Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • A hero from an alternate reality tries to fix everything that's happing in the future. He travels to the past to undo all the damage.

    The episode starts with Future Peter running for his live, he jumps into a building where he finds Future Claire with a gun 4 years from now. Future Claire shoots him, but he stops time, takes the gun and goes back to the past at the press conference where Nathan is going to reveal his powers to the public. Peter shoots Nathan, runs and is chased by Present Peter. Future Peter captures Present Peter and sends his body to the future into the body of Jesse Murphy, a level 5 prisoner at the company prison. Nathan heales from the shooting by apparantely "Mr. Linderman".

    Hiro gets a DVD message from his father. The message says that Hiro never should open the safe. Hiro doesn't listen to his father and finds a half formula inside. The formula gets stolen By Daphne, who calls herself a "Speedster".

    Hiro travels into the future because he wants to know what happens with the formula and to the world, he finds Ando there which somehow has a power now. Hiro sees Ando stealing the half of the formula.

    Sylar visits claire at her home to steal her powers. Sylar keeps her alive. Mohinder Suresh finds out how the abilities of evolved humans appear and injects himself with a dose. Mohinder changes into a human with advanced reflexes.

    Matt gets send to an unknown place by Future Peter after Matt found out that Peter is not the Present Peter but Future Peter.

    Angela Petrelli confronts future peter and reveals her power.
  • Redefining moment for a unique show.

    The first episode of season there had me very worried. It could either be very good and make me want to turn in or it could leave me asking why do I bother to watch. The season three first episode ("The Second Coming") made me stand up and cheer. HEROES was back and in fine form reminding me of season one and the terrific turns and angles that made me leave "24". I want to offer Tim Kring and cast, writers, production crew a huge kudo for the work they did. The writers strike looks like it paid off.

    Of course, when I saw the title, I knew that it would involve our favorite villian, Sylar. He's got a huge grude going, and he wanted Claire. He had not succeeded before in getting her ability so he would try again. More on that in the next episode!

    I was so afraid that Nathan was going to die. Here he is, shot twice in the chest, heading to the hospital and we learn that it was his brother, Future Peter, who did it. His miraculous healing took me by surprise. Not more so than the revelation he had and Lindeman's appearance.

    I could write more but that would ruin the fun of this first episode!
  • The future, The Past, Rebirth

    There are so many fantastic items in this episode. I loved that Claire's character was so darkly portrayed in the flash-forward. So different from her cheerleading / bright / peppy personality. I also loved Nathan's resurrection too. It might have been expected by others but it was unexpected to me. Hiro's character brings so much humor to the show, that it's impossible not to grin when you see him. Even though he is moping about because he's bored. He missed being a hero ... and wants to save the world ... again. Of course, we're getting pretty used to Hiro bumbling around, and he does so again by going strictly against his father's instructions. Humor injection!!! I liked the new character, Flashette. Superfast running chick thief. She's fun. In anycase, it seems Hiro has found his new calling.The situation with Claire and Sylar was amazing. The conversation, and Sylar getting the power of immortality. Claire's world is rocked again it seems, and Sylar is just happily walkin' round the neighborhood. Hee. Finally, the next great part and the ending of this part of the 2 parter, Maya and Mohinder. Mohinder is totally crazed by taking the formula that GIVES people powers. Maya is angry with him because he didn't cure her ... but they still get together and knock boots. Which is good for Mohinder, I think he needed a bit of a stress reliever. Oh ... and Nathan found God, and there's a new Painting. The world rent in two. Fantastic eppy, it looks like the season is off to a terrific start!!!
  • Amazing!

    Season 2 dissapointing, thankfully season 3 looking pretty good so far. Celevrly written, so much happens. yet you still don't understand. Nikki and Linderman are back (how?!) Future peter and present peter mix, present peter isn't peter. Ando somehow has a power and betrays Hiro. Sylar got Claire's power, but she still lives. Its all pretty crazy, and it could get too complicated ofr the shows own good, but I hope it doesn't becasue its brilliant. I'm very happy that sylar didn't kill claire though, becasue claire such a great charecter. Also Mohinder now has a power (super strenght I think) which was pretty unexeptced but I'm happy.
    Soo much happened in this season opener, it's kinda crazy, hope the rest of the season doesn't dissapoint! Amazing show, great episode.
  • Oh my god that was amazing! WOW!

    I love this show its just so amazing, what a great way to start off season 3, season one was soooooo awesome and season two was awesome but not as awesome as season one, but i think season three is gonna be the best yet, sorry i know season three is gonna be the best. Anyway this season starts up straight where it left off in season two! nathan's dyin but someone saves him who could that be? your just have to watch and find out but its awesome! We see hardcore future peter and his as ace as ever, and soo too is sylar he is the greates villian on tv, and he goes after clare and its pretty intense to say the least, mohinder finds a ay fo give ppl abilities, matt finds him self lost in a dessert and u find out mrs petrelli power! But ive gotta say when sylar attacks clare and does you know what to her and what she says to him and his reply was so hillarious i had tears coming out of my yes it was so funny. but heroes is back and its back with a bang an on top form as usual. hroes rocks!
  • Complete excitement seriously.....just watch and concentrate, and be ready for wats to come.....

    The premiere was as i expected, and it didnt let me down. I think the show is gong to the right track, but i rly rly wish they dont make many people with powers or something, cause the reason i watched heroes is becasue they were only few individuals having powers, we dont wana see any more powers for mohinder and i dunno wat. I hope this show stays the same, and no MORE heroes, cause these r the best and no additions. I hope they also wipe out the guy that appeared to matt parkman, he is totally unnecessary, i hope sylar kills him off or something. ALL IN ALL, HEROES IS BACK!!!!!
  • Starring: Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Dania Ramirez, Christine Rose, Milo Ventimiglia. Future Peter makes things worse to prevent the future.

    How long has it been since Heroes has aired? Nine Months! Way to long in my opinion. Well, the show came back with a bang as Claire (Hayden Panettiere) shoots, well attempts to, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) in the future. The explosive season opener gave the show many different shockers and thrill rides throughout the two-parter episode. We learned a lot and got acquanted with some of our favorite characters again. I really don't enjoy two-parter episodes, and that was one of my biggest problems with the episode, other than Matt (Greg Grunberg) being sent to the desert and Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) getting powers. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) attacking Claire was a big shocker and something that i didn't expect the writers to do. Tracy Strauss (Ali Larter), i really do not think is Niki, but i really don't know. How could she have a different power, i mean Niki and Jessica had the same ability. IDK! OH! And the vision that Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose) had was amazing, and so scary and exciting in an i can't put this book down kind of way. I thought this was a great episode, as shown above with a 10.
  • This episode caught me off guard.

    I am sure everyone had theories as to who shot Nathan Petrelli, little did I suspect that his brother, Peter from the future would travel backwards in time to shot him to prevent him from going public with his information. Now Peter in the present is trapped in another persons body. That was so bloody brilliant. What I like about season 3 is that the show is getting darker and has a different tone to it from season 2, which in my opinion was very good despite what some people thought. Tim Kring presents the show like an onion that has many layers. He slowly pulls back the layers one at a time to reveal what the plot is about. There are many twist and turns to the show. The first episode of the third season shows just how brilliant he and his staff are. As the season progresses I am sure the show will get darker and continuing to do so with many plot twists and turns. I have not been this excited in a T.V. show for quite sometime. The last time I got this interested in a show was when a dear friend of mine told me about Jericho. I already have seasons one and two on DVD. I cannot wait for season three to surface on DVD. I hope there are many more seasons to come.
  • This episode is the EXACT reason why I love Heroes so much.

    Wow. That's all I can say to a season opener that is better than the whole second season combined.

    Maybe it was the excitement that the show's back, but I just couldn't help but notice that they upgraded the series a couple of notches. Sylar being back really scared me, especially now that he took Claire's power. I loved the scene where he opened her head, took her power and later threw the top of her head back, it was hilarious, and it shows a different side of the series that I adore deeply, and that's the humor.

    Future Peter replacing the Present Peter wasn't my cup of tea, to be honest, and I really didn't like Nathan going all religious and spiritual. But these are the only things I didn't like.

    Hoping the rest of the season will be as good as this episode!
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There's nothing else to say than awesome! I really loved it! Everything is developing so fast and the actors are really improving and the storyline is great! I love all those twists. So, Sylar took Claire's power. Those scenes of their fight were awesome! Sylar can be really scary sometimes! :) And I loved that part when Claire asked him if he's gonna eat it! Lol! So, seems like he is only examining brains, not eating them.
    I love that Future Peter twist, I think it's awesome! And Mohinder got powers that seem to be cool! All in all, I loved every second of this episode!
  • Heroes is Saved!!!

    This season premiere of Heroes was amazing and very exciting to watch. it was just so fast paced fill with cool action scenes and horror scenes. This show has finally reached the point where we actually see the Heroes true potential. The scene with Sylar and Cliare where so cool and funny. The part with Claire saying "Are you going to eat my brian?" and then Sylar said "That's disgusting" that was so funny the fact that Sylar was examing her brian when she said it lol it was so funny. A lot of the characters developed into completely different characters this was intresting to watch and very refreshing cant waitto watch more of the awesome show.
  • Nathan's killer is revealed as Nathan himself miraculously recovers. Claire is "visited" by Sylar. Matt ends up in the desert, Hiro has a new quest and a new enemy, a woman looking like Niki is alive and well and Mohinder makes a deadly discovery.

    The first chapter of the third volume kicks off with a bang.
    After Nathan is shot in the previous volume, he is transferred at the hospital while his killer turns out to be non-other than his brother from the future. A scene which takes place four years in the future between Claire and Peter reveals that something has distraught the Heroes universe and Peter's visit to the past to stop Nathan from making his speech seemed to be the only way. At the hospital, Nathan comes back to life and believes that his recovery was a touch by God, while he is having some strange visits from a man thought to be dead since volume 1. Peter realizes that Nathan has changed his mind of going public about special people and decides his work is done. Angela however reveals to him that she knows Peter is not present Peter but future Peter in transformation and urges him to go back to his time because he has done a big mistake by changing the present. Angela's power is revealed and also present Peter's position.
    Claire is visited by Sylar and after a series of scenes (which are very very good and remind you of horror movies especially Halloween) Sylar captures Claire and receives her ability. This scene is important for mainly three reasons. One Sylar's way of acquiring abilities is revealed in this episode (he observes the brain and thus the way the ability works on the person and replicates it himself). Two is the revelation of Sylar to Claire that she is special and can't be killed by any means an issue which will arise in later episodes and three Claire's words when Sylar is examining her brain that she can't feel pain (when she used to) an issue which will be the main focus on Claire's story this volume.
    Matt discovers Nathan's killer but Peter sends him in the middle of a desert.
    Mohinder trying to help Maya and remove her ability, creates a formula which gives ordinary people powers. Maya is scarred by what that discovery will do to the world and when Mohinder decides to get rid of the only vial he re-considers and injects himself with the formula. The result is that he now has a power of his own.
    Hiro is at Yamagato Industries when a message send by his father from the beyond through a dvd reveals to him and Ando their next quest. to guard the contents of his safe and to never open the safe itself. Disregarding, his father's wish not to open it, Hiro finds an envelope in the safe containing another disc and a piece of paper. His father reveals that the paper is a part of a formula which should never fall into the wrong hands. At that moment, a speedster takes the paper and when Hiro meets the speedster by freezing time she takes off by knocking him down. Determined to save the world once more, Hiro travels to the future to see what has happened in order to prevent it (much like what he did in volume 1, chapter 20: five years gone). There he sees a world of chaos, Ando killing Hiro with a power and an explosion of Tokyo. Realizing that all that happen because of the formula, Hiro takes off with Ando to take it back.
    Finally, a woman looking a lot like Niki is found to be alive and well and named Tracy. Both her and a mysterious man find some interest in Nathan when watching him on TV.
    Overall a great premiere, one suited for Heroes. Revelations that we never expected to see. All the major characters appear in this episode which is a rare sight. Key facts: Sylar's way of killing, Claire's revelation that she can't feel pain, Linderman's return, Angela's power (seen more in the next episode and much later) and a story which is more compelling that one would ever thought and with much more adrenalin. Enjoy!
  • Season 3 starts with a bang, filled with shocking events, revelations and a horrifying new quest.

    After the somewhat slow season 2 (the evil writers strike has much to answer for, especially when you see on the DVD what season 2 was going to be!), the first episode of season 3 packs in so much it's hard to believe it's all in one episode!

    4 Years in the future – Peter with the scar again except he's not as dark. Claire, on the other hand, looks seriously scary. Then we find out Nathan's shooter is none other than Peter himself!! The only reason can be to stop Nathan exposing them. Which means the future still happened, Nathan causes them to be hunted. Future Peter was desperate enough to kill his own brother. The first time, it was really Sylar posing as Nathan but it happened again and this time apparently Nathan really was responsible, however good his intentions and it's all is tied to Nathan's going public.

    What bothered me about season 2 was Claire's complete lack of contact with Nathan (season 1 did so much building up of their fledgling relationship) but that is immediately fixed here - Claire sees her father shot and immediately phones her uncle. I'm surprised it too her so long to start packing! And who's behind door number 1? Our old friend Sylar! This guy doesn't give up easily!

    Like a cockroach, Sylar survived season 2 without his powers and now that they're back, Sylar gets his priorities in order: he needs Claire's healing power. But this is the problem with a power like Claire's – it's completely defensive and against someone with an offensive power, she's defenseless. Sylar's attack is seriously freaky, not to mention weird – we've seen various powers he has but here he seems to appear and disappear at will, since when does he have that power?!

    A major question about Sylar is addressed – the only obvious answer for why he would take someone's brain would be to eat it, how else would he consume the power? But apparently not. Hannibal the Cannibal has nothing on this guy! Cutting the top of Claire's head off, poking around in her brain?! Wow, that was disgusting. Then the most puzzling bit of all – he's obviously taken her power but he lets her live and she still has her power! Then Sylar tells her a secret that Adam already knows – she's immortal. Just as an experiment, I'd like someone to try cutting one of the immortal's head off, that kills most things. Would it work on them? Explains why Hiro didn't kill Adam, merely burying him alive.

    Mohinder has decided again to go back to India! Will he stop that! Unfortunately, Maya is still hanging around Mohinder, whining about a cure. What does she need a cure for?! She can control her power now! She is incredibly annoying, hope they write her out soon. Mohinder suddenly figures out that the powers are connected to adrenaline… is this the first time he's noticed that?! Look at anyone with offensive powers! Peter, Nathan, Ted… whenever they are threatened, upset or scared, their powers manifest. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, he hasn't spent that much time around those with offensive powers so he hasn't had much experience observing how it works.

    Mohinder's excitement is obvious but it's not for the reason we think – he hasn't found a cure, he's found a way to *give* powers to anyone!! Does he hear what's coming out of his mouth?! He raves on about how everyone could have powers – can you imagine what chaos that would cause? We've seen the level of some of the powers – Ted, for example – instead of a handful of truly dangerous people, you could have millions! Mohinder's lost his mind! Mankind would wipe itself out in a year! Is this discovery what creates the future Peter came from? Mohinder's talking about playing God!

    On a lighter note, Hiro, mission complete, actually went home but some things don't change – Ando. Raving about Hiro's fleet of jets, "I can teleport, remember?" When his father died, Hiro must have inherited everything, being his father's only son. Hopefully to continue the parental generation storyline, Hiro's father left a DVD about his 'destiny'. But this secret has a surprise attached – Hiro's father mentions a sacred duty which was not only his, but his father's as well. And the sacred duty is… 'never open the safe'. Huh? That was a letdown. Of course, the surest way to get someone to do something is to tell them *not* to do something…

    Kaito talks about how one of them will be the 'light'. It's obvious who that is – Maya. The alternate storyline for season 2 had the virus being released and Maya being the only one who could stop it. Since that storyline didn't go ahead, this must be Plan B. And then Hiro lets the formula get stolen by a girl with a power similar to his, she moves faster than the eye can see.

    Future Peter has a new power – Candice's shapeshifting power, must have inherited it from Sylar. Posing as our Peter, he goes after Nathan again but hesitates when Nathan doesn't go public, instead appears to get religion. Oh, please no! You can't turn my beautiful Nathan into some religious nut! Future Peter stays by Nathan's side, making sure he's changed the future. "I don't expect you to understand what I did to you, but I hope that someday you'll forgive me." Now where's our Peter? Next shock: Linderman's alive?! And the mystery of Nathan's miracle is explained. I have always had such respect for Nathan but I'm impressed – pretend to have a religious epiphany… and explain away the unexplainable.

    New character – and he's cozy with… it's not Niki, it's not Jessica, since both are intimately acquainted with Nathan and yet she doesn't recognize him.

    And then here we go again… Hiro travels to the future to see what's going to happen so he can come back and stop it. We see the unthinkable – Ando and Hiro as enemies and Ando blasts Hiro with red lightning! This is the future Mohinder will create. And who is really surprised that the first person Mohinder injects is himself? And what is his power? Super strength.

    Angela shows up at Nathan's bedside and knows instantly that this Peter is not our Peter. I always knew the clairvoyant dreams had to come from her, she was the only person with powers (other than Nathan) that he was around and his father died before his first power manifested. Angela says he's started a different future in motion and his powers are definitely expanded, he has somehow put Peter inside one of the prisoners at the Company's facility. There's another familiar face – Bennet. Sylar is on his way to the facility, the three files showing the very prisoner Peter now inhabits. Should he succeed, Sylar will certainly get a surprise. So many powers in one place.

    Future Peter dumped poor Matt in the desert! He's a friend, Peter! Okay, granted in one version of the future he was the enemy but this is uncalled for! He sees a symbol, the same symbol that is behind Mohinder – is it a new symbol or a different version of the old one?

    Wow! Talk about info overload. Season 3 starts with a vengeance, filled with shocking events, revelations and a horrifying new quest. While far more aggressive than the series has been so far, it is impressive how much was accomplished in a single episode while laying *all* of the groundwork for the rest of the season. Though far from perfect (we've seen Heroes at it's best), I can't see how I can give it less than a 10.
  • Amazing premiere to one of the best tv series!

    I'll wrap this review up by simply telling you what happens in this episode. We start by finding out who the shooter of Nathan Petrelli is and it turns out to be his brother, Peter but..... future Peter. It also turns out Lingerman is still alive, how he's alive we do not yet know but he is and he bought Nathan back from the dead. Future Peter sends Parkman to a dessert in the middle of no where. Nathan decides not to expose everbody's secrets in a speech. A formulae hidden in a safe by the Nakamura family history is revealed to Hiro Nakamura. This speedy women snatches it off Hiro and punches him and gets away. Hiro goes to the future to see what happens, he sees that Ando has bad ass powers and uses it against Hiro to get the formulae. What I don't understand is why the Nakamura's didn't make any copies....
    Meanwhile, Suresh injects himself with an injection which gives him powers. We now see him with super strength. Nikki appears to be helping an old man, a man that we don't know yet but all she seems to be doing is giving him a petticure/massage. Great start to a series which keeps on getting better every season! Season 1 was fascinating, season 2 even better and we're at the start of Season 3
  • YATA!! Heroes is back with a bang

    This Episode Should Be Put Down In History As One Of The Best First Episodes of a season ever! Tim Kring brings genius to every word said by the heroes. Future Peter's scenes just show that Milo Ventimiglia is a true actor that can rise to any challenge put to him. Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto together caused a rather disgusting but brilliant handful of scenes. The chemistry between Daphne and Hiro is just pure genius and Heroes would never be the same again if Hiro and Ando didn't get their time on screen. Mohinder getting powers was an amazing scene. Plus, Nathan discovering God was possibly one of the most surreal things a show has ever done to such a hard character.
  • Heroes is saved...

    This season premiere of Heroes was amazing and very exciting to watch. it was just so fast paced fill with cool action scenes and horror scenes. This show has finally reached the point where we actually see the Heroes true potential. The scene with Sylar and Cliare where so cool and funny. The part with Claire saying "Are you going to eat my brian?" and then Sylar said "That's disgusting" that was so funny the fact that Sylar was examing her brian when she said it lol it was so funny. A lot of the characters developed into completely different characters this was intresting to watch and very refreshing cant waitto watch more of the awesome show.
  • The start of season 3 is awesome, last seasons loose ends get tied up, and it's genius.

    Milo is great as future-Peter, and as he starts trying to undo the past, he'll be running into some problems.
    First it turns out, future-Peter shoots Nathan :shock: , than Nathan ends up dead at the Hospital, but is brought back to life by Peter(who kisses him on the forehead), Claire wants to come over, but Peter convises her not to come. The next moment is a setup for Hiro and Ando's next quest, it deals with a half of an important formula. After which Sylar visits Claire who's home alone(with mr. Muggles), and he has come to take her power(OH NO!!!!). Mohinder makes a breakthrough in figuring out where the powers come from, and starts injecting himself to also have super-powers. There's more, but I'm having trouble maintaining the timeline, all in all, a great wrap up of last season's questions, and a great setup for the new season, I can't wait to see how this develops. :D
  • One of My Favourite Episodes of Heroes Ever!

    This Episode Should Be Put Down In History As One Of The Best First Episodes of a season ever! Tim Kring brings genius to every word said by the heroes. Future Peter's scenes just show that Milo Ventimiglia is a true actor that can rise to any challenge put to him. Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto together caused a rather disgusting but brilliant handful of scenes. The chemistry between Daphne and Hiro is just pure genius and Heroes would never be the same again if Hiro and Ando didn't get their time on screen. Mohinder getting powers was an amazing scene. Plus, Nathan discovering God was possibly one of the most surreal things a show has ever done to such a hard character.
  • A great start of the third season.

    I didn't like the start of the second season. But with the start of the third season. all that changed. there's a lot of things going on in the first episode titled "The Second Coming. first off, I love the claire of the future. she is sexy looking and darker. But off the bat we knew who the shooter. I though it would be a few episode like that "who shot JR episode of Dallas back in 1980. But that didn't happen. Matt chases the shooter who in turn send him to Africa. Hiro got a new villain. agirl who can go fast at the speed of light. Syler broke into claire's house.
  • Heroes starts getting back to its feet.

    Season 2 was a real disappointment. I'm happy to see things are getting back to its track.

    Ok, we have Future-Peter again, still with his scar (how did he get it on that timeline ?) However, as far as I'm concerned, he is just an excuse to get the ball rolling again.

    This is not my favorite episode (that would be Company Man). However, this episode alone is better than all episodes of the Season 2.

    One can hope the writes will get back on track after 2 breaks (and a strike), and we will see Heroes improving from here on.

    Definitively a successful recovery.
  • A Great Starter, let's hope they keep it up...

    There was answers, but still they neglected one that I felt was important, What happened to Peter's Irish Girlfriend who got stuck in a Virus-infested alternative future? ok, with that said... let's start on these one.

    We get YET a glimpse of another future that must be avoid, and at the same answer of who shot Nathan.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love the whole cast, but this series is going to loose a lot of drama if ANY character gets revived, I mentioned that on one of my reviews of last season, (I called it "The Phoenix Pill Effect") and I say it again.

    Cool to see what power the Petrelli's mother has, not to mention she confronts the new visitor from the future without thinking it twice (about time, mom!)

    Weird that Mohinder just decided to quit his work on asiolating the gene so easily and so easily started on a new project just on a say-so.

    Linderman's back, sort of...

    Hiro's got a new quest, a nemesis, and a future shock, every season we see a doomsday scene, this time Tokyo gets it... And to some degrees we get and Star Wars Episode 3 scene....

    Sylar gets what he always wanted, and took him only two seasons, not bad...

    Check this episode, it's one of the most solids season openers yet.
  • Yeahhh it's back !!!!

    I can't believe Heroes is back I been waiting for this episode for so long and it was just as great as I imagined. So many things happened.

    -Sylar finally gets Claire's ability - We find out Peter from the future shooted his brother.

    - Linderman is alive and saves Nathan

    -We find out about Angela's ability.

    -Nikki is alive Mohinder discovers where the heros powers come from and creates a formula to give powers to normal people like himself for instance . He appears to gain superstrength ability . The whole formula thing I didn't like it was very similar to the 4400 "Promicine. All in all it was great and I enjoyed it very much .
  • My first thoughts after part one of the premiere? Now, that's how you bring a show back! Needless to say, I was wide-eyed and flabbergasted after the opening scenes…and it wasn't the last time.

    WARNING: Spoilers contained within

    Season two of Heroes suffered from the same fate that haunted all of TV land last year: the dreaded WGA strike. Volume two had it's moments to be sure, but seemed to fall short of the lofty mark set by the electrifying first season of Heroes. It has been nine long months since Volume two came to a close making this season three premier one of the highest anticipated TV events in history. Capitalizing on the hype and expectations, NBC pulled out the stops with a one hour red carpet pre-show and a two hour premiere. From one geek to another let me just say that the wait was absolutely worth every agonizing minute. My first thoughts after part one of the premiere? Now, that's how you bring a show back! This episode was jammed pack with crazy plot twists, startling revelations, and intense storytelling. From the opening frame we are brought back to the elements that made season one so groundbreaking and addicting. Of course all of our favorite characters are back and even some very interesting new ones join the cast. The episode opens right where Powerless left off and we are immediately treated to a shocking reveal that spins the series into a whole new direction. Needless to say, I was wide-eyed and flabbergasted after the opening scenes…and it wasn't the last time. In typical Heroes fashion we are left with countless questions to keep us coming back for answers. What exactly happens in the future to cause Peter to come back? Is this the same future Peter from season one? What is up with Claire and just how special is she? What exactly is this new formula Hiro has to protect? And there is the new character, Tracy Strauss (played by Ali Larter). Who? What? How? I was very pleased to find out that Nathan does survive and I can't wait to see how his new storyline develops. Is Nathan really a man of faith now or is he just losing his mind? What exactly is Mohinder's new ability? The questions just don't end.

    Both Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) bring the strongest performances as they both take their characters in new directions. Christine Rose (Angela Petrelli) is a strong addition as a cast regular this season which will only add to the mystery and conspiracy surrounding her character. Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto also bring us one of the more entertaining and memorable Heroes scenes as Sylar and Claire come face to face for the first time since season one. The Second Coming wondrously sets the stage for the intrigue that is sure to come as each new chapter of Villains unfurls. While this first episode doesn't overload us with information or moments of shock and awe, it does give us just enough to prove that Volume 3 is going to be stunning to say the least. Tim Kring and NBC have given the fans just what they deserve. Heroes is back and better than ever!
  • awesome, a wonderful episode

    Heroes, BACK AT LAST!!!!! I don't about anyone else but YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! It's been a painful nine month period of waiting and speculation and more waiting and more speculation. Finally, the wait is over with Second Coming. And does it come back. It comes back with bangs, twists, turns, suspense, and the excitement only Heroes can provide. Season Three definitely shakes off the stigma of the Season Two slump and it gets back to the wonderful format it started with. If it's been nine long months since the last season finale, this episode picks up right where the finale left off. And right away, it's revealed who Nathan's shooter is, get ready: PETER PETRELLI!!! Well, not exactly him, but the Peter of the future. See, Nathan's speech had a disasterous effect in the future. People didn't take the news so well and acting like what the X-Men crew were always afraid. Heroes are quarantined, relocated, set to camps, experimented on, the whole awful devasting wipeout of superheroes. Hoping to resolve that problem and after seeing how cold and heartless future Claire has become, Future Peter uses Hiro's ability to travel to the present and stop Nathan before anything can happen from the speech. If that wasn't enough, many more surprises are packed into the season premiere: a recharged Sylar finally resumes going after the top prize of Claire's abilities; Nathan is revived only seconds after his death, which has got to be the shortest death of all time; Nathan credits his recovery to God and getting good attention and good quotable speeches, only to find that the person that revived him is Linderman!!! Or is it Linderman? After all, the guy is supposed to be dead. While working on a cure for Maya's destructive ability, Mohinder stumbles on the key to the superheroes' abilities and the way to inject normal people to make them into new heroes. Mohinder, ignoring the advice of Maya, injects himself with a serum and at the final minutes, seems to be turning into a kind of Hulkish figure, superstrength but plenty of anger and inhibition issues. Future Peter is overstaying his welcome in the present, making sure he gets the job done and murders Nathan before he can make the disasterous speech, and displacing Real Peter and Matt in the process so they don't stand in the way of his goal. Claire spends the whole episode ducking around Sylar who has myseriously caught up with her and fending off him getting her powers. Hiro, bored out of his mind with nothing extraordinary to do besides overseeing his half of his father's enterprise, gets another spectacular opportunity when his father's will states that he is left in charge of a dangerous secret that of course will unravel the world if it's opened. Hiro, being Hiro, opens the secret and it's revealed to be one half of a formula (speculation states it's the key to making normal people into heroes), and Hiro only has a minute to take it in before a fiery speedster named Daphne whisks the formula away to Hiro's utter shock. If that wasn't enough, there are more surprises at the end of the show: Sylar (gasps), finally gets Claire's power!!!! Stopping him will be even more difficult than usual. It's revealed how Sylar absorbes the abilities, and no, he doesn't eat the brains but rather uses his original ability to study the workings of where the powers comes from in the brain. Claire doesn't die and is kept full awake, painfully, and Sylar leaves her, task done. Claire, confused, asks why Sylar won't kill her and in an odd state of humanity, Sylar reveals to Claire that she can never die. She's immortal. And now, as he says, so is he. Hiro travels to the future to see what damage the stolen formula would wreck and he sees the destruction of Japan, not before he sees best friend Ando, with fully equipped red lightning powers, zap his friend to death. A mysterious woman named Tracey Strauss is girlfriend to a politician and she looks an awful lot like Nikki. Hum. . .another split-personality perhaps? Matt's displaced by Future Peter in Africa, Future Peter's put Real Peter in the body of a dangerous superpowered felon, who is locked up in Sector Five of the company with other extremely dangerous superpowered felons, felons Sylar is aware of thanks to the carelessness of Noah?, and is on his way there. Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli finally reveals her superpower, and it's to dream of the future. All of these surprises and more are packed into an hour with amazing results. There is plenty of hilarious humor and adventure Heroes is known for, added with a darkness that is unusually new and will probably continue in this season. Some characters are put off in the sideline: Micah is M.I.A. in New Orleans and Molly is placed in protective care by her foster parents. And of course, the girl from last season Peter fell for is still stuck in a future that will never happen now, so she's probably permenately written off. And who knows how long Future Peter's going to stay? He's definitely a lot more hardened and ruthless than Real Peter. But, the premiere was all anyone could ask for, a mjor and triumphant return to a spectacular show, and hopefully, more people can come back and see this wonderful show.
  • Pretty cool episode, kept me on the edge...

    This episode didn't deserve a ten, maybe not a 9.5, maybe a 9.3/9.4, but it was still amazing and wonderful. It was just one shock after another basically, and it didn't really leave anytime to recuperate after each one. I'll start with Claire's storyline. Claire, Claire, Claire. Wow. This episode really changed my views on her. From the beggining, where she held Peter at gun-point, to the point where Sylar stole her power. That scence, by the way, was definetly the scariest part of the episode, it was like one of those episodes in a horror movie. Then Niki's storyline. Oh, wait, Niki didn't have a storyline. Instead, there was a brief appearance of "Tracy". More of her character is revealed in the next episode.

    The Petrelli brothers got the highlights of this episode, in my opinion. Future Peter was actually the shooter of Nathan, and remains in this time period while present Peter is locked away in another person's body (poor him, poor poor him..) The bad thing is that Nathan gets super religious, and that turned me off in this episode. Not that I'm against the religion, it was just boring. Linderman appears.

    Matt wakes up in the middle of the dessert. Alone. Also, Mohinder finds out the secret to the heroes' powers, but uses it to give himself powers. Boo, I wanted Mohinder to stay powerless so he could be a hero as a human being, but oh well. And, Hiro goes into the future and sees that Ando has powers, and he kills Hiro as well lol. Ando is the man!

    Again, overall I liked the second episode a bit more than this one. But, this episode was stil pretty great and reawakened my love for the show!
  • Interesting start to season three, but is it what we hoped for?

    After nine months of waiting, Heroes is back with the premiere of season three. While it does kick start a few interesting story lines and raise a dozen new questions, it also leaves a bitter taste in some areas. Mohinder discovering the ability to give people powers sounds like an interesting direction, but it takes the unique quality away from the original heroes when anyone can have a power. One thing we can count on with the show will be it's ability to confuse us with each scene. Now with the thought in our heads that any hero could easily become a villain, while any villain could jump ship to become a hero, we should have plenty of twists and turns to look forward to.

    So even with some elements feeling a bit stale, I think we can expect a much better season than season two.
  • Intense!

    So, Heroes season 3 starts off with a bang, this episode was really intense, I feel like I have to watch it all once again to properly follow all the twists and turns. This is exactly why I watch this show, the writers never disappoint me. Well, apart from a dip last season, they haven't disappointed me at all. I was hoping for a great start of the season, because there are few other shows on tv right now, that keeps the anticipation up every week. I've really missed this show and I'm so happy it's back, will be tuning in every week!
  • Shaking off the doldrums of Season 2

    "Heroes" comes back in a big way with a new season and a story arc that hints that the show may be fully embracing its comic book roots and setting up some epic confrontations. But future plot points aside, the show has already rectified some of the problems that plagued Season 2:

    1. Hiro and Ando are back together. These guys were the best part of Season 1, and I'm glad they're together again for more misadventures.

    2. An established threat has been set from the season premiere. We know Sylar is back and the other villains are on the loose. In the earliest episodes of Season 2, we spent so much time in feudal Japan and with Maya and Alejandro, it took forever for the new bad guys to be introduced. Fortunately, with Season 3, unnecessary exposition has been cut out and we get right into the action.

    Maybe too much happened in this hour, and there are still flaws (Milo Ventimiglia is a terrible actor, no matter how you cut it), but "Second Coming" did a great job of kicking off the new season.
  • A fast paced, adrenaline charged, action packaged season premiere.

    Heroes starts with a bang as unseen twists and double crosses - the least of which is the identity of who shot Nathan Petrelli - sends beloved characters
    through much darker paths than we ever expected. Time travel breaks families apart, the least of them being the Walker-Parkman-Suresh, as Peter tries to fix the future even if he must break both the Petrelli and the Bennet clan in the process while Claire & Mohinder discover the true nature of a power that might change each of them forever in their own unique way.

    All in all a great opening that shows the audience what to expect from this season.
  • More like the second good season!

    Heroes returns and it is better than ever. Sylar makes unexpected visit to Claire's house, Mohinder finds new information about Mya, Hiro opens a safe and finds a new way to save the world, and the shooter is revealed.

    If you haven't gotten the point yet, there was a lot of stuff going on last night! Not only has the show experienced one of the best episodes in a while, but this also may be the best season. There are no new characters and the story is very plain and simple. Too bad the writer's strike happened, this one could have saved some viewers last season.
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