Season 2 Episode 6

With A Little Help From My Friends (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on Sky1

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  • Absolutely brilliant

    This episode potrayed great acting skills from both: Thelma, Leon and of course Ella.

    Leon finding out Ella's secret was cleverly written and his tears I admit had me feeling so sorry for him. He showed himself to truly have matured more by standing by Ella and doing whatever it takes to help her.

    Thelma was of course brilliantly acted by Jemima Rooper. Her lines and acting were on time and as usual top notch.

    Ella, ok I have to admit I knew she was going to be ok in the end but even then I still had my doubts after what happened to Cassie and everything.

    Poor Max I truly felt awful for him :(

    Alswo OMG Malachi :D:D:D:D nothing I can complain about there whatsover.:D He is brilliant and another great add to the cast.

    Azazeal was back in the frame after not really seeing him much this season and was unusually funny. His and Jez (Sam Troughton) are a good paring and their performance together with reference to Reservoir dogs was absolutely terrific.

    Overall I think this story now takes the season to a new level and only time will tell what happens next.

    Coming up on Hex... Ella meets Malachi and realises he is the one she is destined to kill afterall.
  • ok i admit it i cried

    tom is so naive. that\'s the first thing i have to say. the second:
    roxanne deserves to be in a barrel with rotting fish.

    jez finds out ella\'s location by these 2 delightful persons, and goes to find ella... meanwhile at the pub, leon gets defensive on the subject of ella. to be continued.
    ella stabs jez in the neck with scissors, then runs into the street, where she collapses.
    a woman finds her, and calls the police. by now thelma is frantic and makes a decision: she must tell leon everything.

    leon finds her, and ella tells thelma in heartbreaking honesty,that without her powers she will age... the years will catch up with her...all 500 of them. and takes her to the hotel where thelma spikes his tea (yes. tea) with a potion that makes him able to see the dead. like thelma.
    when he sees her he freaks. he storms into the bathroom, where he bursts into tears.
    in bed, ella is aging...

    i won\'t say anymore, except that ella and leon admit some things...