Season 1 Episode 3

Deeper Into the Darkness

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Darkness, Betrayal, Dating

    In this eppy we sink a little deeper into the darkness and deception, Cassie is literally betrayed by her own mother, who gives her an amulet that doesn't allow her to see 'posessed' people. (Thanks ma!!!) We find out that Cassie is a descendent of the original witch that conjured Azazeal, which is simply creepy. In anycase, basically the writers are allowing the storyline to progress, Cassie is trying to date a boy, who Azazeal is trying to posess so that he can get to Cassie. Great writing, terrific dialogue, Thelma again is priceless in her role, and Cassie is about to be duped. *rubs hands together* I can't wait for MORE!!!
  • Good

    Puts the storyline back into action. Azazeal possesses Troy to get to Cassie and the possession transfers to her after she spends the night with Troy. Thelma is quickly becoming the bright spot in the show as she is the character with the most sass and she is more easy to identify with because she seems so much more in touch with reality than all of the other characters. This is only a bit odd as she is the only realy ghost on the show and therefore not in tune with reality at all.
    Cassie confronts her mother about her McBain heritage and we find out that Azazeal still has contact with Cassie's mother.
  • Cassie visiting her mum was heart rendering.

    This episodes makes me realise how important my mother is to me and glad to have her in my life. Poor Cassie has to deal with her mother being in a mental institution unable to take care of her own daughter... to make even things worse her own mother sets her up to fall into Azazeals plans by giving her the necklace to not see people being possessed just so that she can have some sleep!!
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