Hey Arnold!

Season 5 Episode 14

April Fool's Day

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Apr 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • The greatest and funniest episode ever!

    "April Fools Day" is one of the most greatest, cutest and funniest episodes ever! Arnold gets tired of Helga's April fools pranks on him and he tries to do one on her. He gives her a box with flash-blinder in it and when Helga opens it, she actually gets blind. But only temporary. A few hours later her blindness has gone, but she pretends that she still blind, so Arnold would feel guilty and take care of her all along. Besides, she thinks it's gonna be best April fools jokes ever! So Arnold want to make it up for her and calles Helga to April Fools school dance. But at the dance Phoebe sees that Helga is not blind, Helga tells her about that joke and Gerald hears it. He tells everything to Arnold and they do another, this time "wet" joke on Helga. That episode is sooo funny, especially the part when Helga and Arnold dance Tango together (my fav dance BTW)) and talk in the meantime:) So it's one of my favorite episodes, you should watch it too!
  • Happy April Fools' Day!!!!!

    Arnold is sick and tired of everybody performing their April Fools jokes on him (especially Helga), so he tries one of his own, but it backfires when it temporarily blinds Helga. I thought that this was a great episode of "Hey Arnold". It wasn't my favorite special or anything like that but I still liked it. My score is low because Helga was getting me a little angry torturing poor Arnold in this episode and she was annoying me. Now, I don't complain about Helga too much in this show but this special was where Helga really went OUT OF LINE and I didn't like that and it got a little annoying hearing her repeatedly telling Arnold "You know because you made me blind". She shouldn't torture Arnold by making him feel guilty about him making her blind plus the fact that Helga was pretending to be blind. She shouldn't have repeatedly pranked poor Arnold in this one. I would've lowered this episode to an 8 because of how Helga acted and angered me but there parts in this episode that made me laugh so hard that I had to raise it up just at least to an 8.5. Grandpa's part in this episode was hilarious as well even though his April Fools jokes got old after a while and became too predictable. Sid and Stinky putting a turtle inside the girls' bathroom as an April Fools joke but Helga (wiithout looking and knowing) flushed the turtle in the toilet. Gerald hearing about Helga tricking Arnold all this time and Gerald telling Arnold about her faking her blindness was funny as well. Arnold's payback on Helga by Tango Dancing with her (which was hilarious) and throwing her into the pool was funny and made me happy because Helga deserved that. The very ending of the episode was funny as well. Overall, a great April Fools' Day episode of "Hey Arnold" but Helga was WAY out of line in this one. 8.5/10