Season 2 Episode 5

With A Little Help From My Friends (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on Sky1

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  • With Ella still being drugged, Thelma enlists Leon's help to save her friend.

    Okay, this season we've seen the loss of the main character - and the show just keeps getting better.

    Thelma (Jemima Cooper) nailed her performance once more, a mix of comdey and drama, all of her scenes perfect. Her scenes as she watches Leon argue with Roxanne were hilarious, I was dying with laughter.

    Ella (Laurar Pyper)annoyed me at the start of the season, but these past few episode have shed a powerful light onto her character, showing her weaknesses, and what an amazing actress she is. Her portrayal of an addict is brilliant, she nails the performance.

    Leon's character has gone from strength to strength, and at last we get to see him stand up to Roxanne - yeah!

    I just hope this season continues on such a brilliant high.
  • Not the best episode...

    For some reason, I was slightly disapointed with this episode. Don't get me wrong, it was still amazing and tense, but I think it's one of the weakest this season.

    Basically, the entire storr revolves around Ella being poinsoned in the mental institute. Although Laura Pyper did another outstanding job (she does a VERY convincing crazy person!) the whole 'Ella's being killed really really slowly' storyline did begin to get slightly boring. Thank god the writers chose to end it in this episode; I don't think I could have stood any more.

    Thelma's character is growing to be the msot important in the entire 'Hex' universe. Jemima Rooper has always been one of the best actress's in the show and this episode really showed her skills. She showed she could be serious as well as darn right funny, and the character really kept me watching. And Leon is becomnig a really interesting character. In the first series he was nothing more than a loud-mouthed jock, but he's really begining to shine as a character who actually looks likeh e cares.

    Like I've said, the story was did get slightly boring and dark, but thank god for the 'break out' scene. The whole thing- Leon dressed as a nurse, Leon being head butted, Thelma screaming as she wa shot across the room- was comedy gold, and I actually laughed out loud for once!

    And hey, we have a new character. Ella's 'fairy god mother' was really interesting and almost as phycotic as her patient! When she first appeared I was like 'Oh no, not antoher bad guy' but the acting and development of character was brilliant. I can't wait to see more of her!

    Next weeks preview; Ella looks like she's back to normal and kicking butt once more! And it looks like there's another bad guy on the way; Cassies child!

  • omg after everything I have said about this show it has just gotten better! I didnt think it was possible.

    Ella is still in hospital and she gets a new nurse called nurse Faerie and she knows that she is Azazeals creatures. but ella cant stop anything and is soon becoming drugged which is bringing her to her death.

    thelma has to try to save her and with her unlikely hope of getting leon.

    whilst watching leon during the day she spots him standing up for ella in front of roxeanne and everyone else to her surprise as well as everyone elses. he truly has feelings for ella.

    so when leon is sleeping thelma manages to go into leons sleep and convinces him to visit ella. when he tries he gets chucked out of the hospital by faerie and she reports it to jez.

    Jez is angry and tells roxeanne to keep an extra eye on leon and when roxeanne pulls up leon, he announces to everyone that roxeanne is sleeping with the priest jez. this even more cheers up thelma.

    as ella is becoming weaker thelma gets leon to find a place for ella to hide and plans an escape. the best part ever is when leon dresses up as a nurse (and he looked hot stil hehe). he manages to help ella escape.

    that night he stays awake watching ella coming out of her drugged up state til early morning. thelma now realises that he cares soo deeply now for ella as does ella.

    coming up on hex.... ella trns for the worst.thelma decides its time to reveal all to leon can he handle it or will it become too mch for him to bare. plus malachi is now a teenager ...... all will become revealed. plus another sneaky point azazeal stabs jez in the neck.... what did he do:P:P:P
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