Hey Arnold!

Season 1 Episode 20

Arnold's Valentine

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Feb 12, 1997 on Nickelodeon

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  • A Classic Valentine's Day Episode for All Nicktoons Fans

    It's been 20 years ago since Nickelodeon first aired this Valentine's Day episode about old Footballhead, so I thought I'd post a review on it.

    Arnold plans to have a Valentine's Day dinner with the girl he has a crush on, Ruth, but he also gets a letter from his French pen-pal, Cecille, asking him to her dinner with her too. The most entertaining part of this episode/special is seeing Helga disguising herself as Arnold's pen-pal, especially when she goes into the beauty parlor not knowing that it was for French poodles.

    As Arnold discovers in this episode, sometimes when you like someone a lot, they may not be just who you thought they are. That's what Arnold finds out about Ruth. She was nothing but a plain old regular six-grade student.

    Highly recommended to watch during Valentine's Day season, especially for those who grew up watching those classic Nicktoon shows.
  • The memories of my childhood.

    I personally like this episode the best.
  • Classic Episode

    This was one of the best episodes of the Hey Arnold cartoon series. Arnold finally figures out that Ruth is not the girl who he really likes. It shows that when you get to know someone it truly might change your perspective on who they are. Although Arnold may have found Ruth mysterious and beautiful at first glance, over time he finds out that she is a stuck up, close minded girl. Helga posing as Cecile shows a more friendlier and touching side of her that Arnold likes. Arnold though wants to know who is Cecile, as Helga normally never acted that way. This episode is really about looking deeper into personality and finding out if someone is right for you. Peace!
  • Valentine's Day Review #5

    Arnold gets a date with both Ruth (the girl he likes) and Cecile (his pen pal, who's actually Helga in disguise), but later the real Cecile shows up. I thought that this was a perfect special of "Hey Arnold". It was well written and the special was just executed very well. Not a lot of funny parts here but whenever there was humor, it would be pretty funny. Helga getting in disguise as a girl from Paris to get close to Arnold was very clever and cute to watch. Helga getting close to Arnold in her disguise was pretty nice as well and everything about this Valentine's Day special was just wonderful. It's totally worth watching on Valentine's Day every year. Good thing I watched this special on Netflix because they don't even air this special on Valentine's Day anymore. Overall, an excellent Valentine's Day special of "Hey Arnold". 10/10
  • Arnold Valentine

    Arnold receives an valentine from his pen pal ceicel.Who said that she was going to come to America and see him.Helga plots that she would pretend to be her.So she can be with Arnold.So she start to learn how to speak french so she can pretend to be french.Also go to some french hairstylist to get her hair done.But actucally she really went to an hairstylists for poodles.Now come to think of it.It was very funny how Helga's hair turned out.Anyway I think Helga does liked Arnold.Even though Arnold doesn't know.