Hey Arnold!

Season 5 Episode 22

A Day in the Life of a Classroom / Big Bob's Crisis

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Nov 15, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • Mr. Simmons wins an award plus a TV Station films his own documentary on how he teaches and Big Bob tries to become more nice after getting a heart attack

    Simmons' Documentary:''After Mr. Simmons wins the Teacher of the Year award, a TV station does a documentary on how he teaches. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Hey Arnold". Humor wise, it wasn't the funniest episode that I've ever seen. Storyline though was very impressive and handled very well. Yeah, I know some people rate it based on the humor but I just rate on mainly the storyline... yes the humor is part of this show but I just love looking at the storyline anyways. Also, this cartoon is meant to teach life lessons and all that so not every episode is really meant to be a comedy when you think about it. Anyways, it did have some pretty funny parts but those parts were mainly in the documentary scene though. The students watching the documentary at the end of the episode was pretty nice as well. Overall, this was a perfect episode of "Hey Arnold".... not the funniest but it is one of the best. 10/10

    Big Bob's Crisis:''After Big Bob has a heart attack, he tries to become more nice. This was another perfect episode of "Hey Arnold". It's interesting to have an episode that revolves around Helga and her family. Anyways, this episode is about when Big Bob tries to become more nice after he gets a heart attack. Big Bob in heaven and seeing how mean and harsh he was to the kids and his employee was pretty good to see but it was also a little sad because that poor orphaned kid was crying and his poor employee on how he will provide for his family. It is really nice to see Big Bob having a life-changing experience after waking from his heart attack and hospital and from what he saw up in heaven for a while. Big Bob being a guru kind was very funny to see throughout the episode. I also loved Arnold's cameo appearance in this episode as well. It was also very nice when Helga told Big Bob that even though Big Bob is tough, she still loves him. Although, it was good seeing Big Bob being a totally new person.... it was pretty nice seeing how he went back to his older himself but now makes the effort to spend a little more time with this family and be a little nicer but tough at the same time. Overall, a perfect episode of "Hey Arnold". 10/10
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