Hey Arnold!

Season 5 Episode 1

Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Mar 04, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Harold: Hey, look. The subway. We're saved!
      Helga: Yeah, great idea, genius. Only one little problem -- it costs money to take the subway, and we don't have any.
      Harold: Then we'll just jump the gate. No one ever gets caught. Come on! (gets stuck on the turn-style entrance)
      Cop: Hey! You two kids! Come back here!
      (Helga pushes Harold through, while they both run into the moving subway, eluding the cop)
      Harold: (relieved) Oh! (sighs) That was close. Oh, I think I'm going to be sick!
      Helga: "No one ever gets caught."