Hey Arnold!

Season 4 Episode 9

It Girl / Deconstructing Arnold

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Sep 18, 1999 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Arnold witnesses Helga tearing out the pages of that magazine, crumpling them up into a ball, and throwing them over her shoulder, she originally said she did it because "because being it It Girl really blows."  This line was later censored, with the line being changed to her saying "because being it It Girl really bites."  The closed captioning, however, still contains the original dialog.

    • In "Deconstructing Arnold," why are Stinky, Sid, Harold and Rhonda tired of Arnold's advices? He helped each of them at least one time in episodes "Rhonda's Glasses", "Weighing Harold", "Sid's Revenge" and "Stinky Goes to Hollywood", and thanks to him, each of them succeed the thing they wanted to make.

    • As "Deconstructing Arnold" begins, Arnold is frozen still.

    • When Helga is talking to Arnold outside, she mentions that she doesn't like being the "it girl," and it is spoken as "it bites." However, the caption reads "it blows."

  • Quotes

    • Rhonda: (about Helga's bad advice) When I get my hands on that Helga, she's gonna be sorry she was ever born!
      Stinky: Yeah, that Helga's advice really bites!
      Sid: Why'd I even listen to her?!
      Harold: If she wasn't a girl, I'd pound her!
      Eugene: (trapped in a jar) Uh, guys?
      Curly: Let me smell it. Let me smell your hair.
      Rhonda: Ugh! Get away from me, you four-eyed freak!

    • Bob: Not everyone is dressing like you?
      Miriam: (Dressed as Helga) Look, everyone, I'm the it girl.
      Helga: AHHHH!

  • Notes

    • To those of you who wanted Arnold's advice to end, it already did end right now. The last advice he gave is when Phoebe is the laughingstock of the students in P.S. 118 when she accidently farted in the microphone in a final bow, in the Episode "Phoebe's Little Problem", is when she has to stand up for herself to conquer her fear.

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