Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2005 on Sky1

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  • How long are we going to have to suffer through Ella and Malachi's unearthly courtship? And when will Hex finally start punching out the great stories again? Hopefully soon, but this episode doesn't provide a lot of optimisim in that count.

    When Hex first appeared on our screens, it received a great deal of notice. Critic after critic labelled it as the new Buffy, the darker Buffy, the British Buffy, the sexy Buffy. I didn't really see the connection. A dead lesbian ghost and the forces of evil and good is mildly different from a live lesbian witch and the forces of good and evil. However, maybe the writers of this episode focused a bit too much on the comparison, as it dawned on me, that the episode, boring as it was, was nothing but a cheap rip-off from Buffy's The Killer In Me,.
    Firstly, we had to agonise through yet another 'Ella loves Malachi but they're sworn enemies' episodes. Whatever! Both are supposed to be the perfect embodiments of evil and good, kick-ass warriors with immense fighting skills and duties within the world. What happens when Ella gets a little ugly? She locks herself in a cellar and cries. If they had told me that the amazing mysterious fighter would do that when she first appeared in the show, well I just wouldn't have believed them. But here we are, a few episodes on, Ella has already gotten old and had to die, now she's ugly and all she does is cry.
    Of course, it's a fairy-tale ending when Malachi declares love is blind, and that they should have sex to fix things. Sick-bag anybody? In Buffy, Willow morphed into her lover's murderer in utter disgust at her own feelings towards a new woman. A kiss solved everything. Luckily, in Buffy that episode was well-written, full of comedy and drama and riveting. In Hex, they just didn't manage it. I sat in boredom, waiting for the end, internally pissed off at Ella's pathetic response and begging the television not to focus on her OTT face. The only vaguely interesting part of this episode was the streak of light into the atmosphere, and that amounted for literally ten seconds of a fifty minute episode. So, all in all, not a very satisfying ep.
  • Not the Best!

    Not the best of Hex but i do think it holds alot to be said for what happens next! The whole Ella Malachai Leon thing isnt really what i thought it would be, i thought Ella and Leon should stay together and maybe ella would have more self restraint when it comes to Malachai. and maybe some more fighting between Leon and Malachai. i thought that it got a bit far fetched with Leon seeing ella and walking away, i thought he wouldnt mind, he was different! and i thought the teaser of what happens next was great i cant wait i just hope its more of a fast moving Episode!
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