He's A Lady - Season 1

TBS (ended 2004)


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  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 6
    It's lights, camera, action as the stage is set for the He's A Lady pageant! Preparations for the evening begin as the men meet with a pageant consultant to work on their walk, talk, looks, and evening gowns for the pageant, and learn the different "do's" and "don'ts" when interacting with the judges. Each of the men are nervous, yet excited about the upcoming pageant, but are more than ready to pull out their best game! After meeting with the pageant consultant, the guys meet with a choreographer to work on the dance number for that evening. Offering yet another surprise, the choreographer announces that a few special guests will be coming along to give the guys a little extra support at the pageant; but these aren't any ordinary special guests! Each eliminated contestant has comeback for the big night, and will be acting as a back-up dancer to the finalists. The gang spends a great deal of time in rehearsals, and catching up with one another, and offering one another words of support and encouragement as time toward the pageant winds down. Six hours before the He's A Lady pageant, the men pack up and leave the doll house and arrive at the site of the pageant to have their final dance rehearsal on stage and to work on their hair, make-up and putting the finishing touches on their evening gowns and pageant costumes, in an effort to perfect their looks for the pageant. The big event itself starts out with a bang, as all of the men come out on stage for the highly anticipated dance number. All anxiety aside, each of the "ladies" do extremely well and have a great time showing off their looks to the audience and to their wives, who are seeing them as women for the first time. After the excitement of the dance number comes the evening gown competition and the interview sessions with the judges. Each of the finalists look absolutely fantastic in their individually designed evening gowns and blow the judges away with their warm, honest, and kind answers to the $250,000 question: "what, as a lady, have you learned about being a man?" Each man has truly learned a great deal about what it is like to live as a woman, and have truly come to appreciate themselves, and ladies in general, more than ever. At the final elimination ceremony, Donell/"Raven" is named second runner up, while Albert/"Alberta" is named first runner up, leaving David/Wynonna the winner of the first ever He's A Lady pageant and the $250,000 cash prize. The judges explain that it was David/"Wynonna's" heart, motivation, and willingness to throw himself into the experience one-hundred percent that landed him the crown and the title of being the ultimate "lady". WINNER David/"Wynona"moreless
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 5
    As the show begins, the men are shocked to learn that they will face their biggest challenge yet: making the return home to their friends and families as their "feminine selves." Each of them learns that they will take over the jobs of their wives during their return, including cooking, cleaning, running errands, and even hosting a dinner party. During their trips home, the men learn of the next "Dude Pass"/immunity challenge: baking a pie. The men will bake their own, homemade pies, which will be judged by three pastry chefs upon their returns to Los Angeles. The men grow increasingly nervous during the challenge, when they learn just how special this next "Dude Pass"/ reward is: the winner will be reunited with his wife for one evening, as they spend the night dining on the finest cuisine in town and relaxing in their own private, lavish, deluxe suite at the upscale Mosaic Hotel in Beverly Hills. While each contestant's dish is delicious and unique in their own ways, their was only one clear winner: David/"Wynonna" As David/"Wynonna" enjoyed a night on the town with his wife, the remainder of the men were left on their own at the Doll House, enjoying their individual beauty treatments and a slumber party. The next evening, at the elimination ceremony, the men have fun modeling their looks in a lingerie-themed fashion show; however, all of the fun and games fall short, when the guys learn that Donnell/"Raven" has been taping their private confessionals. Also, they learn of the game's next twist, as each man discovers that they will now have the opportunity to individually appeal to the judges as to who exactly they would like to eliminate from the house. In lieu of the recent discovery of Donell/"Raven"'s sneaky game-playing, all of the men state that would like to see him leave the game, as they feel that what Donnell/"Raven" did was dishonest, unfair, and against the morals of the game. However, the men are blown away to learn that the judges have not chosen to eliminate Donell/"Raven", but Cree/"Carmen" instead. The judges based their decision based off of the fact that Cree/"Carmen" has proven to be unable to keep his cool, or to keep from "flipping his wig" as the competition has gotten more and more tough. With this elimination, it leaves the final three men who will go on to compete in the final challenge: the beauty pageant. ELIMINATED Cree/"Carmen"moreless
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 4
    The men are asked to assist Cecilia and Lionel, a young couple, in planning their wedding, and receive a huge surprise when they are asked by the bride herself to be her bridesmaids. However, the men's excitement quickly goes downhill when Cree/"Carmen" begins to show his true colors, and his disdain for the latest challenge. In spite of this, the bachelorette party and the wedding itself go extremely well, and brings the men closer than before. At the wedding reception, the men learn of their next "Dude Pass"/immunity challenge: to catch the bouquet at the tossing of the bouquet ceremony. Once again, Albert/"Alberta" is named the winner, but not without a brutal fight. Albert/"Alberta" chooses Michael/"Scarlett" to enjoy the bounty of the "Dude Pass" alongside him, as they enjoy a high speed auto racing adventure. Meanwhile, the remaining three men are left at the house to endure a "Baby-and-Me" seminar. At the elimination challenge that evening, the men hold a fashion show, showcasing their own wedding gowns; Michael/"Scarlett" is put up for elimination for a third time alongside Cree/"Carmen", but for him, it's the end of the line, as the judges realize that there's no more fighting for him-it is just his time to go. ELIMINATED Michael/"Scarlett"moreless
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 3
    The men discuss alliances and voting tactics after the previous nights elimination; model Frederique visits the house and informs the men of their next challenge: a super-model photoshoot, where the man with the best photos after their individual session will be declared the winner; after a long, fun, and exciting photo shoot, the men's photos are judged and Cree/"Carmen" is declared winner of the challenge, thus receiving the coveted "dude pass" and the opportunity to go on a "most excellent" adventure; yoga booty ballet instructors come to the house to work with the men, while Cree/"Carmen" and David/"Wynonna" enjoy para-sailing; at the elimination ceremony, Dan/"Giselle" and Michael/"Scarlett" are put on the chopping block, but it's ultimately Michael/"Scarlett"'s popularity with judges that keeps him safe, giving Dan/"Giselle" the boot.

    ELIMINATED Dan/"Giselle"moreless
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 2
    The men see a variety of experts (including a hair stylist & makeup artist, personal shopper, a femininity expert, voice coach, and women's health specialist), all in an effort to help them act, look, and speak like women; the others are embarrassed by Ryan/"Sunshine" and his less than appropriate behavior when drinking; the men partake in a challenge to see who can do the best job of passing for a women, with Albert/"Alberta" coming out the winner and receiving immunity and the coveted "Dude Pass", giving he and a fellow housemate the opportunity to go on a high-octane adventure; the men nominate Michael/"Scarlett" and Ryan/"Sunshine" for elimination, but it is ultimately Ryan's lack of maturity in the eyes of the judges that gives him the boot. ELIMINATED Ryan/"Sunshine"moreless
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 1
    The men and their love ones learn of the He's A Lady challenge; the transformation begins, as the eleven contestants undergo a feminine makeover by receiving full body waxes, manicures, pedicures, facials, wig fittings, fittings for women's clothes, and makeup; the judges eliminate four of the men, while the remaining contestants move into their new home: the "Doll House".moreless