He's A Lady

TBS (ended 2004)


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  • This was the coolest!I really enjoyed every single episode they made. And I loved the surprised looks on everybody's faces when they found out they had to dress up like women to win the grand price.

    There isn't alot I can say about this show, but all I really want to say is: it rocked! I didn't know that the men wouldn't know about the entire situation. I thought it was very interesting how the men were adapting to being women. I'm sure it taught them alot about togetherness (as in living together with a big group of men), bright colors and kind of how it feels to be pretty (or at least try to be pretty) all day long. It's an effort! I loved the final speeches and I just have to add this, the guy with the dark hair...who ended up second, can't believe I can't remember his name..He looks so much better as a woman than he does as a man! I seriously thought he would win, but like all 'beauty' pageants, it's not all about the looks. It is a BIG part of it, but it isn't all. They should really do something like this again, only especially to help the guys who have problems understanding that it is hard being a woman.
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