Season 3 Episode 1

(Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Pretty cool episode, kept me on the edge...

    This episode didn't deserve a ten, maybe not a 9.5, maybe a 9.3/9.4, but it was still amazing and wonderful. It was just one shock after another basically, and it didn't really leave anytime to recuperate after each one. I'll start with Claire's storyline. Claire, Claire, Claire. Wow. This episode really changed my views on her. From the beggining, where she held Peter at gun-point, to the point where Sylar stole her power. That scence, by the way, was definetly the scariest part of the episode, it was like one of those episodes in a horror movie. Then Niki's storyline. Oh, wait, Niki didn't have a storyline. Instead, there was a brief appearance of "Tracy". More of her character is revealed in the next episode.

    The Petrelli brothers got the highlights of this episode, in my opinion. Future Peter was actually the shooter of Nathan, and remains in this time period while present Peter is locked away in another person's body (poor him, poor poor him..) The bad thing is that Nathan gets super religious, and that turned me off in this episode. Not that I'm against the religion, it was just boring. Linderman appears.

    Matt wakes up in the middle of the dessert. Alone. Also, Mohinder finds out the secret to the heroes' powers, but uses it to give himself powers. Boo, I wanted Mohinder to stay powerless so he could be a hero as a human being, but oh well. And, Hiro goes into the future and sees that Ando has powers, and he kills Hiro as well lol. Ando is the man!

    Again, overall I liked the second episode a bit more than this one. But, this episode was stil pretty great and reawakened my love for the show!