Hetty Wainthropp Investigates - Season 3

BBC (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • How Time Flies
    How Time Flies
    Episode 9
    A clock aficionado suspects he's been handed stolen goods when two thugs bring him a valuable antique timepiece for repair. Meanwhile, Frank and Janet break Hetty's number-one rule by getting mixed up in a marital dispute. Oddly enough, the two cases turn out to be linked.
  • Helping Hansi
    Helping Hansi
    Episode 8
    Hetty is approached by Hansi, a German gentleman whose golden years have been hampered by a painstaking search for his sister, whom he lost contact with during World War II.

    However, Hetty passes the case off to Geoffrey and Janet, when it comes to light that this is not the only pain Hansi has been suffering. Someone at his retirement community has been making pointed references to Nazism at Hansi, something he had never been a part of. The person is going so far as to deface Hansi's garden in the shape of a Swastika.

    Hetty goes undercover as a potential tenant of the retirement community, where she comes into contact with characters that seem to come right out of the mystery novel she's reading: a regimental romantic, a frail woman who has remained alone since her fiance's death in the war, among others. All seem to have motives for harming Hansi.

    Geoffrey and Janet find Hansi's nephew, only to find that he is ashamed of his uncle's German heritage and prefers to continue hiding.

    Meanwhile, the military man's collection of Nazi memorabilia is placed outside Hansi's door along with loud recordings of WWII. This incident seems to push Hansi over the edge, and Hetty worries that with this and the ongoing search for his family, that Hansi might try something desperate.


  • A Minor Operation
    A Minor Operation
    Episode 7
    During a quiet hospital stay for surgery, Hetty uncovers a robbery ring run by nurses and helps clear D.C.I. Adams in a sexual assault frame-up. Meanwhile, Hetty's brother-in-law, Frank, gets mixed up with a lusty widow.
  • Pursuit by Proxy
    Pursuit by Proxy
    Episode 6
    Hetty Wainthropp represents a neighbour at a creditors' meeting and is asked to track down the director of a furniture store company, who has gone missing with the company's cash. Meanhile Robert is off to Australia on a complimentary ticket, while his brother Frank hangs around the detective agency.
  • Childsplay
    Episode 5
    When Hetty Wainthropp finds out that her young nephew, Tom, has been excluded from school for possession of drugs, she determines to prove his innocence. She goes undercover as a school-dinner lady while Geoffrey joins as a pupil, with a brief to get close to a gang led by the school bully.moreless
  • Fisticuffs
    Episode 4
    Two woman drivers are involved in a head-on collision. One of them punches the other in the face, then drives off. The victim asks Hetty Wainthropp to find her assailant and demand compensation.
  • Fisticuffs
    Episode 4
    Patricia Routledge stars along with Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan in the quirky crime series following the exploits of a sleuth who has come late to the game, to say the least. Hetty seeks compensation for a victim of road rage.
  • Serving the Community
    Called to investigate a string of robberies targeting Indian restaurant owners, Hetty herself is mugged! The plot thickens when Robert is the unwitting receiver of stolen goods. As Hetty delves deeper into the activities of the masked bandits, Geoffrey, sporting a stunning new hair-do, rides shotgun for her protection.
  • Serving the Community
    Hetty investigates a string of muggings of Indian-restaurant owners.
  • Daughter of the Regiment
    A military wife hires Hetty when a mysterious photographer starts stalking the woman's daughter and her fiancé. Tipped that an Australian is involved, Hetty and Geoffrey go undercover as "Aussies." They track down the mastermind and learn more than their client wants to know.
  • All Stitched Up
    All Stitched Up
    Episode 1
    When a teenage pyromaniac terrorizes a neighborhood, the police are helpless as frightened victims refuse to testify against him. Enter Hetty, posing as the Irish sister-in-law of one of the residents. Her plan: infiltrate the local sewing circle and get the lowdown on Lenny the firebug and his gang.