Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Claire is enjoying her time on the set of Scream while Peter decides the gun really is mightier than a conversation...

    So, overall I'd say decent comeback. I mean, I'm on the fence because Heroes can be both brilliant and awful. It started off slow, took of big time towards the end of season one and pretty much crashed and burned all through season two. Still, I wont pretend I'm not hooked.

    Starting off, the beginning was awesome, even though Claire still bores me (people, Hayden Panettiere can't act, why wasn't she sent to that creepy ass facility?), future Peter shooting Nathan? Loved it, even though I don't really see why he couldn't just go back and, oh, I don't know, TALK to Nathan and tell him not to tell because it would destroy the world? Anyone? I also wish Nathan would have stayed a creepy looking instead of a boring man of God preaching about angels. Still. Linderman is back so it might turn out interesting, plus coupled with Suresh's injection this might turn into an interesting take on man playing God and reconstructing humanity in the shape of divinity.

    Also, it could end up being pointless crap.

    Hiro was a delight as usual, the first scene when he's bored in his office playing with the minutes was rather awesome, and he and Ando are always hilarious. The Speed-y chick wasn't really impressive but the fact of her was, I mean how speed looked in its frozen state and how she could move around and stuff even though time apparently stood still. Could be cool. The glimpse of the future was appropriately tantalising, all arrows are pointing in one direction, and it may be good, but there's no way to know for sure…

    Which would be an appropriate time to bring up Suresh and Maya, while this is of course highly relevant and important to the plot it was kind of boring. I mean, they don't really have that much chemistry, neither of the characters are all that interesting… Give them some better material and maybe, but that was just kind of bleh. Not as bad as the cheesy horror flick Claire and Sylar stumbled into though. Man, that was bad. Why would she hide in a closet, seriously? And the humming? Please.

    But we have to love future Peter, I mean, he's hotter than current Peter that's for sure, and he got rid of Matt! Oh Matt, if only you would stay gone… Still, it's all very important plot wise obviously. Which is what I always enjoyed about Heroes, the strong plot. Plot is important people! Arch-stories are all well and good but nothing beats a good plot, makes us believe there's some meaning to this world! Though they are a bit obvious, first the destruction of Tokyo, then the image in the desert, then the graffiti on the wall just after Suresh gains his super powers. Way to bludgeon in the nails people… For more reviews see http://nerdvana-annihilation.blogspot.com/