Hey Arnold!

Season 5 Episode 25

Hey Arnold!: The Movie (aka Arnold Saves the Neighborhood)

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Jun 28, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Hey Arnold!: The Movie (aka Arnold Saves the Neighborhood)
Arnold and the gang must stop Scheck and Future Tech Industries from knocking down Arnold's city and putting in a mall.

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  • this is the one is the best!

    this episode is the best episode! I loved the part where helga pretended to be deepvoice and tried to save arnold\'s neighborhood gosh! this is a very funny episode indeed! arnold and helga got to kissed,gerald and arnold are spies,olga's not in the movie, and many more! I love this movie! period.
Dan Butler

Dan Butler

Mr. Simmons/Lila's Dad (1997+)

Francesca Smith

Francesca Smith

Helga G. Pataki/Camp Fire Lass/Gloria/Sheena

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Arnold's Grandma/Miss Slovak/Arnold's Mother

Dom Irrera

Dom Irrera


Christopher Castile

Christopher Castile

Eugene (First episodes)

Sam Gifaldi

Sam Gifaldi


Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino

Mr. Scheck

Guest Star

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh


Guest Star

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd


Guest Star

Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Arnold's Grandpa (Phil)/Sheena's Uncle Earl/The Jolly Olly Ice Cream Man/Dr. Murray Steiglitz/Nick Vermicelli

Recurring Role

Craig Bartlett

Craig Bartlett

Brainy/Abner/Nashville Ned/Arnold's Father/Mr. Packenham/Many More

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Nick splashes the pickle juice on Big Bob during there fight, the pickle juice made Big Bob's whole body turn green. However, the jar was half-full, so how can it make his whole body turn green?

    • During the whole movie, Big Bob's hair was brown. In the show, his hair was always gray.

    • when grandpa explains his plan to the boarders it sasy 14 minutes on sheckvision behind them.
      it shows Big Bob with brown hair and Mayor dixie younger.
      when Murray drives and changes the bus status to "express" notice where everyones hands reach.
      if everyone is in 4th grade, why does everyone seem younger.

    • In one scene, the background goes from night to day!
      Reply: Thats because it was about 3Am when they got the lock, and all this happened in the middle of the night, and it was also 7am when they went to tear down the town at sunrise.

    • How can a mere businessman walk in and herd a bunch of people out of their residential area like Indians when he does not have anything to do with any government?

    • When Grandpa tells Arnold about the Tomato Incident, he says it happened 100 years ago. That would be around 1900, nowhere near the time of the American Revolution.

    • At first, they ask Helga to lend them bus money. But they never need it again.

    • Arnold used a lock picking device to get into Scheck's office. Why didn't they use that device instead of going trough the trouble of getting a key?

    • This isn't in the movie, but its on the Movie's poster: Some of the kids are wearing different colored clothes than usual.

    • In one scene, we see Arnold and Gerald leaving FTI in a security camera. Look at Arnold's shoes, they're white.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mr Scheck: (singing) You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road.

    • Arnold: That's a pretty amazing thing to do for someone you claim to hate.
      Helga: Yeah, well, I'm a pretty amazing person, football head!

    • (the head of security brings Arnold and Gerald into Scheck's office)
      Head of Security: Sir, we found these boys wandering the halls unescorted.
      Scheck: Unescorted?
      Head of Security: Yes, sir.
      Scheck: Without security clearance?
      Head of Security: That's right, sir.
      Scheck: This is serious, isn't it?
      Head of Security: Yes, sir.
      Scheck: We can't have young boys wandering the halls of Future Tech Industries unescorted without security clearance, now can we?
      Head of Security: No, sir.
      Scheck: No, sir. No, sir. And these small boys just snuck past security and wandered about the building unsecorted. Is that about the size of it?
      Head of Security: Yes, sir.
      Scheck: Well, now, who is responsible for that?
      Head of Security: Sir?
      Scheck: You're the head of security, aren't you?
      Head of Security: Sir, yes sir!
      Scheck: "Sir, sir. Yes, sir. Sir." Is that all you can say?
      Head of Security: No, sir. I mean, yes sir. Sir!
      Scheck: (to Arnold and Gerald) There he goes again. (to Head of Security) I'll tell you what. Why don't you just go now. Go back to your duties as head of security. Who knows how many other boys are out there wandering the halls of Future Tech Industries, unescorted, while you stand there like a big, dumb, stiff repeating, "Sir, yes, sir, sir."
      Head of Security: Yes, sir!

    • Gerald:Why do you always have to look on the bright side?
      Arnold:Somebody has to.

      Arnold:Now you're looking on the bright side?
      Gerald:Somebody has too.

    • Gerald:That's the craziest idea i've ever heard. Let's do it!"

    • Gerald: I'm telling you, Arnold. Your ball's flat.
      Arnold: It's not flat, Gerald. It just needs a little air.
      Gerald: Why do you do that? What do you always have to look on the bright side?
      Arnold: Somebody has to.

    • Helga: Crimeny, Football Head! What else are you supposed to do when someone you love is in trouble!?
      Arnold: Love?
      Helga: That's right, pal! I love you! Who else do you think has been stalking you day and night, building shrines of you in a closet, and filling books of poems about you? I've always loved you! Ever since I first laid eyes on your stupid football head. And from that moment on, I've dreamed of the day I could finally say it. Finally tell you my true feelings of love and then kiss you – oh, come here you big lug.

    • (Gerald begins praying)
      Arnold: I didn't know you were religious.
      Gerald: Neither did I.

    • Gerald: Do the belts come in any other color?
      Bridget: Black or pink.
      Gerald: We'll take black.

    • Nick: (to Arnold) Hey, Busboy! Come clean this up! And while you're at it, I'll take another Bartlett- no ice.

    • Arnold: Wait, this is all happening to fast. I think I have to lie down.

      Helga: I'll do it with you!

    • Helga: I love you Arnold! Ever since I laid eyes on your stupid football head!

    • Arnold: What's wrong with old things? Some old things are great.
      Harold: Yeah, like Mrs. Vitello.
      Mrs. Vitello: (she hits him in the head with a bouquet of flowers) Whippersnapper!

  • NOTES (14)


    • The scene where Grandma discovers a giant hole in the wall under a poster was a real big parody of the famous hole scene from The Shawshank Redemption.

    • The FTI is an allusion of FBI.

    • Helga/Deepvoice: Just call me..Deepvoice
      Deepthroat was a white house informant in the Watergate scandal. It was also the alias Gray Fox used in Metal Gear Solid as Snake's anonymous informant, claiming to be the same Deepthroat from the Watergate scandal.

    • Helga/Deepvoice: ''Just call me..Deepvoice''
      A line exactly like this was used in the Playstation 2 game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty. When Raiden gets a codec, the transmission goes: ''Just Call me Deepthroat''.

    • N/A: N/A
      In the part when Big Bob is trying to beat up the sleazy guy (forgot his name) Big Bob gets covered with pickle juice. The juice turns his skin green like the Hulk's skin. Big Bob also tears off his shirt and is only wearing torn brown pants which makes him look more like the Hulk.

    • N/A: N/A
      The tomato incident is obvisiouly a copy off of the Boston tea party. The boston tea party was an 18th century event when colonists got fed up with British Taes and dumped loads of British Tea Into the Boston Harbor. This triggered the intorable acts.

    • Scheck: And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddeling...
      What the villins usualy say in the Scooby Doo series.