Season 1 Episode 1

The Story Begins

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Sky1

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  • A great pilot. Flawed? Yes. But highly enjoyable and intriguing.

    "Hex" was one of my first ventures into British television. I had seen reruns of "Are You Being Served?" on PBS, but I was younger and my dad watched it, I wasn't a huge fan. But in search for a new supernatural-themed series to watch, I found information on this, and downloaded it. I was very glad I did.

    The pilot reminded me strongly of another supernatural drama that I had been quite fond of - "Point Pleasant". No, the plots weren't the same, but they share a lot of elements. Both mix teen drama/soaps with horror, the main characters share some things in common, among other things. The similarities only made me like "Hex" more.

    The pilot is a bit slow, but not boring. We are introduced to Cassie, an outsider at her private school with only one friend, a lesbian named Thelma. Cassie longs to have more friends and be popular, and Christina Cole does an excellent job of playing her realistically. Most shows have the outsiders not worried about their status, but how realistic is that compared to people in Cassie's situation?

    "Hex" is set at a Gothic mansion-turned-school, which adds to the horror feel of the show. Many years ago, the McBain family resided there, and the place holds many secrets - the McBains had a long line of witches in the family, and the slaves there practiced voodoo, and there were deaths there.

    While smoking in an unused building on the estate, Cassie uncovers some items that had been used in voodoo rituals, including a mysterious vase. Cassie pricks herself and blood falls into the vase, and soon after Cassie begins showing signs of having odd powers, including telekinesis and weird dreams.

    A mysterious man beings stalking Cassie. It turns out to be Azazeal, a fallen angel. The episode climaxes with Azazeal sacrificing Thelma in order to renew his strength. Cassie is devastated, but at the end of the episode we see that Thelma is back - as a ghost.
  • Witty, Interesting, Magical

    We find a shy schoolgirl trying to become popular. Oh the neverending cattiness of Secondary Schooling. Cassie's a sweet girl that stumbles on some age old magic and therefor starts being stalked by the leader of the fallen angels. I thought this was a terrific introduction to the story. The writing clearly shows the main character's shyness as well as her strength. We see her come into a bit of magic which she can't seem to control. In addition, her friendship with Thelma is deep and abiding which is helpful to our damsel. However, in a twisty turn Thelma is sacraficed by the 'bad guy' and is now in Ghost form only seen by Cassie. YAY. What a fun little start to our Collegiate drama. Well written, and all of the elements are given to us so that the story can move along at a good clip. Can't wait for more.
  • Intro.

    A very good start to the show. Has a slow build of establishing the characters. Cassie the outsider who longs to be accepted by the in crown. Thelma, Cassie's best friend who is content with who she is and likes Cassie just the way she is. Roxanne the vixen, Leon the party boy who seems confused about alot.
    The real plot doesn't kick in until after an hour or so, but the show is good enough to keep one from switching the channel in boredom.
    Azazeal the demon in mortal guise returns to help destroy the world but first he has to get Cassie on his side. Doesn't seem like this will happen any time soon after the showdown in the tower at the end.
  • I dont get the summary part.

    Not exeptionally good, but good enough to keep me interested. I thought he scene where she dreamt about that azazael or whatever his name was, was a bit silly. But I like their caracthers, especially Thelma\'s caracther.
    At first thought it gave the impression of beeing a bit more like a movie, rather than a series, so it\'s going to be interesting to see how they have managed to do so many episodes. I\'m just wondering if they have managed to keep it interesting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • There is some potential... but overall disappointing.

    Hex has just premiered in US thanks to BBC America, and I have been anxiously awaiting the 2 hour pilot. Unfortunatly, it left a lot to be desired.

    Essentially the problem is the damn thing is that it was way too long. It is a story we are wel versed in, a girl who is the choosen one who must stop evil and balance a normal love life. Great and all, but if you are going to hold back most of the backstory, and tell most of the love tale with longing glances, an annoying supporting cast and one bad piano tune for a soundtrack then at least keep the thing under an hour.

    The saving grace for the episode was the last 10 minutes. Where they go from there will decide whether or not this show is a keeper or a bad Buffy rip off.

    (Oh and we get it, young British people like to talk abut sex. How about some original discourse on the subject.)

    After the wonderful 'Doctor Who' I expect more from the Brits.
  • Interesting and thought provoking

    This is a good opening episode - not perfect, but enough to keep you watching.

    I like the cast, and the lesbian undertone and in-your-face character is nicely done (like Willow in Buffy TVS she's funny and vulnerable and a little unusual). I was surprised to find that this was an adult enough show to include some x-rated swearing and some actual nudity. Maybe because it's British, there's never really been that much of a problem with this kind of stuff, but it still seems aimed at a younger audience (not that they would actually be shocked by any of it!)

    My only real criticism at this stage (and I have some for later episodes!) was that there seemed to be a lot of walking around the grounds of the school without anything particularly dramatic going on. Just the main character looking depressed.

    It's a good opening for what could have been a great series that is actually ruined later on by some very ropey writing in season 2. I'm not sure the makers really knew what to do with the characters past the initial stages.

  • This has to be the best pilot episode I have ever seen for a British TV show

    This episode is fantastic for several reasons.

    1. Jamie Davis - lol he is nice!!!! :D

    2. A fantastic script

    3. A superb cast - their acting was magnificant

    4. I love the clothes that Cassie wore and Roxeanne

    5. The show is original in itself

    6 The ending was sooo sad and unexpected I cried at the end and it takes a lot to make me cry.

    I definitely give this episode 10/10 and an A+.
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