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  • A story based around a British boarding school which has a history with a "fallen angel". A battle between good and evil emerges, drawing in new characters, especially in the second season.

    Recently I hired out the entire series of Hex and watched it over a few days, as it is a relatively short series. I had heard rumors about it, and I was reasonably hopeful with this show that advertised itself as a cross between "Charmed and Buffy".

    It started of reasonably promising, although albeit slow. I was expecting to be thrown into a world of action, but at the end of the second episode not all that much had happened. Cassie, the main character, is uncharacteristic for a female lead, as she is somewhat weak in personality and does not see to bind the show together. I did not identify with Cassie, or feel any real emotional tug towards her, or Thelma, the other main character. Out of all the first season characters I feel that Azazeal was the most realistic and solid. I felt that the others were not too decided about where they stood, or what their priorities were, not just in the characters mind, but in the writers minds as well. Many of Cassie's reactions to a lot of what happened were not typical of a teenage girl, or even a human. She seemed irresponsible and uncaring. In the second season the show made some improvements and some mistakes. Bringing in the character of Ella and removing Cassie was a brave move, one that not many series do but I do not feel that Hex totally pulled this off. Ella was a much stronger and an overall better character than Cassie, but I feel that they introduced her too suddenly and she was universally accepted too quickly. Also, removing Cassie was almost undermining that entire first season, making the second season, which seemed to want to expand heavily upon the first, stand on shaky ground. The other large mistake was to remove Azazeal, who in my opinion was one of the best characters and replace him with an unlikeable and unappealing character (Malakai). Another was completely changing the character of Leon and not using Roxanne much at all. After all the screen time and development she received I expected her to be used much heavier in the future, which she was not. A major flaw of Hex was it relied heavily on mythology, but at the same time not doing it true to life (or the bible) at all. Examples include the Nephilim, Azazeal etc. While it is acceptable to 'borrow' concepts and make them ones own for a series, Hex seemed to steal direct mythology and destroy it a little too much. A little effort and this could have been avoided. Overall I was disappointed with Hex and felt that a lot more could have come of it. I feel its potential was wasted mainly because of poor plot lines and execution, which was unfortunate because it had a decent concept and competent actors.
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