Season 2 Episode 13

The Showdown

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2005 on Sky1

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  • Thelma is a THOT lol

    I've popped on, twenty years later, to say that I HATE "Thelma" as a character, lol. I don't care what is going on, you can count on Thelma to make the selfish, wrong decision everytime. She literally sells her soul to the devil--and the fate of all humanity--for some ---ss. Girl, bye. So done with Thelma, lol. Well, done with her until the end. She redeems herself fairly well, but what a journey, lol.
  • Did they know this was the last episode?

    I was absolutely in love with this show last summer and just COULD NOT wait for the last half. And then... season 2 starts and I found myself just recording them and getting to them days later because they were not interesting at all. But the series finale, I thought, should make up for the non-fabulousness that was the second half of the show. So how did I feel about "The Showdown?" Can we all say anti-climactic. Not only did nothing happen, but the nothingness that did happen was far too sentimental for me. I mean REALLY Ella has never been the type of character to cry and whine over anyone or anything (that's partly why I loved her) but in the matter of hours she's crying over how she was always so mean to Leon. Whatever! And then Roxanne is sacrificed. But anyone with half a brain already knew that was coming. I mean the entire school is Malachis, the sexy principle is gone, and Jo's in charge of the school. The lone holdouts are Tom and Roxanne. Well Tom is killed the previous episode (that was really sad when Leon talked to Tom's ghost) and then there was one. But even Roxanne's sacrifice is anticlimactic and ont really that interesting. So we end with Malachi supposedly in control of the school (but did his sacrifice of Roxanne truly have the desired effect?), Thelma in search of a new outfit, Ella and Leon cuddling near a tree (is Ella still bleeding?), and a new symbol similar to Malachi's (a British blogger informs that it is Azazeal's) bleeding on a nearby headstone.
    So at the end of this strange British sci-fi journey I was left to mull over a few things"
    1. Why did Cassie leave? 2. Why did Azazeal leave? 3. What ever happened to Troy? 4. Was Jo just evil or insane? 5. Was this university of a high school? Either way those rooms were crazy luxurious but for some reason couldn't support a bathroom? 6. Did the writers know that this was going to be the series finale? I can't believe that they did, because this was wholly useless as far as episodes go! 7. When will I ever see Gemima Rooper again? She was awesome!
  • Hex you wasted two years of my life. This show sucks!!!

    These aren't my words:
    This was a fitting ending to a show that never really did much. What this show accomplished in 2 "seasons" would have happened in a few episodes of shows like Buffy, Angel or Charmed. Great, he's bringing about the end of the world, Thelma is on the side of good and Leon is not evil anymore, but there is no END! Malachi didn't die because Thelma was still around. I though my DVR cut off the end like it did for Buffy. Now I'm not saying it needed a sappy ending where they all live happily ever after, but come on, have some kind of closure. Also what was with the baby she tried killing? If anyone knows let me know, I guess I missed that.
  • Nothing happens. whats with the baby? If Malachi is dead, why is Thelma still alive? Shouldn't Ella die if her job is complete?

    This was a fitting ending to a show that never really did much. What this show accomplished in 2 "seasons" would have happened in a few episodes of shows like Buffy, Angel or Charmed. Great, he's bringing about the end of the world, Thelma is on the side of good and Leon is not evil anymore, but there is no END! Malachi didn't die because Thelma was still around. I though my DVR cut off the end like it did for Buffy. Now I'm not saying it needed a sappy ending where they all live happily ever after, but come on, have some kind of closure. Also what was with the baby she tried killing? If anyone knows let me know, I guess I missed that.
  • Not bad - but come on, this is the finale! Should be so much better!

    For the first six episodes or so of this series, I couldn't believe this show had ended. I mean, it was amazing. But then Malachi arrived. And it all went a bit...b*llocks. The stories were stupid, the plots ludicrous, and for all its realistic dialogue and emotions and stuff...everything else was so unrealistically unbelievable it was silly.
    Right. I actually quite enjoyed this episode, but then again, that's me. I'll watch the series finale of anything. There's no showdown, there's no tension, there's no closure. But there is the hilarious Thelma, there is the sexy Ella, and there are some very good moments. But it's not enough. Not nearly enough to satisfy fans.
    Maybe all us Hex fans should rewrite Series Two, make it, do our own finale, and forget how bad this series got towards the end.
  • A perfect fanfic ending...

    Okay so I don't really agree with everyone else about it sucking. I loved it! Leon and Ella are back together (which is all I really wanted) and Thelma is still around. Plus it is ended perfectly for fanfic writers to continue the show themselves. There is no way that the writers could have finished the show so that the viewers got to see all of the conflict over and done with, without it being a truly sucky ending. So I think they did a fab job and now this has become one of my fav shows, it's just a bummer it's over for good. But then again I do have all these fic bunnies biting me, so as soon as I get a free moment I'm gonna start writing my very own version of 'Hex - The Complete Season Three', oh, the wonder of fan obsession lol.
  • So. This was alright. Shame about all that nothing, though.

    I like this episode. I really do. As a penultimate episode.

    When it's finito, the big bang, the resolution of two years of hard graft, this is depressing and disappointing. All we get is our heroes fleeing - for no reason - from a horrible special effects debacle.

    I think it's unfair to knock this episode down to a 1.0 or what have you purely on the basis of it being a season finale that didn't fill that role well, but that has to be taken into consideration, as there *was no third season!* As such, this is the last episode ever.

    And everyone's having a teddy bear's picnic, and that's naff. Thelma as an angel, Leon and Tom, Ella preparing for battle, Malachi sacrificing a defiant-but-terrified Roxanne, brilliant moments. And...thanks for watching, it's been a great trip.

    A bit like the animated Lord of the Rings. Meh. Goodbye Hex.
  • what the ****!

    WTH? Is what I was left thinking at the end of the episode. I LOVED this show sooooo much, to see it end like this is just flat out painful.

    *angry rant*

    Honestly, I mean. What were the producers thinking? Was this supposed to be a series or season finale? Because if this was suppposed to be a season finale then I can forgive them but if this is how they intended to end this show from the beginning, then these people should be banned from ever making a show EVER again. I was obsessed with this show, mainly because it was just edgy, it\'s not something I usually see here in North America. It had great characters and though the main story was a bit overused, they pulled it off well.

    I lovd this episode up until the point whee I realised that there was about 7 minutes left and they still hadn\'t confronted malachi. At that point, reality hit me, this is really where this show will end, with a lot of questions. The episode was called the showdown, and yet there was no showdown at all. I don\'t think that Ella, Thelma or Leon were ever even in the same room as Malachi during the entire episode, except when Ella went back in time to when he was a baby. I\'m also not too clear about what happened at the end of the episode. Was it the end of the world? Was everyone dead now? So confused...

    Other than the fact that it was a series finale though, this episode was great. It had more development in everyone\'s storyline, and an end in some. They could have done so much more with this show but oh well, what\'s done is done.
  • The worst season finale of anything I've ever watched.

    I quite liked Ella when she made her appearance at the beginning of season 2. She did look like a proper, take-no-prisoners, don't-mess-with-me gal and it was very exciting. But please, I've watched adverts for homeowner loans that had more tension and plotting than this ending.

    For a start, it's so contrived as to be completely unbelievable. We're fine with the witches/ demons stuff, which we are prepared to suspend our disbelief about. But ordinary plot gaps are simply annoying.

    This is a school for goodness' sake. Even though it's a private school, why does nobody notice the complete breakdown of the school society? Where are any other teachers? Oh yes, and why in this series do Ella and Malachi have the most amazing showdowns (not in this episode) and then just retire to their dorm rooms? If this is meant to be a life or death good and evil battle, the protagonists shouldn't just be allowed to go to their corners and wait for the next bell.

    The fairy nurse, or whatever she's supposed to be, makes another appearance for no actual reason, since it's not clear how she's become 'alive' again. A nice catfight ensues, but then the whole thing descends into stupidity.

    Roxanne - ex-whore, ex-b*tch, ex everything holy - has suddenly decided to become a nun. I mean that in itself was enough to leave me laughing - if only this had been a comedy. Her sacrifice is banal in the extreme.

    So the place goes up in flames and our heroes go for a chat in the woods. There's no ending, no real cliffhanger (a bleeding stone?) What exactly has happened? Nothing's clear and I realised that having got through to the end, I didn't actually care. I wanted so much from this series and it promised a lot. Some good episodes definitely, but a damp squib of an ending that robs the viewers of any satisfactory conclusion.

    One good thing about this episode - Thelma. If it weren't for her, I doubt I'd be able to even give this a 1.

    This whole thing had so much potential and I hoped so much more for it. Disappointed though.
  • This felt more like what happens BEFORE the actual showdown.

    So let me get this straight: people are dead, the school is burnt down, Malachi is more powerful than ever and on the loose... so everyone gets together in the woods for a chat?! Not even chatting about anything worth chatting about. The concept of a third season has been set up and I will watch further episodes, but this is an appalling ending and may possibly be the final episode this show will ever have. Poor.
  • Great episode.

    OMG it was great, I cannot find words to explain how much I liked it. Nothing happened? The End of the Days is something for me lol. I loved the ending, how they are in the forest, alone, Thelma as an angel, Leon and Ella in love,... the next season will be exciting.

    It was great!
  • Appalling, for something so great.

    This season has gone leaps and bounds to be amazing. The storylines this season have been fantastic, even with the departure of two main characters. When we were approaching the season finale, I was so excited. The first season's finale was amazing, this should be fantastic I thought.

    It started, and it started well. Although we were soon half way through and nothing really happened. Unexplained characters randomly appeared, plots were randomly placed, and anything that did happen lasted a few minutes. It felt way too fast, and so far, there was no WOW factor. It felt like an ordinary episode, a bad one at that. I was just waiting for the big plot twist, something amazing to happen so it would kick into full gear. But, no. Nothing - unless you count Roxanne being sacrificed to create some ultra-evil special effects that were really BAD - but not in the Malachi way. The characters fled for their lives, the world was ending, and they did nothing.

    Hiding in a forest they talked about sex, sex, kissing, angels, and sex. I looked at my clock, three minutes roughly to go. I was sinking further into my chair, this was seriously appalling...

    I didn't know what had gone wrong.

    There were a few nice moments, the scene where Roxanne was sacrificed on the cross was nice, and the scene where Ella asked Thelma to stay with her was an obvious pointer to the first season finale where Cassie asked the same thing.

    Still, this episode dissappointed, and if there is a third season something drastic needs to change.
  • A great ending to a tremendous series!

    The whole school has been turned by Malachi... Apparently. There's no sign of any teachers but Jo. Still, this is easily overlooked by everything else that's going on in this spectacular episode.

    Thelma dresses as an angel to convince Roxanne to help them kill Malachi. Angelic Thelma scenes are brilliant, and a welcome relief from the sad and side-shifting Thelma we've witnessed over the last episodes.

    Roxanne is allowed to shine but her successes are short lived.

    Ella proves her ineptitude once again when travelling to the past to kill Malachi. She fails and returns to the present mortally wounded. This 'Anointed One' can't fight to save her life, literally.

    It all comes to a head and our heroes are left wanted, fleeing Medenham as it goes up in flames. Malachi has won, for now, and for the moment, it doesn't seem that Ella, Thelma and Leon have what it takes to defeat him.

    All in all, an excellent episode with a watchable plot. Spectacular acting, though the ending was a little weak. It would have been nice if Christina Cole could have returned for Ella's trip to the past.