Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2005 on Sky1

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  • After the events of the first season, Cassie finds herself faced with the predicament of the Nephelim, which she also knows means that her child is still alive. And a new face arrives on the scene. But who is this mysterious new girl?

    Out of both seasons, the second season of Hex has to be my favourite. The first season laid out the story, the characters and the dangers. Here, it is developed more and the whole idea of the overall story comes to fruition. Cassie wonders what really happened to her child after she sees one of Nephelim - the fallen angels, and both she and Thelma know what that means. Azazeal is now looking after the child whom he as named "Malachi" which stands for "messenger". Cassie wants nothing to do with it, but is still confused about her true feelings. After finding out her child is still alive, and growing at an extraordinary rate, a new face appears at the school, who we find out is called Ella. But there is something not quite right about her as she can see Thelma and is acting very mysterious. It becomes clear towards the end who this new girl is and why she is here. In the final minutes of the episode, a lot is revealed. Ella has been stopping Azazeal from having a child for a long time as she knows what will happen if he does have a child. But as she says to Cassie and Thelma: "This time I was too late". She also explains the reason why the Nephelim are here and how to stop it all. To Cassie's shock, Ella's answer is: "We have to kill your child".
  • Devil Child, Motherhood, Bridging the Gap

    Season Finale, and BAM, we find out Cassie is about to have a love child. The bridge between the fallen angels and humanity. HOW fun is that? Of course the writers can't have any of that 9month Hooplah, so we find that Cassie is 'gestating' rather quickly. Of course, that's something that can only be accomplished on TV. It's alright though, since it IS the DEVIL child!!! Thelma is still around helping Cassie out and Cassie's getting all maternal et cetera ... blah diddy blah. As you can see this was not my favorite episode, I thought it was a bit slow. Cassie has decided to terminate the evil baby pregnancy, however, Azzy comes in and saves the day by persuading the Dr to deliver the baby and not tell Cassie. Really that Azzy is a stand up guy!!! What a savior!!!
  • Better than the whole of series one...

    Thelma: Malachi's a bit of a sh*t name isn't it? He's so gonna get beaten up at school.

    An episode that manages to better everything that came before it. A good story, great regular cast (with new girl Ella), and some nice moments of surprise prove that this is much more than a Buffy copycat. The lack of hype about anything is just so right as well. The script and direction continues in the same way when sex, violence etc comes on the screen, whereas in other series there would be dramatic music and stuff.
    Very good season opener.
  • A new season

    Very good episode. The introduction of Ella and the bginning of the end for some others.
    It is never really states what happened to Troy and his blonde girlfriend girl, but they weren't ever really part of the story anyway so they won't be missed.
    Poor Felix is just yet another person to get his heart broken by Cassie, but later it's ripped out by a Nephalim so I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been for him with Cassie. Well except for that whole shower scene bit, that was pretty painful to watch for him too. Ella's introduction is well handled and makes it very easy for her to be integrated into the show.
  • Poor Felix. What a shock

    I really enjoyed this episode. It has Thelma telling about robbing the morge ffor clothhes. Then Thelma finds the baby, who is huge. The baby and Azeal can both see her so she runs for it. I loved who she was so upset apout ruining her clothing. And cassie tryig to help her clean up and new something else was bothering thelma. Plus, we see more of those nasty things. Those things are following cassie around. Cassie goes and sees A. and sees her baby . She holds him briefly and gives him back. At the school, there is a new girl. Plus, she can see thelma too. At tghe bar, new girl hangs out with the popular group. Cassie talks with felix and they head outside. He confesses his love and she does the lets be friends speach. He accidently slaps her knocks her down. Then suddenly he is attacked and sliced down the abdimen and dies. The big ugly thing then crawls towrads cassie and sniffs her. Then the new igrl comes and kills it with her powers by electricuting itt.
  • Great start to season two, manages to rise well above the first season.

    After seeing the premiere of the second season of "Hex", I'm left with a feeling that lately has been reserved for few shows...such as "Lost". I've never been exposed to British series very often, but I took a chance with "Hex" and I'm glad I did. It's a fantastic series with production values better than some American shows.

    Anyway, the second season premiere was a strong episode, and was well above the quality of the excellent first season. Christina Cole manages to make Cassie easier to feel for and appreciate as a character more so than in the first season. Thelma's character is also more entertaining and isn't as annoying as she used to be.

    Some of the highlights of this episode:

    - The dream sequence at the beginning, where the mysterious new character Ella slits the throat of a young girl who has just slept with Azazeal. Ella looks genuinely pained to perform this task.

    - Felix and Christina form a bond, only to have Felix unexpectedly killed by a nephelim.

    - The scenes with Azazeal and Malachi. Despite the fact that Azazeal is an evil fallen angel, it's impossible not to like him as a villain. He's such a tragic character, and he completely takes over every scene he's in.

    Some things I didn't like:

    - The constant references to lesbianism. It's really uncalled for and distracts from the story.

    - Thelma is really weird when it comes to clothes.

    Overall, a great episode, and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the second season. A truly great UK series.
  • Hex is back and better than ever!

    Wow, what an episode! I sat down last night, ready to watch what I thought was going to be another OK episode. After the last (dare I say it?) slightly boring season, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Hex had the drama, darkness, and a little bit of humour, but it was lacking in something: Action. Luckily, this episode had everything, which make's it my favourite episode to date.

    First off, can I congratulate the special effects team! The CGI and action sequences were very well done and kept me on my seat the whole time; especially that Nephilim! That was one scary monster!

    The script was also brilliant, with some excellent one-liners and good character development.

    Speaking of characters; we've got a new one. A powerful, dark, and confident demon-hunter. To be honest, I didn't actually catch her name (I was probably too busy oogling at her!) but she's everything that Cassie isn't, which is a welcome asset. Lets hope the writers keep her in the show for as long as possible , and don't kill her off at the first instant.

    Despite how much I loved this episode, I do have some problems with it. First off; was all that blood and guts really nescessary. Abvously we needed some, or the show simply wouldn't be 'Hex', but I felt at one point that they were only adding it in because they could. It's the same for the nudity, did we really need so much?

    Anyway, a brilliant episode that left me gagging for more when the credits started rolling.
  • what can i say but omg!

    Great show worth the wait. Its starts off with being in the past cant rem which year and Azazeal has a girl end up pregnant but at the end of the night this new character called "Ella" comes into the room whilt the girl is sleeping and slits her throat. The next scene (present) Cassie wakes up with water being splashed in her face she hasnt slept for three days apparantly.
    Thelma is very worried about her. Cassie goes down for something to eat and there she meets ne of the nephalmis (honest i jumped out of my couch when i saw this) and then it flies away.
    The next day she sees her teacher and her teacher is all stressed and looks like she needs a good rest (explained later in episode).
    Cassie goes to visit the doctor who "helped" her get rid of the baby but he won't talk to her and she knows he is hiding something from her and tells Thelma she will come back later. She has a feeling that her baby was not terminated as she planned. As she leaves we see the doctor walk back into his office talking to someone who is revealed to be Ella!
    Later at night Cassie returns and finds her file in his office but on top of it steriods which raises her suspicions that the doctor is hiding something. Whilst she is looking for clues that her baby is still alive she heres something and Thelma tells her they should leave and phone the police. Lol so funny. Cassie then walks into a room and all you can here is drip of something. Then you can see above Cassie is blood and the blood drips on her. Then the body of the doctor comes crashing down in front of her (another jump out of the seat lol). He had died with having his throat being slashed the very same way the girl had before in the flash back.
    In the next scene you can see Ella leaving the doctors at night.
    The next day you see Thelma getting food out of the sweet machine and she sees the teacher running to a room trying not to be seen. Thelma follows her to see her take a lot of money of a safe and then getting what looks like tablets from a man. So Thelma gets in the car with her (rem she is a ghost and can't be seen lol) and finds herself to be at a church and finds Azazael with a toddler (Cassies child!!!!). Once Thelma sees this she runs out the church knocking a bin over and runs into Azazael. The next clip shows her crying in Cassies room and she tells her that her baby is indeed alive so Cassie goes to find Azazael.
    When she sees him, he tries to convince her to stay and she is having none of it. She finds out her son is called Malachie.
    The next day in school ther is a new girl starting her name is Ella! Whilst Thelma and Cassie look at her Thelma makes a comment about her and Ella turns round and looks right at Thelma and winks!! The shock on Thelma and Cassie was soo funny.
    That night Cassie goes to a party and everyone is having a laugh. It shows Leon (sexy Jamie Davis) and Roxeanne taking shots getting drunk and Cassie is in the corner when this guy she knows comes over talking to her. When he leaves Thelma and her notice Ella arriving.
    As they watch her Ella sits with Roxeanne much to the disappointment to Thelma lol. You can tell by now that Ella has a crush on Leon by the way she looks at him.
    Meanwhile Cassie goes outside and finds herself talking to the guy she was with earlier and he asks her out. You can tell by her reaction is that she doesnt think of him like that and she struggles to say it to him without hurting his feelings.
    In another scene you see Thelma following Ella into another room in which Ella asks her if she always follows people. Thelma is lost for words and stil isnt sure how Ella can see her. Before she walks away tho she notices scars on Ella's wrists which makes her look for Cassie.
    The next scene is Cassie telling her friend thats shes really sorry and she doesnt see him like that which hurts his feelings so much. He tries to run away with Cassie looking for him. He accidently pushes Cassie away and she loses her balances and falls to the ground.
    When he goes to apologise the next you see is the demon Nepheliam slash through him!!! (omg it was just as shocking as it sounds) As the demon makes its way to Cassie she is too terrified to move. It crawls on top of her and then hears something behind it. Its Ella!
    As it runs towards Ella she smirks and telekines lights around the demon and electrocutes it. (The graphics are amazing as it disentrigates) Cassie moves over to her dead friend crying her heart out and then you see Thelma arriving shocked at whats happened. Undeterred Ella states they should leave now as the party was dull anyway.
    The next day you can see her friends parents arrive at the school. Watching from the window is Cassie and Thelma. Thelma is telling Cassie it is not her fault when Ella walks in. Ella does nothing to cheer Cassie up saying that it is indeed her fault and they need to fix it fast. Cassie asks does she know how. Ella now leaving the room says yes, she is going to have to kill Cassies son!.....
    End of Episode.