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  • My Cult Favorite!!!

    Absolutely love this show! Saw the series once before. I am sooo glad the BBC is showing it now. Wish I had a friend like Thelma (dead or alive). If your into things like the supernatural you'll love this GREAT show!! Can't say too much about it. You got to watch, you'll love it too.
  • I loved this show

    Is it allowed to hope for a follow up show some time?
  • Hex, no Buffy or Charmed but an amazing show!

    When I watched the first episode, I was hooked. Although I live in the U.S, it still aired here, but not during the same time as it did the U.K. The plot was cool, Thelma cracked me up, Cassie was beautiful (wish she would have stayed on board) and Ella was kick-butt. Overall, the series was great, it's too bad it didn't continue. I read that it was canceled due to fans losing interest, what a shame. If I could have this show back on TV, I so would. I am both a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. The three shows are completely different, but amazing. Hex is my favorite out of the three. It still to this day gives me goosebumps every time I see Ella kick that Nephilim's butt in Season 2, Episode One. I love Hex!
  • To sum it all up in wave of a hand. Hex should have another series due to the way the show ended.How about all of a sudden Mallachi appears in front of Ella, Leon, and Thelma. Why not ? To many un answered questions for the show to have ended how it did.

    I thought Hex was an exciting show and they should continue on with the series.The ending leaves you with to much wondering what happened.To many un answered questions by many viewers and myself.I live in the U.S. and did not know that the show was airing and found the show by accident just flipping through the channels and was immediately hooked.They gave up to soon they should have gone on with the show. It was one of my favorites and I rate it a 10.I had my favorites like Thelma I loved her hair and the way she dressed and Ella D so mysterious loved her clothes also. Azazael very sexy but wouldn't trust him for anything I literly mean anything. I believe that Ella should have cared for Leon more than what she was putting on. They should start a new series where Ella,Leon,and Thelma were last seen where the rock starts to bleed ;you know that its not over so why stop the show there?All those incubis and sucubuses burned in the fire well if they are demons they can walk right out of the school as though there is not a burn on them.They should also show agood few angels I know Raphael was there in a few episodes . Why not throw in a vampire but one that can walk in the daytime too.Two heads are better than one so maybe if the fans give ideas on how to go on with the show or how the show should continue;maybe the producers or the writers would bring it back.There are all sorts of windows that could be open to start the show where it left off. I know its sad that they just let the show deminish like it did with every one clinging to the tv set and then the last episode with a strange ending.Why didn't they just end like when Ella Leon and Thelma were sitting or laying there licking there wounds than Mallachi and his demons come up and take them all to hell. At least that lets you know there gone forever.But we can't get rid of the last three remaining good ones , lets just leave everyone left in the dark to assume on there own what happens next. Great series but not so good ending.It would have been nice to see Ella D do away with Mallachi for ever but it looks to me like Mallachi got the upper hand cause he is still alive.In hell or not he is alive.
  • A story based around a British boarding school which has a history with a "fallen angel". A battle between good and evil emerges, drawing in new characters, especially in the second season.

    Recently I hired out the entire series of Hex and watched it over a few days, as it is a relatively short series. I had heard rumors about it, and I was reasonably hopeful with this show that advertised itself as a cross between "Charmed and Buffy".

    It started of reasonably promising, although albeit slow. I was expecting to be thrown into a world of action, but at the end of the second episode not all that much had happened. Cassie, the main character, is uncharacteristic for a female lead, as she is somewhat weak in personality and does not see to bind the show together. I did not identify with Cassie, or feel any real emotional tug towards her, or Thelma, the other main character. Out of all the first season characters I feel that Azazeal was the most realistic and solid. I felt that the others were not too decided about where they stood, or what their priorities were, not just in the characters mind, but in the writers minds as well. Many of Cassie's reactions to a lot of what happened were not typical of a teenage girl, or even a human. She seemed irresponsible and uncaring. In the second season the show made some improvements and some mistakes. Bringing in the character of Ella and removing Cassie was a brave move, one that not many series do but I do not feel that Hex totally pulled this off. Ella was a much stronger and an overall better character than Cassie, but I feel that they introduced her too suddenly and she was universally accepted too quickly. Also, removing Cassie was almost undermining that entire first season, making the second season, which seemed to want to expand heavily upon the first, stand on shaky ground. The other large mistake was to remove Azazeal, who in my opinion was one of the best characters and replace him with an unlikeable and unappealing character (Malakai). Another was completely changing the character of Leon and not using Roxanne much at all. After all the screen time and development she received I expected her to be used much heavier in the future, which she was not. A major flaw of Hex was it relied heavily on mythology, but at the same time not doing it true to life (or the bible) at all. Examples include the Nephilim, Azazeal etc. While it is acceptable to 'borrow' concepts and make them ones own for a series, Hex seemed to steal direct mythology and destroy it a little too much. A little effort and this could have been avoided. Overall I was disappointed with Hex and felt that a lot more could have come of it. I feel its potential was wasted mainly because of poor plot lines and execution, which was unfortunate because it had a decent concept and competent actors.
  • Its surely no Charmed...

    I've actually tired to watch this show first off its very confusing I don't know what the hell is going on AT ALL!its sorta boring..I haven't seen anything really happened its just not my type of show..it doesn't seem too bad though..check it out you might like it!but I watched the first two episodes and really don't plan on watching anymore at first I saw that Charmed had influenced the series since Charmed is my all time favorite show I had decided to just check it out but its really not what I expected..not my thing but as I said you might wanna check it out because you might like it..I just don't..the actors aren't bad or anything its just kinda boring and confusing..nothing really seems to be going on..idk
  • A fallen Angel finds his way to open the doors into the demonic world by the use of a young innocent decendent of a witch.

    Although there have been many sci-fi attempts for TV listings, I have to admit, Hex has become a personal favorite. I've only seen the first 10 episodes, but I have truly enjoyed how unique and well written this show is. Each episode can not only stand on its own, but adds drama and humor with the fantastical world of fallen angels, demons, withcraft and the spiritworld, without so much as a hint of the blandness so many shows offen nose-dive into.I truly hope this show continues to grow in popularity as the basis continues to grow as well. I look forward to seeing the 2nd season!
  • Demons and boarding school

    I really wanted to like this show and I liked parts of it, but for every good moment there were two or three bad ones. Maybe because I'm American and this shows British, but a lot of the comedy was lost on me and I think I was laughing when things weren't suppose to be funny. That being said I really liked Thelma's character and it is nice to see a lesbian who plays outside of the stereotype, but in the last season she was so annoyingly selfish it was a little hard to watch. Cassie was also a very perplexing character who I felt was too easily hateable which works on some shows like Meredeth on Grey's or Buffy on Buffy but here it was just annoying. My favorite part of this show was Ella and Malachi, Leon to me was an annoying waste of time and I think they belonged together, evil or not. This show should of been much better, but it was good for what it was.
  • Hex is a wonderful show of witchcraft and fallen angels that ended long before it should have.

    As an American, discovering Hex, and then actually finding it so I could watch it was difficult, but I had a feeling seeing this show would be worth the search. When I finally found the show, the only thing that disappointed me was its short lived air time. I have never before heard of a season that lasted only FIVE episodes! The first season of Hex was incredibly short, but somehow felt like a prologue, paving the way for Ella Dee's battle against Malachi in season two. Cassie and Thelma's exploration into the world of evil, magic and fallen angels felt like an introductory for us, the viewers before season two came in, intensifying the danger of this other world by ten. My only complaint is how the show ended so abruptly. I was very disappointed because I was expecting a showdown between Ella and Malachi, I was expecting closure. There was no showdown however and there certainly wasn't closure. The last we see of Malachi is when he's sacrificing that girl in a burning building, and upon her death the school is over taken by flames. Did he and his followers die in the fire? Were only his followers harmed and he still lives not caring of their lives? Also, what about that symbol that appeared on the stone in the very last shot? There were too many unanswered questions for the end to be any good. It left way for another season but there was no other season. Other than its abrupt ending, I thought the show was wonderful and I would recommend it for anyone interested in the supernatural.

    this show hex is great because it is new and i do love charmed and buffy but those shows are old!!!! and this show was new!!!! i have watched all of charmed and buffy and i was getting tired of watching them all the time so put hex back on the darn tv!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!! so now please put this show back on!!!!!!!! i can't live without this show!!!!!!!!!! it rocks and it's different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time you even think about taking a show off the air find out how many people like the show hex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love hex!!! hex all the way!!!!
  • This series is not Charmed/Charming.

    When i initially saw a traqiler i reckoned that it could be fun, especially after Charmed ended.
    I was so wrong. The series seems to be the work of an adolescent boy with Lesbian fantasies. Too much focus towards girl on girl action. The women are too cliche and all the men seem to be teenage wan-kers.
    The main character is not bad, but too soft. The dead roommate is a lot stronger and better played too (even when dead) Last but not least, the teachers are too soft. The headmaster seems to be cast the best, and you might recognise him, it is evident that this man has decent big screen experience.
    Several characters are a joke and the story misses out a lot. Oddly enough, the part that is strong is the actual storyline. It is not the most original one, but still pretty well written. The story picks up stronger in Season 2. Watch this if nothing else is available.
  • The characters in the show to me where good, lots of differenet events going on at once to keep you guessing.

    I missed half of the first year, but I though it was very good. And the secone year was great to, just wish they did cancel it.I could see a lot of new things coming up with the way it ended. one would have been a coming of age for Leon and it would have been nice to see just how ella cold come up with new way to kill malachi and if there was away to keep thelma around after he was deed. And with some of the new characters that came in in the second sesson waht could be done with them as well.
  • Amongst many bad reviews, here comes a fairly good one...

    I enjoyed Hex, it had many flaws that desperately needed working on and if they had continued the series it may have become so much better! I'll start with the bad things about the show. Firstly the first series and the second series were completely different from each other, to me it felt like a completely different show. Characters changed drastically in the second series, Leon from nasty rape attempting bully to the sweet saviour we saw, Roxanne from the whore queen to the willing holy sacrafice... and the changing of the two key characters Cassie and Azazeal to Ella and Malachai.

    Not only the Character changes annoyed me, the whole idea of the story seemed to flip around.

    After only just getting around to watching both of the series I can understand why people are putting the show down, but I still enjoyed it, I liked the whole idea of it and I think with time it could have gotten better, and at the end of series two I felt it was really going somewhere, it was a shame to have ended it when it did. I would have liked to have seen it go on.
  • Not very good

    I've watched the first 7 episodes and I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen. So far the only time I wasn't bored was when Felix was killed (and when he was naked). I don't have all the episodes recorded, I missed the last few, but now I'm not regretting it. I'll make it through the ones I have (13), but at this point I have no interest in getting the remainder. If BBCA replays it some time, maybe I will just watch it till the end, but it certainly isn't a 'keeper', and nothing I'd waste money on buying the DVD.
  • One of the most brillant supernatural shows ever created. I love Luara Pyper & Jamima Ropper their two lovely and beautiful women

    The best thing that I will like to state about Hex is that the show was some what an intectually stimulated with historical orginality based on demonlogy. Hex also contain to of my favorite english acotrs Laura Pyper is an Irish actress from County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Most notably she has starred in the second series of the Sky One UK supernatural Television series Hex as Ella Dee. She also played Vicky Nobel in the 2004 Irish film, Headrush. Additionally she featured in RTE's hit comedy Bachelor's Walk. She also played in Reign of Fire. And Jemima Rooper (born 24 October 1981) is an English actress.Rooper was born in Hammersmith, London, England. She attended Redcliffe Primary School in Chelsea, London and then Godolphin and Latymer girls' school. While working on The Famous Five she passed eight GCSEs with A* and A grades. From there she went to Sixth form college where she got three A-grade A levels.She expressed a wish to be an actress at the age of eight and contacted an agent. Her first professional roles were in the 1993 film Higher Mortals and the 1994 film Willie's War. In 1996 she appeared in all episodes as George in Enid Blyton's Famous Five.
  • I want more,last epicode left us hanging,Its so sad all the good shows dont last and the crap lasts forever,I guess there's more uncool then cool people in the world.

    Great show had scifi,dark comedy,action,horrer, evan a little romance. well done. IM ready for season-3. give me more im addicted.I think if more people know about the show it would have lasted,becouse anyone who sat down for 3epicodes would be hooked.Anyone cool any ways. the only thing i regreted was when they killed off miya the lesbian ghosts girl friand,poor thing they chopped off her bloody head lol. it has somthing for every one in it.
    I gotta give the people at Skyone network a big thumbs up for airing this show,but a giant thumbs down for taking it off the air!!!!
  • Good, evil, witches, death and Azazeal mix together on the ground of an English posh private school. But why?? It is never explained why. Why they torture us with this show.

    It is supposed to be a sort of fantasy/horror flick show, but spare me. Showing monsters once in a while doesn't make a show horror, not even a fantasy. You need firm plot, great, lasting characters and, most importantly, reason for the things to happen. Al the things Hex lack.

    This show is as uneven as my grandma's skirt. First of all, it lack the explanation. I don't expect to have everything showed and logically expleined in the form of chart, but why oh why did it all begin? I miss the simple explanation why it happened. Not to mention - why it happened to Cassie? Something stronger that her family ties, that are even not explored in the show.
    The characters appear and disappear with the frequency of a tennis ball. It is never explained why they do what they do (I mean the crazy stuff). Not to mention that the whole possesion plot dfoes not make sense with Cassie still falling in love with Azazeal. Oh, right, we don't know if she actually fell in love with him, because the show fails to show it! But the worst flaw of this show is its inconsistency. One peisode treats about one thing, and in anothert one they allact like nothing happened. It used to drive me crazy, not I just remember that this show is not suppose to explain and be reasonable.

    The best thing about the show is Thelma. She is the reason why I keep watching. Jemima Rooper just thrives in her role and brings her character to life (ummm, to death?). She is funny, she makes great faces, she can really play her character's feelings. I rooted for her and Cassie, although I hated Cassie for her ignorance, but I wanted Thelma to be happy.

    If you want to see good acting, great actress, great lines - turn to Hex only to see Jemima Rooper as Thmelma.
  • This show has/had so much possibility. I feel like the characters are weak and there is alot of nothing going on for alot of the time. There needs to be more passion and characters you really care about. Buffy TVS made you care about the people. BUFFY

    Hex is slow, but has great possibilities. The writers need to get it together. Maybe it's a British thing, show little emotion, go for long periods where nothing really happens.
    I just don't care about the characters. Check Buffy the Vampire Slayer for great character development. That was a show where you became emotionally involved with the people. You wanted the best for them. They became your friends, and there is nothing like a female heroine who is super strong and powerful, but not afraid to show her fear and vulnerability to the people she loves the most, her friends.
  • Pretty decent show.

    So Hex is my guilty pleasure and it took some convincing but I managed to get the DVDs and watch both seasons, and now I love it!

    I tend to view this first season of Hex as more of a prologue to season two which is where all the real action is. Admittedly, I was sceptical about watching Hex again. I had seen it way back when it was on TV, but I never quite enjoyed it then. The premise is this: an unpopular girl wants to be noticed and feels very powerless as she is teased by the popular kids. But fate steps in and she gains powers that tie her to the past and to the future of the Nephilim (fallen angels). Its a nice theme for a paranormal series and the remote mansion-school setting helps to create those links to the past; this seasons sees Cassie discover her powers and form a relationship with Azazeal a fallen angel, among everything else that's going on. So, when I watched it on television I didn't particularly like Hex mostly because I was confused as to the premise; why? Because I didn't pay any attention when I was watching it! The show does explains things in a more visual way rather than with reams of exposition. Another thing is the pacing; the show does move very slowly and I'm just not at all used to that. But the slightly slower pace is part of its charm and increases the horror film-like tension. Hex is light on the special effects and action but the dialogue is good. I am terrible for nitpicking dialogue and expression (I've been spoiled by Veronica Mars and Buffy for snappy dialogue), but they do the dialogue very well on this show. Thelma is probably the best character this season - she could easily carry this show. The other lead is Cassie; she however is far too submissive, never knowing what she truly wants and always bowing down to what other people ask/tell her to do; and therefore is rather weakly motivated. The supporting cast are good (aside from that awful Troy person, thankfully his contract was not renewed for season two!), notably Azazeal, Roxanne and Leon who we all will see more of in season two. The writers do a good job of balancing quite a large cast and layering in some interesting subplots along the way. The cinematography and direction for this series are some of the best I have ever seen; every episode is wonderfully shot, alive with atmosphere, depth and scope. I have to address the Buffy comparisons made with Hex. While Hex is very good, it's simply not that good. That's probably what put me off the series, because Buffy comparisons are never justified. In fact the only show worthy of its Buffy comparisons was Veronica Mars. Overall Hex is very different to Buffy, for a start its wonderfully British and is decidedly true to itself in terms of setting and story. Comparisons with Supernatural are probably more appropriate as this show is probably as dark as that one whilst still retaining a lot of humour and realism throughout, which is what Supernatural does. While this show was over hyped in the beginning I have to say that the second season is fantastic, the quality of writing is much better and the faster pace serves it well. So season one is worth watching for what I would note to be an introduction to some of the main characters and the premise.

    Overall season two is the best season... especially with the introduction of the new character Ella, and bigger roles for Leon and to a degree, Thelma. I reckon the best way to enjoy this series is to not take it too seriously, don't get me wrong it's intelligent but I see Hex as more of a dark 'supernatural-dramedy', meaning a comedy-drama. If you spend hours trying to work out the lodgic/motive of the writers you'll never like it. But it'll never be as good as some stuff out there, it is worth the watch.
  • This is a good show... about hevan and hell and their holy war... in a way.

    This show is about a girl who just finds out that her family's women are witches and that she has powers... she discovers telepathy. But thats not all... now that she has discovered this power of hers she is being stalked by Azazel. The leader of the Fallen Angels and a subordinate to the devil and thats not all. He is trying to seduce her. He want a child wiht her but with that child will come the end of his reign for this child will bring forth the rest of the 200 fallen angels in to the lands above.
  • We need a third series! We need closure!

    A fantastic show. Mind-blowing in fact. Far better than Buffy or Charmed, the two shows I've seen it compared to on the net. It sticks to the point throughout the short run it had, something shows rarely do these days, but it ended far too prematurely. We need at lot more shows like this. Shows that aren't willing to sell out to runs of 10 seasons or more and completely loose the plot mid way. But we need a third season to finish off the storyline for good, that is my only complaint regarding this refreshingly unique story.
  • A gem, Suspensful, Magical

    This show is a gem. It was a very short-lived show, but it's absolutely fabulous!!! The suspenseful plot is incredible, the characters are divine, and the villian is amazing. There's some serious mojo going on in this show. Magic is running rampant, and fallen angels are trying to take over the world. I really think the show would have taken off had it been aired in America before it was cancelled. We all do like our demon hunters and this show proved no exception in my book. It's the Buffy the Vampire Slayer of the UK. I think the show was really well written, the characters were well cast, and the plotline was solid. It's too bad we can't have more of it. Once again ... it was a diamond in the rough!!! Five Stars!!!
  • its so sad to see great shows like this one cancelled i love supernatural shows like this one hex,buffy angel u get the picture. Those people are so stupid for cancelling it to early shame on the network shame i real want it to comback heres hopeing.

    its so sad to see great shows like this one cancelled i love supernatural show s like this one hex,buffy angel u get the picture this people are so stupid for cancelling it to early shame on the network shame i real want it to comback heres hopeing. It is i hope it gets put on 2 dvd and sold because i will bye it i loved thelma what a gal she was so sweet but sacrificed :(:( and as 4 cassie she left early in the serries hum i wonder y that was and the hunks yumm yummy. :)
  • I loved this show. What more can I say?? It was totally awesome.

    I felt that this show pleased all my needs. I am such a sci fi buff and I love anything that has to do with magic. Totally an awesome show. Bring it back. I dont know why they took it off air cause as far as I know it has gotten nithing but good reviews. I think my favorite character is Ella Dee and the courage she has to save the world from the End of Days. Although she had her ups and downs she came right back and relized what she needed to do. She stayed strong and hung in there. Also, in the end she finds out what really mattered to her (love wise) and finally stood up and showed it. I give this show a 10 out of 10. Was very upset to find out that they cancelled it after season 2.
  • So Im playing Spin the dial and dropped in on this great show.

    I wasn't sure of what I would be doing today. Dropped in on an early episode of Hex. I love Thelma. I would love to have my very own Lesbian Ghost.

    I thought the show was a lot like Charmed and then I watched about 4 more episodes and I think it stands all by itself.

    I love the leather and alternative life style. Being a member of the leather community I love the exposition on this program.

    And it had a fairly good view of where its at. Now all I have to do is find out where I can catch the other 15 episodes that I have missed.

    BTW: I loved Ellas torture etc.

    Dam Lorac
  • A fantastic fantasy show. With a touch of scary.

    I was first introduced to this by my father who bought the DVDs and I was instantly hooked. I think that the story line is brilliant and i love the way that they have mixed fantasy with horror with thriller and this is the only tv show i watch that has this brilliance. i love the fantasy, i love the horror, i love the story line, i LOVE the characters and i love the way that the characters interact with each other. i also love the way they introduce many ideas that mix the story up a bit like the way cassie, the good guy, is completely in love with azazeal, the bad guy. Basicly a fantastic show with too few episodes.
  • Yet another classic show prematurley cancelled!

    As someone who doesn't think a lot of british TV I thought this show was abolutley brilliant! Finally an english show with an original idea, a gripping plot and a fabulous cast and totally supernatural. But like many other great shows, it got chopped! And whats worst was left on a major cliffhanger no less. Are we just too dull in this country for something this spectacular? Are we really doomed to keep trifling out the same old crappy soaps and dramas such as Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Bill and all the others that are exactly the same but with different characters? When is it time to let the original works like Hex become known? It was barely advertised, is it any wonder the ratings never rose, when this country is being brainwashed into being mindless sheep, copies of each other with no original thoughts or ideas. When will we be ready for shows that actually require thinking? How is it that so little people can be pulled into the intreague of a supernatural show like this. To me personally its mind boggling how anyone can possibly overlook it!
  • Brilliant first season that got my hopes up, sadly the scriptwriters could not keep up the pace.

    Warning!!! This review may contain spoilers.

    The first season had a great balance of darkness and light. Being starred by a leading actor that could actually act, it was giving this show everything that Buffy was missing. But just as we get to know and like our characters and want to see them develop scriptwriters or company throw in the towel and drops the soft patches for new "cool" action American style with gory (O I am SO scared [irony]) monsters removing all hope of British quality replacing actors with faces or rather actors that can only do two faces. Sadly the plot was still good or I had invested to much time too drop it and I had to watch this show plummet from a brilliant to a mediocre show. To be honest I hope they don’t bring it back I would probably have to see it and it would disappoint me more...
  • Hex is a show were good versus bad ending with a showdown between Ella Dee the last of the annointed ones and Malachai Messiah of the Fallen Angels. Cassie is the mother of Malachai and is sacrificed by Ella as are many people along the way.

    Hex is such a good show. It is realistic with a hint of surrealism. The lead actors are good-looking and the storylines are original and so is the whole show. It is a more grown-up version of Buffy and is more about the Wicca side of things than the \"magic\" side. So much happens in one hex episode so make sure you don\'t miss any!! It\'s also funny and not in a sarcastic way the jokes actually have content and there is a lot of good \"real\" fighting. This show rocks!
  • What a shame..the writers should be shot. This is terrible! They took a great idea and completely destroyed it!

    Fantasy still needs a measure of reality to set it off otherwise its just stupid. And this is stupid. Odd cuts to evil eyes and large lake secenes that don\'t forward or add to the storyline. Ghosts that need candles to see. Cassy walks about talking to ghosts and no one seems to notice. A guy who after provoking her is electricuted then later set on fire and still goes on teasing her. One minute they are terribly angry the next perfectly subdued. No logical flow of the storyline. Oh I could go on forever! GET NEW WRITERS, FAST!
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