up unharmed.)
      Claire (to camcorder): This is Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number six.

    • Micah: I'm just working on my computer. The logic board was bad. So I had to build a new one.
      Niki: A new one. Did anyone ever tell you you're the smartest little man on the planet?
      Micah: You do. All the time.

    • Mohinder: Man is a narcissistic species by nature. We have colonized the four corners of our tiny planet. But we are not the pinnacle of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the lowly cockroach. Capable of living for months without food. Remaining alive headless for weeks at a time. Resistant to radiation. If God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then I submit to you that God is a cockroach. They say that man uses only a tenth of his brain power. Another percent, and we might actually be worthy of God's image. Unless, of course, that day has already arrived. The Human Genome Project has discovered that tiny variations in man's genetic code are taking place at increasingly rapid rates. Teleportation, levitation, tissue regeneration. Is this outside the realm of possibility? Or is man entering a new gateway to evolution? Is he finally standing at the threshold to true human potential?

    • (Opening Voice Over)
      Mohinder: Where does it come from, this quest? This need to solve life's mysteries, when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we'd be better off not looking at all. Not delving, not yearning. That's not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here.

    • (looking at eclipse)
      Peter: Wow.
      Mohinder: Solar eclipse.
      Peter: Yeah. Yeah, I wonder if it's gonna be total.
      Mohinder: Not here, no. In some other part of the world, yes. A global event. Makes one appreciate just how small our planet really is. And we're all quite small really, aren't we?
      Peter: What's your name?
      Mohinder: Mohinder.
      Peter: I'm Peter. Let me ask you something, Mohinder. Do you ever... get the feeling like you were meant to do something extraordinary?
      Mohinder: I'm driving a cab you may have noticed.
      Peter: No, I'm not talking about what you do. I'm talking about who you are. I'm talking about... being special.
      Mohinder: Yes, we are all special.
      Peter: That's not what I meant.
      Mohinder: Some individuals, it is true, are more special. This is natural selection. It begins as a single individual born or hatched like every other member of their species. Anonymous. Seemingly ordinary. Except they're not. They carry inside them the genetic code that will take their species to the next evolutionary rung. It's destiny.

    • Peter: It happened two more times. Sometimes I'm falling. Sometimes I'm flying. Sometimes you're in them.
      Nathan: I don't have time for this now.
      Peter: They're not just dreams, Nathan.
      Nathan (handing briefcase to Peter): Hold this.
      Peter: I thought they'd go away, but they're not.
      Nathan (handing a file to a campaign worker): Tim, I need this back by 6:00, please.
      Peter: This morning, when I got out of bed, my foot hovered before it hit the ground. Hovered for a split second, like I was -- like I was floating. I'm telling you, buddy, I think I can fly!
      Nathan (looking at clipboard): These all undecideds?
      Woman: Mm-hmm.
      Nathan (handing clipboard to woman): Tell you what, you think you can fly, why don't you jump off the Brooklyn Bridge? See what happens.
      Peter: Maybe I ought to start with something a little lower first. It's like learning to walk.

    • Mrs. Bennet: So, what about you, Claire? Do anything special today?
      Claire: I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • In the originally aired version of the pilot, Claire injured her hand badly by putting it into a running sink garbage disposal to retrieve her class ring. However, Emerson (the company which makes the "In Sink Erator" brand disposal which was used in the shot), threatened to sue NBC for airing footage which they claimed "seriously damaged the reputation" of their product. NBC settled out of court, so all future airings of this episode will have that scene removed. (This scene was kept in when it aired in Australia and the UK).

    • International Air Dates:
      India: January 24, 2007 on Star World
      Australia: January 31, 2007 on Channel 7
      Malaysia: January 31, 2007 on Star World
      Sweden: February 7, 2007 on Canal Plus
      UK: February 19, 2007 on the Scifi Channel
      Brazil: March 2, 2007 on Universal Channel
      Hungary: March 4, 2007 on TV2
      Turkey: March 4, 2007 on CNBC-e
      Belgium (Flanders): March 5, 2007 on VT4
      Israel: March 6, 2007 on Yes
      Latin America: March 9, 2007 on Universal Channel Latin America
      Portugal: April 14, 2007 on TVI
      Poland: May 17, 2007 on TVP1
      South Africa: May 23, 2007 on SABC3
      Philippines: May 28, 2007 on Crime/Suspense
      Netherlands: June 21, 2007 on RTL 5
      UK: July 25, 2007 on BBC2
      Italy: September 2, 2007 on Italia1
      Norway: September 3, 2007 on NRK3
      Germany: October 10, 2007 on RTL2
      Estonia: October 17, 2007 on TV3
      Finland: October 17, 2007 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: January 3, 2008 on Prima
      Croatia: February 25, 2008 on NOVA TV
      Slovakia: June 30, 2008 on Markiza

    • Major Awards and Nominations For This Episode:
      1. Emmy Award Nominations:
      "Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series"
      Tim Kring for "Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series"
      David Semel for "Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series"
      "Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series"
      "Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One-Hour)"
      "Outstanding Stunt Coordination"

      Major Awards and Nominations For This Season:
      1. Emmy Award Nominations:
      "Outstanding Drama Series"
      Masi Oka for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series"
      2. WGA Award nomination for "Best New Series"
      3. People's Choice Award for "Favorite New TV Drama"
      4. Hugo Award nomination for "Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form"
      5. Golden Globe Award Nominations:
      Masi Oka for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series"
      "Best Television Series - Drama"
      6. Saturn Award Nominations:
      Greg Grunberg for "Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program"
      Ali Larter for "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Program"
      7. Saturn Awards:
      Masi Oka for "Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program"
      Hayden Panettiere for "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Program"
      "Best Network Television Series"
      8. Writer's Guild of America nomination for "Best New Series"

    • Power Developments:
      Claire Bennet: Her body will regenerate almost instantly from virtually any injury, the only limit seems to be that obstructions must be removed (such as a protruding rib which must be pushed back into place before her skin can heal). We see her testing these powers by falling a long distance, walking through fire, and putting her hand into a garbage disposal.

      Isaac Mendez: He seems to be able to paint the future, but he believes that he can only do it while he is on heroin. We see several paintings which Isaac claims to have painted weeks before, but which clearly show events that have happened within the last forty two hours.

      Hiro Nakamura: Hiro claims that he can "bend the space/time continuum" thus speeding up or slowing down his passage through time and being able to "teleport" by instantly moving to another point in spacetime. We are told that he made his train late this morning, we see him make the second hand of a clock stop and then move backward, we see that he gets past a throng of women to wind up in the women's bathroom, and finally we see him teleport from a busy subway train in Tokyo to Times Square in New York.

      Nathan Petrelli: We learn that he can fly. When Peter jumps from the rooftop, Nathan is able to fly upwards and catch him in an effort to save his life. This may have been foreshadowed by the fact that Nathan always appeared in Peter's flying dreams earlier in the episode.

      Peter Petrelli: Peter has strangely vivid dreams of flying and claims he has a sort of spiritual connection to his brother, Nathan. When Nathan suffered an accident some months ago, Peter dreamed about it before he got the call that Nathan was in the hospital.

      Niki Sanders: She seems to have an alter ego with a very different personality, and possibly possesses super-human strength. Niki often sees her reflection moving independently of her own actions, and when threatened by two enforcers she blacks out (possibly being "possessed" by her other personality) and wakes up to find the men dead, including one of them being literally ripped in half.

    • New Heroes:
      Claire Bennet: A seemingly normal High School cheerleader, Claire just wants to forget her new abilities and live a normal life. Her parents names are unknown, but her father is the mysterious man with the horn-rimmed glasses; sister of Lyle Bennet; friend of Zach. Age: 17. Gender: Female. Hometown: Odessa, TX.

      Isaac Mendez: Renowned painter and comic book artist, Isaac is also a heroin addict whose paintings tend to depict violence and tragedy. Dating Simone Deveraux. Age: 28. Gender: Male. Hometown: New York, NY.

      Hiro Nakamura: A cubicle worker for Yamagato Industries in Tokyo, Hiro has always dreamed of living a life of purpose... of being a hero. Friend of Ando Masahashi. Age: early twenties. Gender: Male. Hometown: Tokyo, Japan.

      Nathan Petrelli: Nathan is running for the U.S. Congress, and fears that his eccentric mother and younger brother will hurt his chances of winning the race. Older brother of Peter Petrelli; Son of Angela Petrelli; Reluctant associate of Linderman. Age: early thirties. Gender: Male. Hometown: New York, NY.

      Peter Petrelli: A hospice nurse, Peter has a gift for making dying patients feel better just by his presence. Brother to Nathan Petrelli; Son of Angela Petrelli; Caretaker for Simone Deveraux's father. Age: mid-twenties. Gender: Male. Hometown: New York, NY.

      Niki Sanders: A former casino employee and young mother whose ex-husband is in jail for murder, Niki supports herself and her son by running an Internet strip-tease business. Mother of Micah Sanders; Ex-wife of D.L. Hawkins; Owes money to Linderman. Age: Late twenties. Gender: Female. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett
      2. "Eyes" by Rogue Wave
      3. "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys
      4. When Hiro was being thrown out of the pub after teleporting himself into the ladies room, the music being played is from a Japanese rock duo, is "That's The Way It Is (Kore Ga Watashi No Ikirumichi)" by Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi)
      5. 'Red House' by Jimi Hendrix, when Niki was stripping.
      6. "Eptesicus" by Han Zimmer & James Newton Howard
      7. "Road to Joy" by Bright Eyes


    • Nathan (To Peter): Do not pull a Roger Clinton on me, man! I'm eight points down in the polls.

      Reference to former President Bill Clinton's half-brother Roger Clinton, who was the family's black sheep, having criminal records of drugs, drunk driving, and various other charges before being pardoned by the former President in 2001.

    • Hiro: The Aboriginals in Australia can bend time and space.

      Hiro is refering to spiritual beliefs of the Aboriginal in Australia. The expression "dreamtime" is used as a reference to time outside of real time, time in the past or future or parallel timelines, in theory similar to the powers which Hiro has developed.

    • HRG: Probably a lot of Sureshs where you're from, like Smith or Anderson.

      Smith and Anderson are the names of the antagonist and protagonist of The Matrix Trilogy. Agent Smith is the antagonist and Thomas Anderson (Neo) is the protagonist.

    • Volume Title: "Genesis"

      In the Jewish Torah, "Genesis" is the first book which details the creation of life on earth. This title plays on that because the episode is about a new stage in evolution, which could be called a new creation.

      The book of Genesis (and many of the other books of the Torah) also make up the "Old Testament" in the Christian Bible.

      As a parallel allusion, the word "genesis" also means "origin" and the first issue of most comic books (in which we generally find out who the super hero is and how they got their powers) is often referred to as an origin issue.

    • Hiro: X-Men no.143, when Kitty Pryde time travels...

      Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, also known as Shadowcat, is a character in the Marvel Comics universe and a member of the mutant superhero team the X-Men. Kitty was created in 1980 by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne, first appearing in Uncanny X-Men #129. Kitty Pryde has a power which enables her, and those she has contact with, to pass through solid objects. Her actual time traveling story occurs in X-Men #141-142.

    • Ando: Beam us up, Scotty.

      The phrase "Beam me up, Scotty" is associated with the original Star Trek series. When Captain Kirk wanted to be transported back to the ship, he would give the order to the chief engineer, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. While this particular phrasing has become a cultural catch phrase, this exact wording was never actually spoken on the show. The closest wording occurs in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home when Kirk says, "Scotty, beam me up".

    • Hiro: Then I can teleport myself anywhere on the planet.
      Ando: Like Star Trek.

      Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, first aired on American television in 1966. It has since spanned six television series, ten movies, and hundreds of novels. This science-fiction franchise popularized the concept of matter-energy transportation which allows people and objects to teleport instantaneously from one location to another. Within Star Trek, transporting is sometimes referred to as "beaming".

    • Ando: Use your 'death grip' Spock! The 'death grip'!

      Mr. Spock is a character from the original Star Trek series played by actor Leonard Nimoy. He is the half-Human and half-Vulcan First Officer of the Starship Enterprise. Mr. Spock is proficient in the Vulcan nerve pinch, a maneuver that can render an opponent unconscious. The actor, Leonard Nimoy, invented the move because he felt the karate chop his character, Spock, was supposed to deliver was undignified. In the episode entitled, The Enterprise Incident, Mr. Spock supposedly administers the Vulcan death grip as a ruse to deceive his opponents, the Romulans. It is revealed later in the episode that there is no such thing as the Vulcan death grip.

    • Back Street Boys/Back Dormitory Boys
      When Hiro is in the bar the camera pans around to two Karaoke singers singing "I Want It That Way". This is a tribute to 2 lip-syncers who have become famous by lip-syncing to Back Street Boys songs. They are called "Back Dormitory Boys" and can be found on YouTube, and other such sites. The outfits are similar to the video and, like the characters in this episode, one of them even has a cast on his arm.

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    Judge Judy
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    What Would You Do?
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