Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • TV is lacking these days.AM I right?.No more reality TV.No middleaged women's dramas to escape their boring lives(grey's,desp HW,dipstick jungle).Don't even get me started on the cw. I need heroes to capture the glory of it's 1st season. the verdict?

    Let me say I am/was a big fan. Season 1 had moments where I would just laugh about the plot twists, and the chill up my spine when something unexpected happened. I was hearborken when eve died, and very sad to see the painter go. All in all there was so many details that made this show one of my fav's. The tension built up to the season finally…then something terrible happened to my favorite rookie show.
    1) Peter lost the battle of the titans…a muched hyped anticlimactic dud (ya know peter, you are telekentic too…you can hit him back if you like!) and friggen nicki of all people takes down sylar (technically Hero N…but it was nicki that did him in)
    2) Sylar didn't die…and no one noticed. I mean Everyone was there
    3) Like 2, Death suddenly had no sting. How is it that now every character (NOAH especially) suddenly can be brought back…it just makes everything underwhelming.
    Season 2 was forgettable, but this is forgivable with the writings strike and all, but oh, the plot holes!
    So, here we are, the show has a ton of time to retool, and above all get credibility back. The previews come reigning down and even the comic convention says the 1st show is redeeming. I get my snack ready, take the phone off the hook…here we go. My reaction was …meh
    1) Nikkie is back…I liked her better dead…but no one dies anymore, right? 2) Nathan is alive…after being dead, because no one dies, right?
    3) How the heck did Sylar get away from Molly…she can find him if he's less then a block away
    4) OK, OK. Peter can go back in time, why not go back to when he finds clair alone and crush him dead…
    I cannot continue. This show may very well have sealed its fate with too many plot holes, and removing death's sting…it's just plain getting old.
    I'm giving it until episode 4 to start making Sense. I would rather re watch all of lost then continue in this nonsensical tripe. Get it together Heroes!