Season 2 Episode 4

Ella Burns

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on Sky1

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  • This was the flashback episode...

    I just watched the whole Hex marathon and TOTALLY love it. I can\'t wait untill BBC America plays the next eppys...that\'s gonna be forever though, since it airs in the summer of \'07. Totally bollocks...Ok, maybe I really ought stop reading all the Brit books and watching al the Brit movies and tv shows.. I\'m startin to sound funny. Oh, well must be a side effect of watching BBC America for nine hours straight. Still though, gotta love Hex. It\'s utterly sensual, if creepy at times. You know, I\'ve been trying to get my boyfriend to dump me for a few days( I am REALLY horrid at dumping people, I just can\'t do it), maybe if I describe all the creepy parts of Hex to him he\'ll dump me YAY!
  • In this episode Ella discovers Thelma\'s betrayal and is slowly tortured by Azazeal - which causes her to remember the first time he tortured her centuries before.

    While normally a riveting show with twisting plotlines and engaging characters, I found myself disappointed with this episode, particularly because BBC America made it the season finale. Ella, always cool and in control, goes crazy in this episode (which is not easy to watch). It was also frustrating to see everyone follow Jez\'s advice (when Ella was the one telling the truth). The episode\'s only bright point comes when Thelma (good ol\' Thelma) saves her new friend. This moment is ruined however, as she is seen chasing the Ella\'s ambulance as it takes her friend off to the nut house. A chilling cliff hanger also helps redeem the episode when Thelma realizes that Jez can see her - meaning he is in league with Azazeal. While not the finest example of this normally excellent show, it was still fairly enjoyable to watch.
  • Houston, we have a problem. Ella has gone completely insane.

    This show simply gets more and more addictive. This episode was really great, twisted, and a bit disturbing.

    The stone that Thelma gave to Azazaeal in order to see Cassie is being used by aforementioned fallen angel to drive Ella insane, causing her to relive horrible memories in which she was tortured and tried for being a witch.

    Like another reviewer on this site said, the scenes in which Azazeal and Jez are in the church, coming up with evil and deviant plans to destroy good is pretty sinister.

    Jez has Roxanne spying on Ella for him, and she tries to get Leon to do likewise, but he obviously still has feelings for her and refuses.

    Thelma ends up giving Ella some pills that Jez planted in her room and it drives her completely out of orbit. She goes down to where Leon, Roxanne, and some others are trying to get high from drinking some kind of mushroom soup. She screams some stuff and passes out, and after being tied down in David's office and questioned, she is shipped off to the hospital...

    There were several scenes that seemed like a mix between flashbacks and delusions, where Ella was being tortured and tried, which were a bit confusing, but really interesting, and added a new element to the episode that made it all the more enjoyable.

    Everything that has happened or been said in the show before that seemed really pointless with no effect on the storyline is slowly beginning to piece together and make more sense, which I definitely like, and it shows that the writers have more sense than one would think.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode!
  • this episode was in one word amazing!!!

    I loved this episode. With each episode going by I am growing to love the character of Ella more and more.

    It starts off with Ella playing squash when she starts to get a splitting headache which reveals her past of her being tortured by Azazeal. Apparantly back in the day he wsa a witch hunter and he got Ella and tortured her.

    In present time (evil) Jez convinces Roxeanne to spy on Ella which she does without question. In class Leon (lovely hehe) is clearly still mad for Ella but doesn't want to talk to her as Roxeanne has sent round pics of him tied to a tree by Ella (wish she would send me a pic of it :P). Ella tries to talk to him but he ignores her.

    Later on while Roxeanne is spying on Ella, she sees Ella talking to herself unbeknowing that Ella is in fact talking to Thelma. She tells Jez of this.

    Meanwhile him and Tom and the rest of the gang are later on hanging at his and Ella bursts into the room delirious and out of it, she passes out. Soon a psychiatrist comes and tells everyone that he will have to take her to hospital.

    it goes back to the past in which thelma is there and sees Ella getting tortured, as Ella is about to get burned Thelma saves the day, however in present time Thelma couldnt get to Ella in time as she is being took to hospital while Jez walks up to Ella and mocks her.

    Can Thelma save her. Not only Thelma will be needing help she goes for it in drastic ways, by getting Leon!!!! (YAAAAS)
  • Do you know the best thing about being a ghost? No PMT...

    Wow. Just wow. I loved this episode! It start slowly, with Ella becoming more and more crazy as the episode went on. There wasn't much action/ special effects, and the episode was more or less just good acting. I did actually consider changing the channel at one point because it was moving so slow, but I stuck with it, and I'm so glad I did!

    We had a lot (and I mean a LOT) of character development for Ella in the episode, which I'm glad about. The thing about Hex is that the writers leave important things out, so that the viewer is confused. They did answer some- how did Ella know Azazeal, who is she- but the only problem is that in answer the questions, the writers only opened more!

    I have too say congrats to Laura Pyper though. She acted her heart out, making the 'insane' bits both scary and hilarious all at the same time.

    We got some more development for Leon and Roxanne which is always good too see, and even the bad guys got some character details added. We finally find out 'Jez's real name- Rameal- which I'm slightly disapointed about. It would have been good to keep us in the dark, but I suppose it's too late now!

    The flash back and torture scenes were really, really interesting and kept me hooked until the very end.

    The end of the episode left me eager for more. How can the good guys possibly win? Cassies dead and Ella's insane. The only person left is Thelma...and Leon.