Heroic Age

AT-X (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Age
      Episode 26
      Using the powers of their subsequent Heroes, the Nodoses have fulfilled their Contracts, prompting the return of the Golden Tribe. On the other hand with the Bellcross becoming the key to the new world, Age has vanished from the face of the universe. What will the future lead to, behind the door that Age created?moreless
    • The Final Labor
      Episode 25
      The key to unlocking the secrets of the Tribe of Gold is found. The destinies of those who have been ravaged by war are uncertain as the hero of mankind falls.
    • The Last Contract
      The Last Contract
      Episode 25
      As Deianeira tries to figure out what happened to the Golden Tribe they are attacked by the Silver Tribe rebellion, which is led by Rom Rou. Just as things were bad enough Rom Rou is using the Cereberus, which is currently in mental chaos, to finally end this. In order to save Yuti (Cereberus) all 5 Nodos must enter battle and trust in their Heroes to not also fall into mental chaos, thus fulfilling their Contracts.moreless
    • Elysion
      Episode 24
      Something unbelievable has happen, all those lost in nothingness have returned to the universe. Also Deianeira has done what the Silver Tribe could not do and discovered the Golden Tribe's home planet Elysion. So now they must find the path to Elysion, through an abnormal magnetic storm; the true value of the journey is about to be tested.moreless
    • The Four
      Episode 23
      After Cereberus' decent into Mental Chaos, Lekti, Mehitaka and Age find themselves trapped in nothingness with their very existences hanging in the balance. Yet Age has knowledge from the Golden Tribe that will allow them to escape from the nothingness with the power of Four Nodos however they are short one Nodos. In the meantime, Deianeira is leading the guiding the Argonaut to Elysion but with all that is happening it may prove a tough task, even for her.moreless
    • 9/2/07
      After the negotiations between Princess Deianeira of the Iron Tribe and Purome of the Silver Tribe went well, the Argonaut is now on a journey to search for the birth place of the Golden Tribes "Elysion". The battle between the 3 Nodos rages on and if the situation weren't bad enough with Cerberus on the verge of Mental Chaos, Karukinus decides to rejoin the battle however this may end with a Nodos completing a clause in their contract.moreless
    • Planet Kodomos
      Episode 21
      With the Flagship and it's fleet utterly destroyed and all the other fleets being surrounded, all seems lost. Princess Deianeira decides to continue to Kodomos, the home planet of the Silver Tribe, to try and find out why the Silver Tribe hates the Iron Tribe so much. Meanwhile Age and Bellcross, Mehitaka and Arutemia continue to fight Yuti and Cerberus. Do they have what it takes to defeat the two and can they keep from entering Mental Chaos?moreless
    • 8/19/07
      The battles have come and with the poor organization of the Iron Tribe fleets, they quickly lose the upper hand nonetheless the situation only gets worse when the Silver Tribe's Nodos, Cerberus joins the battle. Will the Iron Tribe be able to survive as both their Nodoses join the battle, against the Nodos of Darkness?moreless
    • Sortie in the System
      Following their appalling victory on the Bronze Tribe's mother planet Taro the fleets are now heading towards the Silver Tribe's mother planet Kodomos, just as the Golden Tribe predicted. Trouble may occur for the fleets as they are up against the Silver Tribe, an enemy they do not know about. Meanwhile the Nodoses are discussing the labours of their contracts and the conflicting labours they each have.moreless
    • In the face of her brothers' violent lust for power, Dhianeila reaches out to the enemy in hopes of preventing catastrophe.
    • Retaliation Forces
      Retaliation Forces
      Episode 17
      With Mehitaka’s contract with the Silver Tribe terminated, he now decides to help Princess Deianeira, who is going to free his home planet from the Silver Tribes clutches. The split fleets are on route to the planet Nessus, when a terminal planet decides to resist the Iron Tribe.
    • 7/29/07
      Humanity moves to confront the Tribe of Bronze, but while Dhianeila works to inhibit the damage caused by her brothers, the enigmatic Tribe of Silver unleashes an attack.
    • Exceeding the Rules
      The Argonaut has finally reached their destination, Earth however recovering on the ship is Age and surprisingly the enemy Nodos, Mehitaka. What will happen once the two awaken? The council of the Silver Tribe are in deep discussion about the actions of the Iron Tribe and what actions they must seize upon them.moreless
    • 7/22/07
      Following the battle between Age and Mehitak, words are exchanged that could alter the course of the war. The other Nodos ponder harsh theories regarding the Tribe of Gold’s prophesy.
    • When Light Falls
      Episode 15
      Currently engaged in battle, the Bellcross (in Mental Chaos) and Arutemia are fighting in the starway and causing a fair deal of damage of along the way. With Commander Nilval back in control of the fleet, their previous dire situation is beginning to improve. When all of a sudden something unexpected has occurs and it seems that a star is about to explode. Is there even a ray of hope to get them out of this despair?moreless
    • Destructive One
      Destructive One
      Episode 14
      With the power of Alemantas now concerntrated in the present, the Bellcross ends up engulfed in the power, as it explodes however it also has an adverse affect on Lekti. The Bellcross decends into metal chaos and unleashes its fury on the nearby Neruneia. Meanwhile Meleagros' fleet has taken the battle to Mars, which doesn't turn out to be a wise decision. In order to save Age and the Yunos' family honor, the Princess Deianeira has finally decided to step in.moreless
    • The Raging One
      Episode 14
      Madness reigns in space as the battle reaches new levels of chaos. Massive destruction looms unless Dhianeila takes control of mankind’s destiny.
    • The Battle of Time
      Episode 13
      The Bellcross is engaging Neruneia in a heated battle when all of a sudden a third Nodos joins the fight, known as Alemantas. How will the Bellcross end up, in this battle against the flow of time? With the Silver Tribe retreating to Mars Meleagros plans to use this opportunity to attack, with the remaining fleet.moreless
    • 6/24/07
      Meleagros and Atalantes perpetrate an unthinkable act of violence which changes the face of the solar system forever.
    • Engulfing of the Torch
      Lord Meleagros’ fleet has made it to the Solar System and as they reach Jupiter they are welcomed by the largest Bronze and Silver Tribe fleet, ever witnessed, in the history of mankind. The Altoria fleet is being forced back by the overwhelming Bronze and Silver Tribe, so the Yunos brothers now plan to something unthinkable and destroy the moon “Io”, which will engulf the battlefield however something more cataclysmic occurs.moreless
    • Shining Star
      Shining Star
      Episode 11
      Of his own decision, Age is now a part of Lord Meleagros' fleet to recapture their homeland Earth and Deianeira seems to be the most affected by this. The battle begins and there are some concerns about Meleagros' method of doing things; as he is only using Age to achieve his personal goal. The Silver Tribe are also planning on what action must be taken towards this threat; because when more than two Nodos fight, chaos and destruction are the only outcomes.moreless
    • 6/17/07
      Meleagros and Atalantes find their plan to gain unrivaled power jeopardized when the Tribe of Silver takes incredible steps toward eliminating humanity once and for all.
    • 6/3/07
      The Argonaut arrives home to a hero’s welcome, but mankind’s savior quickly finds himself in the hands of warmongering politicians.
    • Lonely Hero
      Lonely Hero
      Episode 10
      With Age’s return, all the representatives of mankind are gathering together seeing that history is in the mankind, now that they have their Nodos. Now with the Nodos securely in the Iron Tribe's possession Princess Deianeira’s brother, Lord Meleagros is going to declare war against the Silver Tribe and all he needs is for Age to be a part of his fleet. Meanwhile Karukinus has just recovered from his injuries only to receive the order for all the Silver Tribe’s Nodoses to find and destroy the 5th.moreless
    • Return
      Episode 9
      Due to the help of the princess, the Argonaut was able to active warp and escape from the Silver Tribe, however the princess had to risk her own well being to do so, rendering her unconscious. Age continues to battle Karukinus, as the Bellcross and Age seems to be winning however Mehitaka disappears from the Azu-Azu fleet to aid Karukinus. The Argonaut and Azu-Azu fleet use mankind’s hidden Starway in order to return to their Home Planet, "Ruui"; nonetheless will Age ever return to them?moreless
    • 5/20/07
      The Azu-Azu fleet is holding off the enemy giving time for the Argonaut to escape from the Silver Tribe however their plan turns into a dire situation when Mehitaka/Arutemia appears on the battlefield. While this is going on, the Bellcross is still battling the Melnayer and the Bellcross seems to have the upper hand, but the battle rages on, onto a planet close by. After the destruction of the Hirugoto star, the Argonaut tries to active warp but the Silver Tribe is there to block their path.moreless
    • The Agreement
      Episode 7
      The Argonaut faces certain destruction as its enemies swarm the Cemetery Belt. As one champion takes massive risks, another savior appears.
    • Contract
      Episode 7
      The battle between the Bellcross and Melnayer continues, the Argonaut and its mechs fend off the Bronze Tribe, but Yuti Raa persuades Mehitaka, another Nodos, to transform into Artemia and destroy the Argonaut. The princess has the Argonaut go to active warp to escape; Bellcross blocks Artemia’s immense energy blast to help it escape. They get back to the Starway but another Bronze Tribe nest is there to welcome them. However, the nest is destroyed by the planet’s defence fleet, whose female captain is an old acquaintance of Captain Mobead. After much discussion, the female captain decides to join the Argonaut in its quest.moreless
    • Cemetery Belt
      Episode 6
      With news of the battle at Titarros spreading across the galaxy the Argonaut has been completely alienated by the other planets and now cannot rely on the Spaceway as a means of transport. Without help, they have no other choice but to follow the princess’ orders and have faith in Age. The Silver Tribe is already making their move and this time they are sending to Nodos and this time the battle will take place in an asteroid belt better known as the "Cemetery Belt".moreless
    • Nodos
      Episode 5
      This episode continues where the last one left off, five Bronze Tribe nest have appeared and are about to attack the Argonaut and Titarros in order to destroy them both. Meanwhile Age is on the planet, pursuing Karkinos, who doesn’t seem to have any obvious killing intent.

      The mind-blowing battle between Nodos has begun, but with the amount of destruction caused in what seems to be a test, what inconceivable thing will occur when it’s time for the real thing?moreless
    • Planet Titarros
      Episode 4
      Following the attack from the Silver Tribe, the Argonaut docks at the planet Titarros to re-supply. To avoid any unnecessary chaos about news of the Nodos, they try to hide Age’s presence. Iolaus is having feelings of jealously from all the attention Age is getting from Princess Deianeira, so he’s angry when he out he has to take Age to the planet surface. Instead of remaining inconspicuous, Age confronts Karkinos another Nodos vessel.moreless
    • Heroic Tribe
      Episode 3
      Age is being educated about the history of mankind, including the Bronze Tribe’s invasion less than a century ago that led to the fall of mankind and the loss of their home planet "Earth". While Age is exploring the Argonaut, the uneasy crew members watch idly, still in shock after witnessing the awesome power of the Nodos. While the Argonaut is on its way to Altoria, they are again attacked however this time it’s not the simple Bronze Tribe ants’ nest they are up against.moreless
    • Forgotten Child
      Episode 2
      After the destruction of his ship which he refers as “Mom”, Age is invited onto the Iron Tribe’s ship the “Argonaut”. A huge ceremony is held in Age’s honour however Age disturbs the ceremony with his antics that better resembles a monkey, leaving everyone to question whether it’s rise to rely on him. They soon learn again how awesome a power Age is as they are attacked, once again, by the Bronze Tribe.moreless
    • 8/5/07
      The Iron Tribe is currently attacking the Bronze Tribe's mother planet, Taro however something seems to be amiss as the Bronze tribe is fighting with all they have, even without help from the Silver Tribe. It looks as if the Silver Tribe has abandoned this planet, which is doomed to destruction for the Iron Tribe's victory.moreless
    • 4/1/07
      Princess Dhianeila guides her weary people through the cosmos in search of a prophesized savior, leading to the discovery of a potential champion on a desolate planet.
    • Star of Destruction
      There was once a people who called themselves the "Golden Tribe" who possessed many powers, including creating planets and seeing into the future. They then called on primitave beings, telling them to explore the universe. Three races were able to reply to their call; "Silver Tribe" the "Bronze Tribe", and the "Hero Tribe". Long after, when the Golden Tribe were about to move on to another universe, a new race replied to their call. This new race, humankind, was referred to as the "Iron Tribe".

      Now the Iron Tribe is on the verge of extinction, when they are finally able to discover the Ruined Planet of “Oron”, the planet that holds the man who will become their saviour. They reach the planet only to find a boy that calls himself Age, but soon after this they are suddenly attacked by the Bronze Tribe.moreless
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