Season 1 Episode 5

The Release

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Dark, Dirty, Humor

    The writers are making Cassie more and more surly. However, our friend Thelma finds a NEW friend in an old ghost that's been coming around the Manor for centuries. Cassie goes on a bender sort of to clubs n such and just generally being an evil posessed woman. Thelma has some terrific parts in this one though, she's seen talking on a cell phone to a 'helpline' and has some very funny one-liners about electrocuting Cassie. Cassie does the dirty with Azzy and thus starts the real progression of the show. Hmmm ... This is only eppy 4, seems to me like Cassie's a bit easy to manipulate!!! This is a pretty funny episode even though there's so much darkness in it. It's a good mix.
  • Very good

    Cassie discovers that she is preganant by Azazeal and her baby is aging at a very fast rate. A supernatural rate of course. Azazeal tries to get back at Cassie for dumping him by shagging Jo and then lettling Cassie find out about it. Cassie decides to have an abortion against his protests. When she finally is in the hospital about to have the procedue done, Azazeal twists the mind of her doctor with religious persuasion and the doctor delivers the baby prematurely instead of aborting it.
    A very good episode and definately a turning point for the whole show.
  • The true meaning of love

    Watching this episode was truly great. In this episode it shows you how much Thelma really cares for Cassie. It was really touching. She was there for Cassie every step of the way and even when she knew that when Cassie was going to give up the baby for adoption and she would never see Cassie again, she did not try and change Cassies mind.

    Cassie also came to realise how much she loves Thelma but not in that way, as a true friend her best friend. She realised that Thelma was there for her and when Cassie was really down the only person she wanted near her was Thelma.

    The ending had me in tears as watching Thelma watching Cassie leave thinking it was the last time was heart rendering.

    But the twist at the end as really good.
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