Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on Sky1

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  • Awesome but naughty episode!...Well even if I am still a bit miffed over the loss of Cassie.

    Thought this was a pretty good episode...especially considering it comes on the heals of Cassie's death. Two young ladies doing very naughty things with Roxy trying to seduce a priest (or so she thinks we come to find) and Ella using a young man's virginity to lure a Nephalum that feeds on souls (or so she thinks anyway) to it's death. Both girls end up being tricked too as we learn in Cassie's message to Thelma who thankfully gets Ella's weapon to her in the nick of time. So the story does seem to still progress interestingly with the loss of Cassidy as the battle ensues to stop Azazuel. This episode also contained one of the most poiyant scenes, of not just maybe the episode itself but of the series, of which also made me cry my eyes out, is when Cassidy tells Thelma goodbye and also gives her one last gift...a kiss. A gift, with Azazeal watching, turns out to be a little more than she thinks. Oh and I have to say...Roxy has turned out to be a bit of a tart wouldn't you think?
  • I diden't see this one yet.

    I diden\'t see this one yet, but from what I read about it, it will be very sad. I diden\'t think they would kill off a main charecter (cassie) out of the show. I was hoping that Azazeal and Cassie would be together, thay have such great chemistry, Ill be sad when cassie dies. I haven\'t seen the rest of the second seasion so I hope they bring her back even as a ghost that would be ok I guess.:(
  • Sweet episode with a heart breaking last conversation between Cassie and Thelma.

    As a fan of Thelma (and of the Cassie/Thelma couple) I was wondering how she would cope with Cassie's death, and her guilt.

    This episode was sweet and the best moment must surely be the last conversation between them.

    As Thelma is sobbing sited on her old bed, hugging against her some toy (I suspect it belonged to Cassie at some point) Azazeal visits her telling her that Cassie is not at peace, restless, she wants to see her before it is too late.
    First Thelma is not interested, she does not trust him, but when Azazeal tells her that she wouldn't want Cassie to think for the rest of her (after)life that she wouldn't care, she gives in.
    In return he wants the jewel stolen from him.

    Thelma meets with Azazeal in the park at night, gives him the jewel.
    He asks her to concentrate all her thoughts on Cassie (like she would have any problem with that!!).
    She sits on the bench, concentrate then Cassie joins her.
    They share one hell of a conversation, short (only 1 minute long) but very touching, very very sweet.
    As Thelma apologizes for the mess, Cassie assures her that there is nothing she could have done. When Thelma admits trying to find a way to ‘dye properly. To be with you’ Cassie objects, there is a reason why Thelma is still here 'to help Ella'.

    Before going they confess their love to each other (and I'm sure they both meant it in more than a best mates way) and kiss.
    When Cassie is gone Thelma's face change from grieving to resolved, she has a mission to complete, even if it means away from Cassie.
    She’s at peace.

    Very impressive performance from both actresses, it made me cry, and still does every time I watch this scene.
  • HEX without Cassie is not **AS** bad as I feared it would be.

    I was so upset that Cassie was gone I left the next few episodes of the show on my computer for a couple of weeks. I just couldn't see how the show could possibly continue and be GOOD without Cassie. After all, all the storylines in season one where dependant on Cassie's presence.

    Despite her death, this episode was really great and entertaining, although I don't think I'll ever really forget Cassie, and I will be hoping beyond hope that she'll return if there's a third season.

    This was a very emotional episode. I was touched by the beginning, where David seems so heartbroken by Cassie's disappearance. Later on, Azazeal tells Thelma that if she gives him his necklace back that she can say a final good-bye to Cassie. That scene was very touching as well, and Thelma is left with some kind of power as well.

    Meanwhile, Ella is hunting a Seraph - which is a creature from the spirit world that feeds on souls. They only prey on virgins, so she intends on using Leon as bait, and forms a faux relationship with him, but then finds herself falling in love with him. It turns out it wasn't a Seraph at all, but a Nephalim.

    Roxanne seduces Father Jez and we later find out he is not an innocent priest after all. He is working with Azazeal and appears to be either some sort of demon or fallen angel. Whatever he is, I'm very intrigued with his character now.

    Speaking of villains, Azazeal didn't have a very large role in this episode. Like always, I enjoy him very much as a bad guy but despite the fact he's *THE* villain of the show, he seems very minor. I'm hoping this will change soon.

    Overall a great episode, and now I am beginning to like Leon, when before I thought he was just an extremely pointless cast member.
  • special to me because of more Jamie Davis

    Where to begin each episode keeps getting better and I am loving it. Its even better than, dare I say it Lost and the O.C put tegether.

    I wasnt too sure of Ella in the beginning but it shows like the rest of us we all have our weaknesses.

    Jamie Davis is beginning to be a regular (finally:D:D:D:D) and he is shown to be misunderstood and once you get to know him he is really sweet. You can also tell that he really likes Ella and even Ella likes him. She felt awful about having to use him.

    The bit with Thelma and Cassie I have to admit had me crying my eyes out. I was in tears throughout it. I have never been like that for a show before not even for the last episode of Friends.

    Overall its been the episode of Hex I have ever seen its 100/10 yeas 100!!!!!

    Keep up the best writing ever for Hex.

    The next episode is in two weeks (damn football) and I cannot wait as Ella goes off the wall as Azazael is using the stone of Belail to kill her. She needs the help of Thelma and my beloved Jamie Davis (Leon) to help her. I hope they can
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