Season 1 Episode 2

Life Goes On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Darkness, Intrigue, Demons

    More hilarious writing for the characters. Thelma's lines are funny and witty. We notice that Cassie seems to be getting a little wonky personality-wise. It looks as though she's taking risks that she normally wouldn't have done before 'the curse' of the magic fell upon her. Thanks to the writers 'nancy drew' like situations that Thelma gets into, we do find out more about Azazeal, (fallen angel leader) and how he was conjured and whatnot. The thing I really like about this show and this episode, is that it really does a great job of showing the 'light' vs 'dark' side of this magical situation. What I mean is that, while the girls and guys in school can be catty and mean, they aren't 'evil' it's just that they haven't really grown up yet. In anycase, the characters are becoming more developed and the storyline is progressing nicely. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • Slows down

    While Cassie and Thelma investigate the little girl who attacked them in the previous episode Azazeal continues his plans to get Cassie. The Headmaster and Jo discuss Cassie's situation and Thelma begins to enter the dreams of the girls of the school.
    This episode slows down the pace that was set at the end of episode 1 and because of this could cause the show to lose viewers as not much happens to excite.
    Sure Thelma finds the room where Esther was held many years ago and Cassie finally goes on a date, but it doesn't feel like a lot happens with the actual storyline of the show.
  • Not really getting this show a little to British very slow unfloding. Is this one long novel or will she fight demon weekly?

    Ok trying very hard to get this show. A big fan of Charmed and like Buffy aswell. So I am giving this a watch to see if it will be as good. So far it is not. I find it slow and plodding with super hot Cassie dress up like and old maid. I keep waiting for her to unzip the outfit and (tada) stripper girls jumbs out.
    Second complain is why not one wonder about her walking around talking to hweself jeez you think no one notice. Third I little explaintion please on why Thelma need money to get snack food and rofl she is afraid of a ghost what up with that.
  • i liked this episode

    it shows cassie trying to be normal and get troys attention but also trying to avoid azazeals charm but she is finding it hard. never showed much of leon tho :( i did love watching thelma in the episode she always has the best one liners. it also reveals a bit of the history of azazeal.