Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Season three gets off to a promising start!

    "The First Coming" hits the ground running and the episodes rarely lets up after that. A lot of things change and it's good to see the writers shake things up in such dramatic proportions. The two-hour premiere should serve to shake things up for almost every character, and not just the core ones, which will hopefully mean quite a bit of diversity story-wise.

    As promised, certain elements that failed during its sophomore year are put behind us and are we are finally on to new things - Hiro and Ando are reunited and once again have the fate of the world on their shoulders! Hurrah!

    As for the revelations this episode, there are plenty to choose from. For now, I think the biggest one has to be between Hiro and Ando. It's a double whammy; not only do we learn that Ando will betray his best friend and by extension KILL HIM, but he has a power too! I thoroughly enjoyed his Raiden attack on our loveable teleporter.

    It's interesting to discover Claire is immortal, however the idea doesn't really gel. Yes, Sylar, you can be killed. Claire died several times, as did Peter, and it was only after a certain object was removed from their skull they resurrected. Anyway, never mind that - we finally got to see how Sylar takes his powers. It was, suffice to say, AWESOME!

    Peter is still rather annoying, although his future counter-part should serve up some decent stories for now. Other characters like Nathan, Maya and Matt are relegated to the sidelines, but I do hope they get some more action in the next episode. Yes, ok, they're not exactly the best of the bunch, but I really want to see these characters flourish - all of them - and that means more air-time.

    Hopefully the next episode will focus in on Tracey (wtf!), Linderman (WTF!) and Mohinder (WHAT.THE.FRICK!); as cliff-hangers go, they're up there with some of the shows best moments. Does Tracey have an alternative power to Nikki/Jessica? Is Linderman, like Claire, immortal? Will Mohinder FINALLY quit the science and become an interesting character?!

    Overall, an immensely enjoyable first half to the season premiere. It's a little too chocker-blocked with incident, but it's tightly scripted and seriously cool (check out the scene with Hiro stopping the speedster, it looks amazing). Can the next part keep it up?
  • what a knock off.

    I mean come on. Season one was ok, season two was blasphemy, but season three (so far) that's just naming "The 4400" in a different name, replacing it with bad scripts and bad acting. All the adrenaline gland BS and "all I have to do is to stick a regular man with this syringe and he turns superhero" speech, that's "The 4400"'s Promicin shot. They forgot to say that it has a 50-50 chance to work or to kill the person who is injected and that's is exactly, you guessed it, "The 4400".

    Better luck next season.

    Where have all the good scriptwriters disappeared to? Did they all die after completing "Farscape", "The 4400" and "The Wire"?
  • Review

    I can all ready tell I am going to like Season Three better then Season Two. Let's start off with the big twist in the first couple of minutes. Future Peter is the one who went back in time to shoot Nathan that day and let me say that I love the twist. Heroes usually overdoes its twists (more on this in the second episode) but this one I felt was very reasonable and very interesting from a writer's standpoint. I still don't understand how Future Peter exsists after he goes back in time and changes things, but the same could be said for most of Season one and Back to the Future as a whole. "Alternate Timeline" would seem to be the most logical way of explianing this. They dropped Molly from the storyline and I respect that they at least mentioned it. Mohinder's storyline in episode one was without a doubt the best one I thougt. Having someone who has been around forever but never really had any special powers has always been interesting to me. Now he has injected himself with something and his storyline seems interesting from here. Couple of comical moments from Hiro, who isn't the best character in the show but every show has some comedic releif. Overall - solid first epsiode back but too much attention was paid towards Nathan/Peter in this epsiode which to me actually came across as very boring and unneeded.
  • SYLAR!

    Sylar is immortal! Yes, yes, yes! I don't see why they insist on having any other characters in this show. It would be impotent without him.

    I actually wanted fatty cant-act-wont-act Clare to die by Sylar's hands. She is of no use to anyone, and is simply annoying.

    Peter's time travel and subsequent shooting of Nathan was awesome. And how he alters the destiny of humanity sounds like an exciting avenue to explore writing-wise. So don't blow it on your pathetic minor characters - namely split personality (her in her underwear did nothing to reduce my utter contempt for her totally pointless "power", storyline or non-existant acting abilities), maya (again a pretty face who cannot act despite an awesome power) or the new "speedster" character (what is it with the non-acting?!).

    Hiro played true to form by messing up the future again. Moronic writers! He is clearly a gifted actor and deserves better storylines.

    Mohinder was finally given powers just before he crossed the threshold into god-awful annoying. His future relationship with Maya is going to be painful viewing.
  • Interesting way to start the season.

    I had to admit, as I was getting ready for the season opener, I was prepared to write a long and glowing review. After last season's premiere, it took awhile for the show to find its groove, but by the end of season to it once again became the addictive must see weekly event that fans had come to know and love. The season finale came all too soon, but at least it was back to its former glory so while waiting for the new season to begin I was consoled with the idea that the lessons learned from the disappointing first half of season 2 would translate into an awesome season three.
    Well, that didn't happen the way I thought it would. While season 2 started off far too slow and fans didn't get a chance to bond with the new characters because the mystery surrounding them went way too long. With the new season, they did the opposite and just jammed everything in. It felt too confusing and convoluted. Rather than focusing on introducing the central story arc for the season and creating intrigue for further episodes it felt as if they were summarizing the season.
    That being said, the episode wasn't totally irredeemable. I liked that they were going deeper into what it means to be a hero and what a villain is. I liked that the characters we have already associated as the good guys and the bad guys are going to either switch sides or be a bit harder to define. And they didn't add too many unnecessary characters.
    I know that this is just the season opener and we still have the rest of the season to look forward to, I just hope that I don't have to wait until the finale before the show gets back to being the show that I know and love.
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