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Heroic Age

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Heroic Age - Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Science Fiction, Romance, Shounen (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)...

There are 5 races. The Golden Race, The Silver Race, The Bronze Race, The Heroic Race, and the Human Race also known as The Iron Race. The Golden Race have decided to journey to a different universe, leaving the other 4 races to sort themselves out. The Silver Race are punks and run around trying to kill off the other races. Meanwhile humanity's leader, Queen Deianeira, tries to save her people by following the prophecies of the Gold Race.


Opening Theme: "Gravitation" by Angela

Closing Theme: "Azurite" by Tae Urakabe

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  • There are some many things wrong with this show.

    It's a futuristic anime, done with the same animation ****as the Gundam Seed and Destiny. The Gold Race set at a call to all intelligent races to enter space. There's the human race, known as the Iron Race, the Silver Race, the Heroic Race, and the Bronze Race anwser the call. Time passes and the Gold Race as left for another universe. The Heroic Race has disappeared. The Silver Race has taken power, with the help of the Bronze Race. In order to save the human race princess Deianeira travels to the far distant galaxy for their savior of the prophecies. They find a boy named Age who could help bring the human race to power.

    I really started out liking this anime, in one of my earlier blogs I even thought I would give it a 8, 9, or 10. Boy was I wrong, and disappointed in Heroic Age. Lets go over the things that are wrong with this anime. First the overall story started out with a good premise, but quickly became convoluted and incoherent. Than there's the one dimensional characters that have no depth to them. Finally there's the animation and battles. Both reminded me of Gundam Seed/Destiny, the more I watched. I swear the animation looks exactly like Gundam Seed/Destiny even though it's animated by different companies. I thought I was watching Gundam Seed/Destiny as I watched the battles. They were overblown big time, and ridiculous. Heroic Age had potential to be great, but let things go down hill fast.moreless
  • The metaphor of a universe in war?

    Now that the show ended I think I'm fully able to write a fair review and point all the elements that make this show so good and so troublesome at the very same time.

    The first thing to be taken in account is the fact that "Heroic Age" tries to embrace a lot of different genres at the same time, going from sci-fi to drama, then to action/adventure, through some bits of comedy, romance and thriller. Actually, it can even include other genres, but no need to pinpoint them all. It's enough to say that as it is, the show fulfils very well its purpose of entertaining the audience. The problem, nevertheless, is the fact that throughtout the episodes some elements, storylines and even facts were changed. At first, too much is thrown inside our guts without one bit of explanation. Then, some information is given, but that amount is disrespected a little later, which beside other aspects pinpoint the undeniable fact the show was being made and changed while it was being exhibited.

    Because of this the action scenes of the Nodos - those overpowered beasts who were so powerful that I can't even imagine a full planet of them - are the carrier of the show instead of the message of peace and love in the core of a universe in war due to nothing else than fear of what is different. Quite something contrary to what it should be in my opinion. Not that I'm saying it shouldn't have action scenes, but that those could be differently conducted through the show.

    A shame since shows with a lot of action and little story are becoming the rule instead of the exception. "Heroic Age" is still above the majority of those shows thanks to episodes like the ending one and many others more, but truth needs to be told and a lot could and should have been improved before airing the show.

    The overall is that the show had a troublesome beginning, coming to a terrific middle just to reach a lot of stoic episodes near the excelent end. All in all, it pays off the effort of watching it.moreless
  • *Heroic Age* A Battle for the Soul of the Universe. To take back your Home, and your Identity. To fulfill your potential, and climb the Walls of Fate. Humanity must risk all that it has! To truly become what It's meant to be.moreless

    The format hits you right away.

    You know this story, or so you think.

    It brings Battlestar Galactica to mind. It brings many

    Anime to mind. But it has more to it then just

    the softness of your favorite old T-shirt.

    It's got vibrant visuals. With an opening

    monologue that is hypnotic and sucks you in.

    A massive storyline. With friendships, and romance. The Princess, and her Savior. She's Untouchable. He's Unstoppable! Both bound by duty to all of humanity. Locked in a battle for the Galaxy, for life and love itself! The right to exist when evil seeks you with genocidal plots. Seeking your home world which was ripped away from you. Now following the prophecy of the ancient (Golden Tribe). The Iron Tribe (Humanity) Must find it's Savior.

    The (Nodos) The strongest of the (Heroic Tribe) known as Bellcross who was banished and now exists only inside a young man named (AGE) who is Destined to become the savior of all Man-Kind! The good aren't always good. The bad aren't always bad. When you come up against the (Silver Tribe) enslaving other worlds, forcing sometimes good natured souls into battle for their own ends! And possibly the worst enemy (AGE) will ever have to face is the very people he is trying to save! Power mongers who seek to misuse him for their own gains. Jealous rivals who come to respect and admire him.

    He continues selflessly to fight for all.

    Even through their corruptions, and faithlessness. He sacrifices as if she (The Princess) is the only one he sees.

    Huge battles with Meccha that don't dominate the story. They just add to it in a subtle

    and surprisingly welcome way. Galactic BattleShips! Unbelievably powerful (Nodos)

    The only 4 left in existence are all contracted to kill (Age) the Fifth Nodos.

    But he is the most powerful of ALL!

    An epic struggle that doesn't let up. Non stop action which is full of story, and character development. Political intrigues. Plots, and power struggles. Destruction of Planets. Along With humor, and innocence that will bring a smile to your face. Welcome to HEROIC AGE!moreless
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