Hetelia - Axis Powers

FUNimation Premiered Jan 24, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Surveillance/Hello, I Am A Freeloader/Roasting Marshmallows/Chibitalia Part 5/Freeloader Taking Control
      Segment A: Surveillance The Allied Forces keep a close eye on their enemies, the Axis Powers, even in the middle of the night. Segment B: Hello, I Am A Freeloader Austria is steamed that Germany allowed to be with Italy for the war, and although Germany says that the more allies they have the better, Austria thinks that Italy is producing more white flags. Austria decides to show his anger to Germany by playing the piano. When he finished his piece, Austria asks Germany if he understands his frustration, only for Germany to say that his anger was expressed by the melody of Chopin. Segment C: Roasting Marshmallows Part 1 The Axis Powers make S'mores by the fire. Japan, never had them before, and was amazed by it's taste. Meanwhile, The Allied Powers are still in hiding, with America believing that he and the other allies are being made fun of. Because of this, America wants to start a campfire, much to the surprise of his fellow allies, England, France, Russia, and China. Segment D: Chibitalia Part 5 Austria is known for being strict on the young Italy, and when Italy refused to obey, Austria steps all over him, showing Italy's fear towards him. However, in reality, Italy has an on and off sort of friendship with Austria. This is shown when Austria was playing the piano one day, and Italy heard while hiding. Austria allows Italy to come in and hear him play, thus making him feel happy. Segment E: Roasting Marshmallows Part 2 The Allies have their own little campfire, only to be less enjoyable due to someone off-screen singing evilly, causing America to think that their campfire is calling out the devil. Segment F: Freeloader Taking Control Germany reflects back on a time when he and Austria were merged, thus Austria had to stay at Germany's place. Due to this, he (Germany) didn't wish go home to deal with Austria. Austria finds Germany's underwear on the floor which is the reason to why Austria is upset. He (Austria) then sews up the missing hole to make the underwear wearable, Germany didn't want to wear it at all. Then it shifts back to the present time, where Germany wonders what Austria is doing, only for Italy to point out that he was playing his piano on another part of the beach.moreless
    • Shouting S.O.S. At The Center Of The World!
      Segment A: Shouting S.O.S. At The Center Of The World!

      Lost on a deserted island, Italy, Japan, and Germany decide to find food in order to survive. Because of this, Italy was amazed at some of the fruit that Japan found. Afterward, Italy decides to go for a swim in the ocean, while Japan and Germany reflect on how amazing it would be to have a vacation near the beach, while waiting for help to arrive and take them back home.

      Segment B: Becoming Germany's Ally

      It's been ten days since Germany and Italy have become friends and allies. Italy wants to show Germany how he has come prepared for the war, only for Germany to find out that he only has pasta and pasta related food as well as white flags.

      Segment C: Becoming Germany's Ally (Take 2)

      Much like the last segment, nothing changed in Italy's preparation. Germany wants Italy to not think with carbohydrates, and to think with things that can actually help them in the war. Italy reveals that the only thing that could be useful would Niccolo Machiavelli, and his knowledge on tactics, but Germany doesn't feel that way.

      Segment D: S.O.S., Part 2

      Germany draws a flow map of the Allied Powers, called "Current World Affairs Vaguely Explained". The flow map shows each of the powers and how they do not work well with each other. While Japan and Germany were looking at the flow map, Italy made a sand sculpture of pasta, much to the amazement of his fellow friends.

      Segment E: Chibitalia, Part 4

      Young Italy is forced to work under Austria, and while cleaning floors, Italy finds the paintings Austria has to be amazing. Because of this, Italy wants to draw like he did once before, and paints a silly mustache on a painting of Austria using only a paint brush and ink.

      Segment F: S.O.S., Part 3

      Japan and Germany discuss what their team name should be. Germany, while having a conversation with Italy (off-screen) decided on the name "Axis". Japan likes the word, for it reminds him that the world turns on an axis, which later would become the goal for the team. However, how will they deal with the Allied Forces?moreless
    • Meet Japan/U-Boat Miniatures/Chibitalia Part 3
      Segment A: Meet Japan Germany meets up with Japan, a rather calm and quiet person, with a business like attitude. Japan agrees to allow Italy be a part of their group, the Axis Powers, though Japan is curious about Italy's unusual behavior when he sees him with a group of women around him. The trio then singed the Tripartite Pact, which occurred in September of 1940, before World War II began. Segment B: U-Boat Miniatures Because Japan felt the U-Boats shown in the blue prints Germany gave him were too big to do at his home, using technology, he shrunk them to a smaller size. Additionally, Japan said that the U-Boats come in 12 colors and that newer colors will eventually be released, while a popular Japanese voice actress does the advertising. Then, Japan shows the final form of the U-Boats, which transforms into a giant mechanized robot. Later at the hot spring, Italy wants Japan to shrink him much like the U-Boats, but Japan refuses. Segment C: Chibitalia Part 3 Spain is depressed, and it's all because of the war that is about to happen to poor Italy, known as the "Italian Wars". From 1522 to 1544, Italy was victimized badly and attacked many smaller countries. Because of this, Austria had control over all of Italy.moreless
    • Italy's Song/Italy Gets A Job/Italy Becomes An Ally
      Segment A: Italy's Song Italy decides to sing a song for Germany about how happy he is to be his captive. Segment B: Italy Gets A Job This event takes place after World War I, when Germany is forced to make cuckoo-clocks after France blamed Germany for starting the entire war. Despite having to give all of the money to France, Germany is happy that Italy isn't around him anymore... or so he thought. Italy comes by and asks Germany for a job since his family has become poor from their time in the war. Germany refuses, and sends Italy flying out the window. Italy, doesn't give up, and still asks Germany for a job, even if the pay is next to nothing. And with that, Germany gave Italy a job. Segment C: Italy Becomes An Ally It's now World War II, and this time, Italy wishes to align himself with Germany, but was unsuccessful in his first attempt, and was sent flying, just like in the previous segment. After being beaten and sent back to Germany's house, Italy convinces Germany to become friends and wants to start an alliance with him. Hearing Italy's words of kindness, Germany softens up, and decides to become friends with Italy, thus this starts the formation of the Axis Powers.moreless
    • WWI/Chibitalia Part 2/WWI Part 2
      Segment A: WWI Continuing from the last episode, Germany finds a box labeled "tomatoes". Thinking that it is suspicious, he poke the box and realizes that someone or something is inside. That suspicious someone is Italy, who was hiding in fear, wishing to not die in the war, begs to Germany to be spared. Germany asks Italy if he is a descendant of Rome (Italy's grandfather), to which Italy replies yes, and wishes to be friends with Germany. Believing that Italy would do something to him, Germany hits Italy with the handle of his gun, while Italy doesn't do anything except cry. Germany feels that his meeting with Italy was a chance of fate, even though he doesn't believe in fate itself. Segment B: Chibitalia Part 2 This part of Chibitalia involves how Italy became of victim of constant bullying from other countries. While Italy had such beautiful culture, the other countries were disappointed that their countries weren't beautiful just like Italy. However, since Italy was a very weak country compared to the others, it was easily invaded by France, and then later, others decided to join in and take parts of Italy for themselves. Segment C: WWI Part 2 A continuation from Segment A. Italy is now Germany's captive, but Germany is bewildered why Italy doesn't escape from him. Italy says that because he is fed and not picked on, that he is happy being with Germany for he is a stronger nation. Germany gives Italy an opportunity to run away, but after seeing some cute girls, he felt more comfortable where he is, and heads back to Germany's house.moreless
    • Meeting Of The World/Prolouge/Chibitalia Part 1
      Segement A: Meeting Of The World

      All of the nations have gathered at the World Conference to solve problems going on between fellow nations. America decides on the global warming issue that a giant superhero should protect the Earth. While Japan agrees, the other nations either disagree our simply don't care of the issue, leading for some nations to get into silly arguments about their pasts. Germany steps in, and wants to work the conference his way, which stops the fighting. Italy then raises his hand, which Germany believes that he has something important to contribute. However, Italy only says "Pasta".

      Segement B: Prolouge
      Germany tells the story about the Roman Empire and how he conquered the Mediterranean Sea and gained the wealth of the entire world. Then Germany remembers the day he went to invade Italy in World War I. While in the forest, Germany comes across a box that has "Tomatoes" labeled on it. The story concludes in the next episode.

      Segement C: Chibitalia Part 1
      Chibitalia follows the story of a young Italy, who used to live with France, but was taken away by his grandfather, the Roman Empire. While with his grandfather, Italy larned how to draw and sing, and wanted to show his new-found abilities to his friends, but when he returned, all of his friends wanted to become the Holy Roman Empire, leaving poor Italy upset.