Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Cassie, now possessed, is more readily drawn into Azazeal's toils while doing everthing in her power to tease, titilate and ultimately torment Troy, Thelma and the general population of her school.

    Though intruiged by the series thus far, I wasn't hooked until "Possession" hit my screen and Cassie became a more interesting character, brief though it was. Formerly mousy, reactive and dull, she became the femme fatale of my fantasies, lending some cold allure to her portrayal of a girl possessed by evil. Her sexy new look and ice-queen attitude are too much for Troy (probably took the arrogant prat down a few pegs) and Thelma to handle, though Azazeal seems to like it just fine (even though he himself is initially snubbed by her, something I took deep pleasure in). A great perfomance which stands out as one of the best in the series, I sorely miss this shrewish vamp and hope to find another on-screen persona to match her.
  • Clever, Broody, Raunchy

    And now we've gotten into the good stuff, Azazeals plans are going full tilt. Cassie is now posessed and ready for the writers to give her a 'love' scene with Azazeal. It's amazing how much raunchier the shows in the UK can be as compared to the US ... however, I'm not complaining. I'm an adult, I can take it. I still think the writers are spot on in the pace of Cassie's obvious downward spiral. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens between her and Az. Thelma's role is a bit lax in this eppy as she's sort of become Cassie's Guardian Angel and can't seem to get anything to go right. She's broody and annoyed with the whole thing. We'll see what happens next!!!
  • Cassie is possessed.

    Cassie is now possessed and does things that she would normally never do. She breaks Troy's heart, flirts with Leon and the Headmaster and makes fun on Jo. Plus sh is overly cruel to Thelma throughout the whole show.
    She flirts dangerously with Azazeal and eventually sleeps with him after a cat and mouse game of seduction between the two.
    Thelma meets Peggy, a ghost who is working on deciphering a hiroglyph in the school. The hiroglyph contains some past history on Azazeal that should suprise some.
    Very good episode, not at all dull and definately leaves you wanting more. Good chemistry between Cassie and Azazeal. Once agian Thelma is a big bright spot.
  • This episode was fantabulous. This is exactly why I watch this series! Cassie and Azazeal were perfect in this episode.

    It was so enjoyable to watch. Michael F. andf Christina C. have great chemistry and this episode showcases that.
    If the later episodes just followed suit, the show would have skyrocketed.
    Thelma was great too. I love the friendship between her and Cassie. They have great chemistry too.
    The miracle grow baby was a lil cliche. But what the hey, the episode makes up for it.

    They dealt with the touchy issue of abortion too, very well. But I guess the UK isn't as high strung as it is here in the US. I

    I give this eppy a 10. Super!
  • After her passionate encounter with Troy in the previous episode, Cassie emerges possessed at Azazeal's command.

    Cassie seems to be a totally different girl but no one seems to realize why until Thelma gets a good look at her eyes. As the show says, "they're all manky", meaning bloodshot which is the sign of someone possessed. Unfortunately Cassie cannot see that she is possessed because she wears the special pendant Azazeal convinced her mother to ask her to wear which hides the possessed from her. Cassie begins to act like a completely different person. Going so far as to virtually ignore her boyfriend then kiss his best friend right in front of him! Troy of course has no idea what to make of Cassie's behavior but little does he know that Cassie has also been spending extended amounts of time with her fallen angel stalker, Azazeal. Bad news for Troy though considering he isn't even aware of Azazeal's existence. Azazeal on the other hand is enjoying the possessed Cassie. She not only comes to him when he beckons but they engage in a passionate encounter when Cassie finally finds temptation too much to handle. All in all a wonderful episode leading up to a shocking revelation.
  • i love this episode

    There has not been one episode of Hex that i have disliked. The main reason why I loved this episode is because it got to show Cassies bad side and even, dare I say it let hair down and do her own thing.

    Also the bit with Leon ... nice :D:D but i wish it was me with him ( hey I can dream!)

    Poor Thelma though being left out and Cassie giving her the cold shoulder.