Season 2 Episode 2

Death Takes the Mother

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on Sky1

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  • Death of main character and character development of others.

    Regardless of some minor weak points (which every series has) a top-notch supernatural thriller with some timeless messages. I do agree with those who suggest the killing off of main character led ultimately to the show's demise. Who knows. I wish we American viewers had access to the same footage as was originally aired on BBC UK.

    I am definitely going to follow the acting careers of the main characters. Particularly Christina Cole (Cassie) and Michael Fassbender (Azazeal).
  • NOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Noooo. Oh I can\\\'t believe it. That was so sad. Cassie covered up little Malachi so Ella wouldn\\\'t kill him and Ella hit Cassie with the knife instead. She got hit with it right in the back. Oh it was shocking. I\\\'m still in shock. It was just so surprising, it really was. But I guess I understand why she did it, she wanted to protect her son even if it cost her her life. I just wonder what the show will be like now with out her. I wonder whats going to happen. Well I guess we will find out.
  • Well I guess this episode about sums up why Hex gets cancelled:(.

    First, let me dry my eyes before I type my review. Even though the ending to this episode was both sad and moving it's still not enough to overtake the disappointment I feel in losing the main character of Cassie. I feel like there was still so much left to be done with her character and storyline but now we are left at an abrupt stop with unanswered questions. I mean, at the beginning of the series we starting learning what was going on in her life from the dreams, to receiving her new powers, and then dealing with her other classmates. Throughout all of this we also start learning the history of why all of this was going on...of why what was happening to her was happening and where the story would eventually end up. However, now with Cassie gone I'm not sure how interesting the rest of the story line can be other than if Azazeal's son does bring the release of the Nephelim. It doesn't seem right killing off such a main character and this affects me in such a manner as to possibily not watching the remaining episodes of the series. We already know it was cancelled anyway. I perhaps may still watch it for the other main character Thelma....I like her character as well. It just seems like this is another series that started off strong and just lost it's way. Such a shame:(
  • Cassie is told by Ella that they have to kill her baby. In order to get the baby she gets close to Azazeal again, they have sex and then she steals the baby she can't let ella kill the baby, so she jumps in front of the knife and Cassie dies.

    I find this episode unnerving becuase you spend the beginning of the episode cheering for Cassie to succeed, then i felt like i wanted Azazeal and her to get back together. Then i was happy when they were, and i was pissed when Cassie died. I loved cassie,a dn she was my favorite character. Plus, Ella's charecter just makes me angry, although i must say that it was very unexpected and they did a wonderful job in the surprise department. But, I don't feel that the rest of the season met up to standards without Cassie. i feel a much better story line would have been them raiing the child together. Better yet, to have Cassie give back teh baby, Ella still finds a way to kill the baby and then Cassie goes abck to Azazeal.
  • Great plot twist. Never saw it coming.

    Just when you think you have seen it all, they kill the main character. Of all the things I expected of this show, this was almost at the very bottom of the list. What started as a plain argument with your average fallen angel and the usual pretty girl with a lesbian friend has been slowly evolving until this episode's climax. I didn't like Cassie very much myself, but sacrifing herself for saving her child's life -not due to maternal love but just because Azazeal's persuasion skill- is a really good ending for the character. She hasn't any chance from the beginning: she was born to be Azazeal's whore, give birth to his son and eventually dying for it. This kind of pathetic heroine is not common at all this days, but bad ones have the right to win sometimes. Anyhow, Elle will kick the demon's ass in the end, I presume.
  • So sad!

    I can't believe they killed Cassie in that episode, it was sooo sad!

    We knew it would be hard for Cassie to go through with killing her son but killing her was harsh.
    I hate Azazael, don’t tell me he loves Cassie, she got killed because of him.
    From the beginning all of this is his fault, and that particular moment of course.

    Loved to see Cassie reaching for Thelma as she fell to the ground, oh my…what a short but very intense moment. No words necessary but their eyes speak volumes.

    She knows she’s going to die and who is she trying to reach? Thelma, her best friend.
    Then Thelma mouthing 'I love you' right before Cassie disappears in ashes was heartbreaking, how she tries to touch her but can’t.
    Once more what a demonstration of Jemima Rooper acting talent.
  • What the...?

    What just happened? This episode just flew past me and I didn't really take much in, so sorry if this review is short.

    Well, I have one word to say about this episode; wow! It was really enjoyable and had very good character development; especially Ella, although we still don't really know what she's all about...Who is she? What is she? How can she have been stopping Azazeal all this time? She can't be human, can she? If she's been stopping Azazeal for so long, why does she only look 18/19? So many question, which I wish would be answered (and the writers can answer some about Thelma as well, whilst their at it!).

    The special effects were really good, again, but the action wasn't as strong as I thought it was going to be, which was slightly disapointing.

    There were some nice parts in the episode as well which made it just a little more enjoyable; Thelma still joking, the part with Thelma and Ella in the church, when that body fell on Ella and Thelma!

    But the thing that really shocked me in this episode was the ending. Cassie's dead?!? That can't be right, can it? Well, it was touching none the less (she saved her baby. aww!), and it makes my anticipartion for the next episode sky rocket!

    However, It wasn't all good. For one thing, I'm still confused over why the writers needed to show us Roxannes flirting with the teacher/priest. Maybe it was just to fill up time, or maybe there's another suprise in store...
  • i have never cried so much over an episode

    OMG OMG I cant believe Cassie died at the end of this. I was in tears. And when Thelma tells Cassie she loves her was soo touching. Ella was dumbfounded at the failure of her plan and is in shock whilst Azazeal takes Malachi away. OOOO cant wait til next episode