Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Shaking off the doldrums of Season 2

    "Heroes" comes back in a big way with a new season and a story arc that hints that the show may be fully embracing its comic book roots and setting up some epic confrontations. But future plot points aside, the show has already rectified some of the problems that plagued Season 2:

    1. Hiro and Ando are back together. These guys were the best part of Season 1, and I'm glad they're together again for more misadventures.

    2. An established threat has been set from the season premiere. We know Sylar is back and the other villains are on the loose. In the earliest episodes of Season 2, we spent so much time in feudal Japan and with Maya and Alejandro, it took forever for the new bad guys to be introduced. Fortunately, with Season 3, unnecessary exposition has been cut out and we get right into the action.

    Maybe too much happened in this hour, and there are still flaws (Milo Ventimiglia is a terrible actor, no matter how you cut it), but "Second Coming" did a great job of kicking off the new season.
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