Season 2 Episode 1

(Volume Two: Generations) Four Months Later...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In Honduras, they use the metric system not English units, so the remark by Maya that they've been running for 800 miles (said in spanish) would be abnormal, she should've referred to the distance in kilometers.

    • During this period of Japanese history, the early Tokugawa era, access to Japan was highly restricted. The only Europeans allowed were Portuguese and Dutch traders, and even they were restricted to certain port towns. It would be virtually impossible for an Englishman to land, never mind freely travel around the country.

    • Goof: After Hiro is knocked down by Kensei, you can see the grain on his neck they used to get the goat to lick him.

    • Barry Shabaka Henley's character's name (not mentioned in this episode) is Detective Bryan Fuller after, of all things, the former co-executive producer of Heroes of the same name.

  • Quotes

    • Claire: I just... I need someone to talk to. I don't know if I can do this anymore.
      Nathan: Do what?
      Claire: Not be who I really am, and I know that I, I can't be who they want me to be, and I just feel like I'm gonna burst.
      Nathan: Look, I know you're looking for answers. We all are. But trust me, I am not the guy to give them to you. I'm sorry.

    • Noah: Just blend in. Be ordinary, all right?
      Claire: Got it. You know, we might want to start by you not driving me to school. It kinda draws attention to me.
      Noah: Ouch.
      Claire: And, you know, don't you think it might be easier on all of us if I had my own car?
      Noah: Your mother and I were going to surprise you on your birthday next month, but...
      (Noah gives Claire the keys)
      Claire: (excited) Oh my gosh, the Rogue?
      Noah: It's yours.
      Claire: Thank you, Daddy, thank you! You're the best dad in the world!
      Noah: I know, I know.

    • (Matt arrives and waves at Molly)
      Molly: You are late!
      Matt: No I believe I'm right on time.
      Molly:I believe that your watch is slow.
      (Matt laughs)
      Molly: Guess what?
      Matt: What?
      Molly: Max Bursman tried to kiss me today.
      Matt:(shocked) What?!

    • Noah: It's your first day, you should be excited - I am.
      Claire: That's easy for you to say, you're not wading into the shark-infested waters of the eleventh grade.
      (they watch a group of cheerleaders walk by)
      Claire: (sighs) I don't have one friend. I am shark bait.
      Noah: Oh, you're gonna be fine. They don't look any different from the kids in Texas. (a girl wearing a midriff and a short skirt walks by them) Okay, except for her.

    • Parkman: Dinner!
      Molly: Uh, shouldn't I be eating some vegetables every once in a while?
      Parkman: Well that is why I got you a vegetable pizza, smarty pants.

    • Kensei: (in Japanese) What are you? Some sort of monk? You dress so strangely for a monk. And you wear glasses like a doctor.
      Hiro: I'm not a monk. I'm your biggest fan!

    • Ando: (in Japanese) Sir, with no disrespect to you or Hiro, it's been almost four months and there's no sign of him. Maybe he's not coming back.
      Kaito: For close to thirty years I have seen my son as a disappointment. A dreamer who excelled at nothing. It was not until Hiro began this quest that I saw his strength, courage and wisdom. There is a legacy that I am meant to hand down to him. No… I will wait for Hiro to return. I am a man of patience.

    • Det. Fuller: How did you know which one to shoot?
      Parker: I dunno. Tone of voice, eye contact. The hostage looked me in the eye, the other was looking for an exit.
      Det. Fuller: Well most people notice the gun under the bad guy's shirt.
      Parker: Right. Yeah, that too, of course.

    • Hiro: (in Japanese) @#$%!

    • Maya: If we get caught, people could die.
      Alejandro: They'll die if we don't run.

    • Bob: Let's just say we have our own private Fort Knox.

    • Noah: I hear you all right. Now you hear me! I am done eating your crap. From now on, I will work how and when I feel like it. I will take breaks when I want to, and you will not say a damn word to me ever again. Do you understand? We square on that?

    • West: You got a death wish?
      Claire: Uh, you talking about that? I was just seeing how hot it was.
      West: Pretty sure it's hot. It's called a "flame."
      Claire: Yeah. I was just kidding around.
      West: Like you were this morning when you stepped in front of my car? That's okay. Made my morning interesting.

    • West: So what are you?
      Claire: Meaning what, exactly?
      West: Meaning, are you one of them...or one of the others?
      Claire: I'm not sure what you're getting at.
      West: Well, l let me break it down for you. Are you a robot or an alien? 'Cause everyone one in the world is one or the other. Robots do what they're told. Stick with the herd. Aliens, on the other hand, do their own thing.
      Claire: Well, uh, I don't know. Do I have to choose?
      West: Most people do.
      Claire: So what are you?

    • Hiro: (in Japanese) You are the hero Kensei?
      Takezo Kensei: (in Japanese) My name here is Kensei. But no one's ever called me a hero before.

    • Claire: So I'm a robot now, huh?
      West: As far as I can tell.

    • (opening narration)
      Mohinder: The sun rises on a new dawn. Yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this. To those who dwell among us. Anonymous, seemingly ordinary. Whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. And they're still out there, among us. In the shadows, in the light. We pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing. Do they even know yet? That they are bound together by a common purpose? A glaring reality? To be extraordinary. And when destiny does annoint them, how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?

    • Angela: Let me see it.
      (Kaito shows picture)
      Kaito: I don't take death threats lightly.
      Angela: Someone's playing a trick.
      Kaito: Are they? Charles Devaux. Linderman. Your husband. All of them dead. Now there are 9.
      Angela: So you think one of us send these?
      Kaito: Yes. For the pain we caused. The people we have killed. There is no end to our suffering. I sought redemption by helping Hiro fulfill his destiny to save the world. How did you help your son?
      (Angela slaps Kaito in the face and turns around)
      Kaito: Angela. I'm leaving for Japan tonight. I suggest you disappear as well.
      (Angela leaves )

    • Angela: You're drunk. Thank God your father isn't here to see you.
      Nathan: Or you, for that matter.
      Angela: You killed your brother. Drove Heidi away. Drove your kids away. If you followed our plan--if you'd done what you' were supposed to do, he would be alive now.
      Nathan: To think I almost listened to you. You're evil, Ma.

    • Hiro: Oh no! I broke history!

  • Notes

    • The Symbol:
      Drawn on the two photos that Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli receive. On the pictures that Molly drew.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 4, 2007 on Channel 7
      New Zealand: October 22, 2007 on TV3
      Latin America: January 18, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: January 22, 2008 on Star World
      Malaysia: January 22, 2008 on Star World
      Hong Kong: January 22, 2008 on Star World
      Ireland: February 4, 2008 on Channel 6
      Belgium: March 3, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: April 24, 2008 on BBC2
      Norway: September 7, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: September 18, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: April 5, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 11, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 12, 2010 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Maya Herrera: We do not see Maya's power in action, but it appears to cause people around her to die quickly, and to be beyond her control. The people who die have thick, black fluid leaking from their eyes.

      Alejandro Herrera: Alejandro seems to be able to keep his sister's power in check. The only time we see Maya's power activate is when she is separated from her brother.

      West: West can fly, as seen when he is flying away from a tree outside Claire's bedroom window. Unlike Nathan Petrelli, though, West's flight seem slower and more graceful. Whether this is a result of West's power or his particular use of it remains to be seen.

      Bob: Bob possesses the power to turn things into gold, first seen in use when he turns a silver spoon to gold during his conversation with Mohinder. We do not yet know whether he can change things into anything other than gold, or any other limits on his power.

      Peter Petrelli: Peter has absorbed the power to fire lightning bolts from his hands. It is first seen when he fires a burst of electricity at the Irish mobsters.

    • New Heroes:
      Bob: The mysterious man who offers Mohinder a job with The Company.

      Maya Herrera: A twenty-something Dominican who is on the run from police with her brother Alejandro and seeking refuge in the United States.

      West: A student at Costa Verde High with a rather unique attraction to Claire. He almost accidentally runs her over in his Jeep, however.

      Takezo Kensei: Hiro's childhood hero who is not at all what Hiro imagined him to be. Kensei is, in fact, a rather greedy Englishman.

  • Allusions

    • Bob: Let's just say we have our own private Fort Knox.

      Fort Knox is a United States Army post and census-designated place in Kentucky.
      The base covers parts of Bullitt, Hardin, and Meade Counties. It holds the U.S. Army Armor Center, the U.S. Army Armor School and the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. It is also the site of the U.S. Bullion Depository and the George S. Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, both located on or near the army post.

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