Season 2 Episode 1

(Volume Two: Generations) Four Months Later...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Four months after the event at Kirby Plaza, our Heroes' lives have changed. Claire and her family move to Costa Verde to start a new life, Matt lives with Molly and becomes detective, Hiro is still stuck in the past while new heroes emerge.

    The first chapter of the second volume takes place four months after the previous volume. As this volume is entitled Generations it focuses more on the previous generation and how it is affected the current one.
    Firstly, we see Claire and her family, now in Costa Verde. She attends a new school with an attempt to hide from the Company and start a new life. There she finds annoying cheerleaders and a guy (West) who keeps appearing at the wrong place the wrong time. Claire follows her father's plan to be invisible so they won't be found by the Company. This turns out to be a little bit harder for Claire than she thought, as West becomes more and more suspicious. He of course has his own secret; his own special ability. Noah works at a paper company (Copy Kingdom) and acts like a normal salesman but things get ugly with his annoying boss.
    Mohinder teaches in Cairo, Egypt about evolution and special people when he is approached by a man named Bob (who appearantly has been present to many of Mohinder's lectures) who is interested in his theories. Mohinder is offered a job at the Company which he accepts with hesitation. Later on we find out that Mohinder might have a plan of his own with someone else.
    Matt passes his detective test but has bigger problems when he discovers that Molly (who has been living with him and Mohinder) has been having nightmares (remember the man at last volume's finale who as Molly claimed could see her back when she was looking for him).
    Meanwhile, new heroes emerge in Honduras (who obviously are running from the police as they are considered murderers). When they find a ride to help them reach the American border (and find Dr Suresh who might be able to help Maya with her ability) things get ugly. Maya kills many people with an ability who is beyond her control and which we have not even witness.
    Hiro is still stuck in the past (1671 Kyoto, Japan) and meets his legendary hero Takezo Kensei (the guy who's sword Hiro stole in the previous volume). He turns out he's not Japanese at all but English and not a hero but someone who gains money by cheating in battles. When Hiro however witnesses one of Kensei's stories before his eyes, he realizes that maybe he has changed the past (and consequently his future as well). Also we meet the blacksmith's daughter who is supposed to become Kensei's princess.
    Hiro's father Kaito waits for Hiro to return along with Ando, when he receives a death note. With that he realizes that he doesn't have much time. A meet with Angela Petrelli reveals to us that both of them know each other and that they along with Linderman, Mr Petrelli and Charles Deveaux as well as seven more people were part of a group that someone is trying to kill one by one. In the end, the mystery man kills Kaito and we are left to wonder who might that be.
    Finally, Nathan appears to be very different (with a beard) as he has been abandoned by his wife and kids and became an alcoholic, presumably over the death of his brother. However, his brother turns out to be alive in Ireland but with no recollection of who or where he is and with a power unknown to both him and us.
    The volume begins highly promising as new mysteries arise. All the stories seem to be very distant from each other but they will all eventually come together. This is in fact the shortest (so far) volume in Heroes. Key facts: Nathan was the one we were sure he was dead but Peter is thought to be. The odd thing is that both Angela and Nathan (as well as Claire) know that he can't die that easily. Moreover, Maya's story was seen by many to be quite boring. Myself I find it interesting as it shows how universal a show Heroes really is. Her power seemed mysterious at that time. Quite cool I must say. In addition, Matt is seen to be a policeman. I thought that Matt got suspended for six months. The time however doesn't match. Regardless, the volume premiere doesn't reveal what has happened to Niki and her family as well as Sylar issues which will be explored in later chapters of this volume. For now, enjoy this chapter!
  • Great season opener.

    This had me on the edge of my seat for a while. Heroes I felt though has changed drastically from the first season. I'm mean it still leaves you breathless at the end of every one of their episodes but Hiro in 1671, I'm not really liking that story arc. I thought Peter was really dead until the end. Oh man, he cut his amazing hair! That sucks! Made me want to watch more after the to be continued. Nathan's beard is annoying. Suresh's plot is intriguing and Matt's plot seems to be going somewhere with Molly. Where's Nikki? I'm starting to like the West character. He was cool. Great episode!
  • Boring and silly

    The end of the first series was somewhat disappointing, but it still left me with some questions. What has happened to Peter and Nathan? Where has Sylar gone? What about the other heroes? Why is Hiro in 1671? So, I was looking forward to this episode. Perhaps it would restore my faith in Heroes?

    Unfortunately, it did not do that. The episode started out promising, especially the scene between Hiro and Takezo Kensei. But as soon as we saw Claire with her dad, it went downhill.

    The whole thing seemed to technical and tried. It's like the writers know that they have to make a dramatic episode, so they produce a scene with Alejandro and Maya to show how hard the heroes' lives are. And it doesn't seem natural anymore. It's not even interesting, it's just plain boring.

    For their own sake, I hope the writers will improve during the series and make some interesting episodes.
  • New Heroes...New Stories

    Mohinder Suresh has been traveling around giving speeches about genetically abnormal individuals whom he believes are susceptible to an impending plague, the Shanti virus. He is approached by a strange man named Bob, who offers him a job with the mysterious Company. Afterwards Mohinder is shown calling Noah Bennet, revealing that Mohinder's speeches were a ruse to gain the attention of "the Company" that Bennet used to work for, so that Mohinder, with Noah's guidance, can bring it down from within.

    Claire and Noah Bennet, under the assumed name of Butler, are on the campus of Claire's new high school in Costa Verde, California. Claire nearly gets run over by a boy named West, who later interacts with her in a science lab and in the school gym. It is there that she stands up to head cheerleader Debbie, who was picking on another girl. Debbie challenges her to perform a back tuck off of "the tower." Claire climbs the tower, then, remembering her father's words against "standing out," tells everyone that she can't do it. After the floor mats are removed and everyone has gone, she performs the feat, but apparently breaks a leg when landing on the bare floor. West walks in, and it is not clear whether he has witnessed her injury healing.

    Matt Parkman is divorced from his wife and is taking care of Molly at Mohinder Suresh's apartment in Brooklyn. Parkman passes his NYPD detective examination, partially due to his use of telepathy. Later that day, Parkman is confronted at Molly's school by her teacher because she is falling asleep in class (due to her nightmares) and drawing some rather disturbing pictures. The pictures are of dark eyes, often over her bed at night, and each prominently includes the helix symbol. That evening Parkman tries to talk to Molly about her problems, but she gets upset and refuses to discuss it because she is afraid of the man she mentioned in "How to Stop an Exploding Man." Later that night she has a nightmare, and Parkman uses his telepathy to hear part of her nightmare: a man's voice telling Molly he can see her. Molly then wakes up crying in Parkman's arms.

    Hiro lands in a grassy meadow. As he looks around him, he spots a group of samurai archers raising their bows towards him - he turns to run, but sees the warrior that they are about to attack, poised behind Hiro. The subtitles then note that Hiro is outside Kyoto, Japan, in the year 1671. As the archers prepare to attack, a solar eclipse occurs and everyone stops to look at it. Hiro stops time as the archers release their arrows, then realizes the man being attacked is Takezo Kensei. Hiro saves himself and Kensei by teleporting them both away from the conflict. After a series of misunderstandings, Hiro learns that Kensei is actually an Englishman who uses dirty tricks to win, and that the stories Hiro had learned are false.

    In Honduras, two fugitives, Maya and Alejandro Herrera, are trying to cross the border to escape homicide charges. Their conversation indicates that they must stay together, but the reason is not clear until Alejandro is separated from his sister soon afterwards by men from a transport truck. Upon catching up to the truck, Alejandro finds his sister distraught, and the driver and all of the passengers dead, with a dark liquid flowing from their eyes; her power has apparently killed them. It seems that the manifestation of her ability is somehow related to her brother's presence. They continue to the border, intending to bury the bodies. Nathan Petrelli, distraught over the assumed death of his brother, Peter, has been left by his wife and children, and has become an alcoholic. While in a bar, he receives a call from Claire, who tells him that she needs to talk to someone. Nathan says he can't and hangs up. He looks in the mirror and sees a vision of a disfigured Nathan, apparently suffering from burns all over his face, presumably due to the nuclear explosion in the first season. He turns away, then looks back to the mirror to see his normal reflection. It is then shown that West was watching Claire during her telephone conversation from outside her second-story window. He is shown to be hovering there and shortly flies off into the distance, revealing the power of self-propelled flight that Nathan also has.
    Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura separately each find a picture of themselves with a red helix scrawled thereon, which they both understand to indicate that they are to be murdered within 24 hours. They meet on top of the Deveaux building and compare their pictures, which appear to be two separate pieces of a photograph that included them both. Kaito recounts that he and Angela, along with Charles Deveaux, Mr. Linderman, and Mr. Petrelli, were part of a group of twelve people that tried to find evolved humans, and then he and Angela speculate about which member of the group will be their assassin. After Angela leaves and Ando is sent to get a sword for Kaito, a hooded figure appears on the roof. Kaito mentions that of the members of the group, he didn't expect the assassin "to be you." The figure tackles Kaito over the side of the roof. Ando returns in time to see them both fall, but when he looks over the edge, only Kaito's body is seen on the ground below.

    Hiro, still distraught that Kensei is not the hero he thought he was, tells him about Kensei's future tales where he saves the village of Ôtsu and takes the town's swordmaker's beautiful daughter as his princess. At that moment, Hiro smells fire and looks behind him to see the village of Ôtsu burning to the ground. As Hiro and Kensei travel toward Ôtsu, a woman from the village encounters Kensei and takes his sword, stating that her father made the sword for him to defend the village with and denounces Kensei for letting the village to be destroyed. Hiro pleads with Kensei to retrieve the sword and help, who loses patience with Hiro and knocks him unconscious.

    At the end of the episode, three thieves are looking for a cargo container in a shipyard located in Cork, Ireland. When they break into container 9109, they find Peter Petrelli, chained to one of the sides, wearing only pants and a helix necklace. Expecting to find a shipment of iPods, they angrily threaten him. He defends himself with his powers. After being asked who he is, he appears to have amnesia and professes "I don't know, I don't know."
  • New beginning

    Everyone's been saying that this season is not as good as the previous one. I disagree. I loved the first season, but that one is nothing less but great! New faces, new adventures, fresh start,... Now heroes are aware of their powers and know how to control them. They know each other and try to live their lives now that Sylar is gone and no one can hurt them. But is that true? We meet two spanish twins with extraordinary powers- Maya can kill people with her presence and Alejandro can block her powers when he's near her. There is also West, who Claire meets after she and her family start a new life under a new name. He soon gets to see her powers. But what a surprise- he also has a little secret! He can fly...
  • New characters are here, everybody's changing, mysteries are here as always!

    Nathan is consumed by alcohol, wallowing in the loss of Peter. A man from the Company (Bob) offers Mohinder Suresh a job. Claire tries to adapt to her new life, and meets a boy. In feudal Japan, Hiro Nakamura meets Takezo Kensei although he is not like Hiro expected him to be. Matt Parkman takes his detective exam in his new home of New York and uses his ability to pass it. Matt and Mohinder are both taking care of Molly Walker. Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli learn of a threat upon their lives. Molly Walker has nightmares of a being who can see her. Noah deals with his new boss at Copy Kingdom - they've moved to a new town. Maya and Alejandro are making their way to New York to see doctor Suresh. A gang of thugs in Cork, Ireland make a startling discovery - Peter.
  • "I broke history." - Hiro

    March 2007, Suresh and Bennet are conspiring to bring the Company down. Suresh is hired by Bob Bishop of the Company. The Bennets have moved from Texas to California. Parkman has divorced his wife, because she was pregnant from her affair, and is raising Molly with Suresh. Molly has been having nightmares about a man who can see her. Hiro meets his hero Kensei in 1671 Japan, who is actually an Englishman. Dominican twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera flee a murder charge and try to get to the United States to see Suresh's father, whom they do not know to be dead. Kaito is murdered. Peter is in Ireland and has amnesia. Nathan has become an alcoholic. Well I have been waiting for Heroes to start again in the UK for ages and to be honest the first episode wasnt dissapointing although alot of people really didn't like the new season I was prepared for the decrease in quality although I did think it was still a decent episiode, some funny parts and Hiro's dad getting killed was probably the best part of it. I have to say the new characters are rubbish, West is annoying, the twins are abit of a let down because when I saw the previews I thought the new characters looked good, but I really dont like them, I dont care about them. Bob was ok i guess and Kensei was good I thought. all in all a decent start.
  • It's Back..

    In March 2007, Suresh and Bennet are conspiring to bring the Company down. Suresh is hired by Bob Bishop of the Company. The Bennets have moved from Texas to California. Parkman has divorced his wife, because she was pregnant from her affair, and is raising Molly with Suresh. Molly has been having nightmares about a man who can see her. Hiro meets his hero Kensei in 1671 Japan, who is actually an Englishman. Dominican twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera flee a murder charge and try to get to the United States to see Suresh's father, whom they do not know to be dead. Kaito is murdered. Peter is in Ireland and has amnesia. Nathan has become an alcoholic. After four months of waiting for Heroes season two, it is back. I'm so happy. This episode was very interesting. I enjoyed watching Heroes once again, but it isn't the same. Maybe it will get better thoughout the season. But I still really, really enjoyed it. I love Heroes. I love all the new cahracters in this episode. Very, very, exciting to see new characters to a show, and also abit nerve-wracking because they might not fit into the show, but they do and I really like them, can't wait until I see more of them and the orignal characters too. Well, I can't wait until I see more of Heroes Season Two. Bring it on I say.
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  • The 2nd season begins!

    All the heroes try to resume their lives 4 months after the events at Kirby Plaza. There are also some new heroes thrown into the mix. Maya and Alejandro are on the run from the Mexican police, trying to get to America. Claire and her family move to California to avoid the Company. Hiro teleports back to Japan in 1671 and meets his childhood hero, Takezo Kensei. Nathan lost his congress position and is now an alcoholic. Matt Parkman is taking care of Molly Walker as she gets horrific nightmares. Mohinder is working with Noah Bennet to take down the Company from the inside. This was a good episode, and leaves plenty more to come through the season. It was a great way to start the new season. The writers put a good perspective into this episode that give questions that will be later answered. And there was a good twist at the end with Peter trapped in the box.
  • Bringing us up to date with the lives of the heroes four months on, and introduces us to some new heroes.

    Not a bad episode overall. I enjoyed the new life that Claire has to 'endure' and the potential friend with powers that they are setting up for her. I'm intrigued as to who knocked Hiro's father off the roof and why. Who are the nine left? Disappointed that Matt's wife divorced him, surely with a baby on the way and his heroic deeds they could have made the marriage work? I also want to know who haunts Molly's dreams. Delighted to see Peter is still alive and has new powers. The brother and sister duo will be interesting. The main criticism I have is the ending with Peter in Cork, Ireland. I'm from Cork and we do not talk like that! Why do actors always use a 'twee' accent? This episode sets up some very exciting storylines, I just hope they live up to my expectations!
  • This episode starts 4 months after the events of season 1, and as good as the episode is, it confused me.

    A good start to the new season but one that really confused me. I thought that everyone knew Peter could heal himself, so when he exploded I thought that they would expect he was alive. I mean I can understand maybe they thought him exploding would actually kill him, but if that is so what did Nathan live? He was the one that flew Peter high up so that he wouldn't kill anyone else. It just seems strange to me, even though technically Nathan could have thrown Peter and then flown away, it didn't seem that Nathan had survived, but somehow he is alive. Hiro's dads death was also a bit strange, the whole symbol seems to be pretty recurring, we saw it on the death pictures, we saw it on a sign and we saw it in Molly's drawings, so what does it all mean? I have a feeling this season will pick up from here and explain more as well as improve on last season but for now I remain a bit confused.
  • Esperaba que el inicio de la segunda temporada fuera mas impactante, pero me equivoque.

    Cuatro meses depues, los Heroes continuan con sus vidas paralelas: por un lado, tratando de llevarlo armoniosamente con la sociedad, y por el otro, ocultando sus poderes para no parecer subnormales.
    Claire, su padre y el resto de la familia se han mudado a un nuevo Estado, tratando de adaptarse a la nueva vida. SIn embargo, la porrista añora a su otra familia, a su verdadero padre y a su tio, quien desaparecio luego de explotar en el cielo.
    Por otro lado, el policia y el profesor se encargan de la niña que puede ubicar a los otros Heroes. Parkman se ha convertido en un eficiente profesional, pero la niña continua con sus poderes que la atormentan, pues un hombre poderoso viene amenazandola. Asimismo, el profesor Suresh ofrece conferencias sobre estos seres mutantes en varios paises, y es contactado por un miembro de la Organizacion antigua, quien ademas posee el don de transformar en oro todo lo que toca. Hiro sigue en el Japon antiguo, encontrandose con su heroe de ficcion que lo llevaba consigo las historia de su padre, mas grande fue su decepcion al constatar que en lugar de japones, era un ingles alcoholico que engañaba a los ciudadanos del Sol Naciente.
    Aparecen dos nuevos personajes, hermanos ellos, pero la chica es quien nos muestra que tiene el don de matar gente con sus lagrimas o su llanto, hecho que aun no lo podemos ver, debido a que estan viajando por centroamerica para llegar a Estados Unidos como ilegales.
    Otro Heroe que se da a conocer es un chico de la clase de Claire, quien tiene el don de volar.
    Antes de concluir, el famoso simbolo de la serie aparece muchas veces, como un mal presagio para el padre de Hiro, y la madre de los Petrelli. Nathan, por su lado, se ha vuelto un alcoholico que vive pensando en su hermano a quien cree muerto. Ademas, el padre de Hiro es atacado por un ser, al parecer un miembro de la Organizacion, quien mata a Kaito Nakamura mientras lo ve Yaeko desde lo alto de la torre.
    Finalmente, en Irlanda, unos bandidos encuentran en un deposito a un ser encadenado, quien es Peter Petrelli. Al parecer, ha perdido la memoria, y ha adquirido el don de lanzar rayos y energia desde sus manos hacia el exterior.


    Que mal inicio de la segunda temporada. Esperaba mas de la serie. No logra entregarse de lleno a las historias pasadas. Es decir, pasaron 4 meses y ha quedado un vacio que no se explica adecuadamente en la historia. Lo lamentable es ver a Hiro Nakamura en un papel de comico, que no satisface a la audiencia. Por otro lado, la niña adoptada por el policia asume un rol de malcriada, quiza tipica gringada, pero que no se adecua a la temporada anterior. Quiza la mayor intriga es saber lo que le ha ocurrido a Peter Petrelli. Esta encadenado, ha perdido la memoria, y ademas, tiene el sello que a todos los seguidores nos llama la atencion. Quien se lo puso? De donde consiguio ese don de lanzar rayos desde su cuerpo?
    Ojala mejore el guion en lo que sigue de la temporada. Veo que la mayoria no da buenos puntajes, pero espero que todo ello sea mas que subjetivo.
  • Great setup for the season.

    I have to say it was a great first episode of the Season. It mixed in a lot of things, it reminded me of why I loved the first Season and it gave us a hint of more to come. The biggest thing I noticed is that the show isn't SLOW anymore. That was probably my biggest complaint about Season 1 but I stuck with the show because they were obviously trying to explain everything to the audience and introduce us to this new world of Heroes, BUT now that Season 1 is out of the way there is a lot of freedom for the writers and it shows. They are not wasting time with all the little details and introducing new characters just to show us new characters. Great episode, I'm actually interested in the new characters Mya and Alejandro. Just ask any 'Lost' fan, it's tough to introduce new characters smoothly but they did it.
  • muy buen episodio pesuto que es de una nueva temporada empieza lento pero te deja picado en la cosas que puedan pasar nuevas como el novio..gay de Claire se me hace que es malo ejeje.. la verdad no se pero espero que no la haga sufrir el maldito.

    excelente capitulo vemos a los personajes en una etapa en que parece que vuelven a una vida normal pero quein esabe que les espera esta temporada
    espero que peter no haya muerto como dice su madre a Nathan que por su culpa murio pero no creo ya que es uno de los principales de la Serie..por supuesto
    los nuevos personajes que son latinos falta ver bien que tipo de poderes tienen ya que se dirigen de mojados a los Estados Unidos..
    nuevas intrigas y suspenso nos tendra deparado este nueva temporada de heroes espero este mejor.
    habra mueto Sylar de verdad...???

    espero que no jeje
  • Season 2!

    Matt passes his detective test. Molly is having nightmares and is drawing strange things. Hiro finds his hero, who turns out to be a greedy man. Ando is with Hiro's dad. Hiro's father dies. Claire and the Bennets have a new life. She meets West, a guy who can fly, but she doesn't know that. Maya and Alejandro are trying to get to America. Nathan and Angela think Peter is dead. Peter is found with no memory and a new ability. Mohinder meets a new hero.

    This was a great episode! I miss Niki, Micah and D.L. I like West so far. I'm interested as to what Maya does. Claire should've done the back flip thing. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Just Like Every other episode

    It Was Awesome Mohinder Suresh gives lectures about regeneration and genetics in Cairo, Egypt. He is confronted by a hero named Bob who can change things to gold. Two new heroes Maya and her brother Alejandro emerge in Honduras. Their running away because they are wanted by the police. Their also trying to get to America to get help. The Bennett family change their name to the Butler family, while Claire joins a new High School in California. Hiro Nakamura teleports to the past in 1671 and lands in Japan. Matt Parkman finally passes his detective exam. Molly keeps getting nightmares which concerns Matt.
  • Great way to start the show, an interesting beginning

    I actually found this episode interesting… didn't think it would be. Very glad I decided to watch.

    Poor Claire… you can tell she wants to be herself, but can't. I wonder what Wes actually knows… it be very interesting to find out.

    Poor hiro, I think he got himself mix up with the past again!!! Hope he can get back to where he needs to be. And not mess the past or future.

    Who is the bad guy??? Woah… Maya power is very scary…

    Wonder when we get to find out about sylar???

    I'm sorry I don't think this review is good, but I am trying not to give away too many things from these episodes. I'm glad that New Zealand is four episodes behind America, I don't have to wait for ages to see what happens. Till next time, Tania from NZ!!!
  • very good start for the 2nd season w0w

    w0w the episode 24 relly knocks me out of my pants im surprised and confused i like all the twist and turns and the way the actors acts this is a good start for the second season coz most of the tv series that hits the people in the first season goes down on the second yuck but this is so great if i can rank this 1 to 100 ill give it a 101 hehehe even if its only the start of the second season great thinking mr tim and the others love it so much cant wait for the other episode and i think what if the son of matt has a power too hehehe thats amazing....
  • They're actually going somewhere with this.

    I have to confess, I had my doubts about a second season. I really totally loved the first season, but it seemed to me the story arc was finished and there was really nowhere else exciting to go with this. The second season's first episode proves me wrong. We not only learn what happened to most of our Heroes - new mysteries are revealed and new story threads are opened. I totally enjoyed this episode for its complexness and the exciting realization that someone actually has a plan where this is going. It had a feeling of freshness, not of - oh, we've seen this before.
    I look very much forward to more of this!
  • Season 2 begins.

    Mohinder Suresh gives lectures about regeneration and genetics in Cairo, Egypt. He is confronted by a hero named Bob who can change things to gold. Two new heroes Maya and her brother Alejandro emerge in Honduras. Their running away because they are wanted by the police. Their also trying to get to America to get help. The Bennet family change their name to the Butler family, while Claire joins a new High School in California. Hiro Nakamura teleports to the past in 1671 and lands in Japan. Matt Parkman finnaly passes his detective exam. Molly keeps getting nightmares which concerns Matt.
  • Good Start for a 2nd Season

    I saw this episode right when it premiere on NBC. I brought the Heroes 1st season on DVD ALSO when it was release on August 28 this past year so i can understand the story plots. I was so excited for the 2nd season that i actually liked it very well. It was interesting to see Hiro traveling all the way back to around 1650. Also it was good to hear that Peter was alive after the explosion in the finale of season 1. I just like this episode and i can't wait to watch the rest of the season on NBC through out the year and for many more to season to come by hopefully.
  • I think is very exciting,there are new characters who have new powers ,new adventures and the show is going on , which is the most important thing.

    Heroes is a show full with excitng experience for the viewer , there are love , adventure,mistery and action.And sub up all this together makes a grate fun.The story makes you feel like you are in the movie , like you can live it with the actors.I was waiting the second season with hope for a lot of new excitements and action may be a new love story or something like that.This show means a lot for me because if it wasn't existed i wouldn't stay after 11 o'clock at the night so i'm really happy to see the new season and i'm ready to watch it!
  • After a four month hiatus, Heroes finally returns back on the air in a cleverly intricate season premiere.

    I was waiting for the Season premiere of Heroes, there were so many questions. Did Parkman, Nathan or Peter survive? With so many questions unanswered the season premiere of Heroes tried to answer most of them. Perhaps the highlight of the episode was the storyline of Claire Bennett, who of course goes to High School and tries to live as normal as possible, while at the same time trying meeting an teenage companion named West. The other storylines include Maya and Alexandro traveling through to America to get cured, Hiro traveling to the past to see his Idol, HRG trying to adapt to life as a copy maker. The scene where he nearly kills his employer makes me wonder, whether he wants the Company to know where he is. Then there is of course Parkman who is coming off a divorce and living with Mohinder taking care of Molly. Nathan becomes a drunk wreck waiting for Peter. Then of course there is Nathan's mother who confronts Hiro's dad who is soon murdered by a mysterious assailant. However for me personally the only two stand out moments were when Mohinder joins the Company to try and topple it and of course the scene where Peter makes his grand entrance at the very end proving he is not dead. Overall the best episode of the season thus far.
  • The Heroes Season 2 Premier delivers, leaving you hanging on as always, but thats the brilliance of the show.

    O.K, so we are introduced 4 months later. I am happy to say that all the characters remain strong and nobody is acting out of character. I think I am more interested in Mohinder's and Noah's story at the moment because of the whole plot to bring down the company. Im hoping that will develop to be an interesting story.

    I am still skeptical about Hiro in the past. Learning that Kensei was an english fellow was funny to witness seeing how he is definately not what Hiro expected. I enjoyed seeing Ando and Hiro's father wondering where Hiro could be. Clare getting on at school was fun to see but I am sure her secrect will be out soon.

    The New Characters: Right, from what I can remember there was the brother and sister on the run, the flying boy and the man who makes things into shiny gold. I am interested in the brother and sister not knowing what their power is. The flying boy is...well nothing special as we have seen it before. I think that the man who makes things gold has a pretty cool power.

    Overall, I was satisfied with this episode, particularly with ending leaving us hanging on about the fate of Peter Petrelli. Has the Hatian got to him? Where has he been these past 4 months? and whats with the haircut? :P

    Im sure these will be answered soon. I give it a solid 9. Bring on the next episode!
  • finally find out what happens to everyone.

    I thought that this episode was a good way to start the season of Heroes evan though i thought that it was a little slow at times. I found it a little disappointing that Hiro finally got to meet his hero and it was a big let down. I was happy tht Claire and her family were together and are in hiding in another state. It was really wierd to me that Nathan is so depressed by Peter's so called death and there mother do not seemed to be that bothered by it. I just can not wait to see where they are going to take the show this season.

    Well its only the First episode of season 2 what do you want!?
    I think they have done a good job, they didnt get all the characters yes but dont forget its still just the first episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also like how they started it not so much super powers just the main idea!
    so i think its should get atleast and 8.8. thats all i cant write 100 words guys sorry im too tired peace!
    peace peace peace pece peace oeace
    Peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace
    peace peace peace peace peace peace peacea oeace peace peae o
  • Good start to the season.

    I went into the premiere with zero expectations. I hadn't been waiting all summer on pins and needles like many other people seemed to have been, so I hadn't raised my expectations to an unrealistic level. In fact, I had intentionally avoided watching any of the promos or reading anything about it so my experience would be untainted. The show was decent enough for a new start. Still, I must admit that it was actually outshined that night by "Chuck," believe it or not. That's not meant to be an insult. I like Chuck. It's funny, very fast paced, lots of action. Then, Heroes started right afterward and it was none of those things. So, my adrenaline rush died off and it was kinda like, "oh, I see your point." Even so, it was nice to see some of the characters again and it was a solid start for the season.
  • I'm sorry but i can't get it out of my head.."are you an alien or a robot?" What a dumb question! If someone asks me that, i'll label him a wierdo and I'll stay far away from him. A fine example of poor writings!

    Unfortunately that is just one of my many concerns about the show that had some good promises but rarely delivers.

    First thing first, what a dull season opener. I don't know if they're just inexperienced to this whole tv business, but they can't have a season premiere with nothing happened in it. They might want to take an example from Grey's Anatomy or Prison break who had a bomb on their season premieres.

    They think audience will be easily pleased if they just show new abilities..no! We want a story, we want a thriller, we want a suspense! They keep adding new characters each week and it distracts from the main storyline. I just finished watching 'lizards' as I speak and I don't think it's worth adding another review to another lacklustre episode. It really bores me and i'm afraid if this continues, many people will start losing his interest. The only good thing in this show is Hiro, character you can't help but love. The fact that they isolate Hiro into the past to take part in a junk storyline also doesn't help.

    They have to do something!
  • This is a great start to the season.

    I find this show extremely fascinating. The start of the season is a wonderful depiction into the start of the next chapter in their lives. What will happen, how their powers will grow, and what they need to do to save the world again. I love that they put in new characters to keep the show fresh. Finding out what the new characters abilities are is so exciting. I really look forward to all of the upcoming episodes so I can see if Hiro is actually Kensei and if Peter will find out who he is. Also who is this mystery killer going after Hiro's father and Nathan and Peter's mom? It's definitely an A+ show in my book.
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