Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • awesome, a wonderful episode

    Heroes, BACK AT LAST!!!!! I don't about anyone else but YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! It's been a painful nine month period of waiting and speculation and more waiting and more speculation. Finally, the wait is over with Second Coming. And does it come back. It comes back with bangs, twists, turns, suspense, and the excitement only Heroes can provide. Season Three definitely shakes off the stigma of the Season Two slump and it gets back to the wonderful format it started with. If it's been nine long months since the last season finale, this episode picks up right where the finale left off. And right away, it's revealed who Nathan's shooter is, get ready: PETER PETRELLI!!! Well, not exactly him, but the Peter of the future. See, Nathan's speech had a disasterous effect in the future. People didn't take the news so well and acting like what the X-Men crew were always afraid. Heroes are quarantined, relocated, set to camps, experimented on, the whole awful devasting wipeout of superheroes. Hoping to resolve that problem and after seeing how cold and heartless future Claire has become, Future Peter uses Hiro's ability to travel to the present and stop Nathan before anything can happen from the speech. If that wasn't enough, many more surprises are packed into the season premiere: a recharged Sylar finally resumes going after the top prize of Claire's abilities; Nathan is revived only seconds after his death, which has got to be the shortest death of all time; Nathan credits his recovery to God and getting good attention and good quotable speeches, only to find that the person that revived him is Linderman!!! Or is it Linderman? After all, the guy is supposed to be dead. While working on a cure for Maya's destructive ability, Mohinder stumbles on the key to the superheroes' abilities and the way to inject normal people to make them into new heroes. Mohinder, ignoring the advice of Maya, injects himself with a serum and at the final minutes, seems to be turning into a kind of Hulkish figure, superstrength but plenty of anger and inhibition issues. Future Peter is overstaying his welcome in the present, making sure he gets the job done and murders Nathan before he can make the disasterous speech, and displacing Real Peter and Matt in the process so they don't stand in the way of his goal. Claire spends the whole episode ducking around Sylar who has myseriously caught up with her and fending off him getting her powers. Hiro, bored out of his mind with nothing extraordinary to do besides overseeing his half of his father's enterprise, gets another spectacular opportunity when his father's will states that he is left in charge of a dangerous secret that of course will unravel the world if it's opened. Hiro, being Hiro, opens the secret and it's revealed to be one half of a formula (speculation states it's the key to making normal people into heroes), and Hiro only has a minute to take it in before a fiery speedster named Daphne whisks the formula away to Hiro's utter shock. If that wasn't enough, there are more surprises at the end of the show: Sylar (gasps), finally gets Claire's power!!!! Stopping him will be even more difficult than usual. It's revealed how Sylar absorbes the abilities, and no, he doesn't eat the brains but rather uses his original ability to study the workings of where the powers comes from in the brain. Claire doesn't die and is kept full awake, painfully, and Sylar leaves her, task done. Claire, confused, asks why Sylar won't kill her and in an odd state of humanity, Sylar reveals to Claire that she can never die. She's immortal. And now, as he says, so is he. Hiro travels to the future to see what damage the stolen formula would wreck and he sees the destruction of Japan, not before he sees best friend Ando, with fully equipped red lightning powers, zap his friend to death. A mysterious woman named Tracey Strauss is girlfriend to a politician and she looks an awful lot like Nikki. Hum. . .another split-personality perhaps? Matt's displaced by Future Peter in Africa, Future Peter's put Real Peter in the body of a dangerous superpowered felon, who is locked up in Sector Five of the company with other extremely dangerous superpowered felons, felons Sylar is aware of thanks to the carelessness of Noah?, and is on his way there. Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli finally reveals her superpower, and it's to dream of the future. All of these surprises and more are packed into an hour with amazing results. There is plenty of hilarious humor and adventure Heroes is known for, added with a darkness that is unusually new and will probably continue in this season. Some characters are put off in the sideline: Micah is M.I.A. in New Orleans and Molly is placed in protective care by her foster parents. And of course, the girl from last season Peter fell for is still stuck in a future that will never happen now, so she's probably permenately written off. And who knows how long Future Peter's going to stay? He's definitely a lot more hardened and ruthless than Real Peter. But, the premiere was all anyone could ask for, a mjor and triumphant return to a spectacular show, and hopefully, more people can come back and see this wonderful show.