Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Terrible, simply terrible...

    It's old news that Heroes is far from making sense but at least I felt more or less entertained during the first season.

    The second season though was the beginning of what appears to be a complete mess. The writing was ridiculous throughout the last season, that I think is well known. Even the writers themselves apologized for the crap they put on paper.

    Just when I began to believe that this show could become acceptable again it gets even worse.
    It all seemed so random and forced. Really pathetic.. just really, really pathetic.

    As I said before Heroes managed to entertain me somehow.. but now even that is gone. I was bored to hell. I just wished it would end halfway through.. too bad it didn't.

  • what a knock off.

    I mean come on. Season one was ok, season two was blasphemy, but season three (so far) that's just naming "The 4400" in a different name, replacing it with bad scripts and bad acting. All the adrenaline gland BS and "all I have to do is to stick a regular man with this syringe and he turns superhero" speech, that's "The 4400"'s Promicin shot. They forgot to say that it has a 50-50 chance to work or to kill the person who is injected and that's is exactly, you guessed it, "The 4400".

    Better luck next season.

    Where have all the good scriptwriters disappeared to? Did they all die after completing "Farscape", "The 4400" and "The Wire"?
  • I have a strong suspicion this show isn't as clever as I have given it credit for.

    Quite tedious, I cant help feeling we have seen all this before. The writers like to dole out the information in little pieces hoping it will pique our interest but instead it feels like there is never going to be any payoff. Is it really worth putting the time into the next series?

    Many things to dislike in this ep unfortunately. Hiro it seems is so desperate for a mission that he has to go out and threaten the 'heroes' on purpose so he can save them. Very out of character and sloppily done.

    Then we get a look into the future and Peter is on the run, and who is trying to kill him? The person least likely of course, Clare. Then Hiro jumps into the future and who is double crossing him? Of course, Ando. Alias did the whole 'no one can be trusted' thing to death and it got tedious.

    Moving on, the world is threatened again and whose fault is it? Nathan's. Sound familiar? Is anyone else bored? Of course all tv shows do the same thing over and over again. Jack Bauer is always going to save the day for eg, but the trick is making it interesting along the way. The writers are trying, with that recurring picture as an example, but they really didn't hit the mark in this episode.

    Even the relatively new characters are dull. Maya just isn't as compelling without her brother, and I have to say her outfit was ridiculous -- little top and tiny shorts, not very subtle. But I guess not much about this episode was.

    Sylar picking through Clare's brain is case in point, but it did provide the highlights of the episode -- Clare's brain being different is the only real intrigue and Sylar's 'that's just gross Clare' line was the only laugh, but it was so out of the mood of the show that it felt awkward.

    I really hope it gets better from here. And bring back Elle.
  • is this heroes or the 4400 ?????

    20 minutes into the episode and i kept saying to my self..i've seen this before .. then it hit me..the 4400 .. i was sad to see that show get of the air..but now to see the same plot play out here !!! the whole "every one can be a hero and have a power"..the "nathen going to church and becoming saved"..
    evil vs good .. to better man kind..that whole story line was the plot of the last 2 seasons of the 4400.. i thought this was unoriginal..they just copied the best parts of that show and brought it here..i really hope the next episodes are better than this..
  • Was it just me...Or was this Season Premiere completely Confusing?

    Was it just me...Or was this Season Premiere completely Confusing? The second season was ok, but could have been better. This season jumped the shark taking the characters ahead and then back again. Peter Petrelli is who? Claire is different? Nathan dies and comes back. Lets not forget, Nikki who apparently is not Nikki.Matt gets blasted to a dessert where a Psychic man finds him. Can't we just slow down and return to the heroes Storyline from the first season. Everything just seems so rushed. I was just not happy with this highly anticipated third season premiere. Maybe further into the season, it will explain itself.
  • Not horrible, but also not successful at reinvigorating the series.

    After a Season 2 which felt like a dull retread of Season 1, I had been hoping for a fresh start to Season 3 which would rekindle my interest in the show, based on the interviews I had read about this upcoming volume. But it felt like the same old thing, not any different from the episodes of last season.

    None of the characters have been given memorable storylines in the small portion of the show allotted to them. While the prospect of Ando conflicting with Hiro in the future is intriguing, I don't look forward to a tiresome storyline of Hiro chasing the irritating thief for a formula he should never have taken out of the safe. The most disappointing part is that Hiro and Ando didn't make me laugh, when I could always count on them for comic relief.

    Instead of Hiro stuck in feudal Japan, there's Matt stuck in Africa. Instead of Nikki or Gina, there's a brand new persona. Instead of New York being destroyed, it's Tokyo. And there's also Sylar outsmarting our "heroes", now even worse since he can't be injured. By the end of the episode, he is again in the facility and you have to wonder when he will escape yet again to assemble the army of villains that Mrs. Petrelli sees in her dream.

    I'm glad Nathan didn't die, but it is a bit much to see him, Nikki and Mr. Linderman back, even though he clearly died in Season 1. With everyone pretty much helpless in this show, no wonder the world is threatening to end every year. While I'll continue to watch, it is difficult to care anymore since it's always the same threat, always the same villain, and always the same sense of replay when you watch this show.
  • I'm betting Nathan will pull a Bobby Ewing here...

    During the first ten-or-so minutes of this episode I was really excited and amazed by what a good job they were doing with the storylines. Then I quickly went to utterly disappointed, and stayed that way throughout most of the episode.

    Having Future-Peter be the shooter was a really great move. I definitely didn't see it coming, it was a believable twist and a wonderful way of bringing the "we have to change the future we've seen" aspect into the whole thing. And I just loved seeing Claire be so worried about Nathan. One thing I felt last season lacked was development in the storyline between her and her biological father, and I would love, love, love to see more of that in this season.

    After that though, it went south pretty quickly. Sylar stealing Claire's ability that way doesn't even make sense. For one she would have healed as fast as Peter did back in season one when Sylar dried to eat his brains. For another she would have grown a new scalp if the "original" was removed, as seen with the toe in season two. For a third - she's in California and he was in NYC, so how did he even get there in less than a day? I don't like the idea of Sylar having her ability because a villain who can't be killed isn't really that exciting. And besides, they did that with Adam last season. Bring in something new already!

    Mohinder's storyline was just... weird. Since when has he really wanted an ability? And what was with his monologue at the end? I didn't understand half of it. Is it a tie-in to Nathan being born again (in more ways than one)? Having abilities be possible for anyone seems like a bad idea, since that takes the whole idea of people being special out of it. Mohinder's storyline developed in ways I really didn't like at all. And wasn't that a convenient way to get Molly out of the picture? Mohinder leaves her on an airplane off to destinations unknown. Come on.

    Hiro's storyline was also quite dumb. Why on earth have they kept that piece of paper around if it's so dangerous? Buy a set of matches and be done with it. How come Hiro was such an idiot about the whole thing? And the future he saw felt like a rerun of the pilot. Plus, the new Future-Hiro is nowhere near as hot as the one from season one was. Hiro feels like he's on repeat at the moment; find something better for him to do, please.

    Nathan's new found religion also came off as odd to me. It was just so sudden, somehow, and it felt weird for the character. Bringing Linderman back also felt like a bore. He was that kind of "villain" who worked best when you only heard of him and never met him.

    Oh, and here's a question. If Peter has Claire's ability, wouldn't his blood be able to cure Nathan as good as Claire's?

    I did think it was semi-cool though that future-Peter took the place of present-Peter. And what I really loved was the scene where Angela Petrelli finally reveals her power. I had figured that it was Papa Petrelli who dreamed the future, and that he killed himself after dreaming too much about the post-bomb stuff. And that Peter got the ability from him. I never suspected it was Ma Petrelli; I thought her ability was closer to Eden's than to Isaac's.

    But overall, this episode seemed like it went out of control in so many different directions at once. Far too many scenes were out of character, not just for the actual characters but for the show. Personally I'm putting my money on it all being a dream sequence courtesy of Nathan.
  • They need better scriptwriters... because the plot is good, but the writing? Oh my.

    Well, well, Heroes is back. After so many months of hiatus, the show is finally back. You'd thought they at least made sure that the first episode is written well.

    But it wasn't. Seriously, I like the direction where the plot is heading, but the dialogs, the character motivations, well, they are just broken.

    Nathan's cringe worthy preaching, the face palm inducing speedster, the awfully cliché future vision of Hiro; Really, city getting destroyed? Or the world? I don't care. It's been done before.

    Nikki still alive? Why? Okay, different alter ego, but she BLEW UP! How is she intact? Linderman resurrected. How, and why? Why does nobody die in this show?

    Nathan undied, Nikki undied, Linderman undied... all in just one episode.

    Oh and the dialog between Claire and Sylar was probably the worst written 5 minutes of this show yet.

    But my most favorite part is Mohinder injecting himself just like that. Awfully out of character... But still, I do like the villains idea and I did feel excited for some scenes.
  • Claire is enjoying her time on the set of Scream while Peter decides the gun really is mightier than a conversation...

    So, overall I'd say decent comeback. I mean, I'm on the fence because Heroes can be both brilliant and awful. It started off slow, took of big time towards the end of season one and pretty much crashed and burned all through season two. Still, I wont pretend I'm not hooked.

    Starting off, the beginning was awesome, even though Claire still bores me (people, Hayden Panettiere can't act, why wasn't she sent to that creepy ass facility?), future Peter shooting Nathan? Loved it, even though I don't really see why he couldn't just go back and, oh, I don't know, TALK to Nathan and tell him not to tell because it would destroy the world? Anyone? I also wish Nathan would have stayed a creepy looking instead of a boring man of God preaching about angels. Still. Linderman is back so it might turn out interesting, plus coupled with Suresh's injection this might turn into an interesting take on man playing God and reconstructing humanity in the shape of divinity.

    Also, it could end up being pointless crap.

    Hiro was a delight as usual, the first scene when he's bored in his office playing with the minutes was rather awesome, and he and Ando are always hilarious. The Speed-y chick wasn't really impressive but the fact of her was, I mean how speed looked in its frozen state and how she could move around and stuff even though time apparently stood still. Could be cool. The glimpse of the future was appropriately tantalising, all arrows are pointing in one direction, and it may be good, but there's no way to know for sure…

    Which would be an appropriate time to bring up Suresh and Maya, while this is of course highly relevant and important to the plot it was kind of boring. I mean, they don't really have that much chemistry, neither of the characters are all that interesting… Give them some better material and maybe, but that was just kind of bleh. Not as bad as the cheesy horror flick Claire and Sylar stumbled into though. Man, that was bad. Why would she hide in a closet, seriously? And the humming? Please.

    But we have to love future Peter, I mean, he's hotter than current Peter that's for sure, and he got rid of Matt! Oh Matt, if only you would stay gone… Still, it's all very important plot wise obviously. Which is what I always enjoyed about Heroes, the strong plot. Plot is important people! Arch-stories are all well and good but nothing beats a good plot, makes us believe there's some meaning to this world! Though they are a bit obvious, first the destruction of Tokyo, then the image in the desert, then the graffiti on the wall just after Suresh gains his super powers. Way to bludgeon in the nails people… For more reviews see http://nerdvana-annihilation.blogspot.com/
  • TV is lacking these days.AM I right?.No more reality TV.No middleaged women's dramas to escape their boring lives(grey's,desp HW,dipstick jungle).Don't even get me started on the cw. I need heroes to capture the glory of it's 1st season. the verdict?

    Let me say I am/was a big fan. Season 1 had moments where I would just laugh about the plot twists, and the chill up my spine when something unexpected happened. I was hearborken when eve died, and very sad to see the painter go. All in all there was so many details that made this show one of my fav's. The tension built up to the season finally…then something terrible happened to my favorite rookie show.
    1) Peter lost the battle of the titans…a muched hyped anticlimactic dud (ya know peter, you are telekentic too…you can hit him back if you like!) and friggen nicki of all people takes down sylar (technically Hero N…but it was nicki that did him in)
    2) Sylar didn't die…and no one noticed. I mean Everyone was there
    3) Like 2, Death suddenly had no sting. How is it that now every character (NOAH especially) suddenly can be brought back…it just makes everything underwhelming.
    Season 2 was forgettable, but this is forgivable with the writings strike and all, but oh, the plot holes!
    So, here we are, the show has a ton of time to retool, and above all get credibility back. The previews come reigning down and even the comic convention says the 1st show is redeeming. I get my snack ready, take the phone off the hook…here we go. My reaction was …meh
    1) Nikkie is back…I liked her better dead…but no one dies anymore, right? 2) Nathan is alive…after being dead, because no one dies, right?
    3) How the heck did Sylar get away from Molly…she can find him if he's less then a block away
    4) OK, OK. Peter can go back in time, why not go back to when he finds clair alone and crush him dead…
    I cannot continue. This show may very well have sealed its fate with too many plot holes, and removing death's sting…it's just plain getting old.
    I'm giving it until episode 4 to start making Sense. I would rather re watch all of lost then continue in this nonsensical tripe. Get it together Heroes!
  • The two-hour Volume 3 premiere is a step up from the amateur-hour plotting of Generations, but the spark of life of season 1 seems lost forever.

    There was something special about Heroes season 1. Maybe it's that the show was unburdened by expectations and past missteps, maybe it's that the ideas felt fresh and exciting, or maybe it's simply that the writing was witty and even, dare I say it, intelligent. Back then, it was unadulterated, unabashed pop-entertainment, but the quality was high and "guilty pleasure" never really seemed appropriate. Generations did not even qualify for that honor, re-treading many of season 1's stories, making a whole slew of new mistakes, and being generally subpar at everything in the process. The premiere of Villains is certainly a few steps above that -- the characters are once again united by a single interweaving plot, as they were in season 1, which is sure to make the story interesting. There's already been plenty of excitement and certain visions we've seen suggest that lots of explosive conflict lies ahead. But for its good looks, its soapy heart, and its able form, the show seems to be missing a soul.

    In the two-hour Villains premiere moments of true greatness are not only nowhere in sight, they would be wholly inappropriate given the content of the episodes. Cheap, efficient dialogue moves scenes along at a brisk pace and only Hiro and Ando seem to walk away unscathed as usual. They've lost little of the charm -- and seem to have gained some due to the reunion after Generations split them up. None of the cast get to work for their keep in the Villains premiere, through no fault of their own: neither the writing nor the directing offers any of them opportunities to shine or test themselves. Those that can regularly be counted on glide by with the simple material they are given, and those that cannot are not exceptionally embarassed. Even the score is mediocre, though, to be fair, there is little material worthy of scoring on the screen.

    Villains seems bent on fixing Generation's missteps such as splitting up key characters and separating their stories into uninvolved filler. The problem is that Genesis made many similar mistakes, but it was forgiven because of the show's unique identity. And now in pursuit of its former glory it loses track of the qualities that made it stand out. More than ever Heroes seems solid in its footing as a pulp show, and the relative successes over Generations only accentuate this change. It is an efficient show - and that is saying much after Generations - and for that, next week it will retain a viewer, but for now that is all that can be said.
  • Okay so Heroes back, and I guess that's the good news. The bad news however is that the Season premiere seems a tad to mediocre.

    So as everyone knows Heroes went off the air in December due to the writer's strike and it's been a long period of time since the show returned. Now for fans of the show (looks like their decreasing at the end of every season) the show is finally back. So how does it start off with? It starts with Future Peter having to go back to the past to make things right, and to make matters more cliched Nathan survives his gun shot wound. We find out it was Future Peter who shot him and that cliff hanger easily resolves itself. So what else happens? Mohinder injects himself with some serum (Another bonehead thing to do, though again most of us would if we had the opportunity) and becomes Super-Mohinder. I guess people say it's like a rip off the fly, well not a great idea to have the the genetics professor suddenly become a hero. Well Sylar returned again and he's kind of getting boring as a villain because he's so repetitive. He was great in the first season, the second season he was worthless and so far in the third season I don't really see any use for him. Parkman ends up somewhere in the desert, Hiro and Ando have a lame storyline trying to catch guess what a new character! Well that's about it, and oh yeah Nikki is back which is disappointing for me personally because I could never stand her character and right when you think she's got the Axe! she comes back. This episode was way to overhyped, poorly written and acted kind of poorly by everyone except Adrian Pasdar who plays Nathan and is probably the best actor on the show. Seriously did fans wait this long to see an episode like this?
  • A promising return.

    It'd be an understatement to say that Heroes has had a bad year. Its breakout season ended on an anticlimactic note and the second season was bogged down by unimportant plot lines and a lack of momentum. Before it could prove itself, the writers' strike happened and cut the season in half. When the writers went back to work, Heroes opted not to return in the spring because their demanding post production meant too few episodes to bother. Adding insult to injury, Heroes had to stew in the breakdown lane figuring out how to get back on track as Lost was doing victory laps while blasting "Machine Gun" by the Commodores in their best season yet. While Heroes isn't on Lost's level, it still can be very entertaining (a similar analogy can be made between Prison Break and 24), but they lost their way. Not to mention the lack of momentum didn't help this episode. However, this reboot has a lot of potential of reviving the popcorn fun of the first season.

    The reveal that Peter from the future shot Nathan is pretty satisfying. In 2011, Peter (here after will be referred to as Future Peter) travels back to the moment where Nathan comes out as an evolved human. Apparently, this moment sets off a chain of events leading to a future where evolved humans are hunted and killed, and Claire wants to blow Peter's brains out. I'm inclined to believe that Claire, despite dying her hair black to imply that she's gone bad, is still good and that Peter is bad. Really Peter couldn't go back a little further and convince Nathan not to go ahead with the press conference? He has to shoot him?

    Contrast Future Peter's tactics to Future Hiro. Future Hiro presumably spent a long time learning the rules of his time travel so as not to create a rift. He even makes sure to be careful how he words his warnings. Future Peter, however, shoots his brother twice within minutes of his arrival. It's almost like that "Treehouse of Horror" where Homer goes crazy in prehistoric times after failing to reverse his mistakes in careless time traveling.

    Future Peter messing things up in the present paired with Hiro's brief encounter in the future bring up the important issue of whether time travel is an overused device on the show. So far it's been done four times, three of them involving Hiro. While it is a valid complaint, the uses are brief (Hiro seeing his death) or done in an interesting angle (Future Peter as a major character). Seeing that two characters can bend space and time, this is going to be part of the show until both of them leave and that is unlikely.

    Much like the one in "Five Years Gone", Future Peter is more adept at using his powers than present Peter. He can transport people to different sides of the world like Matt or their consciousness into another person like Peter. He also helps override a lot of those plot contrivances where a problem exists only because Peter doesn't use one of his powers, like him blocking Matt's attempt to read his mind. It doesn't explain why he doesn't heal that scar, which is really more the classic identifier of who's from the alternate reality.

    This Peter also brings up interesting questions about his powers. Peter has so many powers and presumably encounters more that it'd be easy to be corrupted. The only problem he faces is decapitation, and several of his other powers can easily avoid that problem. So he gets greedy and thinks he can do whatever he wants, leading to disastrous repercussions.

    After Nathan is shot, he is presumed dead when suddenly he makes a full recovery. Now how that is possible is left for some speculation. Future Peter doesn't try to inject some of his blood, which would surely help like Claire's or Adam's. Then we see Linderman in Nathan's hospital room. Since he can heal the wounded, it'd make sense that that's what saved Nathan, except DL scrambled Linderman's brain months earlier. Whatever the reason behind Linderman's presence, seeing Malcolm McDowell back is more than welcome.

    With his figurative but not literal bullet dodging, Nathan is thinking that he is "born again". It may be a slightly annoying angle, but it does garner the attention of the Governor of New York, who sees him as a fitting candidate to fill the vacated space in the Senate. While the plans of Angela and Linderman in season one didn't pan out, they may get their second chance here. Nathan may be willing to be plied for a higher power as he has for political reasons.

    Not directly addressed in the premiere is Niki, last seen in an exploding building in New Orleans. Here she appears to be mistress of the New York Governor, under the name "Tracy". It would be a safe assumption that this is another personality like Jessica or Gina, but the lack of explanation of how she got there, not to mention the missing Micah and Monica, raises some suspicions.

    Hiro, who apparently runs his father's company rather than his more involved sister, is growing restless and looking for another adventure. So learning that his father had a secret safe containing a formula that could create devastating consequences for the world that he has to protect and never open no matter what, his curiosity gets the best of him (as his father predicted), leaving it exposed and ready for Daphne's taking.

    Daphne, who looks a little too much like Kristen Bell, is poised to be a counter to Hiro. While she can't stop time, she is fast enough to override Hiro's ability and that is certainly interesting. She must have a way not to run full speed into a wall and liquefy herself. It wouldn't be hard to believe she uses her power like Hiro's and can actually slow time, enabling her to appear to be going at super speed. Whatever it is, it's an effective way of stealing the formula, leaving two questions: who wants it, and how did they figure out when it'd be vulnerable.

    Instead of going back to the past to ask Kaito what exactly is the formula and what does it do, he travels ahead to see if it is as bad as his father believed and witnesses Tokyo as it is literally collapsing. He finds another Future self arguing with Ando, who presumably kills him with a shot of red lightning. So this leads us to the likely conclusion that Ando will get a taste of this serum Mohinder's concocting. It's also going to make things awkward, as Hiro now believes that Ando's going to betray him. That's a good observation, but like Future Claire and Future Peter, looks can be deceiving. We've been told some of our heroes will engage in more villainous activities, and really Hiro would be the biggest fall.

    It'd be a safe guess to assume that this formula ties into Mohinder's serum of unknown powers. While Mohinder is ready to get on board with a breakthrough that could give anyone powers Maya, who somehow managed not to get hit by a bus in the first two minutes of the episode, serves as the counter to that argument. While some may get powers that serve a good purpose like regeneration, they could also get Ted's and go nuclear. However, Mohinder could care less at this point and wants to take it for a test drive. While his power wards off his would be attackers, they are likely going to lead to major trouble, like what causes Tokyo to lose power and collapse in the near future.

    In Kaito's video, he mentions a "light" that can help avert the disaster this formula can unleash. Here it sounds almost certain that that light is Claire with her conversation with Sylar after he gains her power. While Sylar's killed all his victims to steal their powers, he can't do it with Claire, claiming she's more special than the others and that she (and now he) can't die. Sylar likely doesn't know Adam's exception to that rule where decapitation becomes unrecoverable, but maybe Claire's regeneration has improved over centuries as one more advanced than Adam's.

    After two seasons, Sylar and Claire have the showdown Isaac predicted and Sylar gains her power. The Claire and Sylar scenes clearly mimic Halloween down to Claire hiding in the closet. This is reminiscent of the early Sylar stuff before Zachary Quinto was cast and detracts a bit from him as a villain. Also, how does Sylar blow up the light fixture?

    Not to mention the complete lack of connecting Sylar in the gutter curing himself to him across the country at the Bennet house. This may have something to do with the strike curtailing last season. Originally Sylar wasn't going to appear at all in Volume Three while Quinto was working on Star Trek. This could work, but with that cut storyline, his abrupt arrival feels like a rewrite without rereading thoroughly.

    This is the first time Sylar's power retrieval process is shown and it may be a bit disappointing. He just pokes at her brain until he finds the right spot. Then again, Sylar grabbing the brain and suddenly getting a rush of power wouldn't work either. Sadly, those hoping for him to eat brains will never get their moment as he dismisses it as "disgusting".

    Sylar gaining Claire's regeneration gives him another boost against Peter, even if Peter knows the one thing a regenerator can't survive. By the end, Sylar reveals he has an ulterior motive for stealing the power besides the obvious. Sylar now has a "shopping list" of abilities of the most powerful, dangerous men The Company have under their control and now few have the power to stop him.

    Unfortunately, the big reason behind Sylar's shopping spree isn't revealed in the episode. As staff writer Remy Minnick and executive producer Jonah Weiland said in a chat on CBR news, Sylar lost all the powers he gained throughout the first season except for his telekinesis because of the Shanti virus. This should've been included, or at least made more explicit, as it makes Sylar's motivation more interesting than him just getting more powers for their own sake.

    One of the big elements of this season's advertising was the hype over Level 5 ("Where evil resides", the ads promise). Here they are cells not much different than what we've seen in Primatech. Bennet is one of the prisoners, as if The Company would let him back with no reservations after what he's done. Another, claiming to be Peter, is played by Francis Capra, who was on Kristen Bell's previous show Veronica Mars. The one that I'm really excited about is Knox, played by Jamie Hector. Hector's best known for playing Marlo Stanfield on The Wire, and he was stone cold evil on that. Every other character on The Wire had some degree of redemptive characteristics, but not Marlo. He'd kill anyone who looked at him wrong.

    So while some things in this first episode don't work, it's a step in the right direction. The stories are moving ahead with enough speed that the uneven elements are easy to forgive, much like Heroes is at its best. Hopefully this season gels faster and in a more entertaining way than the last.
  • Was expecting more...

    For all the time i have been waiting for the new season to start i was kinda disappointed. I was expecting more, and since has been so long that the last season ended i was kinda lost in the beginning of this episode because i didnt remeber all that had happened in the last one.
    I was expecting some better. I was annoied to see Maya still exist and i wonder how she lost her accent so quickly :) did Mohinder helped ???? hehehe
    Anyway, i just really hope that the season gets better because i was disappointed with this episode of heroes.
  • Too many contrivances mar the final product

    (Note: This review covers the first half of the two-hour season premiere event. The second half will be covered in a subsequent review.)

    It's safe to say that the writers for "Heroes" had a tall order to fill coming into the third season. The second season was universally seen as a disappointment compared to the first season heights, relying more on repetition than innovation. To be honest, I only have the most vague recollection of the second season, and I have to wonder how many other fans feel the same way.

    The writers don't bother with much of a recap; they jump right into the story by explaining the assassination attempt on Nathan Petrelli. I like the idea of Future Peter taking out his own brother to prevent the "hero holocaust", but it's another instance of repetition that could have gone badly. The difference is that Future Peter is still around as an active character, and an unusual one at that. Future Peter is actually a bit of a screw-up, which is a nice touch. He's apparently not smart enough to realize that he has a lot more power than Nathan, and killing him privately would have been a lot easier than killing him publicly!

    Conceptually, the story is very familiar, especially to comic book fans. Future Peter's side of the storyline is very similar to the "Days of Future Past" arc of "X-Men" fame, in terms of his plan to jump into the past to prevent an apocalyptic future. It's also very reminiscent of elements of the series "The 4400". So it may seem fresh to some, but overly familiar to longtime genre fans.

    Future Peter's arrival is just one element that sets a chaotic state of affairs in motion. Other elements were already in the process of unfolding. Hiro's bizarre decision to ignore his father's instructions, thereby making it possible for the wrong people to get their hands on that hidden half of "the formula", is just plain silly. It was a blatant plot convenience, and even acknowledging that Hiro is often cast as the comic relief, I can't believe he'd be that stupid.

    The revelation regarding Ando is a lot more interesting, because it's not necessarily what it seems. Everything in that glimpse of the future is designed to make Ando look evil for wanting the formula. But who's to say that Hiro isn't the one who goes rogue in the future? An awful lot of context is missing. One thing, however, seems clear: those without powers in the first two seasons don't look to stay that way for long.

    That said, Mohinder's decision to inject himself with the adrenaline-laced version of the metahuman serum (promicin, anyone?) was reckless, to say the least. It does propel Mohinder on a very different path, but why would he toss caution to the wind in such cavalier fashion? It felt like another instance of plot convenience. (Never mind that Mohinder is now drooling all over Maya, who is less annoying than in the second season, but still seems like cannon fodder. Besides, what would Matt Parkman think of this development?)

    That said, it is interesting to know that the coming apocalypse is not just due to Nathan's decision to "out" the metahumans. It's the combination of several pieces of the same puzzle. One might argue that even had Nathan died, Hiro would have still released the formula and Mohinder would still have created the metahuman serum. Had Future Peter successfully killed Nathan, would it have been even more of a disaster? Given the endless warnings of Earth-shattering peril, maybe not so much!

    Sylar was billed as the ultimate villain in the first season, and his return was portentous in the second. How ironic that "saving the cheerleader", the stated goal of the first season, is rendered completely moot in the third season premiere? Way to undercut your best season, folks! We finally get confirmation that Sylar is not, in fact, eating brains, but rather studying how the metahuman brains work (something I've been saying for quite some time). I'm actually more interested in the revelation that the Bennetts have a super-secure kitchen pantry. Sylar's telekinetic powers were no match for those wooden slats!

    All of these items touch on the inexplicable, as the writers reboot the series a bit to get things back on track. Two additional elements, however, come right out of Bizzaro World. The whole Nikki/Jessica dynamic has been tossed aside in favor of Ali Larter's confusing portrayal of a governer's aide and mistress named Tracy Saunders. This latest development doesn't seem to fit at all (unless the writers were just looking for a way to keep Ali Larter around).

    Then there's the apparent revelation that Linderman was never truly killed at the end of the first season. I, for one, don't buy it. Nathan is already showing some serious instability with his assumption that his resurrection was a gift from God. The evidence is pointing to an unforeseen healing ability (since he recovered from two apparently fatal situations in the last two premieres), which might explain something about Claire. What if the Petrellis are descendants of Adam Monroe? In fact, what if all the metahumans can trace their abilities back to Adam?

    There are plenty of good possibilities for the future, but that has always been the case for "Heroes". The trick is to escape the growing sentiment that "Heroes" was a one-season wonder. The writers need to take this season into uncharted territory (at least, in terms of the series' own territory). So far, this season premiere shows promise, but the writers are relying on a ton of questionable plot contrivances to make that move.
  • Interesting way to start the season.

    I had to admit, as I was getting ready for the season opener, I was prepared to write a long and glowing review. After last season's premiere, it took awhile for the show to find its groove, but by the end of season to it once again became the addictive must see weekly event that fans had come to know and love. The season finale came all too soon, but at least it was back to its former glory so while waiting for the new season to begin I was consoled with the idea that the lessons learned from the disappointing first half of season 2 would translate into an awesome season three.
    Well, that didn't happen the way I thought it would. While season 2 started off far too slow and fans didn't get a chance to bond with the new characters because the mystery surrounding them went way too long. With the new season, they did the opposite and just jammed everything in. It felt too confusing and convoluted. Rather than focusing on introducing the central story arc for the season and creating intrigue for further episodes it felt as if they were summarizing the season.
    That being said, the episode wasn't totally irredeemable. I liked that they were going deeper into what it means to be a hero and what a villain is. I liked that the characters we have already associated as the good guys and the bad guys are going to either switch sides or be a bit harder to define. And they didn't add too many unnecessary characters.
    I know that this is just the season opener and we still have the rest of the season to look forward to, I just hope that I don't have to wait until the finale before the show gets back to being the show that I know and love.
  • There's a lot of holes, but it's alright

    After waiting for months with no end, the premiere finally came. In case if you were busy checking out Dancing With the Stars or 2 1/2 Men, here's what happened. Future Peter is about to become Future Claire's next victim when he goes back in time to "make things right." We find out that he was the one who shot his brother in present-day and in the process did some shady things, such as sending Matt to Africa and putting the real Peter in a level 5 prisoner's body. Also noteworthy was the introduction of Hiro's new nemisis, Daphne; and the dreaded return of Sylar, America's favorite villain. Meanwhile, after recovering from the shooting, Nathan has a spiritual reawakening while Tracy Strauss is, wait for it, Niki! Finally, Hiro sees in the future that Ando betrays him in the midst of apocalypse in Tokyo, which would leave a major dent in their friendship

    Oh Yeah (pros):
    I cannot stop raving how awesome Future Claire is in this episode. Panettiere clearly enjoyed played this complex, deadly and psycho incarnation of her character and I salute Tim Kring for introducing her on the show. Also, after waiting for a year, we see Hiro come back to his comic roots, getting into mischief as the CEO of Yamagato Industries. Finally, we get to see a Sylar that most people probably haven't seen before when he spares Claire life after all that work scalping her, while giving the most hilarious line of the season so far: "Eat your brains? Claire, that's disgusting!" Oh boy.... (cons):
    There are a lot of holes in the plot; i.e. how the hell Niki came back from that blast in New Orleans. Also, considering that this show is called villains, the people from level 5 only had brief appearances, kinda disappointing IMO. Also, I have no idea how Mohinder would want to gain powers when he should be helping out Maya. Finally, I really didn't get why Nathan had to have some spiritual reawakening, it just pushes things to the boundaries.

    Bottom Line:
    So far alright, but the second hour could bring this show right where it belongs (see my review under The Butterfly Effect)
  • Villians are upon us...

    The story starts four years in the future with Claire making a poor attempt to kill a future Peter Petrelli, who then goes back in time and shoots his own brother Nathan as we saw at the end of season 2.

    Then we're teased by a short Hiro and Ando sequence before we go back to present day Claire who opens the door to Sylar, he takes Claire power and now he's untouchable.

    We get to meet some new characters, a cute girl who's a 'speedster' and some old ones we thought where long dead.

    Suresh gets powers, yes Suresh! he works out how his powers work and things get intresting when see Angela's secret power.
  • A new volume!

    This episode was so awesome, after this whole long wait, the wait is over, I like how Sylar reveals after one whole year that he is still alive, to Claire. Leaves a cliffhanger for Claire, why is she special, different from the others? Guess we just have to find out. Maya returns with Suresh, I suspect romance between the two. Mohinder has powers, whoa. I guess this whole serum is a key to the whole volume. How did Nikki become Tracy? There is still some plot holes, but hopefully they reveal it in the next episode. It was a bit confusing, but I understood it in the end. Great premiere!
  • A u turn in what made heroes good

    I'm not arguing with the overall quality of the show as of series 3 but several things have changed heroes from being unique to being a bit more run of the mill.
    Firstly, heroes is too much like x-men now that the whole origin of powers has been demystified( similiar to how Star wars demystified the force).The show is now less independent, especially with the whole 'being able to give and take powers business'. Secondly, powers are being repeated too much. For example there are at least 3 ppl who have had future vision and the show has become too fast moving to portray any story twist in a meaningful way.
  • Not as bad as the haters say, but still some glaring problems...*SPOILERS*

    The Season 3 premiere of Heroes was stellar, from an action standpoint. Tons of action, good special effects, fast pacing (a bit too fast, in fact); all of the problems from the previous season seem to have been addressed and rectified. The writers appear to have done a disservice to their characters that they've worked so hard to develop in the process, however.

    Take Mohinder, for example. He's been developed as a intellectual genius who always exercises the utmost caution in any situation and has always done the "right thing". I had heard that Mohinder might acquire powers this season somehow, and when I heard him talk about the formula, I was thinking that he would eventually use it under duress or in a situation where he had no choice but to save someone that he cared about, a subplot that would develop over several episodes as his naturally cautious air would be broken down by an emergency. But no, the VERY next scene, we get the suddenly power-hungry Mohinder injecting himself at the docks and climbing up the walls like Peter Parker the very next day. There are a few other examples of this, this being the most egregious.

    The other complaint I have pertains to the plot devices. In a George Lucas-esque manner, the writers seem to be unable to expand the core plot of the Heroes universe beyond a few characters, who all just happen to be related. Ok, Nathan is Claire's dad; one big familial revelation, fine, but now Angela Petrelli is the mother of Sylar? We're getting into shark jumping territory right there. It's clear that this twist was not planned from the beginning of the series and was just added for the sake of the big premiere. The introduction of a group of villains is a plus, and the story has promise, but can we please stop with all the random and contrived coincidence? We get it, they're connected.

    The bottom line is, this episode wasn't as bad as some say; I think the positive elements made up for the flaws.
  • Season three gets off to a promising start!

    "The First Coming" hits the ground running and the episodes rarely lets up after that. A lot of things change and it's good to see the writers shake things up in such dramatic proportions. The two-hour premiere should serve to shake things up for almost every character, and not just the core ones, which will hopefully mean quite a bit of diversity story-wise.

    As promised, certain elements that failed during its sophomore year are put behind us and are we are finally on to new things - Hiro and Ando are reunited and once again have the fate of the world on their shoulders! Hurrah!

    As for the revelations this episode, there are plenty to choose from. For now, I think the biggest one has to be between Hiro and Ando. It's a double whammy; not only do we learn that Ando will betray his best friend and by extension KILL HIM, but he has a power too! I thoroughly enjoyed his Raiden attack on our loveable teleporter.

    It's interesting to discover Claire is immortal, however the idea doesn't really gel. Yes, Sylar, you can be killed. Claire died several times, as did Peter, and it was only after a certain object was removed from their skull they resurrected. Anyway, never mind that - we finally got to see how Sylar takes his powers. It was, suffice to say, AWESOME!

    Peter is still rather annoying, although his future counter-part should serve up some decent stories for now. Other characters like Nathan, Maya and Matt are relegated to the sidelines, but I do hope they get some more action in the next episode. Yes, ok, they're not exactly the best of the bunch, but I really want to see these characters flourish - all of them - and that means more air-time.

    Hopefully the next episode will focus in on Tracey (wtf!), Linderman (WTF!) and Mohinder (WHAT.THE.FRICK!); as cliff-hangers go, they're up there with some of the shows best moments. Does Tracey have an alternative power to Nikki/Jessica? Is Linderman, like Claire, immortal? Will Mohinder FINALLY quit the science and become an interesting character?!

    Overall, an immensely enjoyable first half to the season premiere. It's a little too chocker-blocked with incident, but it's tightly scripted and seriously cool (check out the scene with Hiro stopping the speedster, it looks amazing). Can the next part keep it up?
  • SYLAR!

    Sylar is immortal! Yes, yes, yes! I don't see why they insist on having any other characters in this show. It would be impotent without him.

    I actually wanted fatty cant-act-wont-act Clare to die by Sylar's hands. She is of no use to anyone, and is simply annoying.

    Peter's time travel and subsequent shooting of Nathan was awesome. And how he alters the destiny of humanity sounds like an exciting avenue to explore writing-wise. So don't blow it on your pathetic minor characters - namely split personality (her in her underwear did nothing to reduce my utter contempt for her totally pointless "power", storyline or non-existant acting abilities), maya (again a pretty face who cannot act despite an awesome power) or the new "speedster" character (what is it with the non-acting?!).

    Hiro played true to form by messing up the future again. Moronic writers! He is clearly a gifted actor and deserves better storylines.

    Mohinder was finally given powers just before he crossed the threshold into god-awful annoying. His future relationship with Maya is going to be painful viewing.
  • Different than the previous seasons

    This episode was very different than most of the old ones. The tone is very dark, which is not a bad thing at all. I must admit I was a little bit confused when I saw the episode, because it was such a long time since I saw the finale of season 2, and I had to get all the characters straight ;-)

    What I especially liked about the epsiode was Hiro, as always, he is really funny :-)
    We have to see what Sylar is up to this season, I don't like him very much, but maybe he gets some nice plots this time, other than the usual "I want all powers and kill everyone".
  • After a long wait, the show is back.

    After a long wait, the show is back. During that wait I was out of the country working, so by the time I got back, the season was over. I watched this new season after it had already aired, so by the time I got my hands on it, I had forgotten a lot about the shows story up to this point. So for me, I was a bit worried I wouldn't remember things. I was thankful though for episode 0, because it reminded me of some of the things I had forgotten about. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    When we saw that the future Peter is the person who shot Nathan, I have to say I was pretty shocked. Peter shooting his own brother? Maybe it has something to do with changing history for the better, because if Nathan reveals what he can do, everything will turn out like it did in the future. Either way, it's a drastic thing to do. This episode shows the return for a lot of people who supposedly died, but does nothing in the way to explain how. Basically, this episode gives us so many more unanswered questions, and doesn't really answer any. I liked the episode, it was excellent, I just hope that this season doesn't overdue it on the mystery and gives us some answers on the story.
  • Great start to a bigger and better season!

    The episode begins four years into the future. Peter Petrelli, who has a scar on his face, is being chased and enters a hangar. Claire tries to shoot him, but Peter stops time and time travels to the present day. At Nathan's press conference, future Peter shoots Nathan, as in "Powerless". Present-day Peter and Matt Parkman chase future Peter through the building, but future Peter appears to have escaped. Peter rushes Nathan to the hospital, and although he dies, he comes back to life after Peter kisses him on the forehead. Peter encounters Matt, who catches him trying to find the gun future Peter hid. Peter's scar reappears, and he tells Parkman that he is from the future and teleports Matt away because he knows too much. Matt wakes up in the desert, with no one in sight. As he walks across the desert, he stops in front of a rock where the picture of the earth exploding is painted. Nathan walks out of the hospital to a church next door. A crew of news reporters follow him, and Nathan gives a short speech about how he was saved by God. Peter leaves, and Nathan gets another visitor: Linderman. The governor of New York learns about Nathan on the television, and tells Tracy, who looks identical to Niki Sanders, that he thinks he has found who he is looking for. Angela Petrelli visits Nathan in the hospital. She knows that future Peter is impersonating his past self, and tells Peter that he got the ability to dream the future from her. Future Peter tells Angela that he put his present day self somewhere safe. At the Company headquarters, in one of the Level 5 prison cells, a bald man screams that he is Peter Petrelli. Noah Bennet is also locked up in an adjacent cell.

    Claire watches the news reports about Nathan when Sylar arrives at her home. Claire hits him on the head with a blunt object and tries to escape, but Sylar blocks her with telekinesis, effectively trapping her in the house. While Claire hides in a closet, Sylar finds Noah's files for villians. He decides he will target them as his next victims. He is stabbed by Claire, but he pins her against the wall with telekinesis, and starts cutting open her forehead. This act is his standard procedure, and usually kills the victim; due to Claire's power, she does not die. She remains conscious as Sylar lays her on a table and examines her now-exposed brain, claiming he is looking for answers. Although Claire does not feel the pain.When he finds what he is looking for, he places her skull back on and she heals, surprised he is not going to kill her.

    In his office at Yamagoto Industries in Japan, Hiro tells Ando that he is bored without a quest. A video message from is delivered to his office, which tells Hiro to never open Kaito's safe, which holds a secret. Hiro immediately opens the safe, and finds another video, with Kaito repeating that he was not supposed to open the safe. Hiro finds one half of a molecular formula, which gets stolen by a blur before he can comprehend what it means. Hiro stops time to see that the blur is a trail left by Daphne, a speedster. Daphne moves at normal speed while time is stopped, and comments that Hiro did not stop time completely. She hits him in the face and leaves with the formula as time resumes. Hiro jumps to the future to see how the world is destroyed. He sees Japan in a panic, and himself talking to Ando, arguing about the formula. Future Hiro yells at Ando saying that Ando betrayed him. Future Hiro is ready to strike with his sword, when Ando shoots what appears to be red electricity at Hiro, apparently killing him. Ando takes the formula from Hiro's body and walks away. The sky opens up and the world starts exploding, and Hiro jumps back to the present.

    Maya and Mohinder are at his apartment and he realizes that powers are controlled by the adrenal glands. Mohinder thinks he has isolated something that controls powers, and could give powers to anybody. Maya says the powers are a curse, and asks him to destroy the formula. On the docks, Mohinder considers throwing away the syringe with the formula. Instead, he injects himself, and collapses. Two muggers attempt to accost Mohinder as he lays semiconscious on the ground. However, he exhibits superhuman strength, repelling the thugs. In the background, there is a giant painting of the Earth exploding from the inside - the same picture seen by Matt on the desert rock.
  • After a long wait, Heroes is back!

    A good episode, good, but not exactly great....

    Right off the bat, we find out who shot Nathan. The beginning sequence is in my opinion, the best part of the episode.
    The Second Coming answered some questions and posed some new ones. First there's the whole Nathan thing, the formula, the future, etc. It's a decent setup for the rest of the season, even though some of the things in the episode were just plain stupid.

    . Sylar is back and power-hungry -- literally.
    . Daphne. I really like her character for some reason.

    . The relative plot hole and continuity error rears its ungly head.

    Favourite Moment: When Future Peter comes back and shots Nathan.

    Lessons Learned? Don't mess with Future Peter....
  • So far so good!

    Well the third season did a lot more better than the last season of the show. As usually sophmore sesons don't do as good. But in the end, the sophmore ending of the show did pretty well. To pick off where the show left off last time. I hate it that Clare's powers were taken by that evil Skylar. And that Skylar will be a main focus as he is the main antagonist of the series. Barnone! The Peter twist I think really had nothing to do nor was anybody's cup of tea. As one reviewer as said. But you never know about these things, now do you?!
  • A great start to hopefully a series that will be much better than the last!

    This opening episode continued at a much faster pace than the previous series. It opens with a scene from the future (including a very slick looking Claire and future Peter). The episode soon sets up the now familiar must-save-the-world plot and re introduces Sylar-scary-villian-uno. It wasn't the most engaging Heroes episode ever but full of promise. Also, Heroes never slows to explain which is great - depending on the viewer to pick up the subtleties on the way.

    A quirky new hero is introduced - a chick with super-speed. Overall this episode laid down the groundwork without slowing up like Season 2 and fortunately we were not burdened with a gazillion new heroes (like season 2). Must go watch episode 2 now!
  • Review

    I can all ready tell I am going to like Season Three better then Season Two. Let's start off with the big twist in the first couple of minutes. Future Peter is the one who went back in time to shoot Nathan that day and let me say that I love the twist. Heroes usually overdoes its twists (more on this in the second episode) but this one I felt was very reasonable and very interesting from a writer's standpoint. I still don't understand how Future Peter exsists after he goes back in time and changes things, but the same could be said for most of Season one and Back to the Future as a whole. "Alternate Timeline" would seem to be the most logical way of explianing this. They dropped Molly from the storyline and I respect that they at least mentioned it. Mohinder's storyline in episode one was without a doubt the best one I thougt. Having someone who has been around forever but never really had any special powers has always been interesting to me. Now he has injected himself with something and his storyline seems interesting from here. Couple of comical moments from Hiro, who isn't the best character in the show but every show has some comedic releif. Overall - solid first epsiode back but too much attention was paid towards Nathan/Peter in this epsiode which to me actually came across as very boring and unneeded.
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