Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • They need better scriptwriters... because the plot is good, but the writing? Oh my.

    Well, well, Heroes is back. After so many months of hiatus, the show is finally back. You'd thought they at least made sure that the first episode is written well.

    But it wasn't. Seriously, I like the direction where the plot is heading, but the dialogs, the character motivations, well, they are just broken.

    Nathan's cringe worthy preaching, the face palm inducing speedster, the awfully cliché future vision of Hiro; Really, city getting destroyed? Or the world? I don't care. It's been done before.

    Nikki still alive? Why? Okay, different alter ego, but she BLEW UP! How is she intact? Linderman resurrected. How, and why? Why does nobody die in this show?

    Nathan undied, Nikki undied, Linderman undied... all in just one episode.

    Oh and the dialog between Claire and Sylar was probably the worst written 5 minutes of this show yet.

    But my most favorite part is Mohinder injecting himself just like that. Awfully out of character... But still, I do like the villains idea and I did feel excited for some scenes.
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