Season 2 Episode 12

Seven Deadly Sins

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on Sky1

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  • I think that this was one of the better episodes of late, but there was still something missing.

    The action scenes were great and I thought it was really good how Leon killing Tom fulfilled his deepest desire to be equal to Ella and, in thinking he was doing something good, he became one of Malachi's evil spawn. This episode really got the plot moving and had some nice little twists, but as I watching this, I couldn't help but notice that Hex had lost some of its humour (I only really noticed this episode because I started paying attention properly again). Anyway, not only has Hex stopped being as funny as it used to, it has turned Roxanne, who used to be a really entertaining character, in a bit of a bore. I don't mean this to sound too negative because this was quite a good episode by standards, and the ending sets the story up nicely for the finale…