Hetelia - Axis Powers

FUNimation Premiered Jan 24, 2009 Between Seasons


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Hetelia - Axis Powers

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Based on Hidekaz Himayura''s webcomic, later turned into a manga and anime series, "Hetalia: Axis Powers" follows the story of Italy (as a personified character), a once powerful country who is turned into a pasta loving coward, along with his friends Germany and Japan among others (who are also personified countries) deal with many strange events that occur in world history.
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  • Well...

    I am actually a fan of Hetalia but I actually understand why people wouldn't like it. All I have to say is that you can't use this show as a substitute of a History textbook and the characters are stereotypical and need more development.
  • Pile of discrimiating s*1t.

    Really discriminating and infuriating to the countries.

    Plot: It's based on some webcomic, which sucks IMO. This anime is more of an attack show instead of a parody. Because parodies are just mocking the concept a little, but this one just went below the belt!

    Characters: With countries as an anime character, with a bad twist. Italy, always whines, France, one hell of a sick person, America, always hungry and eats a lot of burgers, and Britain, a bad cook, Belarus, an incestuous girl who wants to marry her brother Russia, and Germany, a serious character, best character in this show. They are really annoying, an insult to the countries! They are portrayed with bad traits! VA has some poor dialogues, but their voices are great.

    Humor: If I was going to make a parody on these countries, I would make it more quirky and less-offensive. If you feeling trollish, yes, go on. Watch this show, it's okay for those people who wants to troll, and hates those countries in my view.

    Art: Art really annoys me a little, Pokemon is better. Animation is good.

    Overall: 0.1. This show is just too offensive for the patriots and the men who served their own country.moreless
  • .....

    Well I guess there's an anime that is just as bad or even worse if possible than Pokemon, that anime's name, Hetalia-Axis Powers. Apparently it's based on some webcomic that tells of Italy, as a person, who joins up with Germany and Japan, who are also people, and deal with world events. Supposedly this show is supposed to be some sort of a historical parody, and while I don't mind those type of shows this one goes beyond being a parody and becomes an insult to historians and history itself. The characters are all terrible and each one such an insult to the country they represent. Italy is a complete coward who is always crying over something trivial. France is always being a pervert and idiot. England is going on and on about fantasy creatures, and can't cook at all. America is always hungry and eats stuff like burgers in every scene. Belarus is a whiny and clingy girl who clings to her brother Russia too much and she even wants to marry him! Gross if you ask me. Germany is really the only good character on this show considering he is the most serious of of the cast. I think sometimes even he wonders why he's on this show. The humor is also another huge annoying factor it's again offensive like the characters being portrayed. England never shuts up about fantasy creatures, Italy has to go on about pasta jokes, and the list goes on and on and on. Another issue that historians, like me, will notice is the lack of accuracy. Now I know sometimes you can't fit everything in there, but this is such an insult. There is no Nazis, no Hitler and no Holocaust. I mean you have got to be kidding me! These are some of the most historical things in the world and they are left out?! Does this show have no shame at all? The artwork looks horrendous to look at. While the characters are drawn nicely some of the designs seem similar except different hairstyles and colors and different clothes. The backgrounds are terrible to look at though. It looks like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, not an anime. The colors look washed out most of the time, and it seems there are some white spots in what look like areas should be colored. They even use stick figures of all things sometimes. Just how desperate were the creators for artwork?! The animation makes up for it and flows nicely in this show. This show is just one big insult after another in this show and it's a shame that this was allowed to be created at all much less given the green light. There are far better historical parodies that are not only funny, but historically accurate as well. Hetalia though does not do anything right in terms of comedy or historical accuracy, and will go down in history as the most offensive historical parody ever made and you are better off avoiding this show.moreless
  • Somewhere, a historian is crying...

    Let me make this clear now; I am NOT attacking the fans. Flame me all you want, but I'm only expressing my opinions on the SERIES, not the FANS. There. I said it. Now, let's continue.

    Hetalia - Axis Powers (or as I like to call it, Somewhere a Historian is Crying, like the summary says) is an alleged "historical comedy" webcomic-turned-anime series. Now, the reason "historical comedy," is in quotation marks is that this series is about as historically accurate and funny as... well, I can't think of a good metaphor to describe this. Bottom line; it's not accurate (wasn't exactly expecting that, considering the nature of the show, but there you go) and it's not funny.

    The first problem I had with this series was the characters. If you didn't know, they're all based on national stereotypes. For example, Italy is a coward, France is a pervert, England can't cook and America scoffs hamburgers all day. Oh, how so totally not offensive! Italy has to be my least favourite character. He's constantly whining and clinging onto Germany. Oh, and by the way, the word, "Hetalia" means "Hetare Italia", which literally means "Useless Italy". That is SO not offensive to Italians!

    Belarus is my second least-favourite. She constantly wants to be with her brother, Russia, in very scary ways. Also, she wants to marry him. Yes people, she wants to marry her BROTHER!

    Also, the choice of Nation-tans is (in my opinion), bizarre. How did Sealand, a micronation, get into this, while many African and South American countries didn't?

    Another problem I have is the art style; it looks bland. Half the time, the character designs look the same (with many characters sporting ahoges). I will admit, they do look cute, but it's just generic cuteness. They wouldn't look out of place of any other cute anime.

    Now about the historical (in)accuracy; the show mostly takes place around WW1 and WW2 (yes, during the latter, a time of great suffering for the world). During the latter, Hitler the Nazis, the Holocaust, and many other important figures during WW2, are not mentioned. Erm, I thought this was a show about history?

    The humor is, (how can I say this?), well... can be quite offensive, especially if you're patriotic about your country. Mind you, I think the representations of the countries can be offensive too. You should have seen my reaction when I found out Britain (my home country) was represented by a bad cook who still believed in fantasy creatures.

    At best, Hetalia was simply a mediocre anime that (in my opinion) got too much attention. At worst, it's just terrible. I will admit, it did have some potential, but it was completely ruined by the inaccuracy of the history, the poor characterisation of the countries (based on stereotypes) and the potential offensiveness. Besides, there are many BETTER historical comedies out there (that are more accurate to boot). Skip this one over.moreless

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